Monday, January 22, 2018

Beautiful Gorgeous You

The wind rolled through the air with a crescendo that ended with itself being entwined within her hair.  Each brown strand dancing like it was alive and full of energy.  She was beautiful.  Standing by the ocean's edge she gave off the image of being a painting come to life.  The sun's rays fading in and out of existence as various shapes of clouds rolled through masking the bright light.

He adjusted his outfit and felt the weight of his weapon in his hand.  It was one he had created and built himself after months of study and moments in the lab.  He was happy with the outcome, although, something seemed slightly not right.  It was dangerous to be out there, too many of them were looking for him.  But without her it just wasn't worth it.  The rest of his life could be filled up with his thoughts of her.  From her gorgeous face framed with beautiful brown eyes and a smile that could make any hardened warrior weak in the knees.  Her height was adorable and the way her nose crinkled when she laughed was just icing on the most amazing cake he had ever seen.  Distance put them apart for the moment but he had started his trek with a determination that wouldn't be stopped by the forces that stood guard.  Besides, he was itching to test out his new weapon.

She held her hands together and gazed out onto the waters as they crashed within one another.  The sun had lowered a little created a vast sea of glittering diamonds across the tame waters.  She knew it was too open a space to stand, dangerous almost, but she held onto hope.  There had been a great battle and actions were made in haste that resulted in some bad situations.  She knew the temptations and dangers of the other side but always stuck it out, this time being the darkest.

Dashing out into the setting sun and through trees that tried their best to push him away, he made his way to the only place he knew he belonged.  To her.  The way towards serenity lead straight through territories that if caught would result in death, or at least some very uncomfortable and painful situations.  He had persued this beauty all throughout the galaxy, there was no way he was letting an angel of this calibur slip out of his hands.  Recent events had clouded his mind and darkness had misguided him, there were mistakes and regrets made but this time he knew the battle to be won and pushed on.  It was quiet along the path, maybe they expected him and stayed hidden.  Maybe they were waiting.

She waited and made many attempts to look over her shoulder.  Fear was slipping through.  Maybe she should have stayed back a few steps to not be so vulnerable.  How long would he take, if he was where she thought he was.  She knew the risks and if he was traveling the straight path to her then it would take him into their position.  What if they had gotten him already?  How would she know?  There was too big of a chance to risk just standing around waiting, maybe she could meet him halfway.  No, the chances of crossing paths in a space that large may backfire.  She glanced down towards the pile of her belongings next to her feet.  A silver shaft edging out of the side.  If need be, she could defend herself, they wouldn't get her without a fight.

Avoiding detection wasn't too difficult and from what he could see, not many were stationed around.  To ensure he didn't walk right into a trap or ambush, he took a longer route through some areas that weren't the safest but got the job done.  He knew the path well enough and if his calculations were correct, he wasn't too far away.  Visions of her danced through his head putting a smile on his face.  His heart beat harder and he found himself just traveling the path in his own thoughts of her and not focusing on what was in front of him.  She had a way of holding your hand that told you that she loved you and that your thoughts synced up almost as if you could telepathically speak to one another.  She also knew how to make you feel the best and be the best.  She was worth what he was about to cross over.

The sun was almost setting beyond the waves and she picked up her belongings, slinging them over her shoulder.  She would wait but had to be prepared in case, it usually wasn't long before they detected her on their daily scan of the area. She brushed hair out of her eyes and whispered into the air for him to make haste and arrive safely, her body tingled at the thought of being in his arms again.  Her mind transported her to those wonderful times and she found herself smiling, illuminated not just by the sun's reflection off the ocean but her own inner joy.

