Friday, April 20, 2018

True Love or the Business

The clouds ran with the red limo as if they were both on a race to their goals.  Each one carrying just as much anger as the other.  Lightening lit up the sky and the land around them guiding them on their path.  Thunder rumbled above like a symphonic boom of support for the speeding vehicle.  The seven passengers in the back of the limo tried to avoid eye contact with one another as the night went on towards their target.  Victoria was silent as well, sitting in the back of the limo and staring out into the night.  There was something about this that seemed off, her heart never beat this hard before.  Maybe she was sick?  She had gone on missions that involved murders, theft, and all manner of illegal activity but something about this job was bothering her.  Maybe because it was her self declared final one?  Putting her hand on her chest over her heart she tried to slow her breathing.  The hills outside whipped by and droplets of rain began to collect on the window.  There were homes that went by here and there and a warm blue house surrounded by a white fence went by.  Or did it?  It was late and maybe she was projecting what she wanted.  She would have to change her name.  Disappear.  The Royal Darkness could always find her and call upon her again.  Or the others like Dante would have her eliminated for knowing so much of everyone's business.  Her nerves were staring to shake with the thought that her longest dream may not be allowed for her.  Checking the radar she noticed that they were making excellent progress and while the dot had begun moving forward, they were gaining on it faster than she thought they would.

Miles ahead, the couple was making their way down the road drawing ever closer to the next city.  Meg was starting to succumb to watching the night sky grow darker and her eyes grow heavier.  She didn't want to fall asleep just yet, all of her adrenaline from that morning was starting to dwindle.
"Where did you learn to fight and handle weapons like that?"
"You pick it up as you go being on the defensive a lot.   But I had a good head start and had taken some classes when I was younger.  Parents thought I might need it with the state of the area they were living in."
"Seems to have paid off at least.  I know it's training but it's going to be scary not knowing how the other person is going to attack."
"That's the hard part.  But always remember that there is always a weak or exposed spot no matter who or what it is."
"I never really got into any fights when I was younger.  An argument or shove when I was younger but never an actual fist fight.  Girls generally go for the hair and scratch, it's actually kind of annoying."
"I did my best to avoid any fights when I was growing up.  I had seen my dad get in some trouble and got to see what a real fight looked like.  It wasn't something I wanted to ever put myself through."
"It feels like there is a feeling inside of me that makes me wonder that if I got into a real fight fueled by some real anger.....that something would come out and I would go too far."
"I know what you mean.  It's something you have to always keep in check.  A lot of people want to get you to that point because once you are there it's all primal and no thinking and they can take advantage of you not thinking straight."
She reached over to turn on the radio as to aleviate the mood a bit.  After fiddling around with the stations for a few minutes she finally landed on something that sounded calming.

"It's me or the job, Vickie.  This isn't going to work if you are never here.  Plus, what you're doing is illegal!  I don't want to have things like this going on around me.  You have to choose.  Me or the job."
"You aren't being fair!  I've worked my ass off to get to where I am!  All of this around us is because of me, i'm respected and we can have everything we'll ever want!"
"But at what cost?  To never see each other?  To wonder if tonight will be the night you don't come home?  It may be extravagant and solve all financial problems but I'll always know how  you got it.  It'll be blood money."
"You're being dramatic, it is just a business and one I've worked my way up in!"
"Then get out while you still can!"
"You don't understand!"
"No, you don't understand!  It's taken over your mind Vic!  You cancel dates, you come home in the middle of the night, sometimes smelling like blood, and we can't go anywhere ourselves without being watched or followed!  It's not right."
"Please.  Just...understand.  I love you, this is for us."
"It's for you Vickie.  That's what you need to understand.  It's me or the business."
Vickie opened her eyes at the back of the limo, tears spilling over onto her cheeks.  "I'm so sorry.  I choose you.  I'm so sorry...."
"You say something boss?"
"Leave me alone and face front."
"Yes ma'am, sorry."
She looked out the window wondering where he was.  "I choose you."

