Thursday, March 22, 2018

She was Worth More than any Situation or Physical Attribute

"Look you stupid cops, we're looking for the same person!  They just flew by us here and they're getting away while we argue with you!"
The two cops have a sudden realization on their faces and look to one another.  "I think he's right."
"Of course I'm right, bring your damn car around and let's get them!"
Caught up in the heat of the moment, the police return with their cop car and scoop up the two men and take off down the road after the couple.

In a high tower in the middle of a city, the main crime boss sits staring out into the skyline.  A clock ticks in the background echoing around the large room.  This whole situation was continuing on far longer than he liked.  This was supposed to be done over a week ago and now he sits here with nothing and a bunch of dead men.  No matter who he sent after this punk detective and that girl just ended up dead.  How the hell was that even possible?  That case was important to him, the only semblense of his family that he had left.  That night at the party it could've all been over but he had to put his trust in that stupid moron of a girl who lost the damn case.  At least she paid for it with her life, not that it felt any better.  A knock came at his door.  "Come."  A women walked over to his desk looking nervous.  "Tell me you have some kind of good news."
"I'm afraid not.  Word had come back that they had them in a small town about two miles from the farm but they got away, they are in pursuit trying to find them now."
"God damn incompetent asses.  Could've had just as much work out of anyone off the street.  No idea why I pay these idiots.  Why can't we catch these assholes!"
He slammed his fist onto his desk knocking over a few objects and making the woman jump.
"Natalia, I'm feeling a bit pissed off right now, so before I do something that I will most definately regret, I'm going to need a little release to let off some steam."
"Yes sir.  Whatever you please."
He unzipped his pants and she got to her knees in front of him.
"If these two aren't caught soon, there is going to be some major hell to pay.  Personally."

The couple was making good time down the road but keeping an eye out because there hadn't been a day where they could rest easy.  Edward was trying to find a way back onto the main road to be back on track while Meg was fixing her hair in the side mirror and watching the different views go by.  "What if mr. crime boss starts sending tougher people?  Poison us in the night or something?"
"He needs us alive for the case."
"What if he decides to not need the case anymore?"
"He won't give up like that, plus we know things and he'll off us anyway."
"You know this guy?"
"Only by reputation.  Your typical crime boss, lots of men working for him and is in the pocket of the police and judges.  He will and frequently does get away with murder.  We're just another thorn in his side."
"Maybe we'll be the first ones he'll let go, I mean, he's going to end up losing all of his men at this rate."
"Doubtful, as long as people will do things for money, he'll always have someone working for him."
She put her hair up above her and made a face in the mirror.  "Would you still love me if I had no arms?"
"No arms, just me as I am now but no arms."
"Sure I would."
"You'd have to do my makeup and feed me."
"I could do that."
"When do you know how to do makeup."
"You don't need it, plus I couldn't be that bad."
"Okay, how about no ears."
"Nothing at all?"
"Maybe little holes on the sides of my head."
"Would your holes hear the same as if you had ears?"
"Not as good but decent."
"I guess I would talk a little louder to you."
The chatter made her feel a little better and she continued to style her hair in the mirror.  A car was pulling up closer behind them and she gave a side glance in the mirror to acknowledge it but made nothing of it at first.
"How about no butt."
"No butt?"
"Yeah, just smooth flat skin to my ankles."
"That would look odd and how would you go to the bathroom?"
"Um, I think I would evolve to just not need to.  Just drink liquids."
"You have a very nice butt though.  I dunno."
"So you wouldn't love me if I didn't have an ass?"
"I would still love you, it just may be difficult re-purposing all the places you'd be sitting with special cushions."
"And you'd have nothing to stare at when I walked around."
"Very true."
She resumed her gaze back at the mirror and noticed it was a police car behind them.  "Hey, the cops are behind us."
He looked into the rearview mirror and saw them driving closer.  There were four people inside as well, too many for a normal ride.  "You'll never guess who is in the car."
"You gotta be kidding me."
"Seatbelt on babe, this could get bumpy."
"Oh good, and here I thought I was going to be able to relax, phew!"
He pressed the gas and they sped ahead faster.  The police car picked up the pace and turned on its siren.  They were now in a pursuit chase.  He took corners a bit tighter and tried to take a few off road pathways to try and lose them but they were better than the average police and were able to keep up the pace quite well.  As they got closer, the two men in the back of the car leaned out the windows and aimed their guns at the car.  On the first straightaway they got a shot or two off.
"Their shooting?"
"What else would you do if you wanted someone dead?"
He tried every maneuver he had but could not outrun or outsmart them.  He would have to think of an alternative method to stop this.  An unconventional one.  "Dew drop, we're going to have to take them out, the car isn't going to do it, we're going to have to pull over and improvise."
"Whatever we gotta do."
He took the first road he saw into the woods and pulled off the road into a dark alcove and shut the car off.  He led her away from the car and up a small hill overlooking the area.  The police car entered and came to a stop.  The red and blue lights lit up the surrounding area and the four men got out with weapons drawn.  "Alright, come on out, you aren't going to make it anywhere.  Give yourself up now and we'll go easy on you."  They walked around the area.
Edward was sneeking around above and handed Meg a think sharp tree branch that looked more dangerous than anything she ever handled.  "When you have a shot, jump down and jam it as hard as you can into one of them.  We are leaving this forest alone, me and you."
Kill someone, the thought made her nervous, she had seen Edward do it and knew at some point she would have to.  Her heart thumped in her chest and she mentally prepared herself for what she was going to have to do.
The men below walked around cautiously with weapons scanning the area and trying to see what they could through flashing red and blue.  The cops took one side and split up slightly.  One investigated a darker portion and his life suddenly stopped when Edward came out of the darkness and plunged his sharp dagger into the neck of the officer and dragged his lifeless body into the bushes.  The other cop heard a slight noise and turned to check on his partner but could not find him.  He scratched his head in curiosity when severe pain then blackness overtook him as Meg came down from above with her javelin.  She had done it.  It didn't really feel like much, whether that was a good thing or not.  Two down two to go.  They regrouped back above.

