Monday, February 19, 2018

The Girl He Held Close All Night

The morning came too fast for her liking and surprise surprise it was dark and stormy outside.  If you had been blind and just given sight you'd believe the world operated in black and white.  He was already up and had shaven in the bathroom, now standing out on the balcony under the rooftop and smoking a cigarette.  Who knows when he got up but it was nice to know he didn't risk sleeping too long and not being up and fully aware if something did happen.  She joined him nude outside, the sound of the rain hitting above her distracted her from the upcoming day of events that held absolutely no resolution in her mind that ended well.  Cars sped up and down the streets below with their lights reflecting off of the wet surfaces around them.  She would come out here every time it rained and watch the world cleanse itself.  People would run and cars would make the fast splash sound with their tires that she could close her eyes and drift off to anytime.  At least it wasn't a cold day, she hated those with a passion, although her body claimed otherwise with a few notable physical signs that it was indeed cold.  "Been out here long?"
"Thought I'd watch the sun come up, still waiting."
"I think all it does is rain around here.....thanks for being there for all of this, I needed last night."
"I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure it isn't your last night."
She leaned her head against his shoulder and they watched the rain.  Lightning lit up the surrounding area and for a moment she almost forgot that they were on the hunt for something that may or may not even exist anymore.  The air drew out of her lungs and she tried with great force to stay uplifted.
"Do you have any leads?"
"Luckily I do, I pretty much exhausted everyone I've ever come in contact with and then some but I managed to have one ace in the hole that provided some help."
Every single person on the street could be a potential threat with their whereabouts currently on high alert.
"My contact says he's seen the briefcase and thinks he may know who has it.  Some willful spending was caught happening on the coast and there was a visual match on what you described the case to look like."
"Oh that's perfect!  Let's go get it now before we start getting housecalls."
"Not that easy, first we gotta make it over to the train station and ride that over to the coast, my contact will be waiting with the information and whereabouts."
"The train station?  We're leaving the city?"
"Gotta do what we gotta do to retrieve this case."
"What if they come after us, they've gotta be watching the routes out of here."
"They will be, so we have to be more descrete than usual.  So I'm afraid you'll have to wear something other than what you got on right now."
She covered her breasts out of embarrassment.  "Well yeah."
"We leave in fifteen, if there is anything in this apartment that may mean something to you I suggest moving it someplace else for safe keeping because this will be the first place they'll come looking."
"Don't have to move it, it's coming with me."
She held his hand and he showed a quick flash of surprise before covering it up with his usual detective gruff.  He squeezed her hand back and they kissed.  A flash of lightning and thunder exploded in the sky as their lips kissed like they're love was physically manifesting itself around them.  She made her way back inside to do a once over of her place and get dressed.  Today was going to be very interesting.  This time she dressed conservatively and with things that may lessen any blows or scrapes she may and quite possibly will encounter on their way over.  It had been one hell of an adventure so far and her heart quickly fell for this knight in shining trenchcoat.  If it had been anyone else she wasn't sure she would have felt the same way or even so quickly.  She emerged from the bedroom dressed and ready to go, he was standing near the door with a collection of roses in his hand.
"Oh Edward."  Her nose crinkled as she smiled at him and they kissed once more.
"A woman as pretty as you should always be cascaded with the most beautiful of flowers no matter what the situation."
"You are beyond words dew drop."
After a final farewell to the apartment she had come to know, they shut the door behind them and planned their next route as they walked down to the outside road.  It was always annoying how many people would try to ask for change and accost you on the streets.  The city wasn't something you wanted to show off to people with dirty streets and the homeless wandering around in droves.  Still, once it started raining it did literally clean itself up a bit.  Before they left the safety of the alcove and into the rain, he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her close.
"Probably not the best idea to go walking over out in the open, even if it is raining.  Less people will be out in the rain making us more conspicuous."
She knodded her head in agreement and was happy to be closer to him for the moment.  He scanned the area thinking of what the best method might be when finally he stepped off the curb and hailed the first taxi that drove by.  It was nicer than the usual dumsters on wheels and the driver didn't look like he was found in a field after five days of drug use.  He leaned into the window to speak with the driver.
"Fare plus double if you can get us to the Jamie Lynn station quick and with no red and blues noticing."
"Shouldn't be too hard, but if I see anything I don't like then your ass is out of the cab, got it?"
"Crystal clear."
He ushered her in first and took up residence next to her in the back seat.  The driver and Edward checked the areas all around them before taking off away from the apartment building.  The drive was smooth and rarely had to make any stops at all.  Even though it was raining harder, it didn't seem to affect the driver's visibility and he was making record time.  The driver began to glance a bit too often into the rear view mirror and while she assumed he was checking on his suspicious cargo, it was clear he was stealing shots of her cleavage.  Apparently conservative dress to her wasn't conservative enough, but it wasn't like she could hide the things.  Edward leaned a little farther into view and glared a little at the driver who cleared his throat and kept his eyes glued to the road after that.  The city blurred by in the watery view out of the window and her mind began to wander off to a time when she was younger and was able to walk these streets without as much danger as there was now.  She had lofty dreams and ambitions then, sidetracked a bit due to financial reasons and a certain friend who always seemed to get her in trouble.  She hadn't had a whole lot of luck lately, especially with other people.  But there was something about Edward that she just couldn't describe.  When she looked over he was busy looking out the window deep in thought.  He's putting a lot on the line for me and it could mean the end for him too.  He told her about what had happened the day before in his office, how he had killed two of the men after her but left the other.  She didn't think she had the stomach to kill someone maybe in the heat of the moment but even then.  Fear began to rise up inside of her, what if they were already waiting at the station?  As if he sensed her anxiety, he pulled her close and held her tightly.  Whispering in her ear words that made her fear drain out of her body.  "You're going to be okay.  I'm going to be right with you."
The sensation brought her back to last night when she let him have full access to every part of her body.  He had done things to her that she always fantasized about.  At least she was able to experience that before the end, if it does come to that.  The minutes went by quickly and before she knew it they were at the station.  The monumental iron design work was a sight to behold and created an almost out of place piece of architecture that housed the toughest steam engines the city contained.  The cab pulled up to the front and the rain continued to batter the windows in a way that dared them to step outside.  Edward handed him a wad of bills that she couldn't see the denominations of and just as quick as they left, they were outside in the rain again moving on to parts unknown.  Once the cab drove off it was just the two of them hand in hand looking up at the threatening building.
"Let's get this train and move on out of here.  Be careful and keep your head low, be ready if things go upside down."
She squeezed his hand in acknowledgement and they took the stairs up to the glass doors and disappeared inside.  The train hadn't left yet and there were small pockets of crowds sprinkled around the platform.  Smoke poured out from under the train creating a powerful and strong beast of a machine.  She had watched the trains go by growing up and always would make up where they were going in her head, pretending to be a passenger inside and commenting on the passing locales.  Another first for her, riding a train.  Also showed just how much she never left the city.
"Here, Gate 23.  Almost there."
He led her to the gate, his fingers twisting around hers.  If he didn't cut it out she would drift off her feet into the clouds, not paying attention to anything that was going on around them.  The people around them paid no attention to them and were too busy making sure they were together themselves.  Business men, children excited for adventure, and couples separating on business trips.  She envied them but also felt sorry for them.  It wasn't until her life was on the line did she realize how much she would take for granted.  A loud whistle sounded and the gates opened, people pouring onto the train like water out of a broken dam.  He made sure she was close and helped her into the train, then followed after her.
A man reading a newspaper peering overtop of the sheets watched them board.  Once they were on, he stashed the paper into a trash can and made his way through the nearest gate and onto the train.  He adjusted his sunglasses and scanned the platform back and forth before stepping fully onto the train.  From a distance he kept his eyes on the couple, he cracked his knuckles and tilted his head down to stay out of view.
They had made it to the train, he didn't want to congratulate himself yet, anything could still happen, but he did allow himself a moment to bask in what he was doing.  Out of the office on the most dangerous case of his life and with the most beautiful girl by his side.  When they survived this he was going to propose to ensure nobody else could ever come close to her. Meg, the girl he held close all night.


Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Girl with the Knife under her Pillow

The gunmen were getting uneasy and even though they couldn't see him reflecting back to earlier in the week, they could tell his mind was racing with thoughts other than how to help them out.  They had been chasing Edward all over town and were far beyond run out of patience.  What started out as an easy pick up and dispose of turned into a week long marathon of hide and go seek.  If they would have known then that this trash was watching them from outside when the deal first went down they would have done everything in their power to chase him down then.  It had been 5 days since the initial threat for the briefcase and so far all they had gotten was a new person to chase after and more questions.  And no briefcase.  At this point it wasn't even really about the case anymore, it was eliminating these two thorns in their sides solely because they knew information.  The girl was supposed to be it, she turned out to be a lot smarter than first assumed and had eluded them on every turn.  The last known bit of information they had on the briefcase was a sighting of it near an apartment complex near San Marco, this turned out to be true but by the time the pack of them arrived to collect their property it had disappeared once again.  A minor slip up had finally given them a break and they were able to track down a paper trail leading straight to the office of Edward himself and lucky for them he happened to be there when they arrived.  It was ending tonight whether he liked it or not.
"You got ten seconds Edward and we're blowing your brains all over your blinds.  This briefcase business has run its course, now where is she hiding?"
If they kill me then they won't have any information, then again, they probably still will and continue the search anyways.  The only thing I can do is talk my way out of this, they aren't the smartest group so it's at least a shot.
"I tell you and you'll kill me anyways so where's the fun in that?  Besides, maybe I'm on to the trail of where the briefcase is..."
"None of this bluffing crap Edward, I've had about enough of chasing you around this damn city.  So unless that briefcase is under your ass right now, I don't want to hear it."
"You don't redecorate my walls with my insides and I can lead you straight to the case, then me and the girl skip town and nobody hears nothing for the rest of our lives."
"It ain't all about the case anymore genius, now it's personal.  We been at this for days and you've caused enough headaches for me to be addicted to aspirin.  The case is irrelevant."
"See, I would think that would make your boss plenty happen.  Especially if he knew that the contents of the case have tripled in value."
He paused for a moment and his eyes shot a glance at his cohorts then back to me very quickly.
"What do you mean tripled."
"I have leads of my own and been following the case myself.  Information that I've gotten so far is that the case is in the hands of someone who is quite fond of gambling and has since tripled the loot in said case."
The gunmen to the left visibly showed too much excitement "That'd make the boss happier than he's ever been man."
I could tell my line was out to sea and the fish were nibbling.  Just had to keep it casted out just long enough to convince them, then get out of here to make sure Meg was safe.  She was number one priority.  Ugly leaned off my desk and started to walk a little towards the door, his back facing me.  "Three million huh.  That's some high job security.  How do I know you aren't bluffing just to get out of here Eddie?"
"You're going to kill me either way, so what's the point in lieing.  It would just be delaying the inevitable.  Three million and I know how to get my hands on it."
He didn't turn around.  "What's the catch?"
"No catch really, I get you the case, you let us go with the wind."
"The girl huh?  This Meg you're so crazy about."
"Three million."
"We don't have anymore time, god knows if we leave you to go get it you'll skip town anyways and then it'll be back to chasing you around."
"Then I give you the same deal you gave her.  One day."
"You can get pretty far in a day."
"You found me though, didn't you."
Still not turned around, you could tell the gears were turning in his head.  His other two sidekicks had their focus on him and weren't looking in my direction anymore.  Bingo.
With the quickest reflexes I've ever been able to muster up inside myself, I lunged to the right and threw my arm around the wrist of the one gunman and used it to shoot the one on the left.  The shock in both of their faces was priceless and before he could even register what had happened, I forced the gun around on him and shot him as well leaving just me and the talkative jerk in the room. The gun was warm in my hands and its aim was trained on the lone man.  He had turned around shocked at the commotion and a look of fear and surprise was on his face.
"One day and I'll get you the briefcase, but you leave us be after that."
"You got spunk Eddie, you'd be great in the gang.  Shame you had to off my compatriots, they were good men."  He paused for a moment.  "She really worth all that?"
"More than you could ever afford or steal."
There was a small huff of respect that came out of his mouth.  His face relaxed and there was almost a sign of mutual compassion.
"All right Eddie, you got one day.  Then I'm coming for you.  Do not let us down because I won't waste a second next time."
He left the room and shut the door.  The only noise was the fan above and a slight rumble of thunder in the distance.  It worked, I had bought time.  Gotta dispose of the bodies and then get to Meg, I hope she was alright.