It was getting late and Edward was experiencing a sense of deja vu as he drove down the dark road in the middle of nowhere looking for somewhere to spend another night.  A couple hours had passed and he hadn't noticed at first but there were two faint lights in the distance behind him getting closer.  He eyed them after a few moments and thought nothing of it.  Just another driver on the road.  As the vehicle got closer he started to notice that it looked very familiar. Too familiar.  The red limo.  Shit.
Meg was asleep and there was no way this was going to go a nice calm way.  The limo was getting closer and he could see the driver smiling at him.  He hit the gas but the limo was faster and began to pull around the car.  The window pulled down and a member of the Royal Darkness looked at him and aimed a gun at his face.  "Nice night for a drive huh?"
Edward slammed on the brakes and then gassed again to pull around the limo and overtake it.  The sudden brakes woke Meg up.  "What's going on?"
"Unfortunately we aren't alone out here anymore darlin."
"You've got to be kidding me."
"Well you hoped we would run into them."
"I wasn't really serious!"
The limo tried to pull sideways to block off the road and the members pointed their weapons out of the windows and began shooting at the car. 
They hid behind the console as bullets hit the car and slowed the car to a stop before the limo.  Smoke poured out of the car and the night permeated the air with silence.  They group waited for a moment before exiting the limo and then one by one came out until all seven were facing the stalled car.  The only noise were the tings of the car engine.  Until a gun shot rang out and one of the members fell over dead.  Then another.  And another.  The other members were confused as to what was happening.  Victoria sat in the limo waiting and watching.  Three of her seven were already down.
"You guys want to start some shit then you're going to get some shit."  Meg yelled.
The members looked at one another confused.  Then a scream rang out that took them off guard and a short brunette girl popped up from the front seat and started shooting. 
Every single one missing the targets.  Once she was done screaming she looked at them, frozen and not knowing what to do next.  The men started laughing and walked to the car.  "Nice shot little lady, you got every single one of us."
"Ever hear of a distraction boys?" Another voice from in the car called out.
Four more shots rang out and all the men fell to the ground.  Edward sat up in his seat and blew the billowing smoke out of his gun.
Victoria sighed and exited the limo.  "Gotta hand it to you, that was pretty good.  But now I'm outnumbered and you are out of bullets."
She walked towards the couple who were exiting the vehicle.  Meg was staring her down with evil intent.
"What do you want Victoria."
"I had come for you looking for something Edward but now I've realized I was looking for the wrong thing."
"How so?"
"We just want the case."
"So does everyone apparently."
"Just tell me where it is, I'll get it, this will all be over."
"I don't have it.  Kind of why we are on the move."
"Then just tell me where I can get it."
"Coast Victoria.  That's all I've got."
Meg walked over to Victoria and stared her in the face.  Vickie looked down at her and was surprised when Meg punched her square in the face.
"You bitch!  Stop chasing us!  We are after the same thing!  I just want this to be over so I can start my new life!!!"
She continued punching her until Victoria had had enough and shoved Meg to the ground.  "So do I!!"
There was a silence in the air and Meg looked shocked.  "Wait, what?"
She wiped the blood from her nose.  "I want that too.  I want out.  I want a normal life with a husband and house and child.  I fucked it all up and I"m in too deep but this might be my out and I'm going to take it but I need that case to end this!"
Edward came over and picked up Meg.  "How do I know this isn't a trick?"
"You'd be dead by now."
"Is that why you were shooting at us and trying to kill us back at the hotel?"
"I have to get the case. But you have something else I want.  That....feeling."
"Love and hope."
Meg wasn't having it.  "No, it's a trick.  I'm not dealing with this anymore."
"It's not a trick.  I can't do this anymore.  You help me and I'll help you."
Edward was starting to put it together.  "That's why you let them all die.  They were the only witnesses."
"It's just me out here.  I want out."
Meg was breathing hard with anger but saw something in her eyes that seemed to make sense.  "And how can we trust you?"
"If I make any move at all on you.  You can shoot me immediately."  She threw her weapon over to Edward.  "I'm unarmed."
Meg was surprised.  "Hmmm....well...alright.   How do you suppose to help us then?"
"We can take the limo, once we reach some place to rest we will ditch it and change to something else.  They will start to look for me if I don't check in so I will have to make some kind of contact soon."
"The guys who want the case."
"I don't know ,this is still so weird."
"Look, I know what this looks like and I get it.  I totally get it.  I wouldn't trust me easily either, I haven't really shown any reason not to.  But you have my word of honor.  It's the business....or me."
Edward and Meg looked at one another.  "You think you'll be okay darlin?"
She had to think for a moment but it wasn't too bad an idea to have one of them on their side.  Might help move things along.  "I guess.  But I'm watching you."
"I deserve that."
"Where do we go from here."
"We take the limo and head east.  There should be some hotels or at least motels coming up not far from here."
It was an odd shaky alliance but barring what they had been through so far they put it aside and used this as an opportunity instead.  They got in the limo and continued off in the direction of the next city.  Having someone from the other side may actually prove useful and speed things along a bit more.  Meg was very hesitant but still felt the adrenaline of newfound confidence towards the gang.  This was a new way she could hurt them that she hadn't thought of before.  Gears began to turn in her head and she caught herself with a bit of a smile in the car mirror.
"Off we go.  Once we rest, it's off to the final city and then the coast where we can grab this case once and for all and end this."
Victoria said nothing, her heart was full of anxiety but she knew that this was something she had to do. 

He held out his hand to her as she stood in the doorway.  "It's me or the business, Vic."
She closed her eyes and curled up in the back of the limo.  "You my love, it's always been you."


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Calm Before the Storm

A line of cans and bottles were lined up on various surfaces around the forest and outside of it.  The sun had started to provide some heat to the day.  A small droplet of sweat fell its way down the side of Meg's face.  The breeze rolled by as the only noise reaching her ears was that and the rustling of tree leaves daring her to come at them.  She was standing next to a larger tree preparing herself.  Edward stood nearby watching her from a distance away.
"Try to focus but not be too rigid with your movements.  The silencer is on so don't worry about the noise."
"Well I'll definitely do my best."
"Just work with movements and aim, nobody is going to stand in one spot to let you carefully aim and shoot."
"That'd be nice though."
She turned out form behind the tree and took aim and pulled the trigger.  Two bottles exploded.  She jogged a few feet and continued aiming.  She shot at the three cans set up across from her and two of the three popped off the lob.  Standing in the middle of the path she stared at the last can.
"Still very good.  If it was a person and not a can, two shots would have them down.  Don't worry about that last one."
"I think I've got a good handle on it now."
"I agree.  I'm really impressed."
"Okay, let's keep going, what if someone runs at me and I don't have a weapon on me?"
"A good rule of thumb is to go for the legs first so they either fall or it catches them off balance."
She put the weapon down and rolled up her sleeves and faced him.  He approached her to demonstrate how to perform the move.  She paid close attention to his teaching and moved slwoly with him.  He walked slow and pointed to where she was to move.
"When the assailant is coming at you, lower your stance a little and bend your weight on your front facing leg.  They're going to swing at you or grab for you, that's what you want to look for.  Once you see them go for that move, try and duck out of the way and spin your body bringing your back leg in front of you in a sweeping motion to entangle their legs and knock them off balance."
He showed her the move and had her repeat it back.  Each time they did it faster until she was able to just about flip Edward over every time he came at her.  In a short time she actually started to enjoy herself.  As the morning went on, he began to introduce more physical movements to the practice.

