Monday, July 16, 2018

The Girl with the Dark Brown Hair.....with Chapter 7

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Who I met while working when she came in for lottery with her mom.
You stole my heart that day and it has since been yours.
I searched you out and hoped to see you again.
Little did I know I would get that wish not soon afterwards.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Who lived in Ohio when I found you and spoke through messages.
We share so many interests and you're excitement for games.
Yoshi's Island was suggested to me with Luigi's Mansion soon after.
You were my player 2 that I had just found with glee.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
We met up again this time at my place.
I showed you my art and we rubbed elbows, the electricity building.
You smiled at me in a way nobody else had ever smiled.
Within a few minutes I knew that I had found my one out of the millions.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
You stayed and we played Mario and watched Star Wars together.
I hated when you left and you stayed another day just to see me again.
We went to the zoo and had the best date I've ever had.
Being near you was a wish I never thought would ever be granted.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I asked you to be mine and you accepted my request.
I never told you but I danced that night alone in the happiest way I could.
Our first kiss was in my bed during a game of Mario before work.
The taste of your lips is a feeling I never want to let go of.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
The weeks after provided more memories than I could ever count.
Introductions to Supernatural, Big Bang, and carving pumpkins together.
Decorating a small Christmas tree and making love from the floor to the bed.
Hearing you say I love you was the best day of my life.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I gave you the nickname of Megels and never ever gave it up.
The ups and downs came but our chain was too strong to be broken.
We were meant to be together and always found a way to be together no matter what.
Being apart from you was a nightmare I never wanted to relive.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
We survived working at the Limited and your trip to Mexico for a wedding.
We watched the scariest of movies and took pictures at comic cons.
We slept in each other's beds and celebrated a number of holidays.
You being the best thing to ever happen to me, a true gift from above.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
My heart was destroyed when I had to see you go.
Our hearts formed an unbreakable bond and soon you were back around to my delight.
We watched the Lego movie and made the decision to move south.
It was a big risk but I took it knowing you would be there by my side.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Our new place was ours and we made it unique.
I would give anything to be there again, us in our place to start again.
You held me while you slept like a spider monkey holding on for dear life.
While the dog laid under the covers licking our toes before sleep.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
We shared our place and it became stressful, I handled it badly for that I am sorry.
Be it now I would have handled it way better and made sure you were happy.
You are my darlin dew drop and nothing can take that away from me.
I wasn't strong and made a bad decision, away from you I went broken.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Home I went to a world without you, my heart in pieces of my own doing.
Not a day went by when I didn't think of you or want to be back with you.
We both tried to move on but it wasn't the same, it wasn't you.
I made a choice that I regret to this day, my life was about to enter a nightmare.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
The next few years were a dark awful miserable time that I couldn't get out of.
Convinced I had no confidence and under control of someone else.
I continued to make bad choices too afraid of consequences.
I reached and hoped that one day I would be yours again.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
The chance I had been hoping for finally came and my fear and wrecked nature lost it all.
I wasn't strong and brainwashed into thinking I was worthless.
I had what I wanted right in front of me and it slipped through my fingers.
Then you were gone and I was in a worse spot, the days only got worse.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Every night I pray that you hear me or see my writings.
Finally out of what seemed like an addiction to a bad drug, unable to get out of.
Now that it is over I sit every night and wish upon those same stars.
The stars I wished on so many years ago to bring you to me.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
We are perfectly made together I know this in my heart.
Nobody fits better and shares so much.
I know I have done wrong and will spend the rest of my life making up for it.
If only for that one chance to be yours and make us whole again.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I love you true like the fairy tales write about.
A prince on a quest to find his princess and fight off all ogres and monsters.
May the princess be with a chubby hairy thing that looks like her father.
Or be she waiting for the steed to arrive, hoping and wishing our time was again.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I am here in your doorway that you would never close.
My hand reaching out praying you take it again.
You are my darling dew drop Megels always and forever.
I believe we are meant to be and want no other to share the rest of my life with.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Whatever it takes to reclaim that lightning that we felt again.
I atone for my sins and know that my heart is true and for you.
Not a day goes by where I don't wish I was with you.
No distance to far to move, no time too late to ask for your hand.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
Hoping you read these every night I type away.
Love poems, flowers, videos, and more to your heart I send.
There is only one girl who makes me the luckiest man alive.
The girl who wrote the letter that sits in my hand and the vows said in a twitch convo.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
You are smart beyond words and more beautiful than any creature God created.
A humorous nerd with an affinity for video games, movies, Harry Potter, and more.
When I think of you it feels like a weight has been taken off of my chest.
I am yours Megels, we can be what we were meant to be better than ever before.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I miss you more and more each day that goes by.
I love you with every single beat of my heart until the day I die.
Deep down in your heart I believe you wish it was us again too.
I ask you to be mine again, I will never let you down again.