He hadn't made any contact all night, this wasn't like him, maybe something happened.  Her thoughts were full of concern while she took the chance to shower to rid herself of the grime of the outside world.  They had managed to retrieve some information on the case miraculously but she was still worried out of her mind.  It was a long week but during that time she had fallen for her savior, he not only had kept her alive and mostly out of harms way but he had real compassion for her.  Something you don't see very often anymore.  Plus, what detective not only saves your life, helps you find a lost case, and fills your apartment with flowers.  She dried off her body and stood naked in the mirror.  There were small bruises on her arms from a fall they had taken while evading the gang members that managed to track them down.  She quickly dressed as even though she enjoyed the feeling of nudity, it would be the worst to be attacked by those gang members now clad in nothing but her birthday suit.  Once dressed she walked over to the flowers and laid on her bed and re-read the note again.  She had his business card, should she go there?  It was close but not close enough.  She was exhausted, running around across town and the outskirts was taking a serious toll on her and she had barely slept all week.  Maybe she would be able to nap now, I mean, if he thought she was safe enough here to have it filled with flowers then what's the harm?  Once she decided, she checked the locks on the door and brought a knife with her into her bedroom where she placed it under her pillow and got under the sheets.  The moon lit her room up as a sort of nightlight that she appreciated and it wasn't long before she was out cold.

Her skin was cold with goosebumps all over.  The blankets around her slowly were pulled off and she laid on the mattress with arms and legs open.  Air was breathing over her body making he hair stand on end.  She rolled to her side and grabbed for a sheet that was not there.  Pressure felt her legs up and down, pressing on her so that she rolled back onto her back again.  Tugs brought her pants off delicately while she felt her shirt lifted to above her breasts.  Something or someone was moving about her body.  The pressure moved around her chest, her nipples being slightly squeezed.  The feeling made her move about and make small noises to try and wake herself.  Her legs were spread apart and something was caressing her crotch.  Wake up.  Wake up before something bad happens to you.  Her sleep remained deep and someone entered her.  Gentle at first and then gradually faster to a steady pounding sensation.  She was on the brink of an orgasm when she woke up, jumping awake and sitting up in bed throwing the sheets off of herself.  She was covered in sweat and looked around the room searching around.  Checking her body revealed that she was fully clothed, the knife still under the pillow.  A dream.  What the hell kind of dream was that?  The clock revealed that she had only been out a few hours.  The moon hung in the air and rain drops were scattered here and there on the glass.  Does it ever stop raining here.  She pulled her shirt tighter and curled back up under the sheets.  The room was quiet as death and this unnerved her a little.  Sleep was supposed to be the safest place.  Being alone here was proving to be more scary than it was running around out in the city while people shot at you.  Her breathing calmed down and she felt calm again.  Just as her eyes began to close there was a knock at her door.  Her body tensed to full panic mode and she grabbed for the knife.  She didn't say a word and quietly sneaked over to the door and looked through the peephole.  It was him.  Elation and happiness flowed through her body and she opened the door.  He was wet from the rain and looked like the way over there was rough.  He looked her deep in her eyes for a moment before they dove into each other's arms.
"I missed you"
"Being without you is a tortuous nightmare that I can't wait to wake from."
She didn't care about formalities anymore and kissed him.  He kissed her back with such passion that she forgot about every single danger around them.  The door was kicked shut and locked back up.
"Come on, let's get you out of those wet clothes."
"Though you'd never ask."
She smiled and was glad it was dark so he couldn't see her blush.  "We need to get some rest, it's been one hell of a week."
"Yeah well it's not over yet."
"Don't have to remind me."
He began taking off the wet articles of clothing and she walked back towards her bedroom.  "I'll be in bed when you're ready."
She smiled and winked and went into the room.  Once he was rid of all the soaked clothing, he took a glance around her place and then followed the hall down to her room.  Stepping inside he saw her under the covers looking as comfortable as possible.  Her clothes were on the ground next to the bed.  He met her eyes in the moonlight.  "oh"
Removing the rest of his, he slinked under the sheets with her and their lips met once again.  Their love growing in the twilight, never could he have asked for a better woman.  One he would literally travel to the ends of the Earth for.  Meg constantly surprised him with every chase, every repore, and everything they were thrown into that week.  If this truly will be his last days on Earth, then an angel was there for his final days and he couldn't have been happier.  She climbed on top of him and they continued to kiss, love filling the air.  The mafia was off their tail for the night and it was well deserved.  The search would begin back up in the morning but tonight was his. His and the girl with the knife under her pillow.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

The detective who would save her heart

His footsteps echoed in the stairwell as he made his way down to the bottom floor.  She intrigued him and made him feel in a way he thought he had left behind or forgotten.  What would he say to her though?  He had no idea who she was or if she would even consider seeing him.  She did agree to meet him below however.  There had to be something he could do to help her out of the situation.  Some way to find this briefcase and save her life, do something so special for her that she would stay with him.  He ran through all of the connections he had.  A few connections came to mind, ones he would consider deeply in the coming hours as he had to be able to trust them as well.  It's not every day someone as attractive as her came across his path.  He dismantled the microphone and stashed it in his bag before finally reaching the bottom floor exit.  His future lay just outside this door.

She took her time down the flights of stairs, the windows on each landing showing her a different view of the night sky and the oncoming rain.  Who would believe that this is where her life would have ended up.  Stopping for a moment, she looked out into the streets around her.  People ran trying to cover from the rain while others drove by unaware of what had transpired a few floors above them.  They were off home to enjoy a relaxed night, not worrying about a damn briefcase that sealed their fate because of a stupid friend.  She took a deep breath and continued down towards the door.  She could hear the rain picking up outside hammering on the ground.  Her future lay just outside this door.