It hadn't been the best rest and there was a lot of readjusting and rolling back and forth but Victoria got a fair amount of rest that had her feeling a little better.  She stood in front of a full length mirror taking stock of herself.  Her hair was almost dry giving it a slight curl here and there and her hands were healing up quite nicely.  Her skin held up well through all the jobs with only a small scar on her left shoulder and right thigh.  Her breasts were large but not difficult to manage and her body stayed tight from all the working out she tried to keep up on.  She turned to look at her butt quickly and ran her fingers through her pubic hair.  She sighed.  The same familiar fears and anxieties were still fogging her mind and she tried everything she had taught herself to calm down.
"Okay Vickie, this is what you've decided.  You can get out after this.  Just go.  Too much time has been funneled into this facade of a life.  It's not what I really want."
She dressed while fighting a losing battle with depression and finished by taking yet another glance at the radar.  They were either staying in one spot, which was stupid, or they found the locator and removed it.  Better get this show on the road.

Price paced up and down his office while listening to a ring tone on his phone.  He really had to work on his patience.
"Dante here."
Sir, It's Price, I wanted to make contact and hopefully get an update."
"The Royal Darkness is on the case, nothing to report yet."
"It's been days.  I need this squashed."
"You are in no position to demand anything Mr. Price."
"I understand but this needs taken care of.  I thought you said they were good."
"Might I remind you that I own half of your business after this.  It would be wise to stay on my good side."
He had a point and he took a breath to collect himself.
"My apologies, again, it's just a personal matter that I am interested in having done fast."
"It will be done.  You should know about timing."
"Yes..yes..that's true."
"Don't call me again.  We will reach you when it is done."
The line went dead.  He held his head and squeezed his eyes closed.  His heart rate had escalated and he felt dizzy.  Using that case was such a bad idea.  He cursed himself and threw the phone across the room.  Lightning lit up the room and he stared out the window.
"You two are going to rue the day you screwed with me."

Victoria was dressed and ready to go and mentally checking off everything she needed.  Weapon ready and loaded, car gassed and ready to go, radar in hand, and seven men in the ready.
"We follow the tracker and take them by force, do not and I repeat, do not let them get away.  This one is now personal.  Don't disappoint me."
There was a collective "Yes, boss."  and they funneled into the limo and peeled out towards the radar's location.

The couple was sweaty and as the afternoon set in, dark clouds began to haunt the skies above them.
"Great, here comes my favorite storms again."
"At least you had some good time in the nice weather for a few days."
"True.  Pooped out now though.  I really appreciate you teaching me all of this."
"No problem darlin, maybe now we can get the jump on them for once."
They wiped the sweat off their faces and embraced.  After they shared a kiss under the trees they walked back to the car.  A rumble of thunder echoed in the distance.
"How much farther?"
"Countryside for a bit then a big city and then it's straight on to the coast."
"Cannot wait for this to be over."
"You and me both."
"Let's get moving, I need to find somewhere with a shower."
"I agree."
She playfully hit him and they drove back down the grassy path to the main road.  Underneath the car, the tracker beeped rhythmically unbeknownst to the couple.  The rain began to set it.
"You know, I actually hope I run into some of these clowns, I want to try out my new moves."
"Hopefully we don't run into them for a long time."

Miles away on the same road, a red limo was speeding at top speed down the pavement.  The Royal Darkness was inside biding their time, watching the roads for the familiar couple.  Victoria sat in the back in her own thoughts.  Her look was not of determination, but of fear.

TO BE CONTINUED..............

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Strength of the Heart Conquers All

The next morning brought a feeling of newfound confidence.  The track to reach the coast was dragging out longer than previously thought and while at the beginning, Meg was excited for the adventure and running and hiding scared, now she found herself gaining more confidence and determination.  She couldn't say it was impatience exactly but a feeling of wanting to get back at them.  Her eyes opened and the morning sky spilled in onto her.  Edward snored in the front seat of the car as she sat up and stretched.  She had some time now where she wasn't targeted and chose to take advantage of it.  Quietly she got out of the car and finished stretching the rest of her muscles.  There didn't seem to be any signs of homes, towns, or people for miles.  A very large billboard stood in the distance advertising corn from a farm some miles away.   New definition of middle of nowhere when corn is your big seller.  A breeze rolled by causing the grass to sway in waves around her, the leaves on the nearby trees rustled ripping her attention from the surrounding area.  She walked over into the trees and looked around.  Feeling a little safe, she walked up to one of the larger trees and kicked it.  A small piece of her pent up aggression was felt leaving her body.  It felt kind of good.  Mimicking a fight, she began punching the air in various poses as practice in combat.  Wasn't the best training as the tree just sat there but it was better than nothing.  She picked up a long stick and held it in front of her.
"I'm sick of running from you.  I want to start my life.  I want to be able to not sleep with one eye open."
She took a big swing and cracked the stick into the tree.  The vibrations of the strike were sent up the stick and into her arms.  Never having been a violent person or even getting into a fight, there was something about just getting out her frustrations that felt liberating.
Especially against this tree.
Screw this tree.
She aimed again.
"You aren't going to stop me from starting my new life with Edward."
"You shot me in the damn arm!"
"Followed me from town to town!"
"I can't sleep without having nightmares!"
"I am sick of running!!"
The stick broke in half and the power of the break stopped her thoughts.  She was breathing hard, staring at the broken piece of wood.  The world came back to her and her ears picked up the sounds of birds around her.  She dropped the other piece and felt the tree where she had been hitting it.  The bark had worn away slightly almost as if she had her metaphors backwards, her being the tree.  A butterfly landed on the lower branch.
"Enjoying some nature?"
She jumped at Edward's voice.  "Yeah, just beating up this tree."
"What did it do to you?"
"I think I needed it.  I feel a little better."
"You look positively beautiful."
"You think you could teach me how to defend myself better?  I' m not a fan of being shot again.  Hurt like hell."
He looked at her.  She was adorable.  Short, big brown eyes that complimented her brunette hair, and lips that tasted just as good as they looked.  She gave a smile and crinkled her nose that said please without even speaking any words.  His weakness.
"Yeah, sure I can do that.  You seem good with a stick, let's wee what else I can teach you."

