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Psylocke's alternate costume

side note-----what background is this? where is she?

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Ultimate Alliance 2 downloadable character #2

Second person is PSYLOCKE!
And they accidentally in the video showed a screen of the character select screen, which if you look closely, reveals the rest of the characters that will be available soon......
Cable, Magneto, and Black Panther
also where they will be on the select menu with carnage and psylocke.

They said that there is more on the way so we'll see who else will be added to the game.
Also, they revealed 2 new Sim missions that will be downloable too. I dont care much for sim missions but the one is just an assault of bosses so we'll see.

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and I get on there again!!!!

Assassin's Creed is beautiful

and oh yes, i am going to explore every inch of that city......well i'll leave the horse outside

Really neat Kingdom Hearts Pic

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The wii isn't kidding around anymore

A game called Epic Mickey is coming only to the wii.......from the looks of it.....the wii is gettin mature..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Movie Review - Coraline

Coraline is one of the best movies i've ever seen. I'm a bit of a sucker for animated movies because I am a fan of the process and I think it's a dieing art. Films like Coraline are, not counting Robot Chicken, the last of what is left of the stop motion animation technique of animating. The story is about a young girl who has just moved into a new apartment house with her family. Her parents are way too absorbed in their work with making a catalog that they don't pay much attention to Coraline and brush her off to be more involved in their work. This leads her to search around the house and she discovers a small door in the living room that opens up and beckons to her in the middle of the night.
In this door she finds an alternate reality of her world where her parents are loving and nurturing and constantly are giving her attention and delicious food, an amazing garden, and treat her the way she's always wanted to be treated. As things move on, Coraline finds that she is not allowed to leave that world anymore and things start to get really creepy and dangerous for her. The other mother turns into an evil witch who takes children's eyes and keeps them locked away forever.
This movie had me intrigued the whole way and i hoped it wouldn't end. I am astounded at how well they use stop motion and they way Coraline shows emotion is just too realistic. She acts just the way a real little girl would. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it to all.


+Great story, characters
+Beautifully animated
+Engaging and a feast for the eyes
-Couple times there is slight slowdown and blur when a character moves almost as if the animation didn't go perfect and they had to fudge it to match the voice.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.......clown?

isn't Ms.Marvel cute wearing her clown disguise

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

That is the playable character list so far. I have to say I am okay with this one. They have also stated that there will be downloadable characters added later as the game is out so let's hope for some awesome characters, I already know that the wii is only getting Psylocke, Cyclops, and Blade right now.....I want Psylocke so lets hope we get that as downloadable content for 360.

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Something very white is going on on my street........


this will be shown sometime this month, on CW4Kids, whatever channel that is. I've read a lot into this and it is real and there was a preview shown at comic con, it involves a time warp thingy where the ninja turtles from the 80s cartoon join with the ninja turtles from the new 2003 cartoon. April, Splinter, Shredder,Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, foot soldiers and more make appearances from both cartoons. Also, the orignal black and white comic book ninja turtles will be in it too. This is going to be amazing. You can find out more by googling turtles forever as well as lookin it up on youtube.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles NEW AMAZING TRAILER

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Video Game Review - Street Fighter 4

Street Fighter 4

This game is basically a really amazing looking street fighter 2 with a couple of characters and super moves from the street fighter alpha games. It is your basic fighter with all the basic moves and buttons for punching, kicking, jumping, blocking. The graphics are really nice and remind me of a 3D cartoon. They are really detailed and its nice to see all of your favorite fighters from the past still going strong. Especially my fave, Cammy.
Background stages are very nicely animated especially a boat where everytime you slam someone to the ground it makes waves and the boat moves.
Characters all speak in decent sounding english but doing some of the moves are very difficult and can sometimes not register due to the xbox controller not having a real good control pad.
Just like almost all other fighters, the final boss is a controller throwing scream inducing time. One of those final bosses where you'd have to be blessed by baby jesus to get one decent punch in on him.
All in all i like this game and was glad i got it, I do have a lot of practicing to do but its nice to see that Street Fighter is still going strong and great...unlike some other franchises ::cough cough mortal kombat cough cough:::

