Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Small nerdy update post E3

E3 is now over and while there were some surprises to be had, I was overall a little disappointed.
Marvel vs Capcom 4 was shown and a demo released but it doesn't feel like a vs game like the others did.  I'm not super happy with the characters or that Capcom is going to be releasing a large number of the characters as downloadable content later.
The new God of War was shown and I don't like the direction they are taking the series.  Almost like a sort of Last of Us style where you are taking care of your son.  It's not the mythic/god realm like all the others and doesn't fit in at all.
The last of us 2 wasn't shown at all and neither was kingdom hearts 3, final fantasy 7 remake, resident evil 2 remake.  It just felt a little lacking.
On the Nintendo side, just a small few little titles were shown that included mario odyssey, yoshi, mario and luigi superstar saga remake.

Here is mario:


Looks alright but I don't have a switch and just don't see myself having one for a very long time if ever.

Here is yoshi, which i admit looks very creative and fun and cute:


Sonic was also shown as a trailer for his new game but not as a cross platform one when we know it will be appearing on all consoles.


Nothing else really of note was shown but I can't say it was a complete disappointment, I just had my expectations set way too high.

There isn't much on the movie side of things other than a few tidbits.
Chris Evans said that Avengers 3/4 infinity war is as far as his contract as captain america goes and it will wrap everything up for him.  Which means no more cap for chris.  Which could mean cap either quits or dies in the upcoming avengers 2 part infinity war movies.

Frozen is getting a small christmas short before the release of the full fledged sequel that's coming in 2019.  The trailer for that was released today:


So, other than it being way too hot in here, so much so that I can barely sleep, I think it is time for me to try and sleep and hope tomorrow goes alright.  I'm going to be seeing Some Like It Hot at the theater with my parents after work and then home after that so there will be no streaming time or chat time so this blog will be the main source of all tomorrow.  I'm feeling better and don't worry, those emotional walls just hit sometimes but I do manage to get through.  Until next post, have a wonderful night.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Some E3 goodness

Well day 2 of E3 went alright with Sony showing a good conference that was all games.
They showed a new god of war that i'm not liking the direction they are going and they unveiled a couple other little things like shadow of the colossus and games i wasn't that interested in.  Then they dropped this little story yum yum:


and then right at the end of the show, they unveiled this baby as well:


Really hot and sweaty but wanted to make sure that I updated with those little nuggets.  Played a little more pinball but I think I'm actually going to get a nice little good night of sleep.
Tomorrow is the last little day of E3, who knows if anything else will be shown but i'm let down that there was no resident evil 2 remake anything shown.

Hope you have a great night and more updates and bloggieness coming soon!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nerdy news update

Sunday morning and I'm up a little early so here we go!

Marvel's next movie, The Black Panther has put out its trailer and poster and i gotta say it may be the first marvel movie i don't really care to see.  Not a race thing, just not a movie i'm really interested in.


Beauty and the Beast is now out on bluray.

E3 has started with Mon, Tues being the biggest days, some stuff has already been announced or leaked.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 has shown a trailer with gameplay and the graphics are just too real to even count.


Kingdom Hearts 3 also has some more gameplay shown and was announced years ago so hopefully they move their butts on that one.  I haven't played 2 yet which i cannot believe but those games have always been good.


The Evil Within 2 has also been rumored to be announced as well.

My cube at work is getting too full of stuff and the weather has been so nice it pains me to keep having to get up and go to work.
I will try and have more later but i at least wanted to put some sort of update while I was up a little earlier.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nerdy 2 am News

Right before bed I just wanted to at least get something out there.
It may have no rhythm but here we go with any and all news updates and wheeeee:

Power Rangers comes out on bluray on June 13th, i missed it in theaters but I could see it at least being a good movie even if it's just a one off.  I enjoyed the orignal and yes super cheesy now but hey it's power rangers.  What other show can pull off repurposing a Japanese tv show and redubbing it all to a new American show and keeping it going for almost 20 years.

The Dark Tower comes out August 4th and I haven't read any of the books so I'm not sure what to even think, I know it's a stephen king book but that's about it.  The trailer wasn't anything special to me but again, probably because I didn't read it.  Jury still out on this one.

Wonder Woman is doing crazy good in the box office and getting great reviews as well but I am just not interested in the character, I'm more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, always have been.  Nothing wrong with the character, I just am not a big fan.  It's awful to see how long it took a female superhero to get her own movie though.