He was close, just over the next hill.  Running over the hill he began to get a good glimpse at a large body of water and a row of wood splashed up from elsewhere.  The meeting place.  Excitement filled his lungs almost making him forget that he had to be quiet and careful as to not alert the enemy's attention but he just couldn't take one more second without her.  Practically sliding down the hillside he ran out towards the ocean's end.  He peered around for a moment scanning the area when suddenly he saw her.  A vision of beauty standing in the setting sun's light looking like an angel who just stepped out of a painting.  Her eyes caught his and she smiled.  Worth it.  Once they met up their joy was overwhelming and together they embraced, their hearts beating in unison.  They share a kiss and tell one another how they can't live without the other.  The warmth of the moment interrupted by a group of enemies with their army of backup situated around them.  So much for being covert.  He reaches down and grabs his weapon simultaneously as she reaches into her backpack grabbing her silver weapon as well.  They share a kiss and smile into one another's eyes.  They each ignite their lightsabers and look at the army.

"Ready dew drop?"

sleep well, nighty night darlin  <3 nbsp="" p="" xoxox="">

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2:45 am

Faster the process goes with what needs to be done nearing the finish line.
The girl of my dreams running through my head on the happiest clouds of mine.
I rewatch my video stirring even more memories that could fill a part two.
While my business goes on creating more ideas to sell with many thanks to you.
I miss her touch and how warm and whole it felt to have her in my arms together.
The cold always feels like it lasts forever but she never had me even noticing how bad the weather.
The amount we have in common is at a length something you don't come across every day.
We made each other proud to be who we were and share in interests, engrossed in all we would say.
She evokes a feeling of wanting to be the best of onesself to match her fulfilling personality.
Just hearing her voice spreads a smile across my face that becomes impossible to remove while my ears listen on passionately.
A gamer girl who rivals my own skills on the gaming front whether new or classics of old.
A movie girl who is the perfect copilot for every adventure seen through beautiful eyes and stories begging to be retold.
She is a beautiful stained glass window intricately designed, full of wonder and one of the most rare.
The most fun and happiness I have ever been lucky enough to have was with this most gorgeous of God's creations, spilling over with the sweetest care.
Bringing rain clouds to her wonderous lands was never an intention and weighs on my back, clad in chains, as a cross that I must bare.
The rest of my life will I lasso any and every star to brighten her smile as to ensure that every last cloud retreats, coming back they wouldn't dare.
Life is to give us one journey of adventure and chapters of a story for a solomn book we begin at birth.
For the one go around the heart cannot fathom a more perfect partner to spend and enjoy those very lucky years we share on this Earth.
Let the sandman come and share the sweetest of dreams, uplifting your rest to heights of euphoric delights of the most peaceful of rests.
Warm sheets invited to envelope your body to keep away bed bugs, the very worst of night time pests.
The most heartfelt of good nights wished upon your beautiful eyes, whispers of sweet nothings passing through your ears.
My love sent to the one heart whose beating I can hear miles away, I miss you sweet darling and sleep away as the clock ticks along its gears.
Smart, beautiful, funny, tough, fragile, always lighting up the next day anew.
Every day made better all because of you.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The way you make me feel

I made a video for you too dew drop.  When I heard you had made one before, it germinated the idea in my head too.  I've made awful mistakes and wish there was some way to erase them from time.  The one thing that always has been constant in my head is you.  I miss you and I miss us.  I hope you like what I made, I'm sure I missed a thing or two but there is just so so much we have together.  Life isn't life without you in it.
sweet dreams dew drop
Love, your Edward

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have I Tooooold You Lately....

