Friday, June 22, 2018

Alphabet of Love and Chapter 10

A for always thinking of you
B for beautiful
C for caressing your hair as you lay in my lap
D for darlin dew drop
E for Edward being in love with you
F for Frank Wizowski
G for giving support and encouragement
H for heavenly is how you make me feel
I for I love you
J for joking with laughs before bed
K for knowledgable
L for lyrical and singing to all the tunes
M for Megels
N for Nintendo gaming player 2
O for ouch my balls hurt
P for pursuing a masters degree
Q for quite possibly the most amazing girl in the universe
R for romantic
S for smart and sexy
T for turkey leg
U for Universal trips together
V for very happily being in all my dreams
W for the wallet you got me that is on me every day
X for x-tremely making my heart beat
Y for you are the one
Z for ze only person I want to ever be weeth  (French)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

I Love You with Chapter 9

I love how you looked at me before you turned the corner
I love how many interests we share starting with reading the same Marilyn Monroe book
I love the pictures I draw for you and how you watch
I love the way you hold my hand, your thumb rubbing my palm
I love that you visited me at work even if it was on the way home from yours
I love how much you like my art and encourage me to do more
I love how scared we got watching horror films in my room at night
I love how you got me into Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory
I love the way you say my name and look into my eyes
I love the way you wear my shirts especially my Fight Club shirt
I love how you would text me pictures of you making faces to make me laugh
I love that you kept me on facetime until you fell asleep and I stayed until I did
I love our geeky excitement for any Star Wars movie that came out
I love how we play games together and compete in Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing
I love that I heard you turning on lego harry potter in the morning to continue playing
I love tidying up the apartment when you went to bed or before you got home
I love the way you cling on to me when we lay down to sleep
I love driving places with you and watching you in the sunlight
I love hearing you sing to every song and try my best to keep up
I love going to Universal with you and going on our memorized paths
I love how our luck ended up with the hotel and we saw a comic con
I love that you said I was a good driver
I love how much you like my blue eyes
I love your crinkly nose smile and how it makes me feel
I love bringing you flowers even if they are fake and put in your car door handle
I love kissing you before I go to work
I love making you breakfast in the morning
I love the way you join me in the shower when the time allows
I love how gleeful you were to pop my infected shoulder
I love how you liked my chicken dish and complimented me on it
I love the way your hair lays on your face when the wind blows
I love the way your voice sounds as it can calm me no matter where I am
I love the way you call me darlin, dew drop, and naked man
I love the way you say wallet, juice, and ouch my balls hurt
I love your eyes and how beautiful you are every second of the day
I love every adventure we have ever been on even getting lost to Ikea
I love the way you lay on me while on the couch and i play with your hair
I love our shopping trips and how we bought things for tacos and chili
I love making you anything because it is more special to you
I love how you value my opinion in things and consider my thoughts
I love how you put up my art to look at every day
I love the way you make me feel any time I think about you
I love complimenting you and being proud of your achievements
I love hearing your stories from present and past
I love the personality of your dog
I love how intelligent and thought out you are
I love the dreams you have and your bucket list 
I love every single thought of you
I love every moment spent with you
I love being with you
I love the way I love you
I love everything you stand for and who you make me be
I love you Megels
I miss you my darling


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cooking with Love and Chapter 8