A part of him was excited, he had been out of the realm of love for quite some time and it took someone like her to jump start that old feeling in his bones again.  He could hear the rain defying his decision to go outside but against its loud defiance, he opened the door and through the fog of the downpour, she emerged.  He thought she was beautiful before but now his eyes were treated to a more up close view of her and it was better than he could have imagined.  There was a slight trepidation between the two to go near one another but once she saw that he was drawing near, she found the nerve to continue on as well.  To her, he was handsome and had a look to him that you couldn't quite pin down.  She had read about detectives before and that was the only thing coming to her mind that made sense.  They looked at each other in the eyes for a period of time, something felt warm between them like it was supposed to be.  He had a slight smile that made her feel safe and comfortable, contrary to the human trash she had just experienced floors above.  He was close now and had a hand held out assumingly directing her out of the rain to an overpass close by.
"Come, let's get out of the rain and open view for a moment."
Her heart reached out to him with a sense that he was going to be what saved her, in more ways than one.  She let him take her arm and matched his pace to the overpass, it felt good to not be drenched in the rain.  They were both cast in shadows obscuring them from the view of any passerbys and he lit a cigarette.  The small flame lit up his face and there was a feeling in the depth of her stomach that she hadn't felt since she was a child.  He looked caring yet professional.
"Name is Edward, seems you are in a bit of trouble."
"You could say that.  What are you, a detective?"
"Could say that.  I solve problems and help people find things.  I heard a bit of information from your little meeting tonight. "
"You were up on that roof listening in the whole time?"
"I've been following those jerks for quite some time.  We have a....history...if you will."
"I'm sure it's very lovely.  So you heard about the case then?"
"Missing.  Not a clue where it went or who took it.  Quite the sum inside, smart girl not to mess with it."
"yeah well, I'm sure I would be crazy noticeable with little Meg suddenly dropping large loads of cash for new shoes, purses, and various assortment of treats."
"I want to help you.  You're a good soul and..."
He trailed off and couldn't look her in the eyes.  Two men ran by splashing in the street yelling something to one another that she couldn't make out.  His eyes were the bluest she had ever seen, definitely someone she wanted in her life.
"You're very beautiful.  I don't see many girls out there that look like you and give off a sense of....peace."
She blushed.  "Well thank you, you're not so bad yourself Mr.Detective Edward."
Lightning flashed and a rumble of thunder rolled over the clouds.
"How will you help me find the case?"
"I have a lot of connections and I've found way crazier things in the past.  I can't let anything happen to you.  Something inside me wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't.  Besides, a world like this is lucky to have someone like you in it."
"I would be honored if you would help me.  Can I see you formally sometime?  Maybe.."
"Dinner, sure.  I'm going to get a few things going tonight as fast as I can for you, your little time limit can and will be extended.  You'll be safe with me."
She couldn't find the words for it but she knew she would be safe with him.  Trying not to jump to conclusions that arose from the adrenaline of having a day left to live, she wanted to kiss him but shook herself out of it citing the rush of dread might be swaying her feelings.
"Should I go home or...?"
"Yes, go home.  They won't hurt you during your little time period, they want that money.  Get your things together in case you have to be out of there immediately.  You have my word that I will take care of you."
She smiled and held herself close for warmth.
"Thank you."
His eyes finally laid upon hers and for a moment the rain didn't make any noise at all.  He watched her eyes like he was looking into the future for both of them.  It felt amazing.  She would do all she could to keep him around and if she survived this, then she would happily pursue more.
"I'll find you when i have more information.  If you have any problems please get in touch with me."
He gave a small card to her that listed his business and a phone number.  He pulled the collar of his coat up to shield from the rain and started walking towards the other end of the overpass.  He stopped a few paces away and turned his head back to look at her again.  The water had left her looking shiny and smooth.
"Looking forward to seeing you again beautiful."
Then he turned the corner and was gone.  She rubbed her arms to create some heat before she too exited the pass and continued towards her home.  She felt like she was on the strangest cloud of her dreams.  Going from a death threat to....did she feel it?  Was she  She had to get home, this was all too much too fast for her.  She gripped the card in her pocket and ran back to her building, she couldn't wait to see him again and get to know him more.  Her last hours alive would be a gift if it were to be spent with him.  Edward.  The detective who would save her heart.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Brunette who was wanted by the Mafia

