Saturday, December 16, 2017

Early morning yearning

Woke up early after dreaming deeply.
Missing you a lot and am excitedly working towards the days I have been dieing for.
The snow is cold but I am warm to the bone with thoughts of you.
Your embrace and beautiful eyes.
A small P.S. as my heart yearns more and more.
Love you dew drop, I can always feel your hand in mine.  Warming me and my heart.  <3 p="">

Friday, December 15, 2017


3- The future continues and we've now hit a stage where we are firing on all cylinders.  We've gotten in shape, don't worry about bills, our careers are exactly what we want, and Maniac Mansion is being seen by a lot more than I thought and picked up by websites writing about it.  This gets me noticed by the creator of Maniac Mansion who commends my work and may offer me a job after my suggestion of remaking the maniac mansion game for current consoles with my art and style.  Meanwhile you get promoted at your job which you had been campaigning for and are in a position now where you feel you can breath and really achieve great things.  I celebrate with you and your ideas for expansive dreams grow as you tell me all about them and it fuels such excitement.  We continue to visit Universal but taking time to go to Disney now that star wars world has been built and opened.  During the course of the years and the upcoming ones, we start to cross off states on your bucket list for visiting all 50 states.  Being kids so much eventually puts the thought in our heads for maybe looking into bringing a kid into our world as well.  We kick around names again as long as it fits with getting stuck in the dishwasher and decide to try this year.  I secretly hope our first is a girl and we name her Layla (spell?) and I get daddy crazy thinking of taking her around with me to shop and putting hats on her.  It doesn't take much trying and we are lucky with a positive test and a creative way to break the news to all while I feel the utmost confidence that you will be the most amazing mommy.
We take that long talked about road trip with Mike and Sarah driving to Universal and spend a few days there laughing and having the best time ever as two couples enjoy the best amusement park there is.  It's an adult couple dream that we've always fantasized about where two married couples have a blast with the loves of their lives and you wonder how the hell everyone isn't doing the same thing, but secretly glad they don't as we have captured something special and we'll be damned if they take it from us.
A chance opportunity comes along where I can be a part of a game company as a character designer based on what they saw of my movie.  I take it on the condition that I am able to work from home as my wife has a nice round baby tummy growing and I don't want to be far from her so I am able to be there for her, esp when lil baby decides to make their way out into the world.  While the apartment was a good deal and helped when needed the most, we also look for a new place to live as to start our family in our own house.  We celebrate our yearly trip early by going to Europe where we chase down Italy, having seen a lot of the beaches in the US at this point.  The year goes along well with youtube episodes being put out that are far beyond our best and later in the year prepping for the delivery of what we find out is our little girl.  You go baby crazy too and have me paint a room to resemble the most amazing kids room there ever was.
Meanwhile since we can't keep up a youtube show forever, we have evolved Geek Sense into a brand at this point with a perfect venue for me to sell art pieces and with your clever ideas and help, develop a store that offers a wide selection of unique pieces of nerdiness for others to enjoy.
We continue to laugh until we fall asleep nestled in bed and I finally beat you once in harry potter scene it but it's very close.  I don't let a day go by where I don't let you know I love you and you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.  You request naked man and watch me play games and help with hints on what to do....and tell me I"m the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, it's strange but I appreciate it regardless.
The future looks very bright and the next few years brings with it a lot of growth, challenges,smiles, and happiness and with the excitement right around the corner, me not seeing the Last Jedi unless it's wit you and saving so so much to catch up with, my mind can think of a few notable events and plans that I envision with us including the following.............

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Middle of night, can't sleep, visions of you

Middle of the night and can't sleep and just wanted to add a P.S. to the last post before the next countdown.
I miss you and think about you so much.  Bought you something that has meaning with it.  I am going to fast track this countdown because I just can't go without you.  Sweet dreams dew drop, love you like crazy.
Back to our regularly scheduled Final Countdown.