Evening had arrived and he had gotten home first.  He made sure to stop at the store before he got home to pick up a lot of the supplies he would need.  This was a bit of a first time he was attempting making something like this and it wasn't under him to try and follow a little bit of a walk through on his phone while he did it.  He had two hours before she would be there, giving him plenty of time to get it all done and ready.  He set the bags down on to the counter and before he could begin to go through them, a small white dog came waddling out from the bedroom and looked at him.  The dog's head turned to one side as if to wonder what the human was doing.  The face was too adorable to say no to and he reached for the cabinet that housed his leash.  The pup knew immediately what it was and raced over and sat ready to be harnessed up.  They both walked out into the warm afternoon and down the stairs to start their walk around the complex.  Passing all the other tenants balconies they walked on taking in the fresh air, warm sun, and breeze that amazingly made it all the way there from the ocean waters close by.  The dog was loving it and did his business before deciding that he was ready to go in.  Once back inside, he began unwrapping all the ingredients he had bought and following the recipe he found to the T.  To his surprise and excitement, she called on a short break to talk to him.  Anytime his phone showed the wonderful name of Megels he couldn't wait to press answer.  She spoke about her day and who would need to cover what and how the other workers praised her.  She deserved it and he was proud of her, inspiring him to want to do more with his own career path.  The food was on its way going by the recipe and turning out better than expected.  He had to make sure none of the sizzling sounds made their way to the phone receiver so she would suspect what was being done.  After they shared their chat and exchanged I love yous, they hung up and he jumped right back into his chefly duties.  The apartment smelled wonderful as his chicken began to soak up all the delicious ingredients.  He had never cooked for a girl he loved before so he was hoping it would come out great.  The meal was coming to the finish line and just in the knick of time too as he heard the familiar beep of her locking her car outside.  The dog took off to the door and began whimpering, unable to control its excitement to see his human mommy.  He quickly did what he could to finish the meal and got out the two plates.  He covered everything just as she opened the door.  Hey darlin she said and began to sniff the air.  Smells amazing, what's going on?  He took her hand and brought her over to his workstation.  I'm making you dinner he said and it was met with his favorite response of hers, an audible ooooooooooh.  She changed in the bedroom and he tried to peek where he could and he got everything ready so that when she came out it was ready to eat.  It looked amazing and she took the first bite and her eyes lit up.  This tastes amazing, what did you put in this.   He responded that he followed the recipe and was so glad she enjoyed it.  Funny to him was that no matter how many more times he tried to cook her the meal again, he just couldn't get it right or to match the deliciousness of how it tasted that first time.  It was a joy to cook for her and a joy to make her smile, his love for her was infused into every single bite.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sweet You wrapped with Chapter 7

A chance meeting at a grocery store
Long messages talking about shared interests and art
Excited to set up days to hang out, talk, and more
You looking so cute and fascinated by my work, taking my heart

Weekends were special when you visited from your place
I'll never forget when you were pulled over on the way back
We shared our first kiss after a game of mario and Luigi floating in bubbles through space
One of the best moments of my life was my lips meeting yours, the most memorable of the pack

You bragged to your work friends about your upcoming zoo date
I would sing and dance looking forward to seeing you that day
The amount of times things worked out had to be more than fate
Being near you filled in the piece I had no idea I was missing in that way

You as my girl is the one dream that is worth every wish
Zoo date to birthday up the incline and dinner at the hard rock
When I held your hand I could see fireworks of every color for me to relish
The way our fingers caressed the other's hand said more than we ever could in just talk

Nights with you are amazing whether its netflix or snuggling close up
The way you hold on to me I miss like nothing else ever told
When you speak my heart listens and drinks it up like a cup
I went as far as to give you the nickname Megels after feeling so bold

Your laugh is the medicine to cure any illness
Your touch is the sunlight that fights away all darkness above
Your eyes fill my body with the fulfilling feeling of tranquilness
Every moment with you is why we are alive in this world full of love

I love drawing for you while you watch and admire
I love your smile when I bring fresh flowers to you
Making love to you is so intense I can't help but perspire
I love our interests allowing everything for us both to do

You are the angel that guides my ship home
You are the shooting star that grants every wish filled dream
You are the princess I want to cherish with every chromosome
You are the one I want to make happy every second giving her face a shiny gleam

I love you more than anything in the world above and below
I love everything about you no matter how small
I love being with you making sure every day I let you know
I love you with every last breath and I'll always give it all