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Video Game Review - Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge
This is a first person game where you see what the main character Faith sees. In this game you are a free runner who runs and does amazing jumps and acrobatics on rooftops and inside buildings and on walls. You have to save your sister and the police are after you too. The story gets a bit deeper when a certain society has other free runners after you who are trying to kill you.
The city in the game is the cleanest whitest city you will ever see and it is like it for a reason. Color plays a role in this game. Anything that is red is where you are supposed to go or climb on, etc... It sort of serves as a way to help guide you where to go so you dont lose your speed and such. It is a very inventive idea and works very well, the graphics in this game are very good and little touches like seeing your hands when you run and if you look down you see your feet are a very neat addition. The music is also very relaxing and gives you a peaceful feeling when you are on the tops of roofs.
Although kind of short, this game was a blast to play. I really hope they make a sequel.
There is also no shooting unless you really want to. You dont fire a single shot of anything unless you disarm someone shooting at you and take their weapon but you can throw it down and still not use it, it just slows you down and is unnecessary.
+Good graphics and great soundtrack
+Fun, unique, and very inventive
-No fighting or shooting may turn some off
-Short game

Movie Review - Garden State

Not since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has a movie made me actually rethink my life and want to change every aspect of it. Written and directed and starring one of my favorite actors Zach Braff, it is about a guy who was in some minor movie roles and upon hearing about his mothers death returns home to attend the funeral and spend the week at home. He doesn't really talk much to his father and has been on medication since he could remember. While at home he revisits a bunch of old friends but feels like he isn't really there most of the time. While at the doctor to see why he keeps getting headaches he meets a girl that starts a conversation with him and eventually gets him to ride her home and a small relationship starts from there. The characters are well developed and feel like people that you actually would meet in real life. The many different things that Braff's character goes through have hidden meanings and begin to shape his personality and mind as to what exactly he has been missing and also what he is looking for in life.
The stand out performance is without a doubt Natalie Portman. She is great in this role and is the best cry-er, i've ever seen. The ending set up one way and had me almost in tears and wanting it not to be but it delivers just what you want.
This movie doesn't get the exposure or praise that it deserves. An amazing film.


+Great cast
+Real thought provoking and touching, really gets you thinking about your own life
-One scene involving a peep show wasn't really necessary

Movie Review - Snow White

Sadly, I haven't seen this movie until now. This was Walt Disney's very first animated feature film. Debuting in 1937, this classic film still holds up today as sporting some amazing animation. One of the many films animated by Disney's 9 old men, the animation of human characters such as Snow White and her stepmother are very realistic almost as if you are actually watching a real person. The movie starts out well and flows smoothly until the dwarves discover White at their cottage. Here the movie starts to lag a bit and you feel like you are watching them at their cottage forever not really accomplishing anything. I was also surprised to see how much Disney got away with back then.
The stepmother literally calls one of her servants to take White into a forest, kill her, rip her heart out, put it into a box and bring it back to her. Plus, they say the word kill a few times.
All in all the film is still good even though it drags near the middle and then ending feels a bit rushed.
Good luck finding the DVD now since it's been in the vault for a while but it will be coming out of the vault this year around christmas time in a new DVD.


+Amazing animation for the time
+Great art and characters
-slightly slow middle and abrupt ending

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My laptop guardian

Little Red is finally finished

Took a long time but I finally got it done

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Movie Review: Drag Me to Hell

This was a great movie. Director Sam Raimi who has made all 3 Evil Dead movies and all 3 Spider-Man films, continues his work with his newest horror movie. It is about a girl who works for a banking and loan agency and one day a woman comes in to ask for an extension for her home but in order to get a better foot in the door for a promotion, the girl denies her an extension which supremely upsets the old woman. The woman attacks her in the parking garage and puts a curse on the girl and from that moment on the girl is haunted with all sorts of scary and horrifying images, sounds, and more.
This movie was great, Sam Raimi should stick with doing horror films as he is best there. There is the right amount of scares and two scenes that actually really upset me and stuck in my mind days afterwards still bothering me. The actors are very good and the movie stays its course until near the end when classic Sam Raimi evil dead type humor begins to crop up. I do not know the running time of the movie but I didn't even notice because i was so engrossed in it and wished that it would keep on going. Some of the scares are the jump scares with loud noises and quick images but a lot of it is either gross or just creepy and unsettling. It does a good job of telling the story and the various ways that she tries to rid herself of the curse and has a great ending that I personally wish was different.
You really begin to care about the girl and want her to rid herself of the curse and as things get worse you start to worry for her safety.
This is a really good film and has been the best movie i have seen so far this year. I haven't seen a lot this year so don't quote me on that.
+Great story and storytelling
+Really well put together scares and sounds
+Decent cast and great older woman
+Couple scenes genuinely really upset me
+Keeps you interested and entertained the entire time
-Ending could have gone a few different ways
-Silly Evil Dead type humor (goat)