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Final Countdownnnnn da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa do do do do dooooo

We decide to save a bit and take a big overseas trip, we spend most of the year planning it and I get the romantic ideas back in my head and suggest like always a trip to London/Paris/Rome.  We are able to make this happen even if it takes a bit more money than we'd like but we vowed to do this and off we go, more excited than we ever thought possible.  Once over there, we are overwhelmed with culture and have a blast never heard of before.  Paris is where I propose and at last we take the big step that was missed so many times and long overdue.  We are looking up at the eiffel tower and being the super tourists that we are and the beautiful scene is without description.  I fumble around with the ring in my pocket and my heart beats hard making my mouth dry and excited to speak the words I had been rehearsing over and over in my head for months.
I was going to write down exactly what I want to say at that moment but that would take all the emotion and surprise out of it, bad enough I already have said where I wanna do it. It was here and re-reading it, yes it's what I want to say but you'll just have to wait  ;)
I'm down on one knee and people in the crowd around pause and watch, excited and curious.  You with tears in your eyes accept and jump into my arms as the onlookers around us clap and cheer.
Even though I'm sure we aren't the only people to ever do it in that spot but in that moment we are the only people that exist in the world.  Paris will forever be a magical place in another world that means more than anything.  The rollercoaster of emotions and hell of previous years finally pay off and we return home reborn.  We end the year with more new movies to watch like Star Wars Episode 9 and plan our own christmas party that we invite people to.  We do ugly sweater days, gift exchanges, and watch as many Christmas movies as we can with hot chocolate, ginger bread Hogwarts that we made ourselves, and finally ice skating together holding hands while the holiday music plays over us.
The youtube show grows into an actual weekly show that we have a blast making and it is starting to generate income and popularity.  Maniac Mansion is in the final stages and almost ready to be released and a trailer is created for it and released online which creates some very nice buzz and views.  This excites us to the max.  The plan for the movie is to not only use as practicing my skills and making something I am excited for but hopefully getting me noticed or at least get me somewhere in the art field as a very wonderful business card of sorts.  The goal is to be able to do the art and videos full time and not need a full time job with punching in and being on time and hours and calling off and dressing up.  We become that couple that has little get togethers where we watch the harry potter movies with friends and dress the parts and have snacks with themes from each film, we find all the mini golf places and beat our scores, and take so many silly pictures that we actually develop a following online.  We have people over and go over people's houses and utter phrases that are cheesy but for some reason are so exciting to think about.  "That was nice, we should have them over again."  "we should all check that out some time"  "thanks for having us, can't wait to go to the show with you guys"
We read together or to another in bed going through the various books we think the other would like and game together to not only try and catch your little buns up on gaming history but have the most fun we can and eventually start careers that we not only love but prosper from and for the first time be able to love what we do for a living.
A wedding is planned and done in the very best way and follows all the steps planned and researched so many years ago on pinterest even down to the nerdy little quirks all over the place.
Our strength reaches new levels and the upcoming year looks to be the best yet, which speaking of......

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Final Countdownnnnnn

5-I see 2018 starting where I am able to finally breathe and clear my head, really get things in order and figure out just what art path I want to go down.  The time to do whatever it takes for your hand is approaching quickly and it really gives me reason to get up in the morning.
I fantasize about the future just like how I would text you during dinner a few years back.  I imagine being close to you and feeling your energy just like how it was when you came over that first time in my parents basement to my room and I showed you my art.  In this we being to sketch out ideas for the Youtube show that I've been sketching out for a while now and I put my two weeks in at Half Price because while neat, it is a dead end and not worth having it in my way while I pursue what I really want to do.
The youtube show being various monikers of M.E. (Megels and Edward) such as Game with M.E. where we play games, travel with M.E. where we make video travel blogs, watch with M.E. where we review movies and create with M.E. where we make something.  It's insanely fun and we build up an audience and new friends and are the cutest damn couple on the internet.  It is an outlet for me to not only be creative but really pursue what I want and gain experience while having the most fun with my best gal.
I love knowing that you felt like you could actually be yourself with me.  It meant a lot and might be the most important thing anyone has ever said to me.
I've already got so many ideas from movie reviews, game playthroughs, animations, and art videos where I draw a bunch of things in real time and record it and then put them together and speed up the film and put music to it. Then begins planning out the ground work and figuring out how best to tackle bills and other such issues while attending  comic cons instead of concerts, seeing Star Wars as I am making a vow to not see it unless I'm with you.  Singing in the car at the top of our lungs and playing Mario Kart and letting you kick my buns because if I really tried i mean, come on  ;)
The bills will quickly see a dent and the Maniac Mansion movie will really pick up development steam, the added time at home without two jobs really helps the cause and the nightly game streaming and posts online add a fun community element to our life.  It's exciting and fire igniting working on the film and seeing you practice voices and my art start to evolve to a passion that I missed so so much.  We're able to save enough and plan well enough to visit Universal and Disney and are finally able to go to Ocean City for a week that summer.  I show you all the things I grew up with and it gives us the travel bug to plan to go somewhere every year that we've never been.
I've always had the beautiful moment of us holding hands on the beach ever since the first time we did it.  The hair blows through your hair and your sun dress floats around you and you take on an almost angelic appearance while I stand in awe that someone as beautiful as you actually likes a stupid nerd like me.  The bills begin to lower and relationships across the board grow with new careers happily being discussed.  We see Avengers 3 part 1 and our minds melt.  You single handedly bring me to a happiness that I haven't felt in a long time.  I find the perfect moment and ask you the most important question I'll ever ask of a person.  I had gone through hell and responsible for causing some hell and pain and with forgiveness I promise to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
2018 closes beautifully and then 2019 comes along and.....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The final countdown creates excitement the closer it draws near

