Sunday, October 22, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 13

The times when we shared together.  I would go through all of my movies when putting them away and tell you what each one was and introduce you to movies that you never heard of but were interesting.  The fact that you now look at special features and behind the scenes now is such a great feeling.  You would share your books and pictures and tell me a story behind every single one from your favorite book (Pride and Prejudice) all the way to your favorite film (tie between Breakfast at Tiffany's, White Christmas, and Sound of Music).  You always treated me with respect and never like a child or just to appease me.  Book suggestions continued and I read through your Misery and you took a crack at Scott Pilgrim shhhhhhhhhhhhh
You're someone who growing old with would be more than sweet, it would be fun.  The kind of old couple who still hold hands and dress up to go to movies.  I genuinely don't feel embarrassed to share things I enjoy or like because with you there is a connection of interest and it goes beyond the objects but to the person themselves.  There is a reason I still collect and buy things for us and you.  Just the interest and kindness isn't all there is, there is a feeling and a look that you give off that while difficult to put into words, I can say that it is a warm welcoming feeling that even if it is something you aren't interested in, you'll stick by it for me.  We share to include and introduce and never to show off or feel uncomfortable for said interests.  I have a Christmas morning excitement every time i see your face to share anything and everything that I procure or do until we're ghosts and even then we'll be spooking around comic cons watching new movie trailers for Star Wars in the front row because we don't need no tickets when we are ghosts.  <3 p="">

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 12

I love how you always treat me like your equal and other half.  With you, you felt like we were actually in this together as a team and there was a genuine feeling about it all.  It was my own shortcoming if there were times when maybe I felt a little less reliable and should've been there more.  You always did a lot of the heavy lifting and I still feel bad about that. But no matter where we were or what we were doing you always made me feel like I meant something important.  You have a great ability to ensure that those you are with have meaning and carry significance.  It was almost as if you had eliminated the word I and lived from that point on as We and Us.  It meant a lot to me and affected me to a level where minute things upset me.  You are a beautiful example of what it means to fall for someone and start a path with them as one, not against one another or exhibit any kind of power over the other in any way shape or form.  You make me feel like I matter and that's something I want to devote the rest of my life to making you feel too.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 11

You don't push change in a person.  Everyone has differences and little things that may not mesh perfectly but you have the kindest heart that you embrace those things and they become something unique, special, and quirky to you especially.  Clothes that may look silly or old are all kosher as long as they are comfy.  Movie and hobby interests can range from Pez dispensers to Tusk to collecting little paper towel rolls for an art project and instead of being called out as weird or stupid and being made fun of, they are turned into a charming aspect of the other person.  You are the embodiment of the phrase 'Never judge or criticize something that someone else enjoys'.  You were able to take all of those aspects of both of us and mold them into something we not only shared but we actually turned the other person on to and ended being more educated and enjoyable with them ourselves.  You are someone I cannot wait to share anything and everything with like a little kid who runs home from school wanting to tell all about what he did that day.  And the best listen.  You actually care and listen and actively participate.  That is more special and rare than you would think.  The look in your eyes and the interest in your voice is unparalleled.  Truly beautiful.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part Ten

Those little quirks and actions that you or we would do without pointing attention to it or verbally expressing how much we love it.  When we would be out on the balcony, you would bring out your blanket and put it over your feet and put your legs on to my lap.  How I would tidy up and clean up the living room and kitchen before bed and shut the blinds, fix the couch, tend to the dishes.  Your smile when I would look at you while you drove somewhere with your shades on.  Bringing out an in joke or past memory when one of us was down and stickin around one another when we took that sick time at home.  That time when you were cleansing and kept having to run to the bathroom or just needed to catch up on sleep, I would lay right under you and draw or do whatever, play a game on low volume, just so I was close to you.  Knowing I was watching you in the morning get ready for work naked and leaving messages on the fridge with the magnetic letters.  Having our little Star Wars backpack filled with our rations for a Universal trip.  Getting you the volumes of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries every Christmas.  We know each other like a pair of gloves we wear every single winter.  I still think about the little "nooo" when I see anything Sherlock Holmes related and it gives just a little bit more sunshine in my day.  :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 9

I love the set of circumstances that led to our meeting up again and again.  Understandable to meet at a workplace that was in the area for both of us and near our high school, but even then, you came into that place for just a moment and left an impact that had me wanting to see you and talk to you more than who I was even with at the time.  Then you went away and seeing your beautiful face for a quick moment in passing left another mark and wonder that planted a seed in my fertile brain that began to yearn for you without even knowing it.  To try and get an art job and just about make it and interview and ultimately not get it left me in the same position and the closing of that position to move me to customer service.  The fact that you didn't come home every single weekend and happenstanced to decide to shop that day, that hour.  Me having to work that same day, same hour and wait on you.  The events that led up to that were serendipidous in so many ways.  Seeking you out online and starting a conversation that led to me meeting someone who no matter what happened or how far away or anything humanly imaginable, I knew deep down in that planted seed that you were someone incredibly special.  I could respeak that story over and over and it would still blow my mind at how everything lined up in both of our lives to have us intertwine on that one day, one hour, one meeting.  Reliving that moment always makes me giddy and while you may not be aware, that moment kept happening to me with you.  Every time I saw you it was like the first time and I should've started wearing a parachute that's how often I fell for you.  I love that our lives are worked in such ways that divine intervention proves itself real in showing and proving that there is that one perfect special someone for everyone and I never thought when I was younger that I would ever find someone like that.  But, I was happily proven wrong on one special day, one special hour, one special meeting.
hey darlin  ;)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 8

You know when to push me a little out of my comfort zone when we are out together or more specifically when we would go to Universal to certain rides.  You know when I should step a little outside my safe circle and when that step is too far.  You never push too much and when you know it's too far you let it be and it doesn't bother you or ruin an experience.  If it wasn't for your confident pushing, I wouldn't have ridden the Hulk coaster ever and I never would've tried my hand at an online store.  You know exactly what's needed and just how much little push is necessary to make me try things that always turn out fantastic.  I'm sure a lot of it comes from personal experience of your own and doing things on your own past adventures.  I'm always glad you made me do certain things in the end because not only does it introduce me to a new experience, you are right there next to me as my safety blanket.  I honestly can saw that I took more out of comfort zone steps at the Universal park with you than i ever did with anything.  I may have kept a little quiet about them, shhhh.
The Jurassic Park ride fall at the end scared me completely and I was always scared of roller coasters and there I was with your little prods, riding a bunch!  My love for you and your infectious safe personality helped so much when I tried out these various things and I always felt like I was going to be okay.  Plus, holding your hand during each one helped me drift off into the clouds on every ride, so that def helped too  ;)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Things I love about you while I make what's right: The Sequel Part 7

I love the way you feel in my arms.  The way your skin feels softer every time my fingers went over it.  Your hair was and always is silky and beautiful and when I run my hands through those strands it's like weaving gold.  I can never keep my hands off of you and even got you annoyed at how much I would spank you.  Your legs when locked around me make me feel like I'm a God in my own world and I've earned you in the greatest ways possible.  You hug with all of you and the pressing of our bodies is a hug of which I never felt with anyone before.  Just the touching of elbows ignited a passion in the beginning down in my basement room and giving you massages in bed was more a treat for me to feel you all over than it was for you to receive.  That's not even including the physical type of the way you feel, from the outside of your body, the feel of your curves and breasts to the taste.  All the way to the inside of you and how you move when we are together moving as one.  Your body and you as a person meld together in ways that feel pleasant, dreamy, beautiful, and pleasurable, no matter where we are or what we are doing.