Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finished it


man, i gotta keep with this.
Okay, so not much happened friday that i can recall. I know I worked 10-330 and then went to get my check at Petco and saw that i only work 5-930 on wednesday.....that's it.
So upset I come home and re-email the 13 places that i emailed before to see what the status of the jobs and things are.
I get a call from Jeff and end up going over dan's to watch The Incredible Hulk, great movie, and we talk and make fun of things until 2 and i come home and pass out.
Wake up this morning and work 10-2. At work i read a couple chapters of shadows of the empire. I then come home, eat a tv dinner, look around online. One person responded back to me saying that the job had been filled because my style of work was not what i he was looking for. So i search youtube because i want to start watching the orignal power rangers episodes from episode 1 until the point where they change to Zeo. Well i find someone that uploaded the first two seasons which i think Zeo started in season 4 so i got half........i think..
So i watched the first 3 episodes and holy crap they are cheesy. Still get you pumped though but wow.
that's the link to the seasons if you would like to join me in my viewing.
OH, almost forgot that i watched the next episode of wolverine and the xmen yesterday. This show is just going to keep getting better and better.
Anyways, I eat some tacos and a subway sandwich and then watch some interviews online with a few celebs. I hang out on superherohype for a while talkin and postin crap.
Took a 2 hour nap during some of this.
I sent Adam my web site designs again and saw what the problem was. When i orignally emailed them i forgot to put the number 1 in his address so who knows where my mail went. But he got them now and now i can get moving.
Now i'm tired and i think i'm gonna eat a snack and put something on until i fall asleep. maybe read some more. I have to start excercising again.
I wonder what i'm gonna do tomorrow.
It sure as hell isn't going to be watching the damn game.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Tiger Power

Okay so it turns out it wasn't that bad.
I took them to the hospital and dropped them off and went over to Walmart. I looked around there for a while and looked at some shoes and pants and other things. I picked up a new brand of deodorant because I sweat more than any human should and no matter how much deodorant or anything i use i still have sweat on the pits of all my shirts when i wear them. I sweat like a psycho.
So i buy deodorant and a pair of jeans and I go to the clearance aisle and I find some Power Ranger toys. I spot a new White Ranger figure that was made recently with a bunch of articulation and it is really nice and it is only 5 bucks.
So i get all that stuff and make my way over to toys r us. There isn't anything good there. What a suprise.
I keep going over to BestBuy and don't really see anything that catches my fancy either. Continue on to Barnes & Noble and look at a few books there and decide that i am really bored.
I drive over to Gamestop and am in there for like one minute when the hospital calls for me to pick up my parents.
I get there and my mom is out and they wheel my dad in who is soooooo out from the drugs. I don't like being in hospitals, i feel weird and uncomfortable and a little panicked.
I take them home and we decide upon Taco Bell for dinner, I order it from the drive thru which if you know me is something i never do. We get home and eat while watching Family Guy and Mike texts me to come over and once i'm done i do just that.
I also get a text from Adam saying that he never did get my site so i have to re-send it to him. Wish he would have told me sooner.
I get to Mike's and we play Left 4 Dead for a while and Sarah comes home and lays on the couch for a little before going up to bed. Me and mike then finish completely going over the script and then just watch tv and talk about Dan and friends and past and everything until he gets tired and I come home.
I once again forgot to get my Kingdom Hearts 2 disc back from him. Damn it.
Now I think i'm just going to maybe get a small snack and get ready and just go to bed. I have to work 10-330 at the GE tomorrow and afterwards get my check from there and Petco and come home, deposit them both and then i'm guessing from.....5 or so on, i think i'm free. Although Jeff did say he wanted to hang out again at night, probably another movie night.
Thats all i can think of right now.

January is over and i still haven't found a job yet. I am really getting worried.