Movie Review : Paul Blart Mall Cop

I am a huge fan of Kevin James. I have his comedy stand up dvd and watch him almost every day on King of Queens, so needless to say I had huge hopes for this movie. The movie starts off good and is funny and seeing how kevin handles that ....can't remember the name of it.... just amazing. Kevin has his usual great delivery of lines and falls for a new employee of a wig kiosk in the mall. He starts to get somewhere until one night he goes out with her and other employees to a bar and gets far too drunk and really makes a fool out of himself. The next day, the woman is very uncomfortable around him and Paul is feeling really down for the rest of the day. Later in the day he helps a fellow employee by closing up the arcade for him and ends up getting caught up in a hurdles game as well as Rock Band. During this time the mall is taken over by very athletic robbers and take the bank employees and some of Paul's friends hostage. It is up to Paul to save the day.
This is a fairly good movie, if it weren't for Kevin James i dont think it would have done well at all, he really carries this movie. You really root for him the whole time. The movie is really good for about the first half and then it gets a bit serious and the laughs almost completely stop for the second half as you are concentrated on how the events will play out. With the exception of a hilarious hot sauce to the eye scene, nothing really funny happens during the second half.
The movie is good and I could see myself eventually buying it and it does deserve a viewing, even more so with friends around.
+Kevin James is funny as always
+Good cast
+Great funny moments
+Decent story
-Second half isn't really funny
-The mall cop idea is quickly lost
-Not a lot of material to work with
-Short running time

HOORAY! I love it

The next two volumes baby!
Release date : September 15th

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Michael Jackson RIP

very sad day, i liked him, he got too much shit and was an amazing icon in our history.

Back to my blogging

holy crap its been a while, well i'm back baby and boy did I have a great time last night!

Aerosmith was amazing. I'm so glad I went to see them. Steven's dancing was hilarious and great and Joe Perry's guitar playing was just beyond masterful. The show was amazing and something I would do day after day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Finally finally finished that thing

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Does it make anyone else angry that the Earth can't seem to sustain a warm temperature for more than like two days?
One day is 80, next day its 85.......then the next few days its like 55 or 60 and windy with rain.
It's going to be June in a week....let's go with the warm weather here.

Movie Review - Rob Zombie's Halloween

Being a fan of the orignal made me go into this movie expecting it to be very bad and totally disregard everything from the orignal. Well I was mostly right.....
This version spends a lot more time with Michael as a youth and how he became what he is..a murderer. His family is crazy rediculously over the top awful. I can't believe that there are actually families like this out in the world and if there is, well then that is truly human life's low point. Throughout the movie there are nods and actual scenes recreated from the orignal for fans and as to not stray super far from the orignal story and events. The music i'm happy to say is the same, Zombie used the same soundtrack and it still works to this day. The young Michael part of the story goes on a bit too long and kind of forces it into your face that he is an evil child, evil child, evil child, just constantly so even if you are a rock or a blade of grass you will understand the damn message. There are some little missing parts that leave small holes and questions with the plot like how and why and when did Michael bury his knife and mask under the floor boards of his old house? Why is Michael stronger than Superman and the Hulk combined? as well as many others.
I wasn't too happy with this film, yes it had some good ideas and there are a ton of camera angles and scenes that I really enjoyed but all in really was an unncessary remake. There is by far waaaaay too much swearing and if you know me, if there is an oversaturation of swearing in a movie then I become aggitated and turned off and dont want to continue the movie. It's not necessary. Some of the things the younger kids say is just jaw dropping too.
I like Rob Zombie, he's a really cool nice guy and a very good artist. I enjoy his music as well. I haven't seen House of a 1000 Corpses or the Devils Rejects so I can't really judge him on his film making. He's not bad, its just that the story was a bit off.
And of course for some unknown reason you can't have a horror movie without nudity......grrr.
The orignal had a real quick shot of boobs and one topless girl get killed. To add, the orignal had NO blood....none.
This version, boobs from just about every main character as well as an ass or two and more blood than I can believe to come out of a person.
This just goes to show you how we've changed as a society and how film has evolved. Back when John Carpenters orignal came out it was extremely popular and stands as one of his best films. It is still considered popular today and all without swearing, blood, excessive nudity, and crazy camera work. The college students actually look like college students and we never see Michael Myers face which added to the scariness of it.
Now we need nudity and sex and squirting pools of blood with an unstoppable juggernaut of a psycho kid who for no reason really explained, wants to kill his family. When he finally does catch up to his sister, he takes her to their old basement where he has the tombstone of their mother and the (of course nude) friend of the main character. Here Michael shows Lorie (main) a picture of him as a child holding her as an infant, he then takes his mask off and just sits there as if he is ashamed of what he has done and is looking for peace.
S0....why did he go and kill everyone in the neighborhood that she knew?
A lot of this movie didnt' make sense to me but it is a movie I would watch again. In fact, Zombie is working on Halloween 2 as we speak so, we'll see where it goes since he killed off the doctor in this one and has Michael shot in the face. None of which happened in the orignal.
I wonder what Jamie Lee Curtis thinks of this version.
Great camera angles
Great music
Some of the younger stuff was interesting
Nice to see orignal moments again
Spends way too much time in youth timeline
Students are way too young
Excessive amout of swearing and nudity and blood
Takes a bit too many liberties
Michael Myers is invincible
A few plotholes
Altogether unnecessary remake
Final Grade = C+

