Monday, May 21, 2018

The Coast Welcomes with a Sweet Bouquet

Just outside of the city there was a flower stand selling the prettiest flowers he had ever seen.  He pulled up to the patron and got the best bouquet out of the bunch.  He knew what she loved, it would be a great thing to wake up to along with the coast around her.  The patron exchanged money for flowers and peeked into the car.
"Mighty pretty lady you got there."
"Don't have to tell me sir."
Smiles were shared and he placed the flowers in the middle console between the two of them and pulled away.  He needed rest but he couldn't sleep well without her next to him so he decided to wait for the rest until she could join him fully.  The car entered the area of the coast and he whispered to her as he set the flowers up before her.
"Sweet dreams my love, may they be as beautiful as you.  Kisses and my heart full of love to you.  The coast says welcome.  I love you sleepy darlin."

TO BE CONTINUED..............

Thoughts of the Future Upon Entering the Coast At Last

Edward continued driving through the night to make sure she got all of her beauty rest.  Not that she needed any.  He wanted to reach the coast faster with no more time being wasted, they had been on this crazy journey long enough.  His focus was laser guided just from emotions alone.  Just being near her gave off a healing feeling that felt like she was curing all of his ailments.  He couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful she was and how happy she made him inside.  His favorite being her cute little chuckle and nose crinkle anytime he used his nickname of Megels to her.  She slept in the seat next to him and he wished they were in a bed so that she could spider monkey herself on to him.  The feeling of her head on his chest and the smell of her hair was something he looked forward to.  He never said it to her but there were so many times he caught himself just staring at her.  There wasn't anyone else he had ever run into that actually gave him pause to admire and appreciate not only her beauty but just being close to her.  He was awestruck  ever since that first night he met her after she came down those stairs.  She had looked back at him before she turned the corner and their eyes met and he thought he caught her with a blushing smile just before she was gone around the corner.  She wouldn't say to keep face but she made reference that his look back to her injected something into her heart that night.  He reached over and felt her fingers, smooth and delicate.  She instinctively wrapped her hand around his, he pulled it close and kissed the back of her palm.  The quiet long night drive gave him time to review his life up to that point and the unfortunate journey that had brought them to this point.  While the case business wasn't his fault, he did feel bad that she had to have been involved in anything that had upset her or put her in a situation that didn't bring her joy.  If he had been a little more careful maybe she wouldn't have gotten shot or attacked.
He let her get hurt.  The thought bore into his head.  This perfect example of beauty had gotten hurt while with him and he wasn't able to stop it or protect her.  Sure she healed but it didn't change the fact that she was shot.  The sadness of hurting her even indirectly brought water back into his eyes because he had seen sadness on her face.  His thoughts wandered into what his embodiment of their future would be like and taking another glance at her, his head was full of ideas.
The case business would be over and there they would be, on the coast.  The ocean would be a rock's throw away and they would be miles and miles from the city that brought with it the rain.  They would be walking around the area and stop on a particular side street to cement the idea of moving there to stay.  It wouldn't be hard to convince him as being somewhere with her and her only was more than a dream.  The two of them would pick out a small apartment at first with white walls and a balcony where they would spend nights talking under the moonlight, her legs set up over his.  He would quit the dangerous detective business and finally go into the profession that he had always wanted to and make sure that she was supported enough to chase after anything she wanted without worry.  It had been a while and he was sure his skin would frighten off the birds but they would visit the beach frequently to not only soak up any sun to cure his pale body but also to walk the sands with a gorgeous bathing suited woman by his side.  One of his favorite things was making dates for the woman he loved.  He tried to be creative and ensure that even if it turned out unsatisfactory, she was still smiling. 
She turned in her sleep, made a small coo and continued snoring away.  A strand of her hair fell at just the right angle over her face creating, in his opinion, a beautiful magazine cover sure to make all the other girls jealous. 
His depressive guilt made a return and he felt incredibly upset yet again.  The time they could have saved if the train had worked out or the many cars hadn't been destroyed.  He knew she was anxious to begin, citing that she had already felt too much time had gone by already and wanted to make up for lost time for lack of a better phrase.  He felt the pressure on his chest thinking about this journey in any way causing her regret or off putting her due to what had happened.  She truly was the only person that made him feel.....right. 
A true sense of being on the correct path in life and a confidence while in emotional form, let his entire being know that this was where he was supposed to be and that she was the one his life was meant for.
He pushed the gas pedal harder to ensure that the coast would arrive in half the time it would have normally.