"Hey Alan, they could be anywhere man, they ditched the car and probably took off deep into the woods.  I'm not searching this damn area all night."
"Shut up or they'll hear you, just keep looking around and keep your eyes open."
They were too busy talking to notice two shadows position themselves above them with sharp objects at the ready.
"I think I found the car man, looks empty.  Just like I said, now who's the URK!"  His neck was pierced and Edward pulled his body behind the car and into the grass.
"What's that Sam?  Sam?  Did you find them?"
Meg appeared in front of him, starling him.  "He sure did, ass face."  She jabbed her implement into his throat and he gargled and grasped at the weapon before falling to the ground dead.  "I feel like a warrior."
"You did a good job Megels, you okay?"
"I'm alright, can we please just rest here in the car?  I just can't after today.  Such a hot mess."
"Sure, I think we'll be more than safe in here off the road in the middle of nowhere.  They won't be bothering us and we aren't anywhere near a place to be spotted or found."
They climbed into the backseat of the car and snuggled up in each other's arms.  The moon lit up the trees around them and the ambience of crickets and frogs filled the air.
"I love you dew drop, every day that goes by there is some event that reminds me that I am so very lucky I met you."
"Right back at you beautiful."
They kissed and laid in silence.
"First thing in the morning we get back on the road.  We're going to make it, you have my word."
She smiled on laid on is chest listening to his heartbeat.
"What if I only had one boob?"
"Go to sleep darlin."


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Love Conquers the Police, the Gang, and a Shower

Staring down the barrel of a gun was something Edward was unfortunately beginning to get used to.  Still, it was surprising every time.  Thankfully he had had Meg wait behind the building for him or they both would be in some trouble.  He had gotten himself out of worse scenarios, maybe he could talk himself out of this one too.
"Just stop yourself right there and don't even think about trying to talk yourself out of this one."
Okay so maybe scratch that.
"The boss is getting real tired of chasing you around the damn country, where's the girl?"
"What girl?"
"Oh please, don't make me shoot you."
"Wasn't that the plan anyways?"
"Get around the corner and don't you try anything, I promise you won't get far."
Alan stepped up beside him with another gun aimed at his forehead.
"Well no, don't you two make a good couple."
"Get the hell around the corner."
They pushed him aggressively around the side of the building.

Meg was listening from the back of the building, upon hearing the commotion, she ran to the next building and hid.  These people were everywhere!  There was no way in hell they could've known they were here.  I'm willing to bet it was the two men I saw in the night.  Damn it for not acting right away.  Now what to do we do?  They were primarily after her so as long as Edward can stall, maybe she could manuever a way around to help.  The alley let out to the main street, there had to be a way to distract them from behind.

"So where is she?  Hiding her is only making it worse."
"Not with me.  I'm here by myself."
"You didn't come to town with anyone else."
"Just myself."
"So that was just a random girl modeling clothes for you in the store then."
"Crazy how women fall for customers, walked in looking for a new shirt and she came out of the changing room."
"That is crazy.  She even looked just like that girl we're looking for.  An exact match even."
"Lots of people out there, bound to run into someone who looks like somebody else."
"Cut the shit, where is she?"

She reached the end of the alley and peeked out onto the main street.  Nobody seemed to have seen Edward get taken around the corner at gunpoint.  Scanning the street, everyone was going about their day but none looked tough enough to help.  A part of her was annoyed because she just finally got new clothes and her arm still felt sore but no, couldn't just get one day where nothing happened.  Walking out into the street knowing she didn't have time, she tried to find some kind of distraction as soon as possible.
"Come on, come on."
Her eyes finally landed on a pair of policmen coming out of a nearby barber shop.
"That'll do."
She ran over to them trying not to look super panicked.
"Everything okay ma'am?"
"Um, a friend of mine is in trouble, I think they have guns and have taken him!"
"Who has guns?  Where are they?"
Before the words came out of her mouth, she noticed a paper in the hand of one of them.  It was the Wanted poster with her face posted on the front.  Well, shit.
"Ah, actually, I think he might be okay, I think I just heard him call me."
"Yep, seems fine, sorry to bother you, well bye!"
She turned and walked as fast as possible in the other direction.  The police were baffled  "Crazies are everywhere now man."  He looked down at the poster and immediately connected the dots.  "Shit, it's her!  Hey!  Freeze!"
She didn't even look back and quickened her pace to a run.  "Ugh, fantastic job Megels."
The police took off after her in hot pursuit and now knowing the consequences of armed men, she made sure she took the first opportunity to get off the street and out of their view.  There was another alley next to her and she took it full speed until she reached the back.  Okay genius, now I'm at the back but on the opposite side of where I want to be.  Above her was a fire escape connected to another hotel.  Time to see how healed her arm really was.  She climbed atop a dumpster and with a small hop she reached up and grabbed onto the bottom ladder and hoisted herself up one by one.  The pain in her warm wasn't as bad as she thought it would be but it was still no picnic.  She could hear the running footsteps of the police coming down the alley.  They reached the back quick enough to see her climbing up the escape and one of the cops was brave enough to actually open fire.  A bullet ricocheted off the wall beside her.
"Holy crap!"
Anxiety hit her as the feeling of being shot echoed in her head and she dove into the first window she came across.  She hit a carpeted floor to the sound of running water.  A bathroom.  Once her senses came back she heard the police running up the escape closing in on her.  Desperate measures, had to hide.  Without even thinking she jumped into the shower next to her, a teenage boy let out a frightened gasp as a woman suddenly flew into the shower next to him. 
"Shh, shh, don't make a noise, they can't find me here!"
She looked down and noticed the boy was in the middle of pleasuring himself and was, put modestly, at full attention.  Meg covered her eyes.  "Ah, sorry, sorry.  Nothing I haven't seen before.  Just please whatever you do, don't make a sound, pleeeease." 
The boy froze and she could hear the police conversing with one another and moving up and down the escape wondering where she went.  After a few moments she heard them go back down the ladder and the noises disappeared.  She might have gotten lucky.  She began to get out of the shower to make her way back outside.  "Sorry and thank you so much for the cover.  And don't worry, it's perfectly normal, go ahead and finish."  Once back outside she carefully inspected the area before going back down the ladder herself.  Her senses were on high alert and she poked her head around out of the alley, nobody seemed to be around.  She couldn't waste any more time.  With a sprint she didn't know she had in her, she ran across the street towards where Edward was being held up.  Halfway across, the police caught wind of her.  "Freeze!  Enough!"  They raised their weapons.