I miss you sweet darling morning noon and night
You are in my dreams, fantasies, and thoughts every single day
I love you with all of my heart, you give it precious light
You are all the words that my soul could ever say


Monday, June 18, 2018

A Beach Rendezvous and Chapter 6

The wind picked up blowing the leaves all around the trees as they held on for dear life.  The temperature was lowering little by little thankfully, the humidity of the day was becoming unbearable.  Her toes felt their way around the sand outlining a path in the soft Earth towards the noise of the crashing waves.  The sun was nowhere to be found and dark clouds had taken over the sky above.  She stood looking out over the water, her dress blowing in the wind performing a dance that only it knew all the moves to.  He said he would meet her here, the way she had made him feel was something out of a movie where the audience applauded the ending teary eyed.  She had brown hair and it flicked through the wind awaiting the downpour of rain that was soon to come.  When he first saw her he couldn't believe his eyes as someone this beautiful was actually talking to him.  When she wanted to see him again he just about threw himself a party like he had just won the lottery.  Her voice carried through his ears repeating the same phrase over and over that calmed his nerves and lifted him to cloud nine.  Hey darlin she had said, her eyes matching his and making his heart race in ways that would win the olympic gold.  The way their eyes had met was like two people who had set off on opposite ends of the Earth and were finally reunited after dozens of years.  The clouds rolled in harder and the first signs of a storm were beginning to show.  He arrived in the area and just knowing that she was close sent his body into fits of excitement.  The ocean called out in protest to the storm, the waves crashing around her in response to the winds above.  Her eyes darted around the beach around her looking for any sign that he was near.  Inside, her heart told her that he was close and beat extra hard sending signals all throughout her body.  His feet joined the sand, feeling each grain pull him towards her.  The wind blew around him carrying him to where he needed to be and it wasn't long before he saw her form in the distance.  She was beautiful beyond words.  A painting come to life with her hair and dress dancing in tandem with one another seductively calling him to her.  His feet picked up faster, his heart reaching out beyond his chest so that it could speak to hers.  As he approached she felt him and turned to face him.  Just seeing him made her face light up and she was powerless to fight back a smile.  He reached her and his arms went around her hips and pulled her close.  She uttered his favorite words.  Hey darlin.  Their hearts now closer than ever beat in unison as they celebrated with one another.  The couple kissed, their lips meeting like two puzzle pieces made for the other half finally completing a picture that was missing its most crucial last piece.  Their love exploded around them like fire works, the storm holding off to let them enjoy their moment.  They held hands together, each one the other's soul mate as the storm let loose its many rain drops.  The rain did not matter or even bother them as this was one couple who went so well together that no matter how dark the storm clouds were, they were the brightest sunlight in the other's life.


Sweet Dream Love Poem to You

The best part of my day is writing to her with memories of us.
Making more would be the most amazing dream come true.
Anytime my mind thinks of her it is immediately happy and takes away all the fuss.
The most memorable times of my life are all involving her and what we would do.

Missing the way I made her breakfast in the morning including eggs and toast.
Receiving pictures of her making faces to lighten any bad day.
The way you say hey darlin that energizes me more than the sun does coast to coast.
Our shared excitement for nerdy things and trailers for movies and Star Wars day.

I miss cooking her dinners while she was at work, trying to replicate that chicken dish.
Watching a movie during dinner and rating it afterwards was super cute.
The evening smoke breaks on the balcony where we got closer, granting my wish.
Making her laugh and giggle before bed while she played cooking mama serving up fruit.

The way we would look at each other out of the corners of our eyes while laying on the beach.
Our fingers finding one anothers and holding on while we roasted our skin.
The way I would make sure she was breathing every time I joined her in bed, always within reach.
How much I loved her in my arms I counted every time as a personal win.

We got afraid of bugs and frogs on banisters and spider nests in our door way.
Spent an hour cleaning the apartment to songs that she knew every word to.
Coming home from work on Halloween to see her in her adorable witch outfit made my day.
Even if she was upset nobody showed up for candy but it was our first and it was new.