Yeah so didn't blog yesterday.
Nothing really big happened anyway. I basically spent the whole day inside with nothing to do and nobody to talk to. I checked for jobs, played some StarFox in my sisters room, went outside and took some nice black and white photos of some things.
I later watched the new Get Smart movie with steve carell online. It was alright. I finished the pic of me with the wings.
Ate some dinner of Mcd's which was awful tasting and I bit my tongue so hard that I heard a crack and it still hurts today. Not as bad but still.
Later that night Dan and Jeff wanted me to come over to watch the Dark Knight so i did, not as amazing as the first time I saw it but still a good flick.
Today I have to drive my parents out to Cranberry of which i will have like 3 hours to kill so i have no idea what i'm gonna do.
I am almost done inking my Little Red picture.
I am being pestered continuously this morning about shit by the parents and it's starting to really aggitate me now. Real bad.
So i guess this post is done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So did not know of this Winter Storm

Get up today and check my mail. Nothing from anyone. I go to craigslist and see a listing for a graphic artist job for a graphic novel company so i send them an email about the position. Hope to hear from them.
I then get all ready for the day and eat a breakfast of ramen noodles, two pieces of cinnamon toast waffles, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while i watch some more of the bonus features on my Lord of the rings Fellowship of the ring extended edition dvd.
long name.
Joe says that he will be coming over around 3 so i go upstairs and to kill time i do a quick pic of me with angel wings:
It has a little bit more work to be done on it, mainly making the part where the wings attach to my back a bit more believeable but it is a good start and i'm happy with it.
I then start up a little game of Super Mario Galaxy and play a little when Joe shows up and we talk for a little bit and then head straight into a almost 3 hour gaming session of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. There are some amazing laughs and it has been the best time i've had with that game yet. I am so not as good as i used to be in that game.
Once we finish that up we talk about what to do next and decide to head off to Target, a place to eat, and the Exchange.
Side note, I get a paper in the mail today from the Andy Warhol museum about a Star Wars exhibit they are having and that they are showing all 6 movies there for just a fee of $20. It is on February 28 and I am soooooooo going. I can't wait.
Anyways, we leave and begin our drive and talk movies and stuff along the way and check out the Target and don't find anything really interesting. So upon leaving it is really snowing now and we make it down to what we've decided to eat at...Wendy's. My car gets pelted by snow salt and I slip a tad on the way but we make it and eat our food having a good time. It is snowing a lot now and we walk across the parking lot to Circuit City. They are going out of business and I wanted to see what it was like. Nothing amazing yet as the sales have just started but their xbox360's are now $180 and I am very interested in this and make a note. We watch the Dark Knight on one of their HD tv's for a couple minutes before leaving and driving to Kohls. Joe buys a few things and I once again cannot find the shoes I want. We leave seeing the parking lot near empty and that the snow just keeps piling on. We drive past the exchange seeing that it is closed and wonder where to go next. I think of Borders and we brave the snow and make it there in one piece.
A woman at Borders won't quit pestering us while we look at the comics section about if we are excited for the Watchmen movie and that the Batman books are really good. We check a few other books and then hear that they are closing so we leave.
More snow.
Well now it is time to pretty much go home and on the way home we stop at Mcdonalds in west view and eat hot fudge sundaes and apple pies while talking about how much we hate Julie and Giant Eagle and movies we've seen and have to see and what not. Conversation is real good.
We leave and it is ice raining so we take it easy driving joe back to one of his houses.
After this i drive home carefully and get inside and check my mail once again.
I look around online at some news and my mom wants me to shovel and salt the front walk so I risk my life in the rain and ice and shit falling from the sky and shovel the heaviest ice covered snow ever and salt it all. My arms hurt and i am sweating.
Now I am going to get a nice cold glass of ice water, get in my pjs and curl up with anything that is on tv until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow I will repeat the job search, possibly finish my angel self and ink my new drawing of a grown up sexy little red riding hood.
I realized I skipped yesterday's blog i think but nothing amazing happened anyways. I mostly just sat around waiting for Mike to be alive and seeing if anyone was available. The whole day went by and i watched a lot of tv including a ton of Inside the Actors Studio. I finally got a hold of jeff and dan and we ended up watching Saw 5. A good movie.
Well it is one a.m. so its off i go.
Umbrella Band = Banana Peel

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A few pics to end out the night

Come on, that's hilarious

Can you find the Joker?