He could smell the grunts disgusting breath inches from where he sat.  If he leapt up quickly there would be maybe a second before he was gunned down by either one of them.  His options were slim to say the least.  The ugly mug staring him in the face wasn't the first time he was inches away threatening his life.  Lucky me he thought.  This situation was different, for one, he wasn't actually trying to take down a mob boss or solver a murder.  With two steel death cannons aimed at his face, his mind reflected back to how he got into this situation in the first place, a sort of life flashing before his eyes moment.  Funny how your life seems to put itself on pause for long enough to go through a slide show of your own personal best of reel.
The city was taking the night off and the neon that lined the various bilboards and rooftops lit the night in an ecstasy of emotions and colors.  Two of the taller towers stood next to one another separated by a comfortable distance and a line of street vendors at the bottom.  Edward sat in shadow minding the storm clouds that were making their way to his location.  The lightning hadn't started yet so his cover of darkness was holding up quite well.  In his hands he held what looked like a long sniper rifle with an antenna pointed skyward.  The only source of light distinguishing him from the neon was the soft warm glow of the cigarette his lips held onto.  He quieted his puffing and held one hand up to the headphones he was wearing as not to miss a beat.  His glance was pointed across the distance to the other tower, specifically to a line of windows with dim lighting and a group of people inside.  What would seem like just a room full of people to anyone else was a room full of scum and a payload he couldn't pass up.  The rifle was a sophisticated microphone designed to hear over far distances or a certain room with dim lighting.  Across the way in the other tower, four men and a beautiful girl glared angrily at one another.  Three of the men were the current threatening suits with guns pointed to his head in the present and the fourth was a slightly older gentleman whose face looked like it had seen a lot of years of action and was probably the cause of most of it.  The girl was the prettiest he had ever seen.  She had long curls of brunette hair that concealed half of her face but from the distance he was, she was a knockout.  At the moment though she looked like she was being held against her will and not enjoying it.  She continued to glare at the three men circling her while the older fourth poured a drink at the counter.  Edward craned his head as far as he could to aim the rifle just right and tried to block out any and all noise.  The older suit finally turned around.
"You really thought you'd get away didn't you.  There was a lot of money of mine riding on that situation but you had to walk your little shapely ass in the middle of it all and mess it up."
She adjusted in her seat, embarrased by her figure now and wanting to be as far away as possible from these dirtbags.
"Sorry I didn't know you were planning on killing my friend, I should've known your little mafia was involved in his affairs, I'll ask more next time."
"Your humor and sarcasm are not lost on me sweetheart, you still stole property that belonged to me and I want it back."
"I don't know where it is."
"Oh please, you really think I'm that dumb?  My men saw you take the case when you left the area, now where is it?"
"I don't have it I swear!"
"You're going to make us do this the hard way aren't you.  I would answer now, we have various ways of making you talk."
He nodded to his men and they reached into their coats to pull out their guns.  She couldn't believe how everything was escalating all over something she honestly didn't have.  A wrong place at the wrong time scenario that has come back to bite her in the ass with teeth.  She happened to be at a party with one of her closer friends, well she thought they were close, and found out she was mixed up in the upper city mafia gang and not only owed them money but was acting as a mule to switch hands on some dirty money.  The resulting reward for the job would clear her debts and keep the party of dangerous followers off of back for good.  How she had hidden that from Meg she had no idea but she did a damn good job ,until that party.  Maybe it was nerves and a combination of the wrong drinks or someone had it out for her regardless of the outcome but something panicked her to the point of spilling it all to Meg.  She was shocked and at first thought it was a joke but once men in suits began following her around the party, she knew there was something really bad going on.  The briefcase in question had over a million dollars in cash in it and was to be handed off to a particular person of interest to then 'launder' the cash so as to help make it untraceable.  Needless to say the money never made it.  The panic sent her friend to the wrong person and in a breakdown of fear she hid the case and told Meg where it was as a safety measure.  An enemy of the gang must've heard about the case and cornered her friend, she tried to help but once she saw the weapon she backed off.  When the case wasn't detected with her friend, she was aggressively attacked to get her to say where it was.  She just kept repeating 'don't they'll kill me!' and once they had lost their patience, they went ahead and granted the request.  The site of her friend being murdered was more than enough to send her into a frenzy.  She ran out of the area and grabbed the case, they didn't know who she was or that she had it so why not?  The drive out of there was a frightening drive of constant paranoia and once she was home it took her a few days of caution to see that she had gotten away with it.  In celebration she dumped the cash on the bed and rolled around in it naked, just like the movies.
Then the messages started coming.
Random and inquisitive at first but soon escalating to threatening and stalker sounding.  They knew about the money.  She had never felt fear like that before and the night they came to collect her, they destroyed her apartment looking for it and then knocked her out only for her to wake up in an office alone and in the dark.
Cut to present.
The older member lit a cigar and finally raised his eyes from her breasts to her eyes.  "You see darling, we checked around and traced your little friend's information.  Not much of a life but we did notice one thing.  Who she came to the party with.  A certain you who a few members recall seeing a short woman in a black dress running out with a briefcase.  Now explain to me how you don't know what this briefcase is again."
Okay so this will be hard to talk you way out of.  Could always go the sexy route but with the three of them here it could get ugly and painful real fast.

Edward threw his cigarette across the roof and peered through the scope of the microphone.  "Briefcase?"

"You give us the case and you have our word that you will never see us again.  Case and we're gone."  She didn't believe them but that much money may warrant some compassion from the other side.  But she really didn't know where it was.  She kept all the cash in the case and had it in her closet until one day she woke up in the middle of the night to some noise and the next morning it was gone.  Unless she could provide some kind of proof, there was no way out of this.
"Never see you again huh?  Just for this case?"  Buy some time, girl.
"My word of honor.  But we gotta know where it is."
She looked down at the ground and wasn't sure how to go on. What lie would even have them go check and they wouldn't be stupid enough to just leave her there alone and come back later.
"It's in a different spot, I had it kept in my closet but had to move it.  Keep it in different places as a safety precaution.  You know, smart stuff like that."
"Smart idea.  So where is it now?"
"I can have it to you, I just need a day to get it and all that."
"A day?  No no honey, we need it now."
It's worth a shot, here we go.  "It's just important in retrieving it that I have to do certain things.  Just a day, you know where I live and all that so it's not like I can go hide somewhere.  One day and I can get you back what you need."

Edward was confused but was almost distracted by the whole situation by spending most of his time just looking at her.  She was so beautiful.  Thanks to his handy microscope he now could put a name to a face too.  Meg.  Rain started to fall and it aggravated him a little.  The drops could wet the microphone and cause some disruption.  Plus, he didn't have a coat.  So far all he could get from this job was this gorgeous girl had taken a briefcase from a party out of fear and now the mafia wanted it back.  Not much information to go by.  Seemed now she was going to try and buy herself some time.  Beautiful and smart.  Why was his heart fluttering?

The two henchmen circled the girl slowly, eyeing her up and down.  The older man thought for a second and took a few puffs of his cigar while walking over to the window.  The rain was making little streams of water run down each pane of glass.  The rain helped obscure Edward from view from anyone looking out that particular window.  A few moments passed and the man made his decision on the matter.  "One day.  24 hours.  Then we come find you and bring you back here.  You have the briefcase then we will do our business and be on our separate ways.  You don't have the briefcase, you'll be seeing your friend in hell."
"Baby, with a body like that, you gotta be a little devil."
Boy he was hilarious wasn't he.  Sure she had her naughty tendencies but other than that she was a model citizen.  One of the henchmen pinched her butt and smiled, she jumped forward away from him.  "Excuse you.  Never touch a lady unless she asks."
The old man gathered his men and made his way to the door.  "24 hours.  You better have that case."
They left leaving her alone to just the sound of the rain.  She walked over to the window and stared out, wondering how in the hell she was going to spin this.  Scanning the horizon she saw someone standing on the rooftop across the way.  A handsome man with what looked like a gun.

She sees me.  He stood out in the open forgetting about his cover and met her eyes.  The two stood watching one another for what seemed like hours.  He wanted her.  For the first time in his life he felt a sense of wanting to start a life with someone just from a first look.  She needed help and knowing her information and working in his line of work, he felt more than qualified.  She looked curious and scared and not to let this opportunity to let an angel out of his midst, he raised a finger to indicate for her to hold on and then pointed down to the ground. 

Does he want me to meet him on the street?  Is he part of that gang and why was he on the roof with a gun?  A cop maybe?  If I'm going to die with no briefcase anyways, what is there to lose in meeting him?