Unpacking and watching Supernatural on the tv on the floor eating boston market together.
Her sending me a picture of the key she broke off in our lock.
Sweating in the heat and watching it storm for ten minutes every day was interesting weather.
Looking forward to every night being able to see her face and enjoy every talk.

Knowing how much we loved each other and how amazing of a person she truly is.
I still picture the magnetic alphabet on the fridge saying I love you naked man.
Her closet was lined with all of her high heeled shoes, the bathroom with towels for hers and his.
The many dates I want to whisk her away on, so many i cannot wait to plan.

Speaking with her over bluetooth in her car making sure she made it home safe.
Challenging each other in Mario Kart, classic Mortal Kombat, and Lego Harry Potter.
She is the angel of my nightmares and the woman that popped my back sore when I so did chafe.
The night we laid in the bathtub together with candles soaking in all the water.

To say I was in love with this woman would be the understatement of the year.
I would cross deserts, climb mountains, and to the moon I would have flew.
I miss you like crazy, every moment dreaming of you my darlin dew drop dear.
My heart goes out to you, sweet dreams and all, every moment saying I love you.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

She is Love with Chapter 5

If he could put her into words it would have to be in the form of feelings and comparisons.  She was everything you ever thought you wanted and more.  The way the wind blows just right before a calming afternoon rainfall.  The crashing of ocean waves on a warm summer day surrounded by the cool refreshing waters.  She was the dreams you had when you woke up feeling better than you ever have in your life.  She was the thoughts you have to pump yourself up before a big contest or event.  The way your heart seemed to be trying to burst through your rib cage.  When a child sees magic for the first time.  She was the fire that ignited your creativity and drove your passions towards a success you only thought possible by professionals.  She was the brand new feeling of your skin after a nice long hot shower on a cold winter night.  The smell of freshly baked cookies and flour covering your hands and nose.  The rolling back of the eyes as a result of a great massage or a particularly spectacular round of love making.  She was the one person who remained on your thoughts throughout the entire day and wanted to share every moment with.  She was the feeling of warmth knowing that no matter when you woke up at night she was there to hold.  The way ice cream cools down the body on the hottest day of the summer.  The way the leaves to to browns and golds and oranges when fall arrives.  She is the most beautiful creature God had ever created to inhabit the Earth.  She is the one who makes you work harder than you ever have before just to get her to notice you from across a crowded room.  The way success feels when you finally are able to get a kite into the air.  The way you can share anything and everything with her and not feel judged but want to share more.  She is the perfect partner in crime who will follow you to the ends of the Earth if it means to spend more time with you.  She is the one who will run around a parade just to cross over to a 3D theater at an amusement park.  The way she feels when she gets to peel sunburn skin off of your body.  The way fans get excited for a new installment of Star Wars after a long wait.  She is someone who is worth everything no matter what the price.  She is what makes your life complete and strive to become the best you can be just to put a smile on her face.  The way she holds on to you in bed like if she let go you would both fall off into another galaxy never to see the other again.  The way she can hold a note with the best of them and sing every song no matter what radio station.  She is the most fun you'll ever have and then surprise you with even more.  She is so beautiful you have to pinch yourself every chance you get just to be sure it isn't just a very long dream.  The way she calls you darlin and how it makes your toes curl like she touched you in the most intimate of ways.  The way she crinkles her nose when she smiles that you could write books about for the rest of your days.  She is able to be herself around you and not have to hide or give up anything because you have so much of the same common interests.  She is the one person you could look at all day and never run out of wonderful things to say about.  The way she makes you feel is one of a kind and unique like nobody else ever has.  The way she elevates you to places reserved for the truly blessed and energizes you to shoot for the stars.  She is everything you've ever wished and prayed for and so much more than that.  She is what keeps you going
She is what love truly is.
She is beautiful
She is one of a kind.
She is you, my love.