Very very good piece of fan art. That is who I am rooting for to be in the third batman movie if they end up making it.

The scariest part of Dark Knight

This part scared me the most, i don't know why, maybe it's just to me his face looked a hell of a lot unsettling without the makeup.

Friday, January 23, 2009

There is a god

come on, i'm about to pass out and go to heaven already!!!!

Wolverine and the X-Men.........SEE IT

okay, I just watched the first two episodes of the new series, Wolverine and the X-Men and good god almighty. This is the best show i have seen in a while. Then they showed a trailer for what the stories coming up were and i practically screamed out loud like a girl. I am pretty convinced and just about to claim it as better than the 90's x-men cartoon. Yeah i said it. This is lookin that good.
I could go on and on, I was so gripped and so excited and into these episodes. This is definately something that i am watching every single friday every single episode.
I dont even want to talk about what happened today but i will just to get away from my teenage girl crush on my new BFF show.
I got up and went to work and barely barely made it through the 8 and a half hour day. Joe helped it along a bit which was nice. I then went home and put my contacts in and went out for my weekly dvd run. I get to the exchange and after about i'd say 20 minutes I leave with SNL 25th anniversary show, Lord of the rings the two towers 4 disc extended edition, and conan the barbarian 1&2 set all for the grand total of $15.
I take a quick look in Toys R Us and find that they have NO star wars toys at all. wtf.
So i leave and go to the K-mart out there and find that i just don't enjoy being in k-marts. So i leave and then just come home. I eat some chinese food and watch my SNL 25th until just about time for x-men to come on and then go upstairs to watch it. See above to hear how i felt about x-men.
Tomorrow is another 10-630 at GE and i am not looking forward to it at all so we'll see if i make it. After that me and some petco crew are going out somewhere and we'll see how that goes too. I just want to take a long sleep.
No response from Amanda yet and haven't heard from Kathy either. hmmm...
Time to get my contacts out and snuggle up with nobody and get at least some sleep before the long long day of tomorrow.

I still need a new dvd player and a new xbox360 and new pants and shoes and and.........

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gettin tired

hmm, well i barely got up to take my sister to school. I was in one of those delicious super sleeps where you are the perfect comfortable, I was very warm and it was feeling so so good. Once i got back i did have a bit of trouble getting back to sleep again but i eventually did. Then I had that thing where i wake up at 1130 and fell back asleep immediately, then 1230 and immediately back to sleep and then got up at 1, i have no idea what was going on but i just kept immediately falling back asleep. I check my mail to find nothing, eat and get ready to go to work. I work and the day goes along pretty good. Nothing really happens and on my break i go to Target again and ate some pizza hut and saw that they restocked the old school ninja turtle figures so like a addict I bought Donatello bringing me up to having 2 of the 4 out so far.
I come home and there is subway left for me so i eat that while watching 2 episodes of King of the Hill. I then checked my mail again to find nothing and am now just sittin here watching some family guy.
I have no idea if Kathy works tomorrow so I don't know if i want to go out to my dvd run tomorrow after work and on the way just pass to see if she is working and if she is, visit her. The new x-men cartoon starts tomorrow and if i go out i will miss it but i have seen the first episode months ago though. I don't know, ill probably go out anyways. I decided to go ahead and go out Saturday so I am gonna go stop at petco to see whats up on saturday.
The new schedule wasn't up so i have no idea when kathy works so i either see her tomorrow or saturday or who the hell knows.
The next two days of work are going to suck major huge balls. Both days i work 10-630 at GE. There isn't going to be anything to do so i am going to be aggitated all day both days. It hurts my feet to stand there doing nothing for 8 hours and plus tomorrow julie works too so i'm gonna hear her whiny shit all day.
I'm just getting myself worked up.
No message back from Amanda yet.
Next week i should have a bunch of days off. I needed thursday off to drive my parents to cranberry for something and james will be back from vacation so my hours will be halved. So my GE is usually friday, saturday, and sunday with petco being wednesday and thursday. But since i called off thursday, i guess i'll have monday, tuesday, and thursday off.
I'm starting to get a headache.
No word from mike or adam either. I am going to guess that my website my never be made i guess. That seems like a waste of time.
Another day down and no closer to resolving all of my paths.