His fantasies carried on.  A scrapbook would be kept of all of the things they will and did do so that when they are older they can sit together and flip through their life in love and reminisce.  The world was their oyster and he wanted to make sure she saw all of it.  She was a traveling girl, who just from this journey, he knew that it held wonders that would enlarge her gorgeous brown eyes in wonder.  From the water filled streets of Italy to the accents of London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris where he would finally take the knee that brought the question that would decide the rest of their lives.  When they walked through the different towns on the way, he noticed how she would look as much as she could at the jewelry and rings in the store windows.  She wouldn't say a word but the look on her face told him to pay attention for these were the glittery candies that she desired.
He saw it actually being fun growing old with her and a part of him that he hadn't delved into before began to surface.
He had been with people before but there was something he couldn't place his finger on that told him inside that she was the one.  She would be an incredible mother who was kind, caring, and would raise a child up to be a good person.  It was a bit exciting to him thinking about the process of taking care of her and feeling her stomach to having the baby and being called a father.  What would he prefer?  A girl.  With Meg's looks of course and his....artistic talents.  His new family.  A feeling rumbled inside of him that he had never felt before.  It wasn't exactly excitement but it was a undeniable feeling of figuring out just what God had set out for him, knowing he was on the right track.
The coast wouldn't be long.  What if something happened to her there?  The mere thought of not being able to see her for one day sent shivers throughout his body.  He had taken this journey and worked hard to make sure that in the end it was the two of them.  Her voice and laugh cured his stressed, her body cured his illnesses, and her being cured his obstructions.  She wasn't awake now but he made a mental note to make sure that the moment she was conscous that he would make sure that she knew, whatever life throws their way, they would handle it together.  That he may have a checkered past but whatever the cost of living the rest of his days with her would be worth more than the price of admission.  She would always have flowers and be told she was beautiful.  She would have all of her stresses of the day taken care of and massaged away from her feet to her shoulders.  He would make sure she could wish on every shooting star and go to sleep feeling like a million dollars.  They had both been through a lot and now it was time to show her just how much she meant to him.  He was through with this journey, with the chase, with any more lost time.  If Price or Dante had plans on doing anything to her then they'd have to go through him first. 
In his moment of reflection, he did something he rarely did but found that she brought out the best in him and he wanted to make sure he made good on his promise.  He looked into the sky and let go of all of his inside turmoil.
"'s me.  I know I haven't been the best in regards to you.  But I wanted to tell you that I understand now and have grown.  What I'm carrying in this car is worth more than my life and I'll always be willing to risk it for her.  Give me the strength to make her the happiest girl in the world and watch over us as we enter the coast.  She means the world to me and....well....i've hurt her.  A lot of this mess is my fault and she should rightfully be angry as hell with me.  But she isn't.  I know that in her heart she loves me just as much as I love her and I want to thank you for bringing her into my life.  I never thought someone like me would be able to be with someone like her.  She's beautiful, smart, tough, and if I may...what angels would be like had they revealed themselves walking the Earth.  I haven't been the best person and I've done many things I'm not proud of or regret and I'd like to take a minute to apologize and ask for forgiveness.  I never meant any harm and was truly either confused or in a bad spot but I never ever meant any harm.  Especially any harm that has come Megels way.  I hadn't been a big believer and I hope you'll forgive me for that.  But you brought her to me and I want to make sure I make amends for any wrong doings that I've done and have the chance to make it up to her.  She deserves it.  I've made her so happy, I just want the chance to continue on doing that until we can both join you up there.  She's my one.  You've been kind enough to give us all one life to live down here and I'd like to spend mine with her if that's alright with you.  Because I'd consider myself already made it to heaven at that point.  Please forgive me for hurting her and causing the messes we're in.  I do truly love her and give you my word that I will spend the rest of my life making it up to her.  Ahmen."
He realized he had teared up and tears had rolled down both cheeks.  He hadn't felt emotions like this if ever.  Her feet moved a bit and she swallowed, her lips parted. 
"You have my word, my love, this'll be the happiest ever after you could possibly imagine."
The car sped on and she turned to her other side, facing him.  Her eyes didn't open and she sleepily made contact.  "What'd you say dew drop?"
"I said I love you with all my heart until the day I die."
She smiled "I love you too naked man, with all my heart and more."
"I promise."
The car flew down the road and up a hill and once it crossed over the top, the coast was in view.  It looked wonderful with palm trees and all kinds of buildings around.  This was it, they finally made it.  The coast was in view and the love of his life was right next to him.  He kissed her on the forehead and she lifted her head, eyes still closed, angling for a  kiss on the lips.  He returned and kissed her like it was the first time.  She smiled with her crinkled nose and laid back down.
"Sweet dreams Megels, when you wake up, the coast will be right outside your door."
She smiled again before beginning to snore.  Edward rolled up his sleeves and pressed on the gas.
"Alright Price, let's end this.  You've delayed my time with my girl and put us through all manner of hell.  It's time for you to pay."