The girl with the dark brown hair.
I love the girl who goes to comic cons instead of concerts.
I love the girl who sings in the car as loud as she can.
I love the girl who can kick my butt in Mario Kart.
I love the girl could watch me draw for hours.
I love the girl who can be her real self with me.
I love you Megels
I miss you
The girl with the dark brown hair.

Love, Your Edward


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mystical Ninja Night with Chapter 6....Miss you so much Megels

She booted up the console late that night determined to prove her memory was crystal clear.  The familiar sound of the N64 was like music to her ears.  She couldn't believe she was playing a game that she hadn't played in so many years.  Her childhood had consisted of many games but a select few really stuck out to her and this was one of them.  She remembered playing the Sims and of course Diddy Kong Racing and Luigi's Mansion but this one was a rare one that not too many people knew.  Edward listened carefully to her describing the game and the second he figured out what it was, the hunt was on to find this treasure to give to his princess.  Upon researching all he could, the answer finally came to him as the game Mystical Ninja.  He slyly showed her videos and pictures of it and she exploded with a resounding "Yes, that's it!"  With the correct info in hand he saught out every avenue he could until he finally found the game and bought it.  His excitement could barely be contained the day he chose to present it to her.  But when he did, her reaction was worth all of it.  Tonight was the night she would show him what the game was like and how good she was at it.  Controller in hand she sat on his bed in his room and the glow of the television lit up her face.  All he could do was watch her, a vision of beauty as the prettiest girl he'd ever known was playing video games in front of him.
"I can't believe how good a memory you have of this, Megels."
"I told you, I played it all the time over and over.  I love this game and I swear I've beaten it."
"I believe you.  It's just so awesome that I found it and you are able to play it again."
She started the game off doing everything she could from memory and was quite good at it.  Breezing through the first few parts of the game was no problem and the more she remembered the more Edward fell for her.  She remembered how people talked, walked, and what was coming up next and where to go.  Beating the first few parts seemed to be no problem and she even would hum the music along with the game.
"And you said you've beaten this when you were younger?"
"I think?  I remember all of this perfectly but I can't remember if I got past a certain part or not."
"What part was it?"
"You have to fight a giant robot in your giant robot and I don't think I was ever able to do it."
"Well maybe with your older wisened gamer skills you will do it this time."
"Maybe, I am pretty awesome."
He kissed her, not just so he could feel her lips on his but to sort of give her some good luck energy with his love.  She played on and it became obvious that the giant robot part was coming closer.  Once she donned the large beast, the fight began and she described to him what she would have to do to win and the various patterns that happened during the fight.  He watched her intently as she did battle with her enemy and calling out the many things she was going to do to him.  Each time she lost he gave her a kiss for luck and pushed her to keep trying, she had the power to do it.  He could see her slump a little as some of her confidence was leaving her.
"I don't know, it's ridiculous, he just won't die!"
"Megels, you got this.  You made it this far so perfectly, there's no way this is what's going to stop you."
"I dunno, I'll give it a little bit more and then call it quits.  I'm getting tired and the TV is making my eyes burn."
He watched on as the love of his life hammered the buttons of the controller with scientific precision.  Watching as the life bar of the enemy was draining more and more.  He saw her getting close but didn't want to say anything so that he would jinx it so he kept quiet but was building up a celebration.  She didn't even notice right away but the second she beat the other giant robot she turned and looked at him with the most surprised happy face he had ever seen on another person.  Pure joy and accomplishment filled her smile and they hugged and kissed in their own celebration.
"I knew you could do it Megels."
"AAHH I can't believe I did it!  I feel so good!"
They laughed and cuddled closer as she walked her character to the next area to see what it was like before saving her progress and turning it off.  
"I'm tired darlin, let's go to bed."
"Me too, I'll brush my teeth and be right back over."
As he brushed away in his bathroom, she got comfortable in his bed under the blankets and waited for him to return.  When he came back he slipped in beside her and she rolled on to him and grabbed on like a spider monkey.  This was the part of the day he looked forward to most, well, any part of the day where she hung on to him was his favorite.  He was the luckiest guy in the world for both of their lives to play out the way they did to lead them to one another.  He held her back and she was asleep before he knew it.  He would take this time to enjoy the fact that the person he was in love with was right there, holding on to him.  He kissed her on the forehead and silently thanked God for bringing her in to his life before passing out himself.
"I love you Megels, nighty night."