On down the road we go..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


can u believe they are going this far

Monday, January 19, 2009

A day off alone and in quiet......

Slept in alright today and got up and am not really sure what I did right away. I finished designing my website today and sent that off to Adam, i'm really happy with how it turned out and hope me and Adam can get to work on it quickly so i can see it in action. I spent a good bit of the day jumping between doing the site and playing Guitar Hero online. Went on for about 3 hours. Laid down to rest for a sec and texted mike to see what was up cause he said he was going to call me today to hang out some more. Nothing.
I'm startin to get used to nobody answering me and not hanging out with anyone ever. It is starting to not even bother me at all anymore.
I applied to 2 places i found on it i said i attached my resume and sample sheet. I sent it out and then realized i did not attach them.
Damn it.
I looked around online for a bit, washed my laundry, made my bed. Nothing really happened today. I went down to eat and ended up watching 4 episodes of Powerpuff Girls. You know, that show is good and way funnier than i remember it. I ACTUALLY laughed out loud a few times. They were celebrating their 10th anniversary. really??? it's already been 10 years since they came out? wow.
So i came back upstairs and watched a little of Star Wars Clone Wars and looked to see which star wars figures were coming out soon. Some really good ones. Then I watched Be Kind Rewind. That is a really good movie and the ideas and ways that they make these movies are so unique and clever and just genious. Really good movie.
Then i watched the trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.......looks amazing......but when the hell is it coming out??
Oh, I also sent Gamepro my Fantastic Four pic and the pic of me and all the cartoon characters for their fan art section. We'll see what comes of that.
Now Jay Leno is on and he is about to do headlines.
My head really really hurts. I think i'm just going to maybe eat a bag of popcorn and just take it easy until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow is the big Obama get into office celebration and i'm going to work at GE from 330-630....woooo, such a long day.
The search for Amanda continues........the wait to hang out with Kathy continues.....I did though finish one senior hoodie has been found!! wooooo!!
God I have to find a job and fast.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sue Storm faints again......and again

Get up and go outside and find that a crap load of snow has fallen. I take a while to clean off my car and get it all warm and go to work. I am not looking forward to 10-630. I get there and open and write a little bit more of Muse. On my first break I eat a lunchable i brought with me and go to the magazine racks and grab the new Wizard and Gamepro. I read each one and then become bored again. Later i take my meal break and eat another lunchable while sitting by the window in the cafe watching how many people just don't care how bad the roads are. I help out sorting tags and just watching the time go by and eventually it is 630. I drive home and am told to shovel the back deck. I do that and come in and eat 2 leftover Arby sandwiches from last night that i didn't get to. I sit wondering if i should go visit Kathy or not. I finally decide to just go ahead with it and i drive out there. When i am halfway out there i realize it is Sunday. Petco closes at 8 on Sunday. So it is now 8:15. I'm thinking maybe i might catch her going to her car or something. I get there and don't see her car or anyone in petco. I go into Target and text her about how stupid i feel and what i did and she said that she called off anyway and she needed to study a ton of stuff for class. So she didn't even work today anyways.
While in Target I look at the toys and wonder if i should buy another old school ninja turtle. I walk around for a while and look at the dvd players and decide to just leave. I come home and go online and find out that Circuit City is going out of business and closing for good.
I'm not bothered but i do want to see what sales come of this.
I am now feeling a sort of love for this girl i met like 3 years ago in college named Amanda. I have one of her dvds and would like to return it and hang out with her again. I cannot find her for the life of me so i took a weird approach and went on deviantart. I posted the only picture of her i have up and labeled it with every category i could with her name and art institute and who she was and my perdicament. So we'll see if that nets anyone in. doubt it.
I watch a few episodes of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and then go downstairs and eat 5 cookies and 2 pieces of KFC chicken. I'm feeling tired.
I come back upstairs and am now going to look up those dvd players from Target to see which is the best one. Fantastic Four cartoon episodes are on now. The good ones, the second season of the 90's version with the amazing artwork and animation.
Anyways, once i do that i think i'm gonna curl up with Shadows of the Empire until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow should be productive.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute Cashier