Good evening!   The unthinkable happened with Half Price and I got a text this morning saying that they are delaying opening and to come in at noon!  whaaaaa??!
The snow outside doesn't seem that that bad and the roads seem fine from the all night salting but whatevs.  Reminds me of watching the news in the morning and looking at all the school closings/delays and hoping to see Northgate lol.
So I signed up for this service on playstation called PS NOW and it's basically like a netflix but with games and you can just stream any of the games to play right off of there.  There's over 600 of them and my mind has barely been able to choose which ones I want to try. It's pretty neat.
I hope you don't have a busy or bad day of mail girl duty today.  I want to hear more of those stories of people you've encountered, I can't believe the balls on some of them.  Did I mention that I like your interior decorating skills?  You are good at making a room and place look good and set up in a way that works well.  I still think about you lookin around here and taking mental notes on what you would do and that I should move the couch to the other side.
I want to do some more research on this Bob Ross museum that you said is down there.
I want to start to make our little movie list that I want to watch with you.  Also a list of movies that I own so I have a handy dandy list.
A little story for you Megels darlin, when there would be snow days in high school I would always be told the night before by Bonnie to my mom so I would stay up late.  I remember waking up and playing a game and I was on the third floor of my parents and it was all white and I could see up on the avenue.  I had my desk by the window so I would watch outside and write things or draw.  The one night around Christmas I had gotten the one batman game, Arkham Asylum and I was so into it that I started hearing birds at night and looked outside and realized it was 5 am lol.
Speaking of games, there is a game out now called Yooka-Laylee and it was made by the team that did Banjo-Kazooie and it is just like it.  I wanted to get it for you to play at some point.
I miss sitting with you at night and just being all warm and snuggly and watching the night go on while we watched TV or gamed and you showed me stuff on the ol' Pinterest.  It really means a lot to me to see that you still hang up my art in your room.  You really are the best dew drop.
Movie list and more talking to your beautiful face super duper soon.   <3 p="">
are my
shining star

Friday, January 12, 2018

Frank Wizowski here reporting with a turkey leg!

Wheels are moving along and going better than expected here and it was the highlight of my day to have the little middle of nap chat today  :D
It is currently raining and my little bloggy wanted to leave you a little message.
Was very humbled and excited to see that you still hang up my art in your room, I really like those ones and seeing them again makes me want to do more.  You sounded so comfortable and adorably half asleep today but remembered some great memories.  But yes we did go see Avengers 2.  Iron Man accidentally created Ultron who became self aware and wanted to take over the world to promote piece and was making a new body that ended up being Vision.  It's a bit of a mess of a movie I thought.  I remember coming back from seeing it and I just kept saying that it didn't seem good and didn't feel right and you saying that you thought it was good and liked it.  I've been trying to get all my Etsy orders done quicker because I'd like to use that end of day time instead to stream games again because I always knew you would watch and I knew I had the best audience of one, even if I wasn't in the chat.  I got Back to the Future on PS4 today so I'd like to stream that and a few choice others.
I love laying here and listening to the rain.  It always relaxes me and reminds me of you.  The calmness and those once a day rains in Florida.  Running through the rain at Universal to stop at that one gift shop where the guy kept talking to us about the comic con.  Also of that painting I painted you of the couple walking down the path with the lights and leaves all around.  I really loved your little day of buying packs of pog-like things and opening them up and putting them in order.  It made me smile and feel so good, I used to do that with trading card packs and there was just something fun about wondering what you'd get and trying to get the set.
But yeah things are moving along quite nicely which I"m happy about.  I really hope you had a very good little nap on your day off and that your upcoming days of work aren't too bad for you.  It always makes me think back to when you were working your ass off going from Loves to Arcadia and trying to handle all the calls and on calls and getting people to cover other people.  It really frustrated you and wore you out so I'm glad you have a job where at least you kind of have it a lot more open and easier.  I'm sure it's a tough job that isn't the absolute funnest but to me it's nice to know you aren't stressing out over covering shift and being yelled at and such.  I'm going to try and go over my parents house tomorrow night, hopefully we can all bury the hatchet and have a nice little night.  I've been in a crazy Resident Evil mood lately and not sure why, even as far as to take pics of all the Resident Evil stuff I have.   I don't want to be a weirdo!!
Well, it is almost 4 am as I fell asleep for a little waiting for my tables to dry.  Hope you have a very wonderful morning and slept well with some very sweet dreams.  Talk to you very soon Megels  <3 p="">