TO BE CONTINUED.............

Love Thoughts Right Before

He sat next to her in the car, his thoughts running wildly.
I can't do this without you.  This crazy chase to this case has taken long but not a day goes by that he hasn't planned his future with her.  His heart aches and there is nothing he wants more than to be with her.  Every single night and day.  With the end right around the corner and everything falling into place, every single thought every single action every single day all of his focus is on her.  He can't sleep right unless he thinks of her, can't plan his future unless she is at his side.  Knowing that he is the cause of this awful chase rips him up inside.  It's never been this close before and the need for her is the most it has ever been.  She needs to know that without her it's just not worth it.  I can't do this without you he says.  Time was always his biggest enemy.  He turns away from her so that he can cry, he is so scared.  It wouldn't matter where she was, he would come to her and be with her.  There is no distance too far in the world.  The life he is living right now is wrong, not himself.  The only time he ever truly felt alive was any second with her.  It's become too hard to sleep and the saddness grows inside to an almost unbearable level.  The way she looked at him, her smile, the things she would say.  Tears pour down his cheeks.  I can't do this without you.  It had been a very rough life and the chase was only making it worse.  You don't get to find your one only to just watch from afar.  There weren't any more words he could even think of to say just how much she meant to him, just how much he loves her.  He quietly vowed to do whatever it took to make sure he was the best self he could be and make sure her heart knew just how much his was hers.  Deep inside himself he knew that she felt the same.  This crazy stupid case chase was hurting her the longer it took to reach that coast.  The true love of his life was just a few miles in front of him, he never hated a case so much in his life.  His heart ached.  It was an odd choice but he wanted to let her know that he was devoted to her.  Loved her so much it hurt.  Wanted to lasso the moon for her to make up for the terrible events that they had gone through the last few weeks.  He was willing to give it all up.  All of it, just to hold her hand.  He missed her more than he had ever missed anything.  He pushed the gas hard and the car sped on even faster.  I love you.  I can't do this without you.  The coast was coming up fast, the chase was about to be over.  His life was dedicated to her, no matter what it took.  The only happily ever after in his book was her.  Even looking upon her now, his heart skipped a beat.  She was perfect.  In turn, it made him be as perfect as possible.  He wasn't going to wait once they reached the coast, the second they were there he was going to make her the biggest display of love and devotion he could think of.  He was in love.  The biggest sorry couldn't erase the chase that they had been on to this point but he knew that if given the chance, he could change that and make her the happiest person in the world.  There was no doubt about it.  He knew the coast was close, could smell the ocean air.  This was it, it was finally coming to an end.  I love you.  I can't do this without you.

TO BE CONTINUED....................