I lay here in bed now, wishing every night on every star that you are looking at the stars too.  I miss you with everything in the world darlin.  I miss holding you in bed and do my best to hold a pillow the same way.  My heart calls out to you in hopes that you are seeing these and know that I want to be yours.  I know in my bones that we are meant to be.  I have never met anyone that I felt more connected to and share so much interests with.  The feeling that you are exactly who I am made for and two people who fit so perfectly together.  I send so much love to you every day and continue to pray and hope.  I love you Megels my darling, please hear my heart.  I want to be yours with love happily ever after.

Love, Your Edward


Saturday, July 14, 2018

You Look Wonderful Tonight Darlin

My beautiful Megels, I miss you so much.
There is something that I have always wanted to do with you.
And that was to take you in my arms, hold you close, and dance to this song with you.

So while we danced to this song, I would say this into your ear.

Megels, I'm so sorry darlin.  I hurt you when all you were doing was giving me exactly what I wanted.  I never ever meant to do that to you.  You are everything I could ever want or wish for.  It reminds me of when I would lay next to my window at night and look up at the stars and wish for someone to be with.  Someone to share my life with that shared everything with me. Little did I know that in a few short years he would deliver you to me. 

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, Do I look all right?
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight

I love you Megels.  There is a piece of me missing when I'm not with you.  I remember hearing that I was a great guy that made you so happy but I just needed to grow up a little.  I stupidly took it as meaning that I had to mature past the video games and movies and art.  Looking back I see how stupid that was and what it actually meant.  It meant to take the steps necessary to provide a life with the woman I love so that she could rely on me.  I know I can do that for you and I know that in your heart you believe and want that too.  We've both done things and made mistakes, me moreso than you, but the girl I know would always leave the door open to our future.

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me
And then she asks me, Do you feel all right?
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight"

As I dance with you now, I want you to know that I will be yours forever.  Nothing will ever come between us.  I let too many things do that in the past and all it did was cause a heartbreaking rift that I would do anything to erase.  But I can't erase it.  I can't erase it but I can make up for it.  I love you and I know that you love me too.  There is a still a heart in you that wishes it was us making our future.  So here I am in your arms telling you that it is our future.  I'm right here and I won't ever leave that doorway until I can hold you in my arms again. 

When I see your face I see us playing all of our favorite video games, watching the best movies, and having the most fun we can have.  Will anyone else want to dress up in Gryffindor robes to go to Universal?  Bounce around naked in bed making sure you laugh before sleep?  Have my artistic talents to not only make you things but create things that turn into a business and animated movies?  Will they join you in the car singing to Cher, Journey, Bruno Mars, Queen, and Pitch Perfect?  Hold your spider-monkey self in bed and read books with you?  I want to start a future with you, a real future.  I'll admit I wasn't on a focused path before but even then I was so close to taking your hand in marriage.  Being better and more focused, determined than ever before, I know that I am exactly what you've been wanting. 

I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you

I love you Megels.  I love YOU.  Nothing hidden or fake or put on.  I love the little shorts you wear to bed, the way you speak and make voices, the way you crinkle your nose when you smile, the way you make a woohoo noise after you shave and show me how smooth, the way you turn up the music in the car and bang on the steering wheel, the way you put the phone up to your nose during facetime, the way you actually like TMNT3 for some crazy reason, the way you still have my art up on the walls, the way you still are secretly happy I have the blue box, the way you vowed to treat me better than it was when we were down in Florida even though you treated me just fine, the way you tease me, the way you look at me, the way you still check my blog.  Because we are meant to be.