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Luxury of Sleep

Screwed up my entire night by passing out asleep and waking up at 3 am.  Again.  I'm beginning to think I have narcolepsy.  Feeling kind of sick due to no sleep and bad eating but I want to write you a little something for your morning.
Megels is a girl who is more beautiful than anyone I've ever known.
She makes me feel like I can reach the highest clouds, higher than any bird has ever flown.
Being able to make me laugh with every little joke she says.
Not judging me and buying me more of my little hobby of collecting Pez.
Her skin is smooth and touchably soft that I could kiss all over.
She's the one person I was and am always proud of calling my lover.
A gamer at heart who has the skills to beat the most toughest boss.
But also kick a game in the face with well placed rage after every loss.
Her little dog Sam has more personality than any human and lazier to boot.
We will do whatever we can to make sure he is the healthiest doggy, kicking his illness with a boot.
I think of her every day and night and fall asleep to dreams of her in my head.
Not a single night goes by where I don't pretend my pillow is her in my bed.
I try and rhyme and make this little poem for her.
Even though it's sort of cheesy and would probably sound cuter if it was just just plainly said sir.
I hope you have very sweet dreams and an easy day at your job.
I will talk to you in the morning while I am so tired I could sob.
Love you and miss you and nighty night to you sweet Megels.
No, I don't have a rhyme for Megels but she is the only girl to make me feel like I can accomplish anything in the world, including something to end on a Legels?

Monday, January 8, 2018

oh oh sheila

The tired work days drag on but I keep rewinding hearing you laughing at the end of the call.  The restaurant is called Ephasus and yeah I was picking up food and stuff while continously saying the name and spelling it lol
I'm thirsty and very tired.
Tonight I want to say that you are beautiful.  You are the adorable girl who stands out in a crowded room whom my eyes gravitate to immediately and through the thick fog of people.  I think I loved best, playing a game with you near me helping or watching something on tv with you on my lap and playing with your hair.  While writing this the thought of a huge cowgirl porn stash under a bed is making me distracted lol.
I can't remember if you said you were reading Girl on a Train or Gone Girl before but I recommend Girl on a Train.  I'm halfway through and it is pretty good and keeps you wanting to continue.  Oh oh, here's a story:
So, dvds and blurays are coded to the region they are from such as North America is Region 1 or A and Europe is Region 2 or B etc
Well, they only work in players from those specific regions.  So, a region 2 dvd won't play here in NA.  Anyways, I was at work and saw a bluray set of Big Bang Theory seasons 1-7 and noticed that it was showing Region a,b,c and had a europe rating on it.  So I brought it up to a coworker and manager and they said yeah no that's not our region and to just trash it out of the system and toss it.  Well, being Edward I took it home with me and tried it out.  Turns out it works in our region.  So, due to my small mistake I now have a little bluray set of BBT seasons 1-7.  Crazy.  Small enough to save space and looks all good on bluray although I haven't watched anything of it because it's kind of our show.  I also got Supernatural season 1 on bluray for like 2 bucks.
I remember a cute memory today as well of when we went to the mexican restaurant on McKnight and you told me about your bucket list.  I miss looking at it on Pinterest and want to make sure you hit all those buckets.
I loved that laugh you had today and it made my year so far.
I feel so bad for Sammy and really hope there is a way to make him healthier or help him out, that dog is so well behaved and great and doesn't deserve to be ill.
Same with you, I really hope you don't get any more super disease sicknesses and we can get you back to super healthy yay megels.
I so tired so I am gonna turn in.  I miss how immaturely excited I was when we tried sleeping naked together that one night down there because it was supposed to be better for us.  lol, I always was and still am obsessed with naked megels.
Sleep very well, hope your sudoku went well, maybe i'll look into another phone game we can maybe play together.  Have very sweet dreams and I shall write another for you tomorrow.
The moon lights the sky and even though miles seperate them, they are still lit in the darkness, their lives intertwined in ways few people are lucky enough to endure.
Miss you, love you, sleep well and tight and no bed bugs biting.
nighty night megels