"I'm just going to ask you this one more time Mr. Detective.  Where is the damn girl."
"If she is so damn important, then why are you holding  me up and not going after her?"
"Because she won't go anywhere without you, I'm willing to bet she will run right into our hands for you."
"Well you might get your wish."
"Oh yeah?"
Gunshots hit the wall near them and distracted their attention.  Upon looking, they saw Meg running at them.  Edward took the opportunity to knock the gun out of Alan's hand and kick the other in the gut so hard he went  down immediately.  He clocked Alan in the jaw and Meg came running up and kicked him straight in the groin. 
"Was wondering where you went."
"Had to take a shower."
"You what?"
"I'll tell you later, come on, the cops are right behind me, we have to go!"
He saw two policemen in pursuit coming down the street.  There was no time to hang around, he collected up the two men's guns and saw a set of keys hanging out of the pants of the one.  Snatching them up he took her hand and they took off running.  "God I missed you darling."
"Not as much as I missed you.  I thought we promised not to be away from each other that long again."
"Small road bump, but, gave me time to miss you."
They kissed and continued running around the back alley of the nearest business.  They heard the cops yelling with the two gang members and didn't stop for a second.   Once they got a few buildings down, they changed direction and ran back up to the main street.  He examined the keys and found on that belonged to an automobile of a certain class.  "Baby, I think I found us our wheels."
The main street wasn't too busy and with speed their legs could barely muster, they ran past every car until the end of the road and a hotel at the very back.  The car was easy to spot and looked like one that would take them very far very quickly.  "Ready to go my love?"
"Always my Edward."
He tried the key and the locks popped open.  They both got in and he revved the engine before taking off down the main street.  Passing the last building they saw the cops arguing with the gang and Alan saw them go by.  Meg heard as they went by.  "Hey, that's our car you sons of...!!!"
She laughed and waved them goodbye as the dust from the road whisked around them.  They were back on the road towards the coast and as far as they knew, all by themselves once again.  He held her hand and they both smiled.  Love conquered all, even two cops and two gang members.
"So, what was this about a shower?"


Sunday, March 18, 2018

His Eyes Are Always on Her xoxo

The day started off normal enough, it wasn't quite as overcast as it had been at least.  The town wasn't a big town by any means but it did stretch far enough for a few of the essentials.  There was a main street that went on for a mile that included various shops and cafes on each side of the street.  There were a few people traveling up and down the sidewalks saying hello to one another and shopping to buy little knick knacks for family members.  The newly rested couple on the run walked hand in hand down the right side of the road looking into a few storefront windows at what the shops offered.
"I never knew there were so many little trinkets out in the world."
"It's these kinds of places that there aren't enough of anymore.  Big cities draw the most people in and little towns like this are left to who hasn't moved to the city."
"I have to plead guilty on that one.  Never leaving the city I had no idea these even existed.  I mean, I knew there were towns out here but nothing like this cute little simple life."
"Maybe we move out her when this all blows over."
"Get ourselves a nice little house with a white picket fence huh?  Edward are you getting soft in your hardened detective days?"
"Maybe I've just finally found someone I want to change my path in life with.  That's all."
They continued to walk down the street until they found a particular cafe that had some seating outside.  It was a small restaurant that offered various coffee drinks and sandwiches.
"Oh, let's stop here and eat.  It's such an adorable little place."
"As you wish m'lady"
"I do so wish m'dude"
Once seated, a waiter took their order and they had all but forgotten about the task at hand.
"So, you never told me why you became a detective."
"What do you think?"
"Hmmm." She squinted her eyes studying him and thinking deeply of a good enough excuse as to why someone would devote their time to risking their life taking others.  Other than Batman.  "My guess is, you grew up wanting some justice in life and had seen that the police only knew so much and only did so much so there had to be a profession that was able to go above what they were able to do.  Then you trained and did a ton of research and created the profession yourself after trying it out on some low levels.  Close?"
"Maybe a little."
"Come on, if you love me you'll tell me."  She smiled and crinkled her nose at him.
"You are no fair at all."
"It's not a wonderful story.  My parents were the normal hard working folk.  Dad was a carpenter and my mom was an aid at a small company.  I had a brother and growing up wasn't anything that would have caused anyone to choose a certain path in life.  It wasn't until I was nearing the end of my school years that my brother ended up being murdered.  They had traced it back to a member of the top mafia gang in the area and after a year of court dates and policework, the guy walked.  It angered me to a boiling point that I haven't ever reached again.  To know the person that did it but the way the system worked they weren't able to punish him for it.  I lost my brother because the rules in place wouldn't let them cross lines.  So after that I was determined to do what I could so that nobody would have to go through what I did."
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry about your brother.  That's very noble of you to do that in his honor though.  Do you think you have reached a good place to feel like you've avenged him now?"
"I didn't think so until that day on the roof when I saw you."

Alan and Samuel left their hotel and walked the streets up and down scoping out what the area was like.  They hadn't wasted any time that day and knew that scouring a town that the couple may have even left would take a little bit of time. They weren't particularly happy about that.
"Hey Alan, how long you been doin this?"
"About 6 years now.  Why?"
"You ever run into a situation where someone does get away?"
"Here and there."
"And the boss hasn't killed you over any of them?"
"Those were different and no big deal if they disappeared.  I knew they would always live in fear of being found anyways which is just as good."
"I just hope we can cover all the ground around here before being sure they left."
"We just go place to place and try and catch anyone who may be hiding something."
"I saw we stick to shadows and behind buildings so they don't see us coming from afar and try and run then."
"Good plan, we can check all the businesses from the back doors."

Meg finished her meal and dabbed her face with a napkin, it was very fulfilling and gave her the energy she needed to tackle the new day with her newly healing arm.  "When do you want to go?"
"We have to find some sort of car though, the station is still pretty far away even by train so walking would take ages."
"We don't really have much in the way of money."
"I'll think of something."
A police car drove by making them both slightly uncomfortable but they were just two people eating lunch in a small town, nothing to see here.
"I need to find new clothes, my current wardrobe is getting a bit too dirty, I always look like I fell down a hill."
"I agree, mine too.  I think I saw a shop on the way across the road that sold clothing.  I say we go now."