It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head
So I give her the car keys and she helps me to bed
And then I tell her, as I turn out the light
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight

I love you darlin.  I love you Megels.  I love you so much.  I know what I want and I know what future is meant for us because I have seen it and felt it.  My heart is all yours dew drop.  I continue to wish and hope out over the stars and leave you these love posts.  I will always wait in that doorway for you.  Your letter means more to me than anything.  It has kept me going.  You are amazing and perfect to me.  And I would give anything to be that to you.
I love you darlin.

My arms pull you in close and we dance.  We dance until there is no more night.  You whisper to never let you go and always be yours.
And I whisper back.

You look wonderful tonight.

Love, Your Edward


xoxoxox another gift for you and us, each one I hacked and added 200 more games to xoxoxooxx

Friday, July 13, 2018

I Do to the Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Known......bringing with it..Chapter 5

I do want to give you the hardest laughs you've ever experienced.
I do want to hold your hand every single day.
I do want to grow the Geek Sense business with you.
I do want to hold you close every night in bed.
I do want to cook you dinner so you never go hungry.
I do want to paint you art that touches your heart
I do want to get a place together with you to call ours.
I do want to come back to you no matter what it takes.
I do want to write you love poems every night.
I do want to bring you flowers with a frequency for you.
I do want to massage you before bed until you fall asleep.
I do want to hold you from behind as we watch water shows and events.
I do want to travel the world with you hand in hand.
I do want to cross off everything on your bucket list.
I do want to create more and more memories together.
I do read your letter every single day at least once.
I do want to make Maniac Mansion with you in the best parts.
I do want to achieve our dreams together.
I do want to be the smile you have in the morning.
I do want to be the sunshine that takes away all your dark clouds.
I do want to have Universal weekends together in our special place.
I do want to send you funny pictures and hide the Wolverine funko.
I do want to celebrate every holiday and birthday with you.
I do want to say we and us instead of me and I.
I do want to share every moment with you.
I do want to see you wearing my shirts.
I do want to hear your voice on my ears every day.
I do want to sing with you in the car or in the home.
I do want to game with you, every game we can accumulate.
I do want to see you succeed and be by your side the whole way.
I do want to go the distance with you heart and soul.
I do want to stand on the beach with you, the ocean water lapping at our toes.
I do want to walk Sammie every afternoon and feed him treats.
I do want to have you fall asleep on my lap while we watch TV.
I do want to see the Bob Ross museum with you and everything else in town.
I do want to have our romantic hotel weekend in Orlando.
I do want to take more pictures with us together.
I do want to make love to you better than anyone ever has.
I do want to show you just how amazing my talents are.
I do want to treat you like the princess you deserve to be.
I do want to be with you as the best man I can be.
I do want you to read every love post I have on my blog.
I do want to experience all of our old games and watch you play.
I do want to have get togethers and themed parties.
I do want to see every movie with you.
I do want you to look at me the way that melts my heart.
I do want to be with you.
I do want to hold you in my arms again and never let go.
I do want to see the look on your face when you watch me draw.
I do want to start a family with you.
I do want you to be the one person I have a baby with.
I do want to say your name and have you look at me and smile.
I do want to be your Edward again just like it was before.
I do want to make up for all of the mistakes I've made.
I do pray every night that you read these and think of me.
I do want to waste no more time not seeing you or being with you.
I do put my hand out in hopes you reach back.
I do stand in that doorway no matter how long waiting for you.
I do want to go to every comic con with you and dress up.
I do want to never argue with you and always compromise.
I do want to live in our apartment again and will move to be close to you.
I do it all and more to be with you.
I do hope your heart still beats for me.
I do live for you, the most perfect beautiful girl I've ever met.
I do wish upon every star every night that I may see you again.
I do love you with all of me.
I do believe that it is truly us in the end made for each other.
I do want to say turkey leg with you again.
I do want to craft a life with you where we can be our true selves.
I do miss you more every moment that passes by.
I do love you Megels
I do love you darlin dew drop
I do want to marry you and have the honor of you being the woman of my dreams
I do want to look you in your beautiful eyes and say the one phrase that would make my dreams come true.
I do.