Friday, May 18, 2018

Close Call Stop for Gas

The wind blew through her hair, her hand hanging out of the window coasting on the currents of air.  It was almost like she was trying to outrun the storm as it tried its best to catch up to the beautiful brunette speeding down the road.  She was following the directions Edward had given her and at the moment it was taking her high up on a small mountain pass that emptied out near an ocean.  The drop seemed huge, she couldn't look for long out of fear she might accidentally drive too close and fall off the cliff.  Edward slept away next to her, there was something about driving on her own through this part of the world at that speed that made her feel powerful.  The car gave a slight shudder with a noise that couldn't have been good.  It was at that moment that she looked down at the gas meter to see that they were just about to run out.  Being so caught up in driving through the wind she forgot to pay attention to the gas tank.  She nudge Edward awake.
"Um, darlin, little issue, kind of running out of gas."
"Well, just like the store, first sign of any rural area we can stop."
"Hopefully it's soon."
"That's pretty low, it better be soon."
"Yeah I got a little distracted."
"I know the feeling.  Shouldn't be one too far."
Meg continued her course but pulling back on the gas a little.  The needle hung dreadfully close to the empty mark creating some worry.  As beautiful as it was out there, she didn't want to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere.  A lone station was spotted in the distance by itself without much of a town or neighborhood in view.  Meg silently celebrated and pulled into the station.  She woke Edward again.
"Found one, not a moment too soon as well."
"Lucky as always, beautiful."
They both got out and entered the small station.  A greasy attendant looked up from the counter and gave a nod.  Edward approached first.
"Afternoon, just need filled up."
"Haven't seen anyone like you two before."
"Just travelers making our way east and ran out of gas."
"Yeah, alright, I'll take care of it."
The tenant eyed Meg who was looking around the shop.  He clicked his tongue, squinted his eyes and then left through a back door.  Meg was looking at a can of broccoli soup.
"I used to eat this all the time back home."
"That stuff smells awful."
"You smell awful!  This stuff's good!"
"I prefer chicken noodle myself."
"Plain and boring chicken soup."
"At least it smells better."

The tenant opened a door to the back of the station and walked over to a telephone that was hanging on the wall.  He dialed a quick succession of numbers and waited for a response.
"Yeah, it's me.  Believe it or not that couple just walked into my station.  Uh huh.  Not her.  Yeah, I can do that.  No, won't be a first.  I'll call back with the results."
He hung up and continued on to fill up the car with gasoline.

"You think the next town will be far off?"
"Not sure, why?"
"Just want to go to the bathroom now just in case."
"Not a bad idea."
They each took a restroom to relieve themselves.  Edward was out first and looked out of the window to check on the status of the car.  Outside was empty, the tenant was nowhere to be found.  Odd, where would he go so quickly?  He stood up straight and turned around to see the tenant right behind him swinging a wrench striking him in the head and knocking Edward unconscious. 
Meg exited the bathroom and began looking for Edward.  The tenant was nowhere to be found, neither was Edward.  She remained calm until she saw Edward's hat on the ground.  Did something happen?  Her eyes darted around the station only settling when she saw the flutter of a coat in the wind across the way at the cliff side.  The tenant was dragging Edward's body to the edge fo the cliff.
"What the hell? No!"
Meg crashed out the front door and ran after the two men.  The station owner had gotten Edward to the edge, hands were bloody, and held the now waking up detective over the side.
"Wakey wakey."
"What the hell did you...."
"Shut up and tell me exactly what I want to know or my hands get mightily slippery."
"You can go to hell."
"Why'd you kill Victoria?"
"I didn't."
"Don't lie!"
He pushed Edward closer.
"Did it feel good to take her life?"
"Wasn't me dickhead."
Meg caught up with the men and started beating on the attendant.  She tried choking him but it only served to annoy him.  He pushed her off making her trip backwards.  Pissed, Meg leapt up and wrestled the man to the ground, accidentally causing him to let go of Edward who began slipping down the hill.
"Darlin no!"
Meg crawled down the side and grabbed on to Edward, preventing him from slipping more.  Edward got his footing a bit when the tenant grabbed Meg from behind, forcing her to be his prisoner.
"Now I have your woman!  Tell me what I want or she goes over!"
"We didn't kill her!"
"Liar!  Then who has the case!?"
"Let her go and I'll tell you."
"No way, tell me and she doesn't go over."
Meg struggled to break free but couldn't, her only option was to hit back the only way she could.  At the end of his sentence, Meg launched her head backwards cracking into the man's face breaking his nose.  He screamed out in pain, letting her go.  His feet slipped on the rocks and losing his balance he fell down the cliff.  Meg jumped forward grabbing on to Edward, the both of them helping each other stay up.
"Nice going, sweetheart."
"Not letting anything happen to you."
They helped each other back up the side and to their car.
"I'm going to finish filling the car.  Why don't you go inside and stock up.  It's not like anyone is going to stop us."