The cop car pulled into a parking space at the end of the street and the two men exited the vehicle.  One was holding a stack of Wanted posters.  "Just make it quick Mike, we have another town to get to before dark."  The other cop began hammering up the posters on every wall and establishment he could and asked each store owner if they had seen the couple on the poster.  They weren't getting anywhere but they were at least able to cross things off their list of where this couple wasn't.

Edward sat in a small seat while he waited for Meg to find an outfit she was really into, his shopping was over quickly as he didn't require much other than a button down shirt and pants.  Before long Meg walked out wearing an outfit that would be comfortable and able to move quickly in all the while looking absolutely  "Beautiful."
"You're just saying that because you love me."
"I may be biased that way yes but you look beautiful."
"Thanks dew drop."

Out near the back of the shops, the two suited men continued looking through windows and into any door they could sneak into to check the back rooms of each establishment.  So far they hadn't found anything.  "These shops are clean, we'll check the others and then do the hotels and motels.  We'll double back again to check them all and see where we can take it from there."  As they neared the end of the block, Alan looked through the one back window to see Meg twirling in a new outfit in front of Edward.  "Shit, Sam, Sam, there they are!"
"Get the hell out of here."
"Right there, like they are on vacation."
"We have to get them to come with us when they leave.  Quick, to the front, we can run into them as they leave and just take it from there.  We really lucked out with that."
The two men walked around the side of the building and towards the entrance.  Once they hit the sidewalk in front of the building they were stopped by the two policemen walking around.
"Excuse me, have you two seen either of these people?"
They were shown the Wanted poster with artist renderings of Meg and Edward.  They had to try their best not to have their eyes open too wide.
"Um, no, no we haven't officer, why what have they done?"
"Just some fugitives on the run.  If you see or hear anything would you please let us know?"
"We sure will officer."

The couple paid for their clothing that they changed into immediately and while Meg paid, Edward scanned the room.  Almost immediately he looked out the front window to see two suited men talking to police who were holding a large poster.  With his and her faces on it.
"What babe, what's wrong?"
"We have to go out the back, right now."
"Why, what's going on?"
"We have bad company and this time it's double."
She followed his gaze and saw the four men outside.
"Assbutt, really??"
He almost lost his concentration by her reaction.  "Come on, there is a back exit, we can slip out that way and follow the backs until we can get to the town's edge.  We can work out the rest when we are far enough away."
While keeping an eye on the front, they walked towards the back of the store and found the back exit.  They quietly left and figured out which way to go once they were back outside.  "This is ridiculous, how do they keep finding us??"
"The only people who knew we were going this way was the farm folk.  I'm betting they caught up with them and made them tell information."
"Oh they are good.  Damn it."
The end of the street is to the left here, let's just follow that and then regroup once we get around to the side of the last building."
They sped walked past the rears of all the buildings from grocery shops to toy makers.  Any alley between buildings had to be scoped out first before moving on.  They got to the end of the houses and stopped.  "Alright Meg, I'm going to go around and make sure it's safe, hang out here for just a second."
"Okay, love"
He peeked around the corner and saw an open street and followed the side of the house to the front, once he looked around the corner he ran straight into the barrel of a gun aimed right at him.  Samuel held the rest.
"Funny running into you here Mr. Detective."

TO BE CONTINUED............

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Much Rested Murderous Couple

He could hear her voice through his dreams, it was low and had an almost underwater sound to it.  Slowly it became louder and he was able to open his eyes to a dark blurry world.  A beautiful girl was leaning over him trying to shake him awake.  "Edward, wake up, I think I saw more of them."
"I think I saw two more of the men chasing us."
He was able to sit up albeit weakly, his eyes adjusting with every blink.  She looked tired herself but it was always better to make sure any situation was safe and not to assume.  "What did you see?"
"Two guys walking down the main street."
"Did you recognize either of them?"
", not really."
He pulled her close and held her tightly, her hair smelled like flowers and her breasts pressed against his chest.  "It may have just been two guys going home.  We're in the middle of nowhere in a small town.  There's no way they could have traced us here.  We have no car to tail and we took care of the ones who did find us, and that was a coincidental finding.  You're tired and everyone is going to seem suspicious now.  I'm not saying be careful, I'll keep as best watch as I can, but you need rest.  Come on."
He laid with her and she wrapped herself around him in the usual spider monkey position.  They would be extra careful tomorrow.  That gang was like an octopus with tentacles reaching everywhere.  But tonight was a much needed rest, she needed to heal and he needed to recharge and regroup.  He stared at the moon through the window.
We're going to do this.

The two suited men eventually settled upon a hotel complex near the back of the town to have a little distance and privacy from the town itself.  "You sure they'll even still be here, Alan?"
"They were pointed this way and it's the only little town in the area.  So unless they decided to go native and sleep in the woods, there's a good chance they're here."
"What is it about this briefcase that the boss wants so much?  I mean, he's got the dough already, the amount in the case is nothing to him."
"It's not about the money."
"Pfft, it's always about the money."
"no, Samuel, this time it isn't."
"What, he have some vendetta against that hot little brunette?"
"Nah, it's the case itself.  Turned out to be his mother's, passed down and used in all of his dealings.  Almost like a family good luck charm."
"Oh damn, I see why he wants it back so bad."
"Yeah, I was in the room once when someone tried to destroy it to prove some kind of superiority.  I never saw the boss so mad.  Boss removed his eyes with a spoon."
Samuel squirmed in his seat a little.  "We better get that case then."
"We rest up tonight and go at it hard tomorrow, we have to find them tomorrow because they won't stay here long, they know we're coming."