She raised a hand in sign of agreement and left the room.  His heart skipped a beat and he packed up his equipment to make his way to ground level.  This was one woman he didn't want to let out of his sight.  The brunette who was wanted by the mafia.


Monday, February 12, 2018

The girl who was worth all of it

The ceiling fan spun slowly with just enough air to make the room too hot.  He wasn't interested in going outside, the only things out there were trouble and more trouble.  The chair creaked in disgust as he leaned back to take some of the pressure off of his back.  A sigh escaped his lips and he took the last hit of what used to be a fulfilling cigarette, the addiction that used to settle his nerves of which now tasted like gunpowder and regret.  The last of the smoke disappated around the room, not that you'd notice due to the lack of care he took for the shape of it.  The moon shot horizontal layers through the window shades that hung down the windows around him creating a makeshift jail cell look to the whole environment.  If she wasn't worth everything in the world he wouldn't be anywhere close to here right now.  But she was something he had never seen before.  Tough hardened jaw like him had seen it all including hell and back, or at least what he considered a good enough representation of it.  The job was dangerous and took a few days of consideration before he decided to take it on.  Sweetening the deal was a promise of her, one look at her and anyone would do what it took just to be near her.  He picked up a small photograph of the woman laying on his desk, the edges worn from being taken in and out of his coat pocket a few hundred times.  She was beautiful.  The kind of beautiful that got men killed in the line of duty or made them swear they had seen an angel cross their paths during a particular rough night.  Brown hair framed a face that he knew kissing would taste better than God could create.  She had gorgeous sexy brown eyes to match and even just through the picture he felt a twinge of love in his heart and a heat not caused by the room.  He had managed to see her in the flesh but once when he was scouting the job and for the first and perhaps only time in his life he froze, unable to finish any thought.  She was a short vixen who made his knees weak and his heart work overtime to make up on lost time not being in love.  Love.  Something this job never allowed.  Sure, he had thought about it, hell, he even pined for it at one point.  But she was different.  Looking at her made him think of his future, his future with her and how great of a husband he would be and a father.  A father, wow, look at you all getting mature and stepping away from the service.  But he would for her.  Upon closer inspection he swore he could see a hint of pain and sadness in her face, a girl who was hurt and yearned for someone to hold throughout the night.  This one he couldn't let go.  His heart beat nervously as he knew the next step wasn't going to be easy.  As if by premonition, knocks appeared at the door. 
"We know you're in there Edward.  Let's make this nice and easy and just let us in and we'll talk nice."
Yeah sure, talk nice.  Their definition of talk nice always involved you not talking because you were nice and dead.  He weighed his options and carefully set his weapon under the desk for easy access.
"You know I don't want any trouble."
They were unphased.
"Neither do we pal, and I'm sure you wouldn't want any harm to come to her now either would you?"
Damn them, was it that obvious that he loved her?
"We ain't got all night Ed, we're comin' in"
The sentence wasn't even finished when the door was kicked in and three men in pin striped outfits walked into the room, two had guns aimed at his head.
"Now look what you made us do."
"Get out of my office, I'm out of the game, you got nothin to do with me."
"Oh Eddie, please, how can I believe you when you got a picture of little Megs there on your desk?"
Damn it, a careless mistake.  He was usually very good about little details and covering himself.  He was so inamored with the photo that it slipped his mind.
"So how do you want to do this Eddie?  Fast or Really Fast?"

Across town, on the sixth floor of an apartment building, a short pretty girl fumbles through her purse for her keys.  She had to leave work early and watch her back the entire way home as there was a letter mailed to her office that said simply "They know."
She discovered her keys and unlocked her door, she peered in cautiously and scanned the room for anything no matter how small that may tip off an intruder.  The large print of Audrey Hepburn adorned the wall with an inviting look as to say come on it, it's just us.  Her dog snoozed away in the corner.  Thank you guard dog, I don't know how safe I would be without you.  If he wasn't up then the place should be moderately safe, although she wasn't sure if the dog would get up if someone was in the room anyways.  She turned some lights on and placed her purse on the counter.  She grabbed some tea out of her refrigerator and took up a place by her windows.  She stared out at the city and knew he was out there.  Was he safe?  She didn't really know him but had seen him once, he didn't see her or at least she thought he didn't.  He was handsome and didn't look like the other brutes that seemed to always offer themselves up for her.  There was talk through the grape vine that he was looking for her to rescue her from something really terrible.  A knight in shining trench coat.  She changed into a white tanktop and shorts and stopped cold in the hallway.  There was something on the ground, pieces, that led to her bedroom and the door was shut.  Was this what he warned her of?  If someone was there they had to have heard her and known she was home.  Were they watching her now?  Maybe the room was a trap and they weren't in there at all.  Suddenly she was super self aware and skin began to tense with every beat of her heart.  She reached over and flipped the light of the hallway on.  Leaning closer she discovered what it was leading to the room.  Rose petals?
Could still be a trap.  The worst thoughts ran through her head ranging from drag down fights to unwanted sexual forcing.  Before she walked to the room she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and edged closer to the bedroom door.  Slowly creaking it open she was surprised to only find the rest of the petals and her entire bed filled with roses.  There was a white note centered in the middle of the pile.  Never letting go of the knife she opened the note and read.
Ever since I saw you I haven't been able to take my mind off of you.
There are dangerous men out to get you for business dealings with a crime lord that I have yet to identify.
It would break my heart something terrible if I knew that you weren't around in this world any longer.
You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I will do whatever it takes to ensure your safety and your heart.
I hope these roses keep you happy tonight as a replacement for my touch.
Know that you are in my thoughts constantly and the moment I am able to be near you will be the moment Heaven proves itself real.
I will see you soon, please be careful, I will be there for you.
While we may not have met that much in this crazy world, I'm glad the forces that be brought us together.
My love is all for you, Meg.
Be Safe.
She couldn't see herself but she knew her cheeks had blushed to a deep scarlet.  The nerves in her body were replaced with warm tingles of joy and flattery.  This was the man she had seen before and hoped would see again.  But what danger?  What was he doing and who was after her and why?  So many questions.  She ran to the window again feeling a sensation that if she looked out he would know and find her quicker.  She bit her lip and prayed he would find her soon and hear heart beat out loudly to call to him to make it complete.  As she stared out the window, all she could wonder was where he was and what danger he might be facing.