Love, Your Edward


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Love Whispers to your Ear.....continued with Chapter 4

What would I say to you if you were her in my arms now.
I would say that you were the rarest gem ever discovered.
The wind in the sails of the ship that guides me to the promised land.
The warmth from a night fire on the coldest night.
The softest blanket on the comfiest bed.
I would say that you are the one person that makes me see the future.
The girl I could share everything with without any reservations.
The breeze keeping up my wings as I fly over the world.
You are the person I want to travel and experience the world with.
The girl who I can make laugh in ways that uplift her day.
The perfect dance in the spotlight of the dance floor.
The girl who fills my dreams making my nights full of the best visions.
The girl who I shared the perfect apartment with that we made our own.
Whose pure being inspires me to create the best art I've ever made.
Your beauty can never be topped, my eyes lucky to be able to see you.
Your heart is true and beats in ways that give color to my world.
The girl who I get the utmost joy in calling Megels and seeing her face light up.
The girl that ignites my passions, desires, dreams, and goals.
Who we go to comic cons instead of concerts and sing in the car as loud as possible.
Your nerdy qualities adding to the attractive nature of your self.
If hands could smile, when yours was in mine, they would have the biggest of smiles.
The happiest I have ever felt is anytime I can have you in my arms.
The feel of the perfect massage that hits every problems spot.
A cool refreshing glass of water on the hottest day of the year.
The girl who can kick my butt in Mario Kart and pretend it was easy as pie.
The girl who would dress up in character to cast spells in Harry Potter Land.
You have the cutest crinkling of the nose when you smile at me.
You can cure me anytime I feel sick with any sickness just by being you.
You turn me on to new things that we can experience and share together.
The Player 2 gamer girl that the biggest nerd can play all the hits with.
The girl who walks down the movie theater aisle like we own the place.
Food tastes better when I am with you.
Colors shine with brighter shades when I am with you.
You are the girl I want to start a family with.
The girl who named my business that we can spin into a company.
The girl who deserves better than a mail carrier job.
The girl who gets me through every single day even when she is miles away.
You understand completely what I mean when I say 'the family business.'
The Ramona Flowers who skated through my dreams and into my heart.
You are the first snowflakes around the tree on Christmas morning.
The sunset radiating the most vivid orange and red hues along the horizon.
The girl who is on my mind every second of the day.
Whose hand I pray to every star at night that I may be lucky enough to hold again.
You make me want to be the best person I could possibly be.
To hold you through the night so you slept safely.
The girl I miss so much sun up to sun down.
Whom I would do anything to be with you and make you smile again.
You are the one person that we fit perfectly together with one another.
Sharing every interest with and able to be our real selves with nothing to hide.
My love for you knows no bounds.
My love for you is the strongest it has ever been.
My love for you is true and pure.
You are the dew drop of my mornings.
You are the darling of my nights.
You are my love.
My Megels
I miss you sweetness.
I love you more than anything.
My hands reach out to you beautiful.
I vow and promise the happiest future with you.
Your smile is my sunshine.

Love, Your Edward.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Love at Universal Part Two, Missing you so much dew drop