The night sky ran full of clouds with a flash of lightning here and there.  Stars twinkled reaching out across the cosmos catching every dream that floated into the stratosphere.  The deep purples of the sky slowly melted to a navy blue as the sun began its ascent above the horizon and into the clouds.  The rain slowed to a steady mist and what rays could escape through the cloudy sky shined through the motel window lighting up Meg's face.  Edward was up and had just finished shaving, currently wiping his face.  She woke feeling much more rested and sat up holding the sheet over her.  "A sunny day?  Did we die in our sleep?"
"If we did then I must be in heaven with you here."
"Morning cheese, I love it."
"We can't stay here very long, let's get some food in us and find some wheels then go."
"I think we can stay for a little longer."  She let the sheet drop revealing her naked body and shook her breasts lightly.  "Or at least another twenty minutes?"  Laying back down she spread her legs and began playing with herself.
"You drive a hard bargain darlin."
"Bring that hard bargain over here."
They joined together in bed, Meg's giggling filled the air.

Police cars lined the field around the farm.  Officers were shining flashlights around the burned out car and setting up crime scenes around the charred remains of the three men.  Inside, Bethany sat with two officers who were putting her through a round of questioning.
"I know this is a hard time for you ma'am but we just want to ask you some questions quickly if we can."
"My men counted three in the barn and your husband inside the home.  Do you know of anyone else who may have been around and attacked?"
"No, it was just me here."
"Was there anyone around who you think may have done this, any enemies of your husband, disgruntled work acquaintances?"
"Yusif didn't have any enemies.  Nobody even really came around the house.  Except..."
"There was this young couple.  Yeah, a dangerous looking man and a shorter woman.  She had been shot in the arm and they had wanted to stay here until she was okay and then left."
"You said she was shot?"
"In the arm yes, pretty little thing."
"Could you describe them to our sketch artist possibly?"
"I think I could."
"We thank you for you time ma'am and we promise this will be very accommodating for you."
The two officers got up and regrouped with a few others in another room.  "Take down her descriptions and get me some visuals on the two that stayed the night here, they may be our suspects."
An hour later the sketch artist emerged with two drawings and presented them to the captain.  One was a man in a trenchcoat with blonde hair and a five o clock shadow and the other a short brunette girl with big eyes.  The officer passed them to his first in command.  "Get these printed up and plastered around the area.  We are looking for this couple responsible for the murder of four people and arson.  I want everything checked within a ten mile radius, every home and every town.  I want any lead you find reported back to me immediately.  This murderous couple won't know what hit them."


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Coast within View, the More Dangers Arise

The road led on in the most boring fashion with all the wonderful views of rocks of various sizes and grass swaying in the wind.  Walking wasn't so bad after the rest from the night before but because of the healing wound, she was still a bit weak and hoped they reached the town soon.  It was hard not to get caught up in the walk, taking it in as an almost date-like atmosphere.  It was refreshing to get to experience more of the outside world as living the majority of her life in the city stunted her imagination as if that was all the world was.  Buildings and roads.  Grays and dim colors.  And rain, oh the rain.  There was a small piece of her that missed her apartment.  She was a bit of a re decorator who frequently changed the layout of her place and spent most nights out on her balcony listening to records filling the evening sky with sounds of jazz and piano.  The surrounding area even in stormy skies provided more color than she ever thought possible in nature.  Brilliant green filled the trees and from the ground to the hills spilled over with oranges, browns, and reds.  Edward walked next to her and she had been walking with him for an hour now and couldn't understand how they hadn't reached their destination yet.  They hadn't stopped many times, in fact just once.  He held her hand for most of the walk and they held one another under a particularly beautiful flower patch.  Each day brought another moment that she wished she could freeze in time and just be with him without the worry of being followed or now shot at.
"What are you thinking about darlin."
"Just everything that's happened so far.  Still amazes me that I've gone through what I have."
"You're a survivor."
"Thanks to you dew drop."
"I promise you with all my heart and my reputation on the line that I will get you out of this and we won't have to run anymore.  Not ever again.  Then we can live our life together and I'll make you the happiest woman in history."
"I hope so.  Yesterday was a close call, I don't want any more of those."
"I have never been in such a state of panic like that.  When I saw you had been shot, the most dreadful fears went through my head.  I only get one go around in this life and the thought that one day you won't be in it scares me and yesterday I thought that fear may come true.  There's so much i want to do with you and show you and experience.  I'm so sorry these bad things keep happening to us."
"You don't have to be sorry for anything.  If it weren't for you I wouldn't be here now.  I wouldn't be anywhere.  You saved me, continue to save me.  I owe you my life and nothing would make me happier than to spend that life with you."

Back on the farm, Yusif was sitting at his kitchen table with the two men who had arrived earlier.
"So you took them in and helped the girl heal from a gunshot wound?"
"I couldn't let her die, not after what you had told me."
"Lucky we know the routes around here and were able to try and contact you first.  Shame they were too clever and it cost us some good men."
"I'm sorry I wasn't able to do more."
"You sent them on the road we told you to, you did your part."
"He looked smart, he isn't going to go down without taking half of you with him.  And her...she's..."
"Damn cute little thing."
"She's got a very well developed body."
"That so?  What give you that information?"
"I watched her shower.  It was...."
"Yeah alright creepo, back to business, you sent them east down the road, correct?"
"Yes, they will eventually reach a small town but the road is much longer than I told them, you should have no problem reaching them."
"You have no idea the shit we've had to deal with so far with this damn couple.  From a city escape to a train incident to a burning farm and now they're still outrunning us.  They aren't going to make it out of that town alive, I can guarantee you that."
"I should've gotten them while they were here."
"I told you, you did fine, your part is done now." He picked his gun up off the table.
"I appreciate your words and hope now I can rest and pick back up."
"I don't think you have to worry about that, you'll get some very good rest Yusif."
The man shot Yusif in the head toppling him backwards out of his chair.
"Rest easy Yusif.  We'll inform your wife."