A new seperate cinematic universe ala the avengers and all the movies up to it, it being sought after by Sony, the first being called Silver and Black starring Silver Sable and Black Cat of the spider-man universe.  It is supposedly the first in an all female run superhero film series with more of the female spider-man cast which will include Spider-Woman and others.  Not sure I like where this one is going but I LOVE spider-woman so we will see, I just don't think any have the amount of flack to hold a stand alone movie without the majority of audiences knowing who they are.

John Wick Chapter 3 is going to be made.  Haven't seen the others yet.

Avengers Infinity War is still being shot and talks on set are that there are dozens of Marvel characters in it as well as more CGI characters than ever.  I've read the comic book that this is being taken from and just the sheer scope and who is going to be in it is just insanity.  ALL characters from all the marvel movies so far are almost expected to be in it with more being introduced.  It's a shame Marvel doesn't have film rights to x-men and fantastic four because that would just make it the best movie ever crafted by human hands in the history of all worlds.

Avatar sequels are being filmed.......yay?  oh wait...i mean...nay

Uncharted is being made into a movie with Mr. spidey himself Tom Holland playing young Nathan Drake, those games are masterpieces so i'm looking forward to it but very skeptical and worried at the same time.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is going to be made but has to wait for Avengers 3 parts 1 and 2 to be done and out so as to keep the timeline going the way Marvel wants story-wise.

Video game side, E3 the giant show what you have in development and coming out this year and next and surprises conferences is coming up next week.  Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo along with all other publishers will be showing off all the new stuff and games coming out and I cannot be more excited.  You know i'll prob either have you watch it with me or send you stuff or ahhhh
I'm hoping for Resident Evil 2 remake stuff and more characters revealed for Marvel vs Capcom infinite.

I can't believe I didn't show you the Dreamcast when you were here but you'll see it later.
I also have a book on Wicked the musical and all the behind the scenes stuff and got the Empire strikes back shakespeare book today.  Kept thinking about going through the harry potter and spiderman rides at universal all day.
I did beat the Batgirl portion of batman arkham knight but have some more to do in that game so more streaming and gaming shall be done.

It is now 230 so it's way past bedtime, feel free to discuss all and more and even give me some fuel for later writings if you want any info or knowledge on any games, movies, etc.
Another work week starts up tomorrow and I am already exhausted.  Hoping it isn't too bad, have a wonderful sleep and a great day and I shall be home around 6 again tomorrow.  :D

Sunday, May 28, 2017

update from mr. slow and awful

Yes, I have to see exactly when my parents want to have dinner ready.  I am still not totally in agreement of us all being there for a dinner when I'm not over and done with things here but I do understand.  I'm just really worried something is going to get messed up, esp if my sister is there.  I've been such a worried mess.
So hard to get to the laptop on weekends but even though it's almost 2 am again, I managed to get to it.
I feel like there is so much that I am forgetting to catch up with or talk about and can never think of it.
yeah the games and movies have piled up and I can't even get to them myself because of time or tables or just not being with someone who has interest in them.  It gives me a small depression seeing them all stack up and how it used to be such a happy part of my life and I just see them growing and my pleasure in them dwindling because of my emotions.
E3 is coming up next month where the big companies (microsoft, sony, nintendo) show off all the upcoming games and stuff and I"m really excited.  I am hoping to see some resident evil 2 remake footage, spiderman game, and anything else that makes me so glad to be a gamer.
oh and marvel vs capcom infinte because ahhhhh
I would love for my store or some kind of thing like that was my job, even a youtube show or whatever but I was very happy doing tables and being home all day.  I catch up on podcasts and shows and don't have to get up early or be anywhere and ah I loved it.  But the coffee tables have slowed to the point where I think I need to switch out products completely after a time to keep it fresh and offer new things.
The credit card debt being paid off would really help aleviate so much and also take out the need for a second job which would free up more free time.
I haven't drawn anything in so long that I'm worried I won't still have it and it gives me such doubts about maniac mansion too.  But I still have a lot of faith and hope in that movie that it'll at least get noticed on websites because of what it's based on.
I am glad to hear that no matter how bad or scary or unsure or worried or anything things get...you aren't going anywhere.
There was a bit of a falling out between me and Jeff that I have been thinking about because when I was having relationship troubles here, she spoke with him and he said I wasn't ever really stable and have a lot of problems and that he talked to you a lot and you said that I was a constant downer and brought you down so much that it became a problem.  I'm not sure if any of that is true and don't remember a time when he spoke with you but it took me a little by surprise I guess.
fun stuff to end on
Did you know they are making a pitch perfect 3?
I hope you still held on to Luigi's mansion and banjo kazooie lol, those are rare expensive ones to find and replace lol
Remember when I got that weird rash on my thigh and had to lay on the floor watching tv with no pants on to help it lol
or that bug bite on my back shoulder that you had to pop.  "It's nothing, quit being a baby.....okay wow that's infected"
The thing I miss most that is going to be hard for me is going to Universal so much.  That was a way of life for us and anytime I think about any part of it, I have to hold back tears.
Since being here I've been to a comic con and saw Christopher Lloyd who played doc in back to the future, Malfoy, rob schneider, took a 3 day trip to NY and saw all the site and was on the top of rockafeller center, the NY nintendo store, saw Castiel......and the one thing that overtops it all is Universal.  Anytime a movie has that Universal opening I can't take it.
I know i've got more in me and a lot of it is books which are a bit hard to describe.
Getting a little tired and will def in any way I can get the info to you tomorrow about what's up, I promise.
Here are some teases for some Disney Infinty levels that I have, but haven't played yet cause i'm saving  :D