Once the car was full they got back inside.  Meg's arms were full of groceries.
"Let's get out of here, I got everything we need.  Including broccoli soup."
"You're too much, lover."
They pulled away leaving an almost deadly area alone to the quiet.

The Royal Darkness sat in a spacious room near a telephone waiting for a call from a tenant that would never come.  Their anger rising.

TO BE CONTINUED................

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Boss on His Way While Couple are On Their Way

Dante sat in the back of the car, his driver navigating his way to their destination.  He couldn't help but feel some misgivings about going on this trip and not spending the time with his wife.  The last time he had to do something like this it was a rogue member of his own team who thought they could be bigger than Dante himself and stole enough loot to start several businesses.  You didn't join his gang, let your trust be earned, and then throw it back in his face.  Needless to say, the runaway member didn't last very long.  Poor sap pleaded for his life before being fed several of his own body parts.  The other gangs would joke and label his legendary revenge tactics humorously as Dante's Inferno.  It didn't happen often but most people thought twice before tempting their luck.  This was the first time that a pair of people that weren't professionals were able to cause so much chaos and elude the very best thrown at them.  He wasn't worried bu there was a hint of the unknown having to deal with a situation that's escalated so much.
Was it even worth it?
How valuable could half of Price's empire be anyways.  All it really did was provide him with the leverage and power to erase some more competition out of the picture.  The phone that was housed in the back seat rang and he picked it up after considering it for a moment.
A woman spoke next.  "Sir I have a call transfer from S."
"Put them through."
There was a beep of silence and some clicks were heard.
"Dante, there are more developments."
"The couple has left the city and are on their way, seem to have taken the 32."
"Is there anyone in the area that can follow or apprehend?"
"We've got some contacts close to where they will be but not many."
"Tail them best you can.  I will be arriving at the airport in an hour."
"The Royal Darkness may make a move to kill them because of Victoria."
"I should hope they don't. You're keeping an eye on them?"
"Not too much but word gets back."
"This couple has information I need.  I don't want to have to deal with more shit in my way."
"They will be watched.  The cost of all of this surveillance is going to go up."
"Money is no object.  I need all eyes."
"Very well."
"I'll most likely be on the plane when you check in again."
"I"ll get my contact in the area to pursue."
The line hung up and Dante shifted in his seat.  He took a very deep breath and tried to clear his head.