The sun was setting halfway down the sky when Edward took a serious look around their surroundings.  "We should have been there by now."
"I told you we've been walking forever."
"Just a few more minutes and then we'll have to come up with a new plan.  Not having a car is making this very difficult."
The couple continued to walk and just after the few moments allowed, a sign was noticed around the bend.  It was for a small town located just up ahead.
"Oh, there it is, I can't wait to stop for a minute and just restock and recharge."
"How's the arm?"
"Hurts but at least I know nothing was damaged."
They quickly came across the small town that was only a few roads around and each one was lined with a different type of store.  They didn't need much but it was nice knowing they had a place to stop for a moment and were able to get any supplies they needed.  Like pain killers.
"We should get a motel room for the night so you can rest your arm and yourself for a bit.  You look exhausted and it'll do you good."
"That's because I am exhausted.  You don't have to convince me about staying overnight in a place with a bed and warmth."
Their entrance was brief and after looking in the windows of a few shops they stumbled upon a hotel and quickly after they got inside they had gotten a decent room.  The television in the room played something for background noise and the two undressed to get into bed for a full nights rest.  She didn't want to admit it but she was getting to enjoy the end of the day more than anything as it was her time to attach herself to his side and snuggle up close.  In her apartment she would hold on to the pillow while she slept to simulate having someone there.  She held tightly as they both drifted off to sleep.

A sleek car pulled into the town and two men sat inside.  "They should've made it here by now. Just a quick asking around and we should be able to find them before morning."
"I'll inform the boss, he said to use any means necessary."
They got out of the car as the one began dialing a small phone.
"It's us.  Tracked them to a small town off the main road.   The farm house proved very useful and the patrons were taken care of.  She's been shot.  Farm owner patched her up but it will slow them down.  We will.  Yes.  I'll call back once it's done."
They opened their trunk and each took a weapon and concealed it within their coat pockets.  Each one of them slipped on black gloves and shut the trunk.  The town stretched out before them and now they had to start checking buildings for their target.

Meg awoke in the middle of the night sweating.  Unsure if it was due to the weather or another dream.  Her feet pattered over to the kitchen and she filled a water glass and took to the window while drinking it.  The moon lit up the streets and a few people darted around here and there.  While she stared out the window she went over her own name in her head with his last name a few times.  It was cute and she even had herself giggling a little thinking of child names.  She set the glass down in the sink and adjusted her outfit before walking back to bed.  On the way out of the corner of her eye she saw two men walking down the street looking oddly like the men who were after her.  Shit.  Why couldn't she just have one decent night.  She would have to wake Edward, maybe this time they could get a jump on the other guys for a change. She walked into the bedroom and kissed him on the lips.
"Wake up my love, we've got company coming."

sleep tight  xo

Monday, March 12, 2018

Farm Hospitality - Turkey Leg

A rooster tried as it might to squawk the morning's arrival but it was hard pressed to hear itself over the storm that had rolled in overnight.  The majority of the rain helped put out the farm and out of habit, the farm owner had taken it upon himself to rise and shine very early that day.  Parts of his farm needed tending to and he wanted to check out what had happened the night before himself before he got a story crafted by the two currently asleep in his guest room.  Before notifying the local sheriff he wanted to make sure these two were in fact victims and not fugitives.  Most of the animals had taken to stay indoors with the weather being what it was so feeding and milking what needed to be done wasn't too hard a task.  As he walked towards the burned out wreckage that was his hay barn, he noticed a few choice things around the area.  Not much was left unfortunately of his hay stock but at least it wasn't his livestock, then he would have been royally up the creek.  The first thing that caught his eye was the hollow remains of an automobile with a license plate that, from what he could make out, seemed to read from many miles away.  Two blackened skeletons lay strewn on each side of the car that suggested they died from the fire.  He could still smell the ashes as he carefully maneuvered around the inside and towards the back of the barn.  Rain pelted his coat and he had wished that the structure would've stayed in tact so that there would still be a roof to protect him.  He was no detective but from what he could manage to put together it seemed that something happened with the car that caused it to probably explode and took those two poor souls with it.  But did that couple cause that?  His foot kicked something hard that drew his attention to the ground.  It was one of his pitchforks and the rod was pierced through the rib cage of a third skeleton, a gun lay on the ground next to it.  Did they kill these people or were these people after them?  These three were still killed regardless and on his property in his barn.  Too many questions that needed answering and the weather wasn't making him feel any better.  Better go inside and start breakfast, it was going to be a very interesting day.

Pain radiated from her arm and her heartbeat could be felt all around the wound.  It wasn't the best feeling to wake up to but at least she woke up.  The night before was an experience she'd rather not go through again but if she could take anything from it, now she knew what it felt like to be shot.  Thankfully it was just her arm and nothing was severely damaged and she was able to sit up in the bed.  Her memory was fuzzy about how she got here, she remembered being saved by Edward and then picked up.  The pain had caused her to become dizzy and the blood loss led to her passing out.  Fire, she remembered fire as well.  Edward was in a chair next to the bed laying over top of her sleeping away.  She looked out the window to find some semblance of where she may be and surprise surprise it was dark and stormy.  Was this just the weather now or was this one storm following her around like a love lorn young boy?  Her arm stung and she attempted to bend it at the elbow, everything seemed to be in working order, it just hurt.  The door opened and an older woman came into the room.  "Well good morning, it's wonderful seeing you looking much better."
"Thank you so much, I'm so sorry, we must've troubled you something dreadful."
"Oh hush now, you were in quite a state and if we hadn't been up to help well I don't know what would've happened."
"I owe you my life, I am very grateful and am so sorry for all of this."
"You are more than welcome to make yourself at home, I've got breakfast cooking downstairs, why don't you take yourself a shower and get yourself situated.  You've been through a heck of a night.  Your friend there seems to still be reeling from his, I'll be downstairs whenever you're ready."
The woman left and Meg woke up Edward so she wasn't alone in farm town.  "Hey, hey wake up.  Where are we?"
"Huh?  You're awake.  How are you feeling?"
"Better.  Arm hurts like a bitch though."
"I was so scared."
"You were scared?  You must've seen a million people shot before."
"Nobody I loved before."
She smiled.  "Thank you for saving me.  I thought he had me in that corner.  That fire idea kinda sorta backfired a little bit."
"We still made it out.  You were great.  It's these people we owe."
"They made us breakfast, said to shower and come down when I'm ready."
"I better speak to the farm owner.  I don't know how I'm going to fix his barn situation."
"I'll let you handle that and take her up on that shower idea.  I smell like burnt blood."
"I'm really glad you're okay.  I couldn't lose you."
"I love you, now go downstairs and use your Mr.Detective voice to get us out of the barn massacre."
"Will do dew drop."
He gathered himself in the mirror for a moment, then kissed her and left the room.  She slid out of bed and went into the adjoining room to find a small bathroom that was decorated the way she assumed her grandmother's bathroom would look.  In the mirror she looked a bit worse for the wear.  Half her shirt was stained with her own blood and her arm looked like it had tried to leave her body.  Let's not even mention the hair.  She opened her bag and found more of her clothes and shut the door.  Stripping down she did her best not to make any mess anywhere for the people to clean up and entered the shower.  The water felt amazing running down her naked body to the point where she was half tempted to masturbate but quickly dashed the idea as it was too uncomfortable doing it in a stranger's home who her first introduction to them was passed out and bleeding to death.  Once she had cleaned herself the best she could she could've sworn she saw a shadow in the mirror through the doors of the shower.  She leaned closer and squinted her eyes and something moved and the door shut.  Her hands instinctively covered her breasts and vagina and she froze in place.  Was someone watching her?  Heart beating in her chest she was infinitely grateful she decided not to pleasure herself.  Being extra cautious she turned off the water and peered out around the shower door to find the room empty.  Maybe just jumpy hallucinations from all the crap she's been through?  She quickly got dressed still paranoid about what had happened.