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Donatello has a huge problem

A taste of a story i'm writing

Hadn't realized that I haven't written on here in about a month, so doesn't seem that long...
but I started writing a batman story and this is what i have so far.

Silence echoed throughout the now sub-zero degree laboratory. Beakers and test tubes lined the workstations, their hollowed bodies containing a vast array of different chemicals now frozen into an impenetrable solid state. A mist hung in the air that seemed to paint a picture in the stillness. The silence was shattered from the next room by what sounded like a fire hydrant being broken open. A caped man in body armor came crashing through the ice covered wall smashing into a filing cabinet throwing sheets of paper and manilla folders everywhere. He attempted to regain his composure, moving to one knee and letting out a grunt of pain.
Nothing seemed to be broken.
Another figure emerged from the newly created hole in the wall holding a large still smoking weapon.
"You've run my tolerance into the ground, Batman."

More to come.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Very funny pics I found

Tomorrow they are finally out!

Taking a trip to Best Buy to get them tomorrow...they are on sale if you get them both for $35 all together.
While i'm out i'm going to swing by TGI Fridays and pick up an application and that is really all i have planned for tomorrow.....

Oh, this will be good

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Kingdom Hearts Poster too big?

haha you will have to click on the poster to get the full view, its kinda too big to fit all in one post

Kingdom Hearts Poster - Finished

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kingdom Hearts Poster - Part Four

almost done with everyone to put into the final poster....just have to draw Goofy, a couple of Heartless and the background to put them all in.....oh and the title of course
i'd say two or three more days

Quick Sketch while at work at Giant Eagle

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Review - Speed Racer

Speed Racer which is based upon the orignal Japanese cartoon by the name of Mach go go go, is a very visually stunning movie by the directors of the Matrix films. The cartoon was about a boy who participated in high speed races in his custom car named the Mach 5. The car was outfitted with various things like springs underneath to jump with, a bulletproof shield, saws in front of the car, and many others. The boys name in the orignal japanese cartoon was named Go Mifune, hence the big M on the front of his car. That also explains why in the cartoon, he has a G on his shirt. The title Mach go go go was a play on words. The Mach part was obviously because of the car and the first Go was for the main characters name, the second Go was for go as in going fast, and the third Go meaning something i can't remember at the moment haha.
Go Mifune was joined by his girlfriend Trixie, his little brother Spridle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, his mom and dad aptly named Mom and Pops Mifune, and his mechanic Sparky. Go also had an older brother who supposedly died in a car race but is secretly the racer with the mask named Racer X that helps out Go when he is in trouble. I dont see how Go never put two and two together especially since Racer X has the M from the Mifune family name on his suit.
The cartoon was brought overseas and we redubbed it and renamed the show Speed Racer and named Go Mifune, Speed Racer.
The movie is just like the cartoon with all the little nuiances and everything from the show. It is a pretty good story and manages to put in all of the characters. There is tons of movement in the movie and lots of bright lights and racing.....probably not good for someone who gets motion sickness. I could've seen less of his annoying little brother but the races were very exciting. It is a treat to see childhood cartoons come back and give you a great walk down memory lane.
Speed Racer is a good movie but I dont see a lot of people liking it especially if they either haven't seen or didn't like the cartoon.
Christina Ricci is in it too! That should be enough to watch it.
All in all....
+great effects
+very faithful to source material
+good cast and easy to follow, enjoyable story
-unless you've seen the cartoon,you wont get a lot of things
-overly cheesy in a few parts