The car sped down the road as the rain decided to let up.  Meg was deep in thought, Edward was smiling.
"Well sweeheart, you've been on a good roll so far, finish it up."
"I'm thinkin, I'm thinkin.  Z....hmmmm."
"The suspense of a Z word about me is killing me."
" are Z only one I love more than anything."
"That's not a word."
"French word.  The but in french.  I win."
"No no no, that's not how it works."
"Yeah it is!  Here I'll use it in a sentence.  Pull Z car over when you can zo I can go pee."
"I call crap on that but I guess you win."
"Woohoo me!  Seriously though, I need a bathroom."
"First sign of anything we'll stop."
"We can switch off then and let you rest next."
The countryside was picturesque, the rain had given everything a wet sheen making it all look shiny.  There wasn't anything very different than how it looked on the roads they had traveled previously.  The temperature settled down a bit, of which Meg was thankful for as it wasn't the comfiest sitting in that seat covered in sweat.  He had told her to catch up on some rest but she couldn't help her excitement knowing they were headed to the coast.  The vibration of the vehicle was almost enough to put her to sleep with the breeze coming in through the open window as well.  Time crawled on until she noticed houses popping up and various streets connecting them all.
"Most likely a town market or shop in the area if there's all these people living here.  Good place to pee."
"Sounds good to me.  The sooner the better."
"I'll make sure I drive slowly past any water puddles or dripping water."
"Don't tease me."
He smiled and made the first turn into the housed area.
The area seemed harmless, children played with one another while parents watched from front porches.  A change from the areas before as this one had no hotels, big buildings, or any real places to shop.  This is what her home should have been she thought.  The kids all looked happy and everyone else appeared content.  She felt a little sad for missing out on that and had a thought she hadn't had before.
He had no idea of knowing what she was thinking but she looked at him anyways.
"There's got to be somewhere here you can pee.  Wait.  Yeah, there's a big general store up here.  I'll park here and we'll walk over."
The car slowly pulled to a stop without anyone taking notice.  They got out looking around at the area.
"It's quiet."
"That's what it sounds like when you aren't being chased by gunmen darling."
"You know what?  I like it."
"Store up here should have a restroom."
"Good because I'm at maximum hold right now."
The store was a regular grocery store with all the many products anyone might need.  There was a smattering of people inside and a radio quietly provided atmosphere to the shoppers.  Once she was informed of the location of the restrooms, Meg almost ran to the back of the building.  Edward walked around the many aisles looking at all the products on display.  It was a nice little diversion to the monotonous driving through the countryside.  Meg finished and checked herself in the mirror, she had a slight stomach ache and felt a little sick but remedied most of it with some splashes of cold water to her face.  She exited the restroom making eye contact with a man reading a newspaper and looking in her direction.
She smiled back and went looking for Edward as the man kept watching her.
"All emptied out and ready to go?"
"Yep, it's surprisingly clean in there."
"Need anything while we're here."
"Nah, I'm good.  Just you.  I want to get to that coast."
"You're too cute for words.  Alright let's go."
The couple got back in the car taking opposite seats and Meg pulled out back onto the road.  As she drove away she glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the man with the newspaper outside the store still staring at her.  She squirmed a little in her seat and pressed the gas pedal harder out of the small little neighborhood.

TO BE CONTINUED..................

Monday, May 14, 2018

City Left Behind, A Couple in Love Set out for the Coast

Buildings passed by like giants looking down on the small cars driving around their feet.  The many differences in architectures was ever so interesting to Meg. Everything seemed so square, run down, and samey where she came from.  This was a rich metropolis with thriving businesses and a prosperous busy city.  She didn't want to leave, wanting to explore everything it had to offer.  The events that transpired the past two days wasn't exactly helping the area seem super inviting but she had to smile about the dinner date with Edward that left a beautiful imprint on her memory.  It was hard to shake the lasting images of Victoria out of her head.  There was still that part of her that wanted to help her find peace, it was unfortunate that once she found the path she wanted, everything came to stop her.  The traffic around the center of the city allowed her the opportunity to take a look at the many sorts of people going about their days.  The homeless man in the alley using newspapers and cardboard as a makeshift shelter, the woman pushing a baby stroller struggling with her grocery bags, the businessmen in suits carrying briefcases full of documents to meetings or mistresses.  There were teenagers shopping for the latest trends and all sorts of races that you just didn't find back in her area.  She let him take the wheel for the first bit as she still wanted to try and relax and see some of the outside world as they drove.  A crack of thunder expressed itself loudly above them through the oncoming dark clouds.  A familiar friend.
"Was wondering when the ol' rain storms would make their return."
"It was fun while it lasted.  Journey just doesn't feel right without it."
"Speak for yourself, me and the sun were getting along great."
"This traffic isn't doing us any favors.  One of the unfortunate effects of being in a bustling city."
"I don't mind it, I mean don't get me wrong, I want to be at that coast now, but it's so interesting to see the culture."
"I wish I could appreciate it.  My line of work after a certain amount of time you start to get a little paranoid about groups of people.  Being watched."
"Before going through all of this with you, I'd think that was a crazy statement but now I totally get it.  How do you block it out?"
"At first it was difficult but you train yourself to look for certain things.  Plus, a lot of those people probably feel just like we do."
A diverse group of people walked in front of the car as they were stopped at the traffic light.  A small young girl walked past holding her parent's hand and looked in at Meg.  She gave a smile and waved at Meg who waved back feeling a little more calm about the amount of people in the crowds.  The temperature had risen a bit as the morning proceeded bringing with it some humidity which would explain the rain moving in.  Meg waved a paper to fan some extra wind on herself.
"What should I be prepared for once we get there?"
"Anything.  That's the end game, so you better believe we're going to be watched."
"I can't believe all of this is just over a briefcase!"
"Sentimentality means more than money to some people."
"Unfortunately I was lucky enough to run into some of those people."
He looked over at her and her skin was beaded with sweat making her look like a sexy model fanning herself next to him.  The roads let up for a bit before running into another group of grid lock at the edge of town.  Normally she'd be flattered by the occasional looks at her body but the amount of time spent stuck next to certain cars was uncomfortable.  Lightning lit up the cars around them followed not long after by a loud rumble of thunder.  Many of the cars began to roll their windows up in anticipation of the rain that was sure to follow.  Not Meg.  She was looking forward to the cool drops providing any kind of relief from the warmth.  An airplane was heard flying overhead just as the traffic had begun to finally dissipate.