Downstairs Edward had investigated the house a little bit before entering the kitchen to find the woman of the household.  "Good morning ma'am.  I wanted to thank you for taking us in last night and providing the medical care my girl needed.  If there is anything I can do to make it up to you just let me know."
"Oh come now, we are just being good Samaritans, sit yourself down at the table and eat, you could use it after your night."
He sat at the table and after a few moments the farm owner walked down from upstairs.  He didn't look super friendly at the moment.  Edward had seen faces like that before.
"Morning, I want to thank you again for the medical care you provided last night.  I don't know what I would have done if not for you."
"Used to patching up the animals around here but I was more than happy to help out someone in need."
"And I greatly appreciate it, you have no idea."
The woman brought more food in as Meg descended the stairs and joined them at the table.  The farm owner looked at her with an odd sense of creepiness and Meg blushed and held Edward's hand.
"We never got your names we were in such a rush last night.  My name is Edward and this is Meg."
The owner accepted a plate of food from his wife.  "Yusif and this is my wife Bethany."
Halfway through the meal, Yusif couldn't hold it in any longer.  "I was....looking at my barn this morning..."
"My sincerest apologies, I will pay whatever I can to help fix it up and whatever else I can do to help.  You had no part in all of that and I feel terrible about it."
"That's just it....what in the hell happened in there?"
"There was a misunderstanding and some car trouble, bit of a long story."
"That so?  That story involve a gun and three murdered men?"
There was a quiet pause.
"Well, yes, to be honest there was a gang after us and we did what we had to in defense because they were about to kill us."
"Why were they after you?"
"They thought we had something that they've been looking for."
The rest of the meal was a little uncomfortable although some of the best turkey legs they had ever eaten.  Once they were finished it felt like they had been stuffed to the gills.  "That was some meal, thank you so much.  For everything."

The afternoon set in and while the sky remained black, the rain had let up.  Edward and Meg had all their things and were saying their goodbyes.
"Thank you so much again, you have my card so if anything comes up that I can do let me know."
"Anything for a fellow person.  The town is about two miles down the road, you can get another car and some supplies there."
Meg began to walk with Edward down the front porch.  "I owe you guys my life, thank you with all my heart."
"No problem at all, you've both been gracious guests with genuine personalities and wonderful views."
Yusif winked when he said the last part.  Did he see me naked?  She felt a rush of fear and grabbed Edward's hand as they walked towards the road.  Once they were far enough away she felt a little easier.  "Back on our dangerous adventure."
"Hell I think if we can handle days like yesterday we can handle anything these people throw at us."
"I don't know about that farm though."
"What do you mean?"
"I feel like he spied on me in the shower."
"I don't know, maybe i'm just paranoid."
"Lucky guy."
"Shut up."
She hit him and they continued down the road.

Hours later a knock came at the door of the farm house.  Yusif answered the door.  "Can I help you gentleman?"
Two men dressed in suits were at the door.  "Yeah, we noticed you had an interesting barn out here that may contain some of our friends.  Possibly could we ask you some questions?"
He pulled a gun out and aimed it at Yusif's head.  "And we aren't really taking no for an answer."
Bethany saw from the kitchen and dropped a glass, it shattered on the ground.
"You see, we're looking for somebody."