The blip on the radar hadn't moved since Victoria last looked, they must've stopped for the night to sleep.  She hadn't gotten much sleep herself, the obsession with watching the tracker was becoming unhealthy but there was something about this couple that she couldn't just let go as just another job.  For the sake of the job and her own sanity, she put the receiver down and laid in her bed.  The curtains to her balcony blew over almost touching the bed and from her position she could see the clouds traveling past with the random crossing of birds.  There was a world out there she wasn't experiencing.  Was it even still possible to acclimate back into it?  She had thought many times about quitting and pursuing the 'normal' life.  The connections were there and more than enough money.  No reason why she wouldn't be able to do it.  Her eyelids were heavy and just before she fell asleep she fantasized herself gardening in a small home surrounded with a white fence, husband at work and baby asleep in its crib.  A tear rolled down her cheek and she fell asleep.

"Alright, so, when you aim, make sure both hands are on the weapon and using the small piece that's pointing out from the tip of the gun is what you want to line up with your target."
Meg stood in the middle of the woods, hair pulled up and one eye closed while she aimed a handgun at a makeshift target a yard from her.  Her hands were a little shaky and the weapon was a lot heavier than she thought it would be.
"There's going to be a kickback from the force of the shot so you want to make sure you have a really good grip."
Her eye-line was dead on down the sight and her target stared right back at her.  It was a shirt wrapped around a log with a target carved into the face of it.  Holding her breath, she focused on the carved portion and imagined it was Price.  All the time wasted and how this hasn't been resolved yet.  All the days and time that's passed being chased down.
"Once you get comfortable with the sights and aiming, we can work on moving because your target usually isn't going to be sitting still.  Or a log."
Her finger squeezed the trigger and the sound erupted through the trees and pieces of the log blew off in all directions.  She lowered the gun and opened the other eye to gauge where her shot landed.  The force of the bullet coming out did give her a startle but there was something therapeutic about being able to channel her anger that had built up into something tangible.  She walked over and saw that she hit the target quite well and felt the warm hole with her fingers.
"Not bad darlin, how do you feel?"
Her eyes were focused on the shot and had stopped blinking.  "I want to do it again."

The day had gone by with the sun starting to set after a few hours.  Victoria awoke unable to stay asleep.  Her mind was running too much and fears and thoughts she tried to push away were cropping up too much.  She sat up almost in tears.  She was going to be stuck in this forever wasn't she?  The radar was still unmoved.  How much longer could she keep doing this?  It was taking its toll on her physically and emotionally.  Picking up the receiver she stared at the dot.  She could no longer wait, the emotional toll on her was rising too much.  This would be her final job and then she would get out.  There was a photo in a frame by her bed that she didn't let anyone see.  It was her smiling with a man and they were on a trip.  She always looked at it longingly, the last pieces of her life before she took the dark road to the Royal Darkness.  She would never admit it to anyone but if she was honest, she was jealous of the couple.  They were pursuing the life she pined for.  That's why she didn't kill them that night.  Price was a nobody in the business, so what if he didn't get his precious case.
Maybe there was a way to help this situation for both her and the couple.  She set the photo down and looked at the sun.  This couple reminded her that she still had a heart that beat.

TO BE CONTINUED............

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Night They were Let Go on Borrowed Time

Meg's fears reached a new level that she hadn't felt since this whole thing started.  "Are you kidding me??"
"There's no way she could have gotten out of that."
His eyes searched the room with lightning speed to find some clue as to where she could have gotten to.
"Don't move, I knew she was good but why keep us alive and just disappear?"
The ties were stretched out a bit and covered in blood.  There were some drops that led a line to the bathroom.  He waved his hand to Meg to have her stay put but also see what he saw.  Her gaze was directed at the blood on the floor and where it led to.  Did she actually rip her way out of the ties at the cost of her hands?  He stepped off the bed and took the gun out from under the pillow.  The bathroom light was on and he followed the droplets to the door.  Meg tensed up ready to spring into action if necessary.  Taking a breath and tightening his grip on the gun, he kicked the door open and raised the weapon to.....
An empty room.
Did she just escape and leave?  Inspecting the room he saw written in red on the mirror:
Tick Tock
"What?  What is it?  Is it her?"
"No, she's gone."
"What?"  She left the bed and joined him in the bathroom.  "Tick Tock?"
"We're on borrowed time.  She'll come back, this time much more prepared."
"Damn it, should've just killed her when we had her."
"Can't just kill everyone."
"Well, at l.east we slept a little bit.  I'm not staying here though."
She gathered what she could.  "You drive us somewhere else, I'm going to sleep in the backseat, try and calm down."
Edward cleaned up any and all evidence and left outside with her.

The night road continued to give all the quiet straight lines it could while Edward drove on for their next destination.  Meg was curled up under a blanket sleeping in the back seat.  His mind was occupied with thoughts on the lengths Victoria was willing to go to not be captured.  She now knew more information and was out there preparing herself to strike back even worse.  This trip could have been over by now if there weren't so many things that kept trying to stop them.  It created a lot of memories for later including the farm incident and the attacks in the forest but all his mind held on to were the moments with her.  The way she posed in her new clothes at the shop, the smile when he said he loved her, the carnival with the ferris wheel, and feeling that warm electric feeling just by being near her.  The calls came a bit close too many times and he tried his best not to let any of the fears show on his face.  It was all worth it though, even now being thrown back into fear that Victoria will track them down, all he had to do was look in the back to see her and it all melted away.  The night was still going on and a slight drizzle was covering the atmosphere.  He could't deny that he was also still pretty tired so he started looking somewhere off road to catch some shut eye.  The rain danced on the windshield to an almost lullaby-like melody which made him feel more tired.  They were far from any civilization now in the darkest of back areas.  Before he was too sleepy, he pulled off the main road far off through a field and parked near a large grouping of trees for cover.  He shut the car off and set his hat over his face.  All his ears heard was the tapping of water enveloping him from all sides.