Little did they know that the vessel shooting above them contained the man who began their nightmare.  Price was fiddling with some papers, occasionally peering out of the window impatiently keeping track of his progress.  The plan in his head was his basic hostage situation.  He would lie in wait at the airport until he heard back from his spy and then surprise them.  At gunpoint, they would have no choice but to lead him directly to it with no funny business or long chases across town.  Once the case was in his possession he would eliminate both of them.  Then sit back and enjoy his victory.  A blonde stewardess sauntered over to him.
"Is there anythng I can get you, Mr. Price?"
"No, I'm alright at the moment."
She smiled and walked back up front.  As she walked away he couldn't help but gaze at her ass swaying back and forth with a jiggle to each cheek.  He had hours to kill, why not?
"Actually miss, there might be something you could do."

Through the many raindrops collecting on the back window, Meg watched the looming metropolis shrink behind them as the traffic finally dropped off and they were on their way out.  The now all too familiar countryside was making a comeback, as was the ever present rain.
"How long did you say the coast was from here?"
"If we drive like psychotics, I bet we could make it in two days."
"Two days?!"
"I told you it was a drive."
"And there's nothing along the way?"
"No cities or towns, least not like the ones we've encountered."
"Wonderful.  Gotta find a way to kill a lot of time then."
"It'll go quick, plus we've got each other."
She crinkled her nose and smiled at him.
"Maybe we can play a game."
"Oh yeah?  What did you have in mind?"
"Let's go through the alphabet saying each letter with something we like about the other person."
"That'll definitely kill some time."
They both chuckled before Meg re situated herself in her seat.
"Okay I'll go first.  A. Hmmm, Attitude."
"C for how much you care."
"D for delicious?"
"Flattery won't get you a win.  E for Edward!"
"Neither will easy ones.  F for how much fun I have with you."
"G.  A Grand time on a date with you."
"H reminds me how heavenly you are."
"I for I love you."
He looked at her.  They both smiled and hearts beat in unison.
"The next one is J mister."
"I'm stuck on I for a moment but if I must move on....Just plain in love with you."
They kissed and Meg giggled as he held her hand.
"No distracting me, what letter were we on?"
"I believe you were going to make sure I heard I again."
The car shot down the road as the couple's love filled the car and they went back and forth through the alphabet growing closer and closer with each mile they traveled.  The rain continued but it was a miracle if they even noticed.

TO BE CONTINUED..................