Heavy is my heart every night away from you, all that I can think about is being together and the fun adventures we could have.  Aching with pain when I think about you not even looking to see what your heart reached out for.  I miss you like crazy, hoping and praying every day for the time I get to hold you again.  My memories keep me going of me and you together, walking the bright sunlit pathways of Universal hand in hand.  The second park called to us from across the way, taking the train over was more fun than any mode of transportation I had ever taken.  The hogwarts express was  a brilliant cover for a park to park transfer, disguised as another attraction.  A video window showed us leaving the station, traveling over the lands of Harry Potter world with all the familiar characters in tow.  We sat together, all snuggled close, smiling at one another when we saw each new character pop in.  When we arrive on the other side we are greeted with another Harry Potter world filled with an entire town called Daigon Alley.  A huge dragon sits atop the roof of the nearest building, spewing fire every so often above the onlookers below.  We wait in line for the Gringott's Express, the line being long but once we are inside the actual building we are fascinated by how much detail went into the presentation.  A group behind us makes us laugh due to the guy who spouts how he worked on it and all the behind the scenes things that we don't believe for a second.  Once we are past the bank workers we enter the halls of the bank, ahead of us is a british couple and we are mesmerized by their accents not paying attention to anything else around us.  Once we get to the ride our hands lock once more and we are taken inside where the villains attack our cart and we roller coaster through the building, laughing all the way.  The ride is amazing and we are truly blown away by how cool the technology is and how fun the coaster itself was.  As we leave the alley we are outside next to your favorite ride of all, The Mummy.  Waiting in line is made to be like an old movie set then taken into a real pyramid where the mummy was found.  In the cart we are pulled around the an inner chamber where the mummy tempts us with gold and then attacks with fire as a trap.  The cart stops abruptly and beetles flood out of the wall ahead of us and we are launched backwards into the next room.  Your favorite Magji quote is said aloud by the king himself and our hands fasten together as we sit even closer, we kiss before taken at high speed through an indoor dark coaster to the next large room.  A fake window with a worker is exploded by the mummy and he spouts fire around the ceiling before we are once again thrown through the final paths of the coaster to the end.  Back outside we walk hand in hand taking sips of our drink, marveling at all the different sets and locations that litter around the park around us.  A shrek ride that is a let down, a minions ride that has the longest wait of all but is a fun little 3d ride of sorts.  The simpsons ride was next but had to be the last ride for a few minutes as all the motion made you sick and I didn't want to put you through anything that might make it worse.  The children section is usually skipped except when we try the ET ride and while cute for what it is, we don't find it all super amazing.  We end the ride taking with the transformers ride and during the line you make me laugh with the robot with the little mouth and I make you laugh with the panicky guy in the video screaming about a diversion!!  The 3d ride is fun and although we haven't seen the movies we are entertained, hearing one man thank Optimus Prime for his help in the video.  The night is getting upon us and we walk hand in hand to the lake in the middle as a show celebrating all the years Universal has made movies is about to start.  We take position so we can see clearly and you stand on a wall behind me and drap your arms around me.  It is the best feeling I have ever felt.  The woman of my dreams behind me, holding on to me, as we watching something wonderful.  Halfway through the projection, we switch places and she stands by the railing to watch as I hold her from behind.  She tells me that this is her favorite thing that I do and could have me holding her from behind forever.  She doesn't have to wish, I will do that every day of our lives together.  The video finished up and we begin our walk back to the entrance.  This is my favorite part of the night, our walk along the lake in quiet, hand in hand just two people in love enjoying the end of a wonderful day.  Just thinking of your hand in mine puts such a smile on my face.  I wish I could be holding your hand now dew drop, I miss it so much.  Once again on our way out we watch the people coming in to spend the evening hours at city walk and we make up stories of what each of them will be doing and their success rate.  Our feet are incredibly tired and we find our car to sit our weary selves for a moment.  The drive home seems longer but it is perfect, seeing your sleep self in the passenger seat falling asleep after a beautiful day together.  We stop at taco bell for a box with all the tacos in it, which is how you order it, and we make it home to eat and pass out asleep together.
I cannot describe just how you make me feel.
I miss you more than anything I could ever feel in my body.
I want so much to be yours and want to do whatever it takes to make that so.
I know I have messed up a lot between us.
I am not proud of that but in my heart I know the future with you is what is meant to be.
I miss the way we would laugh together
I miss the way we had our life coming together with us.
I miss you.
I love you Megels my darling.  I continue to hope, pray, and wish that you read these.
I am ready for you my love, I'm ashamed that I wasn't before.
I wish I could go back and make things right.
I miss your heart and how much it all meant to you.
The future was so bright so perfect.
I re-read your letter every single day, that girl who wished for us so badly.
I am right here darling, right here for you, I'm not going anywhere.
Not without you.
That life you wished for all those days, i want to give to you on this day.
You are the best thing to ever happen to me.
I want to be the best thing to ever happen to you.
I love you dew drop.
Miss you so so so greatly.
I want to come home.