A red limo pulled up to a small section of land not far from the hotel.  Victoria stood up and was let into the limo through the rear doors.  She sat in the back holding her wrists, her hands were red and she looked rather weak.
"Boss, what happened?"
"Nothing  They were too confident and got sloppy.  I need patched up."
One of the men acted as medic and began working on her wrists.
"I know who they are now and how they plan on making it to the coast.  They won't make it far, on my way out of there I placed a transmitter on the bottom of their car.  It should be able to track them down wherever they go."
"Smart thinking boss.  Your wrists should be healed up in a few days, doesn't look like anything serious."
"Get Dante on the line, I have a few demands I want to make clear before we move ahead."

Meg awoke to the rain hitting the car from all sides and realized that he had parked off road in a small forest-like area.  Again.  At least it was off the main road and impossible to find unless you happen to be looking in the area.  She liked the sound of the rain on the car.  After having to be in the rain for who knows how many days she thought just the mere thought of it would anger her.  But there was something soothing about this one.  Above her she could see the stars out of the window.  Realizing she never properly took the time to gaze at them, she noticed there were countless numbers of them, all reaching out in the far expanse of space. Who knew what was out there.  Was there someone or something laying under their stars pondering their future now too?  Edward quietly snored away in the front seat, his hat bouncing a little with every exhale.  She rolled over to a new more comfortable position and opened the window a crack.  Tiny drops of rain squeezed through every so often and hit her on the cheek.  There was something about that that gave her a sense that everything was real.  That the Earth cleansed the day for the start of the new one just like people did.  Her eyes got heavy and the last thing on her mind was Victoria and how when or if she caught up to her at all, she wanted to try being the ruthless detective, why let Edward have all the fun?

"Dante, this better be good."
"It's Victoria."
"You're alright!  I heard what happened, did you get them?"
"They are still on the move but I know where they are going and am tracking them."
"Well at least that's better than being their prisoner."
"This is becoming more work than originally thought."
"What're you saying?"
"I'm saying I will be demanding a bit more for this job.  I didn't expect it to be so involved and....painful."
"Whatever you need, you know I've got you."
"I will call back in the morning with more information and requirements."
He hung up the phone and rolled over to his wife.  She was asleep and he quietly thanked the lord that he had found someone who would put up with his business and odd schedule.  He put his arm around her, cupped her breasts and fell asleep on her shoulder.

Victoria sat up half the night watching the small radar screen of her tracker.  It had stopped moving off road near a large stretch of nothing.  They must be sleeping again.  She stared at it for what seemed like hours.  There was something about them that was personally getting to her but she couldn't figure out just what exactly it was.  Her men at reached one of the buildings they owned and settled in for the night.  She sat out on the balcony naked under the rain, letting the cool wet drops bring down her fuming obsession with the couple that stopped her.  The Royal Darkness was known for their efficiency and her as one of if not the best in the business when you wanted something to go away.  So why was it so hard for her to finish this job?

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Hotel Hostage

"She what?"
"The couple you were looking for, they just took off with the boss."
"Wait...wait....they kidnapped Victoria?"
"Cornered her in the room, sprung a little trap for her.  Led her outside by gunpoint and then took off."
"Did you see where they were headed?"
"Looked to be east from here."
"The coast.  God damn it, they're still going strong.  Going to have to change course of this plan and maybe just follow them to the coast and act there."
"We're going to retrieve our boss, she can contact you afterwards."
"Wait what?"
The phone line went dead and Dante stood in his office in silence.  They actually managed to surprise and kidnap the leader of the Royal Darkness.  Who the hell were these people?  He looked out at the moon.  He'd give it a day, assuming she knew what she was doing.  If there was no response by then, he would make a move himself. This chase was beginning to not become worth his time.
The remaining Royal Darkness members piled into the red limo and took off down the road in pursuit.  It was an indoctrined code within the company that you protect the leader at all costs.  This may get messy.