Friday, May 11, 2018

Departures in Love

It didn't take Dante long to gather together what he needed.  He didn't usually do a lot of field work but this was getting personal and threatening to his reputation.  What surprised him most was the fact that the head of the Royal Darkness, the most legendary gang around, not only quit the business during a job but died shortly after as well.  He knew she always had an underlying issue with the path she had chosen but she always overcame it and became a more ruthless crime boss in the process.  When she first was on the scene, rumblings of her work quickly rose through the ranks and it was only a matter of time before the two met.  There weren't many ropes left to show her at that point and if he was honest, she impressed the hell out of him.  Before he married his wife, he had doubled up on jobs with her, watching her team achieve more notoriety.  That was when he started noticing the cracks in the facade.  Something happened and she was suddenly a little colder and began doing more sexual practices to release pent up emotions.  He was part of that for a short while thinking in some way it was helping.  She'd come to his office dripping wet and ride him like it was her last day on Earth.  It wasn't unusual for him to find his hands over her breasts or face in her crotch after jobs.  That all stopped after his marriage.  He may have been a ruthless boss in the business but faithfulness was something he took pride in.  Victoria took it personally and began spiraling further down.  A part of him felt bad for not stepping in to help more but time and time again she continued living up to her legendary status.  It was only a matter of time before the dam broke.  Trust with others taking care of his business was falling apart because of Price.  His wife wasn't happy about it but it wouldn't be the first time.  He didn't pack much and was about to make his way out when his wife came down the staircase to say goodbye.
"Shame about Victoria, I always thought she was pretty tough."
"Some inner demons are just too tough to keep at bay."
"You sure you can't find anyone else to take care of this?"
"I don't trust anyone else with it."
"I know but this seems like such a waste of time."
"It probably is but I'm not going to let this dick ruin my reputation and screw up what will be half of my owned portion of his business."
"I think it would be much funner if this dick stayed home."
She rubbed the front of his pants and took his hand into hers.  She was smooth, just shaven.  She slid his fingers around her, wetting them.
"Baby you know I would but time is..."
She kissed him and continued, his heart beat raised and his thoughts got blurry.
"Sigh, damn you babe, fine, real quick before I go."
His pants were down quickly as were hers and he raised one of her legs up on his shoulder and slid himself into her.  They moved together in motion, her legs were shaking unable to hold herself up.  His attention to his woman was unmatched.  He swung her leg down and turned her to face the mirror in front of them and inserted himself form behind.  She yelled out in ecstasy as she came repeatedly.   He worked into her with a hint of aggression and she felt the swelling inside of her before he yanked himself out, ejaculating all over her naked behind.  She didn't move as he redressed and gathered his things.
"Hurry back, I'll be waiting."
"I'll be as fast as I can babe, I'll keep in touch, be ready when I get back."
She shook her ass and he spanked it.
"No worries there, be careful."
He left and took his personal car down to the main road.  It was a bit of a drive to the airport but he would use that time alone to collect his thoughts and formulate just what exactly he was going to do.  He could still smell her and he cursed Price for setting a chain of events in motion that pissed him off royally.

The couple slept in longer than usual to regain more energy and gave themselves time to decompress after the recent events they had gone through.  Meg was up first due to the odd dreams she was experiencing but dream or not, she felt a lot better about Victoria and understood more of how her own path could turn if she let revenge take over too much.  This hotel was nicer than the others with a much better view.  The sun was shining around the tall buildings and reflecting off the windows of the others.  It was nice to just breathe in quiet and watch the world for a moment.  All those people out there and not one knew what was going on in the other's life.  She would bet a million dollars that the person next door would never guess that they were next to someone who was being chased by the mafia, been shot at, killed someone, and was involved in car chases.  Hell, she could barely believe it herself.  She stretched and walked into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.  Her arm had healed up alright leaving an interesting scar and her hands had a bruise here and there.  She still felt a little tired but this time with no interruptions was doing a world of good.  The shower was beautiful and roomy as she let the warm water cover every inch of her body.  Closing her eyes, she stood under the water letting the steam carry away any leftover stress out of her.  The mirrors fogged up creating an atmosphere where it was like she was on another world.  Away from it all.  Lips touched her back as goosebumps covered her skin.  Kisses made their way up and down her back while hands rubbed her hips.
"You look absolutely stunning."
Smiling, she turned around keeping her eyes closed and her lips met his.  Their wet bodies pressed against each other and they continued kissing while being completely enveloped with steam.
"If I loved you any more I think I'd explode."
"Shhh, no speak, just kiss."
She held him closer and he continued to make his way down, kissing her neck and her breasts.  They made love until the water ran cold and she was shivering.  She kissed him more and he bit her bottom lip lovingly.  They held for a few minutes more.
"I do love you with my everything, dew drop."
An hour later they had dressed and rejoined with their newly acquired car in the outside parking lot.
"Perfect day for a trip."
"With my perfect person."
"It's just roads to the coast from here."
"Fine with me."
"You ready for one more road trip with me to the coast?"
"So ready.  Excited and scared but so ready."
"I think I feel the same.  Let's go tackle this trip."
They sped out of the lot and on the city roads hoping that this time they were able to leave a location without someone following or watching them.

TO BE CONTINUED..............