Back across town, a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his head.  The trio of gunmen showed no sign of any mercy and circled his desk.
"Seems you actually have a heart after all huh Eddie?"
They were toying with him now, his mind was going over a million ways to get out of the situation.  Each one proving worth it just to see here again.  He had to be smart with this one.
"We gotta finish this now Eddie, then we'll make sure you're lovergirl gets the message of love from you.  Over and over and over."
His blood boiled as his hands gripped the chair almost splintering the wood.  If they laid one finger on her beautiful silky skin.
The two on his sides raised their guns towards him while the third bent over his desk and rested on his elbows inches from his face.
"well, edwardo, what's it gonna be?"


Friday, February 9, 2018

The couple whose angels led them in

She was one that was created with God's best design.  Able to take any situation and make it just that much better.  Being blessed to be with her was an understatement he woke up every morning trying to find the words to perfectly describe her.  She grasped on to him the way a spider monkey grabbed a tree for full support while swinging the jungle.  The way she brought about a fire and passion within him to aspire to be his best and chase down his dreams no matter how expansive or wild.  When he would look at her they all seemed to be not only doable but exciting in ways he thought he had covered in his mind.  She gave him ideas and was the biggest supportive cheerleader anyone could have asked for.  His artistic talent created objects to be sold in a business that she had named for him, giving a name to his passion and placing a piece of her within each piece that was created within.  He had given her a name as well that he only used with her.  It sounds like eggos, the waffles, she said.  But to him it encapsulated everything of her to him.  There was a certain quality of intellect that she possessed that always made him respect her knowledge but also want to learn from her, hearing her speak on any subject immediately perked up his ears and devoted his entire attention to her voice.  She was someone who placed a flag down in his heart thus claiming it as hers and a marker to fend off any other villains.  He wore the flag proudly and anytime he made a misstep he reflected back on the flag as a reminder of the path that made him happiest.  Time spent with her was priceless, moments that he treasured and constantly ran back through to brighten his day or any particular time that he missed her most.  This was one of those times.  His heart ached and he knew the pain was his own doing.  He missed her like crazy and she ran through his mind so frequently that he almost felt as if he was in a different reality sometimes.  Like putting the cereal box in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard.  But love makes you do crazy things.  He hadn't seen her in a time and knowing that tonight under the stars of the dance hall he would be lucky enough for his eyes to lay upon her again brought forth fireworks from his body so intense that an outsider probably did see them explode around him.  Tonight he had to be the most presentable he ever was.  He had to clean himself up like he was putting himself up on Ebay to the highest bidder.  A fresh haircut was achieved earlier that day making what was left of his mop into something that resembled a young sexy Johnny Depp.....okay okay, more like a normal Tobey McGuire but he can fantasize!   A shower was necessary and he must've brushed his teeth eight times before he was happy with the results.  Once his body was cleaner than it was when it was new, he chose an outfit he knew she would love.  He remembered her once saying she liked a particular button down and pants so he dug out the exact outfit donning it proudly in the mirror.  With a few spays of a cologne in a green bottle that she had gotten him one christmas he was just about ready to make his way to the dance to meet his vixen.
The hall was decorated beautifully with the theme of being under the stars made noticeable everywhere.  Silk drapes were hung all around the walls while strings of lights looped around the ceiling with a few left to dangle to simulate a starry night sky the best they could.  The patio doors were open to a small balcony that looked over the city and the temperature outside was just a degree around perfection.  He arrived nervous knowing that he had a lot of things to make up for and a million things he wanted to say to her but he knew the second he saw her that his heart would take over and he would forget how to speak and just want to hold her.  The other patrons milled around here and there with a healthy amount taking to the dance floor to show off just how much they didn't know about dancing.  He took a lap around the building admiring the decorations and greeting a few people he knew.  With each tick of the clock he grew more nervous as the anticipation of seeing her was growing inside of him.  The next moment was almost like a moment out of one of his favorite films.  The doors opened at the front of the room and there she was.  He couldn't tell if it was his imagination or not but she was glowing.  The aura around her gave up the most positive of vibes and you immediately felt at ease and excited.  This was his moment.  Grabbing a two drinks from a nearby snack table he made his way over to her from behind so she wouldn't see him immediately.  Once behind her he practically fell head over heels right then and there.  It made him happy to no end that she was a short girl and when he smelled her perfume it let out the floodgates of all his most prized memories of her.  Belting out tunes during trips, shopping for chili ingredients, holding hands at amusement parks, watching television with her head in his lap, bringing her lunch at work, the fierce video game matches.  Her touch, the way she breathed and how her eyes looked at him with a combination of interest, love, and care.
"Care for a drink?"
She whirled around and their eyes met.  The time apart was like a blip on a radar at that point and he was struck by how gorgeous she was.  A long black dress hugged her body in ways only he knew and her hair allowed a few strands to hang over her brown eyes adding that extra sexy look.
She took the drink and smiled.
"I was kind of hoping I would see you here."
He tried desperately to make sure his heart stayed inside his body.  Was he blushing?
"I miss you."
Not the best response to her question but he really did mean it.  She looked away letting a twinge of hurt show across her face.
"I...was worried.  Worried you had gotten lost or would....hurt."
Something in her caused her to stop and look up at him.  He knew what she was going to say, he'd always known.  He wanted to stop the world from turning right then and there and tell her that he would never dream of doing such a thing.  How could he explain to her that his atonement would be rectified and that his heart's mission was to make her happy, that she was what made existence worth any price of admission.  A billion words blew through his mind in every combination possible.  But as they looked into each other's eyes, it all seemed to communicate perfect without a single syllable uttered.  Her eyes shown a layer of water that held itself back, the look on her face waiting for one single thing.  He knew it without hesitation.
"I love you."
Once the words left his lips it was like a calming ocean ran over her.  She repeated the words back to him and they embraced like two lost lovers who had been separated by war for years.  They held tight as could be, fingers tracing each other's backs.  As if it was meant to be, a song began to play over the speakers and the lights above them started twinkling.