Star Wars Trilogy

Inside Out

Force Awakens

More to come?  lol
Have a great night and I will do everything in my power to get more info for you as soon as i can tomorrow!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Update from Mr. Slow and Terrible

I'm sorry for the feelings of how things went down last year.  I still get haunted by that all the time.  I never wanted to let things get that bad or upset or hurt you.  I get almost  deep in a depression a lot because I feel like all I do is hurt and upset people and ruin life.  It is not going to happen again, I am glad I got to explain that rushing too fast isn't healthy for anyone.  I agree about not meeting and all of that with my parents around, I don't think that's good.  I want it just me and you too.  I want to and do try to ease everything and the fears and feel like I'm going to somehow upset and anger you more and that idea is so upsetting to me.
I didn't mean to take so long to respond back today but time and situations are still difficult and I don't want to fall apart emotionally.
No more sad scared talk, it's not good or fun.
How about some random stuff?
The Limited is gone and no longer in Ross Park Mall, i mean whaaaa
I know I don't know what dvds/blurays you know I have so this may be a moot thing but there are a few movies i've bought of note and I am maybe missing a lot because I dunno what time period of buying you weren't involved in.
I replaced some Disney dvds with blurays such as Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, Hunchback, Tarzan, Finding Dory, Inside Out, Monsters University, Ratatouile, and Up.
Got a french movie called Amelie that i've always wanted to see, Antman, Avengers 2 in a steelbook case, Batman the Killing Joke animated movie, Civil War, charlie brown christmas, deadpool, dirty dancing, the reader which was a good book too, big trouble in little china, abraham lincoln vampire hunter because it was a dollar at half price, Doomed a documentary on the unreleased fantastic four movie, frankenweenie, frost/nixon, hansel and gretel hunters, jim carrey's grinch, Jurassic world, the lorax, pixels, peanuts movie, shutter island, side by side which is a great documentary that keanu reeves did showing how movies are made and the differences between film and digital, batman vs superman, xmen apocalypse, days of future past, logan.
I've also replaced a lot of dvds with the bluray versions for either pic quality, features, or to save space with the smaller cases.  Some are aeon flux, clerks 1 and 2, bruce almighty, constantine, dumb and dumber, mask, evil dead, ex machina, godfather trilogy, insidious 1 and 2, waynes world 1 and 2, wanted, vacation, 300, terminator 2, and of course the big sets that i think you know already like the 31 disc harry potter saga, james bond 50th set.
I started reading Stephen King's It a little while ago and am a little halfway through the book.  It's not super great but I wanted to have read it and watched the tv movie before the remake comes out this september.
I did a little test a few months ago to see what Maniac Mansion might look like all done, just a quick picture:

To echo your job information that you told me..
I was working at JLL as a call center rep when we last were talking talking and was let go from that job because of the time I was taking between calls.  I was unemployed for almost two months and got a job at the Dollar Energy Fund after that working as a call center rep again and it was awful.  I was late every day and just read off a script and barely knew what I was doing and was making a low wage too.  I was let go from that job and started trying to go to all sorts of employment agencies and using all the money I had to pay bills and hope tables sold on etsy and ran up my credit cards until I found another job working for a company that handled closings of houses that were being purchased and I would transfer the sellers information and home information into the computer.  My trainer was so impatient and hated training me and it made me really upset.  It wasn't a bad job and around that time I had to work at half price on the weekends to help pay the rest of the bills.  My time was really going away and my health and sleep and everything was suffering.  I was let go from that job right before christmas so I had to spend all my money on bills then too.  I signed up for a third credit card through walmart so I could stay afloat a lot longer until I found another job.  After almost three months I finally found the job I have now and I am trying hard to keep the bills paid and bring myself back to a level where once my cards are paid down I can quit half price.
Jumping to games for a second, I remember you said you wanted to play more Lego games with me and it's crazy how many I have now that I look at them.
I have lego harry potter 1 and 2
indiana jones 1 and 2
batman 1,2,3
marvel super heroes
pirates of the caribbean
star wars saga
star wars clone wars
I don't have but have played lego avengers, lego jurassic park, and lego force awakens.
There was one more thing about games that I didn't tell you about regarding games.
You knew I got Disney Infinity I think.  Well, to be more specific, i got disney infinity 2 and 3.  Two is Marvel based and Three is Star Wars based.
I haven't played 3 yet and have collected up all the playset story modes that there are, which consist of:
Guardians of the galaxy, spiderman, avengers, finding dory, star wars clone wars, star wars trilogy, force awakens, karting, battle mode, story mode and I got just about all the figures of characters to play as.  All the star wars and marvel and a lot of disney characters.  It's really neat seeing them all on the shelves.
I also downloaded a lot of pinball tables on ps4 and am addicted to those a lot.  They are Marvel and family guy, american dad, bobs burgers, aliens, star wars, they're fun.
I wanted to have a lot to type to make up for the quiet time and you had something to read and respond up with with opinions and suches.
Again, I really want to apologize for how much damage I've caused and the process and pace I have to work with right now so that I can make it through this healthily and emotionally the right way.  I'm incredibly damaged and I am well aware it's all my doing.
I'm nowhere near the best person and I want to be. I can't feel any worse and want to make everyone happy.
Still can't believe you haven't gamed.  pfft.  Prob never even finished super paper mario.
Lol kiddin kiddin
There goes super sleep deprived me staying up until 230 am again.  I have to stop my sleep schedule and diet or I'm going to be in a bad place.  Have a very wonderful night and sleep and morning!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Limits example part two

A news report flashes onto the screen.
An experienced woman holds a microphone with the number 5 emblazened on it standing near the scene across from the bar.
"A scene of horror tonight as police arrive on the scene to the mutilated body of missing person Victoria Lane, her body was discovered in a back alley next to the fifth avenue bar where witnesses tell of a disturbing encounter with the woman before she ran off."
The broadcast cuts over to two men, one with a bandaged forearm and long beard, the man from earlier.
"She was just sitting there keeping to herself and shakin.  I tried to help her and that's when she cut me!"
The other man chimes in abruptly.
"Yeah her eyes were all messed up and her skin all cut up.  Damn near took his arm off!"
The reporter takes a moment before speaking again.
"Investigators on the scene are still unable to identify any clear motive but have increased the number of officers assigned to the man hunt for this deranged murderer."

An apartment above the streets glows from the news broadcast as a young woman sits on a couch, feet up, a pair of goggles on the table in front of her.  A man in a button down shirt, tie, and rolled up sleeves watches from behind her.
She bites her lip in thought.  "I'm telling you, it was almost like she was being eaten from the inside out.  You guys didn't find anything more?"
"Just basically what you did, except her identity form the prints  The chief has guys checking her apartment for any clues.  The bastard keeps evading us and the body count is starting to rise."
"I'll check there too.  I examined the sample I took of her blood, if you can call it that."
"What do you mean?"
"Well most of it was blood but there were traces of an acidic substance and an almost bleach-like liquid diluted with a strange chemical i've never seen before."
"That would explain her skin."
"Yeah, and her internal organs.  From what I could see, I don't think were all hers.  Almost like she was patched together from other people."
"Christ.  I'm willing to bet this Victoria won't be the only poor soul to pay for this Frankenstein wannabe, they've got people working day and night on this thing trying to find some solid lead.  ID'ing Victoria as one of the recent kidnappings was the best evidence we've got so far."
"But no clues on where this guy is hiding?"
"Not yet, but i'm sure we'll have a good idea once we cross reference all the kidnapped victims and their residences."
"How many were there?"
"Six that we know of."
"Let me guess....you want their addresses."
"It would realllly save me some time."
"You sure about this one?"
"Hasn't stopped me before."
"But this is really dangerous.  Actual serial killer type dangerous."
"You didn't see that woman's face.  Nobody should experience pain like that.  She begged me for help....she...."
"I'll get what I can on the addresses.  I better not be finding your body parts in an alley next."
"I take this sicko down, you can handle all my body parts wherever you want."
"You make it hard to say no."
"Don't I know it."
Storm clouds gather outside the windows as rain falls harder.