The road seemingly went on forever and became a blur of concrete after a few hours and Meg's eyes were starting to get heavy.  Their new passenger was quiet for a good while and it was oddly more uncomfortable that way.  "Hey darlin, I'm starting to lose it here.  We're going to need to stop to sleep."
Victoria shifted a little looking a bit tired herself.  Edward thought for a moment, keeping his gun pointed in her side.  "You're right but I don't know where we can go with this one."
Victoria gave an annoyed smirk.  "Sleep, I don't give a fuck."
"Yeah, we sleep and you kill us while we snooze away or escape as well.  We can't trust you."
"True.   I guess that's a risk you're going to have to take."
They continued to drive a little longer, the night seemed to be swallowing up the road ahead of them.  Meg tried her best to stay awake but it was a losing battle.  "Darlin, first hotel I see we're stopping.  I swear I just saw a house fly over us."
"Okay okay, safety is more important.  We'll figure the rest out once we get there."
He narrowed his eyes at Victoria who gave a smile back.
It wasn't long before a small hotel appeared on the side of the road and they pulled in.
"Meg, here's some cash, get a room preferably high up and two beds  I'll stay here and watch her."
She ran in and spoke with the person at the desk.  Victoria watched and shifted a little in her seat.
"Cute girl.  Shame she had to go and get mixed up in all of this."
"Blame the guys who sent you."
"I have a reputation to keep, we aren't called the best for nothing."
"Don't seem to be at your best right now."
"The night is still young."
"Don't even think about trying anything."
Her eyes traveled up and down him.  She couldn't move her hands as they were tied behind her.
"Let me guess, I'm going to have to sleep tied up like this too."
"You're lucky I'm even letting you do that."
"Why don't you untie me and I'll give you a reason to trust me."
"Shut up, I'm not falling for any of your little mind tricks."
"You know, you've looked at me quite a bit tonight."  She rubbed her leg against his.  "Quite a few glances at my tits.  You know, I do it all.  I bet you're a real animal from behind."
"Shut the hell up.  Now.  And don't touch me."
Meg returned and walked up to his window.  "Fifth floor, all good to go."
"Alright, lead the way and I'll follow with her.  Quietly.   One peep out of you Victoria and so help me you'll be sleeping permanently."
They walked inside the lobby and took the elevator to the fifth floor.  Once inside the room he led Victoria to the second bed and tied her to the posts stronger than anything he could get out of.
"Offer is definitely still on the table."  She spread her legs open to face Edward.
"Go the fuck to sleep."
She smiled knowing she hit a nerve and Edward joined Meg on the other bed.  Meg was half asleep but noticeably uncomfortable.  She snuggled up to Edward and whispered to him.  "I'm not going to be able to sleep with her here.  I'm just going to be worried all night that she's going to get out and kill us in our sleep or a number of other things."
"She won't dare.  She's under orders from someone else.  If it were her own mission then I'd agree but they have some weird code that they follow when working with another gang.  Believe it or not they have morals and respect."
"I just don't like it."
"Neither do I but other than chain her to the bathtub, we don't have a ton of options at this point.  Get some rest, I'll watch what I can, nothing is going to happen to you I'll make sure of it."
He kissed her and she laid her head back down and was asleep within minutes.

A couple of hours passed and Edward was awoken by Victoria trying to get his attention.  "What."
"I have to go to the bathroom.  I'm a little tied up at the moment and I'm sure you'd appreciate it if I didn't piss myself and smell for your little trip."
He sighed and admittedly she was right.  He got up, grabbed the gun and untied her from the bed.  Leading her into the bathroom he undid her ties for this only.  "I'm warning you, you try anything.."
"And you'll shoot, I got it.  Nothing new there."
She walked to the toilet and faced him.  "You're going to be in here then?"
"Can't trust you."
"Fine whatever."
She took her pants down and sat on the toilet.  Once she was finished she wiped herself off and then leaned back on the toilet and began rubbing herself.
"I said bathroom and then back to bed, no fooling around."
"Sorry, it's been quite the day for me and I'd like to relieve myself."
"I don't care, get up so I can tie you back up."
She continued to rub and began moaning.  "Oh come on, everyone likes to watch."
As she continued, Edward tried not to watch as she got more into it.  "Hurry up."
She stood up and lifted her shirt so her breasts bounced out, her nipples were erect and she bent herself over the sink and continued.
"Victoria come on."
"Don't you dare pretend you aren't getting hard."
Her ass faced his direction and he could see her fingers moving on the other side.  Her breasts swayed with her movement and in the mirror he could see her eyes watching him.  Her moans continued and her legs quivered slightly.  She bit her lip and her eyes bore deep into his soul.  Within seconds he had dropped his pants and shoved his hard member inside of her, she yelped in surprise and held on to the counter.  He rammed her with angry aggression and she came twice before she knew it.  His hands were rough on her nipples and he pulled her close to him so he could feel her ass slamming off of his stomach.  She came again, this time on the verge of almost squirting when he pulled out and spun her around and on to her knees.  He shoved his penis into her mouth and she felt his cum splash down her throat.  Meg jumped up in bed gasping, covered in sweat.
The room was silent and Edward was asleep next to her, Victoria doing the same in the bed across.  Edward was still in the same position and dressed as he was when she fell asleep.  She hit him.
"Huh?  What was that for?  Everything okay?"
"I'm having fucked up dreams because of all of this.  I can't do this."
"Look I told you, I don't like it either but I don't know what else to do with her."
"Just get rid of her.  Honestly, what does it matter?"
She had a point of sorts but he didn't want her developing a murderous streak due to this whole adventure.  He never knew someone so pure and of good heart and it would be a true loss if she became a cold hearted he had become.
"I reinforced the ties and the gun is under the pillow.  Come here.  I love you and the last thing I would do is put you in a position that was too dangerous or risky.  They still need us for the information on that cast.  They won't kill us.  Lay with me and rest.  Tomorrow will be a new day and it will be our day, I promise."
He kissed her and she felt a weight off of her shoulders.  "I love you, just stay out of my dreams."

Clouds rolled in as the morning rose.  Edward was up first this time and once he was fully able to think clearly he looked over to the other bed....and Victoria was gone.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Monday, April 9, 2018

A Bargaining Chip is Acquired

The red limo parked across the street and around the corner as to remain out of view.  Victoria spoke to her team before they headed out.  "I want a duo of you on each exit of the building so they have no route to escape.  Two of you come with me and Rick, take out the security systems."
"You got it boss."
They exited the vehicle and the groups split up and went their seperate ways to their posts.  Victoria got out after a few moments and sauntered over to the sidewalk in front of the hotel.  She nodded over to Rick who nodded back and clipped a wire in the electrical box to shut down all the security devices that were in place.  Once up to the door, Victoria used her lockpick to break open the door and went inside.  The interior was quiet and somewhat dark with a lot of the lights turned off for the night.  The main office was located near the front door with a small sitting area off to the right.  She listened for a moment and took in the quietness of the night.  "Get into the office and search through all the records to see who has checked in in the last two days.  Specifically anyone that paid in cash."
The two men tore through notebooks and ledgers that sat near the office window looking for the daily rent totals and check ins while Victoria began slowly walking down the hallway looking at the pictures hanging on the walls.  The hotel appeared to be owned by an older couple who seemed happy with their purchase and from the looks of the decor, have been happy with how it looked originally for some years now.  She wondered if there was a future where she could settle down somewhere and leave it all behind.  If it was even possible with how far in she was and her reputation.
She followed the call back to the office where one of the men had a blue book in front of him.
"What did you find?"
"Lucky day boss, a couple checked in yesterday morning, paid cash, room 812."
"Perfect.  Let's go."
They took the elevator up to the floor and found the room.  She positioned the two men on each side of the door and took out her lockpick again.  "You know the drill.  Stay here in case you're needed and make sure nothing comes out of this room."
They nodded and she began to pick the lock.