Sunday, March 11, 2018

His Beautiful Survivor

Using what strength she had in her, she tossed the lit match towards the liquid and pushed herself up to a run in the opposite direction, Edward right behind her.  The match strike the gasoline and immediately set the liquid ablaze.  The fiery line quickly spread along the ground and underneath the car towards the men.  The first man dove out of the way while the other two realized what was going on, but it was too late.  First the fire under their feet ignited around them and before they knew it, the car absorbed a portion of the blaze and exploded.  Shrapnel and a fireball consumed the two men killing them while the third covered best he could under a nearby tarp.  They were going to pay for that.  The fire and explosion were so large that it all ignited the hay around the area and soon the entire barn was catching fire.  Smoke filled the air as Edward picked up Meg and supported her.  Her legs were weak from the pain.  "Edward, I can't, the pain.  It's making me dizzy."
"Just hold on a little longer darlin, Get out of this barn with me and it'll all be better."
The flames were all encompassing but hadn't fully engulfed the entire barn yet, an exit up above may be their only option but climbing was a bit out of the question.  Smoke was starting to obscure their view.
"Real cute, cut off your own exit stupid.  I'd love to see what you've got planned next."
One was still alive.  Not good.  He was right, there was only one exit and that was forward, but how to get around this guy.  Meg was starting to get weak from blood loss, he had to get her out of there.  He didn't have any weapons so he would have to improvise.  He could feel her grip on him loosening, the thought of losing her was too much to bare, there had to be something here to get them out of there.  The man was making his way around the fires through any spot that wasn't too hot. 
"Poetic for you isn't it? Going out in a blaze of glory."
Edward picked up Meg and carried her to the back corner of the barn and set her down behind a large hay stack.  "I'm going to take care of our visitor, my love, please hold on for me."
"I promise."
Starting to worry, he left her there and started scanning the area for anything he could use.  He had to get the drop on this guy and get them out of there before the smoke suffocated them both.  The only way around this guy seemed to be from above, she couldn't climb but he could.  Taking off with a run, he reached the ladder leading up to the overhead loft.  Taking it faster than he should have, he scaled the ladder to the very top.  A bullet whizzed past his hand and hit the wood near him.
"You ain't making it out of here, climb all you want, you got nowhere to go."
This idiot is willing to sacrifice himself in here just to take me down.  He took the ladder faster and reached the top.  There was yet more hay and a variety of farming equipment, there had to be something in here he could use.  Gunshots started again and pieces of wood started exploding near his feet.  Good, now he is going to shoot up through the floor hoping to hit me.  Have to keep him on me so he doesn't find Meg. The smoke was getting thicker and ahead of him was a pitchfork and some rope.  I think I can make this work.
Below, the man was pacing and looking up towards the ceiling, he walked to the ladder and kicked it over so Edward was stuck up above.  Once the ladder banged down on to the ground he noticed little specks of blood that led a trail to the back of the barn.
He followed the trail and the closer he got to the back of the barn the less smoke he had to deal with making his vision a lot better.  Careful not to be caught in another trap, he took careful steps to where the blood was leading him.  The spots led to the back corner of the barn and the first thing he saw were legs pulled into a short feminine body.  It was the girl.  She was wounded and didn't look too good.  This was perfect.  With his gun held up he turned around the pile of hay.
"Well well well, look at what we have here.  Miss runaway finally got what she deserved."
Her breath was slowing.  "Screw you."
"Had you been in a little better condition I may have took you up on that offer."
"I can't....tell which you....guys would me...or fuck me..."
"Lucky for you you won't have any more trouble with decisions now, nighty night."
He raised the gun to her and suddenly his eyes widened and he froze in place, a few specks of blood hit Meg in the face.  With bleary eyes she looked up and the man dropped his gun with a look of surprise on his face.  Behind him was Edward holding on to a rope dangling from above and in the other hand was a pitchfork which was firmly through the man in the suit.  The man dropped to his knees and fell over dead, Edward running over to her.  "You okay darlin?"
"Smoke...I'm warm."
"Just stay with me babe, we're getting out of here."
He picked her up and dodged all the fire he could and ran with her out of the barn.  The night provided a much cooler atmosphere and with no smoke he could breath much easier.  Her arm was completely red and she was barely keeping her eyes open.  No please don't take her, not my angel.  He started to run not even sure where he was going.  There was a main farmhouse in the center where he was hoping the farmer lived.  His eyes were trained on her the whole time watching her begin to pass out.  She was still as beautiful as ever.  The closer he got to the farmhouse the more he was praying.
"Help!  We need help!"
His yells seemed to have been answered as lights came on in the house.  The porch was getting closer and the front door opened just as he reached the house.  An older man and woman opened the door and saw this man running for them with a woman in his arms bleeding and their barn was on fire.
"What in the hell is going on?"
"Please, she is hurt, I can't lose her, is there any way you can help me."
"What did you do to my barn?"
"I'll pay for all of it and fix it all just please, can you help her."
The farmer looked at him and then at his wife unsure of what to make of the situation.
"Yeah, bring her in, hurry."
He was let in and the farmer helped place her on a sofa while the wife grabbed a blanket and some tools for the husband.
"She's lost a lot of blood, we need to stop the bleeding."
He set her up and pulled her hand away from her arm. So much was happening so fast that Edward felt like everything was moving at a blur.  If there was anything he could do to make sure she survived he would do it.  He cursed those men from following them, they just wouldn't let up.  The farmer seemed to know what he was doing and had applied something to her arm and was using tweezers to pull something out of her wound.  He tossed a small silver object into a tray and then put more liquids on the wound.  At this point Meg had passed out but he made sure he saw her still breathing.  The wound had stopped bleeding and was being stitched up.  It all seemed so fast, probably because he was so out of it and panicked.  Everything was going a little dark and he had to sit down himself.  He reached over and held her hand before everything went black.

A few hours later it was the middle of the night and he awoke in a chair next to a bed.  Meg was in the bed sleeping and her arm was bandaged up.  The farmer's wife opened the door and noticed he had woken up.  "She's going to be fine.  She had a bullet in her arm, now I don't want to ask any questions but I am glad she is alright.  You need some rest too, I was just checking on you both."
"Very much appreciated ma'am, I owe you everything in the world."
The woman watched as Edward held on to the girl's hand and watched her face.  She had seen that look before, it was why she agreed to marry her husband.  "You two get some sleep, we'll check on you again in the morning."
"Thank you so much, I am beyond grateful."
The wife left and Edward continued to watch his beautiful girl laying in bed recovering.
"I was so scared I was going to lose you.  I don't know what I would have done.  I can't tell you the feeling I had when I saw you get hit.  A mix of rage at those men and panic at the thought that there was going to be a moment where I wasn't with you anymore.  Hopefully you aren't having one of your bad dreams now.  We got lucky.  If this home wasn't here.....I don't know what we would have done.  I love you.  Through heaven or hell I am going to get us through this so something like this never happens again and we can live happily ever after."
He squeezed her hand and pulled the chair right up against the bed so that he could rest his head on her.  In the quiet of the night he began to sing to her.
"Watch the sky for me,
Watch the night.
I'll be there for you,
In starlight.
As your feet touch the ground,
I'll be floating along
Watch the sky for me...
His eyes got heavy and he joined her in slumber.  Try as they might, they weren't going to separate or stop them.  Once they reached the coast he wasn't going to hold anything back.  But for tonight, he couldn't think of any place he would rather be than snuggled up close to her, his survivor.  He kissed her on the cheek and laid with her and they both rested into the night, he hoped the next day would prove much easier and maybe, just maybe, they wouldn't be stalked by someone trying to kill them.

Out on the porch, the farmer watched his farm burn down to sinders and slowly go out in the night sky.  Whoever they were just about cost him his farm.  Suspicion arose but for tonight, let them sleep.  But be careful, who knows what else these people are capable of.