You always see movies or read books that say head over heels or infatuated and growing up I always wanted to experience that.  Little did I know all I had to do was not be successful in art after college and hang around a grocery store for a while to end up running into that feeling one weekend.  It's crazy to think that one person can create such a permanent home within someone else and give reason after reason as to why life can be the greatest adventure conceived.  Every minute that goes by in a day has some print of you instilled into it.  There are moments where almost reflexively I want to go out and dust snow off your car or make sure I vacuum before you come home and put a blanket over you when you've fallen asleep watching TV.....or playing a game, yeah i've seen you.  So many things and factors finally falling into place and ending bring a feeling that I have only felt with one person in my growing life.  You.  There is a future and life that I see with you that I remember texting snippets of to you while I ate dinner and you would read and ask back 'and then what' with a smile I'm sure even if I couldn't see it.  While it all finally ramps down and I put together my plan, I definately want to do that again for you.  I'd be lieing if I said I hadn't already thought of it and maybe even wrote it down.  We've lived seperate lives apart from one another and gone through a lot and while there were moments of good times during those periods, there is a reason that the only person I have even been able to construct a future in my head with almost on a year to year basis has been you.  As you will see in these last upcoming posts, I see quite a detailed happy life.  But Edward, wouldn't that require you to take the step and find me?  Why yes.  Yes it does.  It's been hell and I can honestly say that it's all ready to come to a close and my feets will be a moving towards the most beautiful woman I've ever set eyes on.  What would I do with said woman?  Well, allow me to take you on a magic carpet ride.  Show you the world.  Shiny, sparkling splendor....ahem, i my heart's dreams for one special person.  God does things for a reason.  You are my soul mate and I believe that I was meant to go through what I have to show me growth, maturity, and to clear my mind and set me on the path of exactly what I should and need to be doing.  To which I will gladly pontificate here.

<3 all="" love="" loveliest="" lovely="" most="" nbsp="" of="" p="" the="" to="">

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The little things that made big impressions

As I feel the rush of adrenaline thinking of you and the time that is coming together nicely I am constantly reminded of a slew of little things that at the time were second nature and part of us, were moments that left such indelable impressions in my heart that not a day goes by that at least one plays through again.
You wanting a back massage or rub before you fell asleep and me always trying to lower the blankets far enough to expose your bum in bed.  The way we would fall asleep on the couch and floor at night while Netflix played and just saying oh well and staying there until morning.  Me trying to make you your favorite eggs before work in the morning and coming home on my lunch to see you when you worked from home.   Coming home from Limited one morning after you stayed over to find you awake in my room with your cute little glasses on playing Banjo-Kazooie.  Your little blutooth speaker that you had on with your music while you got ready for work in the morning and always trying my hardest to join you in the shower....with a little too much emphasis on hardest.  When I got us the Wii U and let you open the box and showing you that I got you Ducktales on xbox when it was remastered.  It gives me the biggest smile when I think of you playing Mystical Ninja and trying so hard to defeat the big robot boss and when you finally did your face spun towards me with such victorious glee like you had finally conquered a hurdle you had been trying to your whole life.  I would sit outside dressing rooms while you tried on clothes with fantasies of making sneeky love in one of the rooms.  Tiny reflexive actions that in my head were descriptions of you.  The way you had a charger in your car and would plug in when you drove.  The watch and earrings and necklace you would put on in order in the morning and walking Sammie outside until he sat down in the grass all done.  You on your laptop cruising Pinterest while I gamed and the way you looked absolutely gorgeous whether you had your hair up or down and wearing any of my clothes.
I've never been this head over heels for someone and as the path draws ever nearer to the end, my excitement only raises.
What gets me every time is the little nose crinkle that you do.  Every time.  Adorable, beautiful, cute, sexy, all in a small little package.
Why is the song Sisters in my head?  you.  Missin you and running my path quickly, you are why life can be the greatest adventure.  Love you so much  <3 p="">