Love, Your Edward.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Love at the Universal Park Side One....bringing with it chapter 3

The Universal weekend was our favorite, waking up at a nice time to see you there next to me.  The sun was shining in through the window behind us and when I reached my arm over it was you that it found.  We got up at the same time, sharing kisses and holding you tightly before leaving the comfy bed.  We did our separate bathroom duties before joining each other in the shower.  The way the water covered your body giving you a glistening shiny look sent all my hormones into a rage.  You jumped out of the shower first before any naughty business could be had.  As we got dressed we made sure to go down the checklist of what we would need, making sure as well that it would all fit inside your awesome Star Wars book bag.  You looked so cute in your knee high tights and t-shirt that showed the fairy from Zelda saying hey listen.  We tied our shoes at the same time and packed up flip flops, a water bottle, and our badges.  The car was warm from being outside  but it was quickly cooled down as we made our way down the road and towards our day of fun.  It took an hour to get there which went quickly as I asked you Harry Potter trivia and you sang to our shared favorite songs.  Along the way we took bets on how many car accidents we would see and said hello to Jesus' house and the big billboard of Harry Potter signifying how close we were.  Pulling into the entrance we made our way to the parking garage wondering which character it would be this time that we would park under.  Today would be the day we parked under E.T.  Getting out of the car we were full of excitement and we held hands and made our way to the entrance terminal where they checked the bag and we took the moving escalator floors over to the park.  As we went commenting on the people and families that passed us going the other way, their day over.  The entrance we usually passed right by it all and up to the gate where we would present our passes and enter the music filled start of our day.  After taking a bathroom stop we would discuss which way we wanted to go first.  I wanted to start with the Spider-Man ride of course but this day we chose to go the other way, starting with Dr. Suess land.  We ride the cat in the hat ride and feel a little uncomfortable and then ride a train along the tops of the roofs.  This proves less fun as a rain storm rolls in and drenches us completely while we chug along above all the other park goers.  After that we make a B line towards our favorite part of the park, hand in hand making turkey leg motions at every person who walks by holding one.  The closer we get the more excited we are as we see the tips of Hogwarts in the distance coming closer.  When we reach Harry Potter land we are enthralled by everything around us.  Built to scale and details like crazy, we are so excited.  Drinking in some butter beer and hearing the familiar toons of the movie theme playing all around us.  We take a long walk through the caves to the Triwizard coaster flying through the air with our feet dangling under us and then run off over to Hogwarts itself where we oooh and ahhh at all the details of the inside of the castle.  Our hands never leave the others and we steal as many kisses as we can in the long line.  The ride itself is a fantastic marvel of technology and our eyes have never seen anything like it.  You point out a face in the wall that I never seem to quite see and then we retrieve our stuff from the lockers and head towards the next movie themed area.  Jurassic Park is a quick walkthrough because Megels isn't a huge fan of the dinos but Edward is and has a blast hearing the theme and seeing how they've made it look like the movie park.  After that is a cartoon themed place with a Popeye water ride that we take a chance with, coming out pretty dry all things considered.  We end this part of the park with the Marvel area, a favorite of both of ours.  Edward takes Megels into the comic shop and shows her the sculpts of the Marvel toys and then they wait excitedly in line for Spider-Man.  The videos have them quoting to each other the whole way even after the ride.  "You're taking a diiiive"  The female symbiote monster in the ride always scares Megels and it makes him hold her close the whole way.  She then convinces him to take a ride on the Hulk coaster and after a few whiny worries are put to rest, he holds her hand as the coaster jets out of the tunnel at mach 4.  They are halfway through the park and have loved every second of it.  Their hands never leaving the others and their love shining brightly for all to see.  They walk past a small lake towards the other park and stop to take a look out over it.  He stands behind her and puts his arms around her waist, she leans backwards in close to him.  The smell of her hair is intoxicating and she rubs her fingers around the skin of his arms closing her eyes. This moment is his favorite, holding the woman he loves in the place he loves.  The other park should be just as amazing.  Especially with her.
I miss you more each day dew drop.
My love for you is unmatched and always reaching out to you.
Every day I pray and wish and hope on every star, cloud, and object I see.
You are my thoughts, you are my heart, you are my love.
My heart is sent out to you, hoping so badly you are seeing these.
I am here for you in complete totality.
You are the one I want to make smile for the rest of our lives.
Be my girl and you can be the true you and have a blasty blast forever.
Miss you little turkey leg, love you now and always.
Love, Your Edward

Got you this shirt darlin, I thought you'd LOVE it