Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Part of Me

No one person has gone through my head at a constant like you.
every second of the day.
I miss everything about us and will do whatever it takes to prove it's everything I want in life.
I'm very unwell without you.
Just a mental picture of your smile gets me through an otherwise black day.
Never do I want to be the demon of the nightmare but the knight that brings the light.
Words are nothing but these feelings are real.
The pain and true depression are unbearable, I must make this right in a way that I've never had the strength to before.
Love is the strongest and most real feeling in existence and there is only one person I've ever encountered that has earned that feeling in spades.
I carry with me a letter that I read constantly and her words are my wings.
My solace.
My peace.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 24


You goofy little turkey leg <3 p="">

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 23

I really loved and still love the fact that you have a bucket list.  I'm sure most people do but you never seem to hear about it.  I remember the first time you told me a lot about yours.  We were at the mexican restaurant on McKnight Road by the FedEx office and we sat at a table near the back and you started telling me the various things on your list and ones that you've been lucky enough to have crossed off.  Riding in a hot air balloon, getting married on the beach (although now stolen), visiting Paris, go skinny dipping mmmm
You are of the rare breed that they don't seem to make anymore.  Smart people with goals and ambitions and interests and hobbies.  To have a list of things you want to accomplish is very inspiring and to be a part of that list is a wonder, privilege, and part of my own bucket list.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 22

I love the time you were dabbling in photography.  You take really great pictures with your phone and are always making funny faces.  You took great pictures of our little Christmas tree and when you got a hold of my camera camera you did a full photo shoot with the little kittens.  It was very interesting and neat to see what in your eyes you saw as something interesting to photograph.  Being an artist it is always interesting to see things like that and maybe what I didn't see before or a view or situation from a different angle or view point.  This computer here still holds so many pictures that aren't just a memory in time but a story and colors and feelings.  Your photos always evoked more than a snapshot to me and let my mind wander to that moment in particular as well as transport me somewhere else on an adventure without even leaving the spot I was in.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel part 21

You're soothing.  You are someone anyone can come to for advice or just as shoulder.  While it wasn't the most fun i've ever had, you proved that you are someone to be counted on to be there when Ellen stayed with us for a time.  You won't leave someone somewhere if they could get stuck or somehow hurt and will always volunteer yourself as someone to watch someone or a pet if the others need to go somewhere. You give off a soothing sense that you won't retaliate or use that against them for a favor down the road.  Even if it doesn't work out in your best interest and you may complain while you do it, you still earn points for it and it makes you such a much better well rounded person.  To this day I have yet to meet or even just see someone who radiates with such a feeling of calm love.  You are so beautiful that my heart still gets butterflies like i'm back in school scared to ask out the hot girl in class and when I am near you I can feel worry and the rest of the anxiety filled world melt away.  If you were a superhero you would be Megels the Calmer, while not the most scary or dangerous or heroic name, it's hard to destroy the city when you are too calm to fight   :)

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 20

I love how hard working you are.  I've said it before but it stands to be heard again.  I don't know anyone who works and has worked as hard as you.  Not just from the jobs you've had but the way you handled those jobs and more.  You've worked in a variety of places that when said one after another are so different it's almost as if it's made up.  From caretaker homes to restaurants to bridal stores to grocery store. You've had to put up with a lot from those places and even taking a moral stand at the Bridal store when you discovered shady things going on.  You always worked your sexy little bum off to make sure the boat could stay afloat too.  When I was unemployed you made sure we had a place and food.  I should've tried way way harder so that you were able to be home relaxing and happy while I brought home the bacon.  I still feel bad for not trying extra hard so that the burden wasn't all on you.  You weren't happy with the jobs but you still worked hard at it so that you could catch yourself up too.  Your plan and spreadsheet of bills and how you would pay them off is something I want to and am adopting because you proved it could work.  You did all this even while going to school and dealing with a man child playing his games and buying movies.  You are someone to look up to and admire and be like.  Someone I know is the brighter light and solid proof of the phrase Better Half.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 19

Little comments you make that are not only positive but very confidence boosting.  You once said that I was a good driver.  There was nothing to make you say that but it was something you just wanted to say and it felt really good because there aren't a lot of times that happen where a comment comes out without it being forced or a part of an event or situation.  You find things in my art or pieces I've made that you personally like that may not be what everyone chooses to like or one that maybe I just brush off and you comment the level of talent that needs to be harnessed for a future in a career I want.  You always let people know the good and positive things in their lives and whether it is meant that way or not, you offer everyone a confidence booster every day and that goes a long long way if you don't realize it.  You appreciate what people make you as well, talking from experience of course with my paintings and art I did for you like the Be-You-Tiful above the couch and the day of the dead pieces for the walls.  You care and know how it feels to have a good comment and you share it with others so we can all experience a day with a smile.  <3 p="">