Meg stirred in her sleep.  She had started waking up every so often in the middle of the night due to the past weeks being woken up by an attacker and just fearing to even fall asleep as to not be aware of what was going on.  Tonight was no different.  Her eyes opened in a blurry mess and she heard a faint metal noise.  She awoke more clearly and followed the noise with her ears to the door to the room and saw it jiggling slightly.  "Ed, Edward, wake up! I think someone is trying to get in!"
"Mmm, I love you too Megels."
"No, Edward, wake up, someone is trying to come in!"
"Huh?  What's going on."
He woke and focused a lot faster due to being in this situation a few times in the past.  His sight cleared up and he too saw the door handle being worked on.  "Stick by me and do exactly as I tell you."  He kissed her and grabbed her hand.

The door wasn't too hard to pick and within moments Victoria was able to open the door.  The light from the hall created a pillar of light that illuminated the bed from afar.  This was going to be too easy.  Carefully she walked over to the bedside and reached into her pocket and removed a small gun with a silencer attached.  The bed lie before her with two lumps under the sheets.  "Like fish in a barrel."  She shot four times, two in each lump and stood straighter, smiling.
Nothing happened.  No blood or noise.  She whipped off the sheet to find four pillows stuffed together to resemble body shapes.  "The hell?"
"Sorry to disappoint you."
She turned around to see Edward standing in the doorway to the kitchen aiming a gun at her, the short brunette was at his side.  Pretty little thing.
"Lucky you, you actually managed to sneak up on me."
"Not every day you get to gain the upper hand with the great Victoria of the Royal Darkness."
Meg looked up at Edward. "You know this psycho woman?"
"Anyone in the business once they get enough leverage knows about Victoria.  Leads the elite team that has never lost a job and made millions in profits making their moves like ninjas in the night.  Has a twisted way of ending people's lives too."
"Something you'll experience soon enough."
"No talking, put your gun on the ground and kick it over here.  I know you have men outside the door and probably at every exit too.  Try anything at all and I shoot."
Victoria had been in this situation a million times, may as well humor him.  She dropped her gun to the floor and kicked it over to Meg who picked it up surprised at how heavy it was.  "What do you mean a twisted way?"
"Sick bastard over there pleasures the victim right up to orgasm and then kills them."
"What the hell?"
"Like I said, twisted."
Victoria stood almost proud of her reputation.  "Don't knock it until you try it."
"Not my problem, you won't be doing any more of that if I see fit."
"Your confidence precedes you."
"I could say the same thing to you.  Call your men in here, weapons down.  I see one move towards an attack and you're dead."
Victoria hadn't considered this part.  Reluctantly she called her men in.  "You may enter, weapons down.  Whatever you see in here do not react to."
They came in and were surprised to see their boss with her hands up, sans gun, and at gunpoint by a couple in the next doorway.  They did as they were told and stood on either side of Victoria.
"How's it feel, being tricked by a small time detective?"
"Enjoy your win now, it's only a matter of time before we get what we came for."
"Did Price send you?  He's been chasing me for quite a while."
"You won't make it out of this building alive."
"We've made it this far."
"You might make it outside but my men are highly skilled mercenaries.  Won't be long before I've got you in my hands, stroking and rubbing, feeling your hard rigid...."
Two gunshots rang out and her men fell to the ground dead, blood splattered over Victoria taking her and Edward by surprise.  Meg had a shocked look on her face and the gun in her hand was emitting smoke.  "I'm sorry!  I didn't mean to pull the trigger!  Just, hearing what she was saying got me so pissed off!"
"It's alright dew drop, all this talk gave me a little bit of an idea."
This wasn't exactly what Victoria had been used to and was a little worried as to what was going to happen next.  Edward walked over and tied her hands.  "Darlin, get our stuff together and follow me, we're getting out of this hotel and to our car and then out of here."
"With her?"
"Yes, she's our new bargaining chip.  Health insurance if you will."
Victoria was offended.  "You are just digging yourself a much deeper hole."
"Keep your hole to yourself and do as I say."
Meg gathered up all of their belongings and followed Edward as he led Victoria down the hall and took the elevator to the main floor.  She tried to wriggle free but Edward only made the ties tighter and kept the gun trained on the back of her head.  It was hard for Meg not to smile as she was loving having the upper hand for once.  She may or may not have 'accidentally' kicked Victoria a few times as well.  He led Victoria out the front door.  "Call them off, tell them to leave and go home.  Now."
"Team, regroup immediately."
Seven men came together around from the building and at once saw their boss at gunpoint by some strange couple. 
"Boss what...."
"Not a word!  I need you all to get back to base and await my next orders."
"But boss, we can..."
They were bewildered for a moment and then began leaving for the red limo, all looking confused.
"The Royal Darkness will not led the full moon win."
Edward looked at Meg confused as to what Victoria was saying but continued walking.  "In the back with me, Meg you drive, I'll direct you where to go."
He shoved Victoria into the car and sat in the back with her, gun trained on her the whole time.  Meg got in the drivers seat and started the engine. It had been a while since she had driven but it all came back to her immediately and she was kind of excited to drive the open road.  They pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway.  "Stay on this road for a good many miles dew drop, I'll let you know when and where we can make a stop for this one."
Victoria still messed around.  "Aw, dew drop how cute."
"Shut up Victoria.  There's a lot of road ahead of us, piss me off and you won't see many more of it."
"You don't know what you've gotten yourself into."
"I've heard that before, now quiet."
Meg had a huge smile on her face from being in control.  They weren't chased now, now they had a person of interest that may get them onto a much better track.  She couldn't help but laugh and pressed the gas feeling the rev of the engine rumble through her body.  Closer to the coast here I come!


Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Vow on the Wheel as Enemies Approach

Up on the top of the ferris wheel, she laid against him and watched the sun's final setting amongst the clouds ahead of them.  The world was such a big place that housed so many places and experiences that her mind could barely process.  Just in the past weeks she saw more of the land than she ever thought she would all thanks to...well...being sought after to death.  Edward was a big part of it, she would probably be a body in an empty apartment at this point without his help.  The gang that her friend got mixed up in was serious business.
"I'm scared."
"Scared of what?"
"Scared that we're going to go through all of this and in the end something will happen and we won't be together."
"I told you, nothing like that is going to happen, we are getting this case and once they have it in their hands we won't mean anything to them anymore.  We'll be dropped."
"They could still kill us, not meaning anything anymore is the perfect excuse."
"Look, ever since I saw you that day I knew there was something about you that I couldn't explain.  Forget the fact that you were in trouble with a mafia gang, I happened to have all of the events in my life lead up to having me standing across the way watching you.  Lives just don't happen to come across one another, things happen for a reason.  Every single day that I've spent after that with you have been the happiest days of my life.  I was scared at first yeah but being with you has given me strength I didn't know I had, a sense of purpose that I have never felt before."
"You're just saying that, if all of this was so meant to be then why are we running for our lives?  Why aren't we left alone and planning our life together."
"Who says we aren't?  We may be running and hiding but not a day goes by that I don't think about our future together.  What it will feel like waking up to you every morning, the places we'll travel to, the vows I'll recite to you, where our house will be, what our kids will look like.  Megels I love you and if a period of time running and risking my life is going to be the cost to reach that, then I'll run and risk until every last cell of my body is gone."
Her heart skipped a beat and she felt every word he spoke come alive inside of her, her feelings had matched his exactly.  "I'm just scared something will happen.  I'm looking forward to us so much, it'll destroy me if you or we run into something we can't overcome."
He took her hand and stared right into her eyes.  "I was put in your life for a reason my love and nobody is going to take me away from being your one true happily ever after."
He kissed her and the fireworks continued to explode around them.  The wheel made it's final turn and they exited the car and walked through the carnival, a day to themselves successful.

The red limo was reaching the town faster than expected and the woman inside was getting excited.  It was only a matter of time before she would be able to feel the adrenaline of the chase again.  She wasn't sure if she would be able to promise bringing them in alive but she was going to have fun with this one.  She cracked her fingers and looked out the window and saw the city coming into view.  Picking up the phone in the car she called her associates.  "We are just about there, be stationed around every exit and I want any and all records of people who have checked into hotels or motels in the last two days.  The longer it takes you the quicker I'll lose my patience."
She hung up and got herself mentally prepared for what was about to be either a very long or a very short night.

The door to the hotel room was kicked open and Edward carried Meg into the room and plopped her onto the bed.  They were both pretty exhausted from the day and spent no time getting into bed.
"I had such a great day, if only every day was like that."
"It will be darlin, let's get some sleep, we need to leave early so we can get back on track to make it to the coast.  Chances are they've already started sending people out looking for us."
"Party poopers."
It wasn't long before she was out cold and he laid down next to her.  She was beautiful the way she slept.  A peaceful calm.  Her hair had fallen over her face and he watched the bedsheet drift up and down with every breath she took.  He kissed her forehead.  "I love you Meg.  I promise you that when we are out of this, I will take your hand and start our lives together."

A few hours passed and Victoria sat in a dark room waiting for information to come back.  The phone was annoyingly silent.  There wasn't much to do in this town to pass the time while waiting but it all came part of the job.  She thought about taking a nap or masturbating but with her luck lately, another one of her men would barge in and have to be dealt with.  She looked out the window at the town, it was eerily quiet and she scanned the area to see how many hotels may be in the vicinity.  Before her patience ran too thin, the phone next to her bed rang.
"We scanned all the hotel rentals that you asked for and there is a small list and most are couples.  It would take too long to check every single one so we narrowed it down to ones that paid in cash."
"Three rooms."
"That's pretty precise.  We must check them all.  Where are you?"
"Coming out of the records building down a few blocks.  Martin is with you outside the door if you need anything."
"I'll meet you outside, I want this done tonight."
The phone call ended and she perked up a little bit.  This may go easier than previously thought.

The first hotel room was scanned from the outside and she had her men scope out from the rooftop across.  From the inside they could see an older couple in their 80's who were fast asleep with some dinner left out on the table.  They crossed that one off the list.  Moving to the next hotel room, they spied a much younger couple who seemed to be drunk from the nearby carnival and having unnecessarily loud sex with one another.  The description they were given had the targets being a little older than these current youngsters so this was crossed off the list as well.  So far, narrowing down the rooms was getting easier.  The red limo parked outside the final hotel and when they got out the one associate noticed something interesting.
"Hey boss, there's a cop car parked here.  Side says it's from a town miles north of here."
"They must have stolen it there and driven here.  This has to be it.  Fan out and get inside, i want all exits covered and all windows watched.  These people are in for a rude awakening."