With each strum of the bass of the song they swayed their bodies to the beat.  Her arms around his shoulders and his hands firmly holding her from every being away.  The world around them blurred and the lights took them to an all too familiar place.  Each other.  He caressed her body and leaned his lips close to her ear.
"I'm sorry darlin."
He didn't need any kind of acknowledgment, he could feel the muscles of her face creating a smile on her lips as his cheek rested on hers.  She squeezed him tighter as they floated off of the dance floor.  The stars twinkled around them and comets zoomed by as the moved to the beat.  They kissed one another as they passed the sun, warming them and lighting them up, energizing their insides.  Under them, the others danced on oblivious to the two flying high above in each other's arms.
"I love you"
They danced the same dance for hours never leaving the other's side.  The night continued on and on and the stars kept twinkling. Twinkling for the couple whose angels led them in.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Penguin Lover

While the boxes/moving plan is still progressing super well, other issues unrelated have popped up such as owing 400 to taxes, car needing lots of fixes, and iphone finally kicking the bucket.  But, head held high and a pretty girl in my thoughts I know it is all material and can be taken care of as she has shown how it is accomplished in the past.  Me thinks it is time to kick etsy into overdrive.
And that Han Solo movie trailer....hmmmmmmmmmm
But enough about the yays and the poos, there is a story to tell for a special someone.

The sun rose high that day and blanketed the Earth in the warmest of heats it could muster up.  As little clothing as possible was mandatory and the nearest air conditioner was your new best friend.  This day would not be held down by rising temperatures, this day was too important.  He made sure he was showered and dressed in the coolest outfit he owned but also not so cool as to look like he just threw something together.  After much chatting back and forth on internet sites and phone texts, an agreement was finally made to meet up for a date.  If it weren't for gravity he probably would have floated off into the stratosphere just on excitement alone.  Embarrassingly he went through every conversation topic he could through his head so he wasn't met with any awkward silences or the quiet moments that he had unhappily become labeled with.  It was very lucky that she shared most of the same interests as he did so any conversation topic that he enjoyed chances are she would too.  He double checked throughout the week that today was good to go and took every precaution he could with his vehicle, finances, and even afterward ideas.  There was a feeling of being over prepared and thus a chance of walking into a rush of trying to fit it all in without taking the time to enjoy what was going on but he took a breath and looked in the mirror.  You lucky guy, can you believe someone that looks as gorgeous as her said yes?  There was some worry that the temperature outside would be an issue but where they were going it kind of fit the mood.  For years he had wanted to take her to the zoo and it was also a backup conversation plan as well because if he ran out of something to say he could just make some weird comment about the animal.  He heard the familiar ding of his phone indicating a new message had arrived.  Running over in super excitement he practically killed himself leaping over to snatch up the phone.  It was her, checking in to say that she was ready and on her way over.  A quick rush of nerves ran over his body before quickly disappearing.  This was already feeling like the best day of his life.  When she arrived he was already outside and walked his way over to meet her and transfer from her car to his for the drive over.  They hugged and he not so discretely took notice of her appearance.  Short tan shorts and a black tight shirt that stopped just above her cleavage and was attractively strapless.  The combination of the sun permeating off of her skin and the reveal of so much of her body was going to make today a little difficult to keep clean thoughts.  He had never seen her in such an outfit and the way it accentuated her assets pushed the number of the hotness scale from 10 to a highly deserved 20.  Stop staring at her boobs and look at her pretty brown eyes stupid before she notices!  He thanked his brain for having the cooler head and they got into his car which at this point since it had been sitting outside had reached a nice balmy 418 degrees.  The air conditioning was turned on full blast lightning fast to say the least.  The drive to the zoo was a fun one full of catching up, comments on the area, and some soft music to serve as background ambience to set the mood.  Once they arrived he paid and they took the long escalator high up to the top of the zoo to begin their walk around the majestic area that contained life from the world round.  He stopped right away to get them each a bottle of water so they would be able to be hydrated as they walked around the long paths.  Great wasn't good enough of a word to describe how the date went.  From being in awe of how big the lion and tigers were to laughing at the silliness of the monkeys, walking double fast through the reptile enclosure because of spiders, bats, and all manner of snakes, all the way to the large indoor aquarium that contained everything from eels to Nemo himself.  The aquarium was where she wanted to go straight away as it housed her favorite of them all, the penguins.  The multitudes of the little birds were in a little room that was painted to look like the Arctic and they had a small pool to swim around in.  She loved the way they walked and looked like they all wore tuxedos as they took turns diving into the water and swimming at high speeds.  While they looked on under the cool blue lights, he took her hand in his and their fingers cuddled up inside one another and for that moment it was if the zoo was reserved just for them and everything around them went quiet so that they could enjoy the exhibit all by themselves, hand in hand, knowing full well that neither of them were paying attention to the penguins anymore.  They finished the second half of the zoo with the outdoor animals such as deer and the kids area that honestly seemed to just be there as an afterthought.  The end of the trek led straight to a very large tank with seals swimming around happily inside.  From above they watched them do tricks for food and yell out into the summer sky like they were saying hello to everyone who had gathered around to watch them.  As they leaned against the railing she placed her head on his shoulder and even though the sun tried its hardest to melt them, that moment was the best feeling he had all day and nothing could distract him from it.  Their zoo date had come to an end but he was on such a high he continued the date to a nearby restaurant where they enjoyed a very fulfilling lunch and continued talking, obliterating his nerves about running out of conversation topics.  She flirted right back to each one of his and if you had been anyone in the vicinity looking over at them you could tell immediately that sparks were flying all over the place.    When they were able to tear themselves away from the building they drove back home to her car to finish off the date day.  He walked her to her car making sure to never let go of her hand and once reaching her car they said their goofy good byes and hugged tightly.  The feeling of wanting to kiss her was so intense he practically passed out.  How would he go about it?  What if she pulled back?  What if he sucked at it?  What if...
She kissed him on the lips and her soft lips felt indescribable.  His mind went completely blank, every part of his being in the moment of holding on to that kiss.  Her eyes were closed and body pressed up against his.  Clean thoughts, clean thoughts.  Once they parted she agreed to see him again the next day and gave a smile that would knock any man down by the knees.  She got in her car, turned on some Journey and pulled away.  It was hours before he took a step away from that spot and was able to rejoin reality.  Well, it felt like it at least.  He hadn't skipped in years but that day he skipped down the street and back inside to his room where he fell onto his bed with a smile that plastic surgery couldn't remove.  His heart beat into the ceiling and he knew he had found someone truly unique and special.  The girl of his dreams.  The penguin lover.