I almost forgot to write here tonight. I shut down the laptop and was gettin ready for bed. So let us recap the events of today.
Get up and go to work. The 10-2 day goes pretty quickly because I start writing a first draft of a movie i want to make next called Muse. I get a text around 1:30 from Joe asking if i was working and we decide to go to Wendy's once he gets to GE around 2 and since he starts at 3 and i'm off at 2, we go to the eatery that is Wendy's. Snow is beginning to fall.
We get to Wendy's and just that short ride over i am reminded of why me and joe are still friends and how much fun we have together. We get to wendy's and there is a cute cashier whom i flirt with a little and me and joe proceed to eat. Amy joins us near the end and it is a good time.
Quick side note....why do female fire power superheroes all have red hair?
Jean Grey = red hair + fire power = Phoenix
Firestar = fire power = red hair
Nova = red hair = Nova
just some examples
Anyways, i come home and i go on the laptop for a little bit and text mike to see if he wants to get together to discuss movie stuff. I take a shower and then go to his house. We go through the first few pages of the script making changes and talking about things. A really great productive time. I read the new game informer and he has to go pick up sarah and stuff so i go outside to leave and it has snowed like 2 inches. I carefully drive to mcdonalds and wait in line.
and wait in line
and wait in line
and wait in line
and wait in line
and leave mcdonalds.
Go home and eat a tv dinner and a chicken patty and then turn on the laptop and start to play guitar hero world tour online. I end up playing for an hour and a half playing with others in a online band through a bunch of songs. Then i go downstairs to help my dad bring things in from the car and then put on Saturday Night Live and when that is on commercial i watch Fantastic Four cartoons.
I still haven't gotten anywhere with jobs and i am starting to panic. I need to find one and fast.
Tomorrow i work GE 10-630. NOT going to be fun.
I'm tired. I guess i'm just going to go to bed now. tomorrow i'm going to finish making up my website on photoshop and send that to adam and clean up my room. The website will be a great help as i can put that up and people can actually see my work and stuff all in one place. Hopefully that will be a nice stepping stone for me finding a place to work.
OH, i have to pay my phone bill
Do i have socks for tomorrow?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Boring is not strong enough a word

Another wasted day? I think so.
Went to work blah 10-330. Days go forever long at GE. Come home and deposit both checks in the bank and then watch a little King of Queens. Look at my mail. be lazy. I watch Broken Flowers which stars Bill Murray. Very good film. Was so not expecting a fully naked my age girl to be in it. Very attractive and saw every part of her. That's besides the point. The movie was very good but has one of those endings that kinda makes you angry. After i watched that i came back upstairs and looked up ninja turtles stuff for a while.
I'm tired. I think i might just type up what I have so far for my Muse script while the tv plays and then just go to bed early. I dunno. I want to text Kathy to say that i'm available tomorrow and sunday night and monday or whenever the hell and if she wants we can hang any of those times. I'm getting uncaring though and don't have the strength to do it though. I dont know whats wrong with me. I'm gettin sick of businesses not responding back to me.
Oh and today was god forsakingly cold. I think it was like 7 today.
I think i may have given up on drawing my Marilyn Monroe drawing. I can't seem to stay on anything anymore. You know what, screw it, i'm gonna text Kathy now.
There, done and done.
I need to finish designing my website. I haven't heard back from Adam, I guess i'll just finish it all and send it him and then via phone, let him know i sent it and see what he thinks and how we can go ahead with it. Maybe i'll do that tonight instead of writing. Job is more important.
My room is a mess. Guess i could tidy it up tonight too.
Well, i guess i'm gonna go install photoshop and clean and make some more website and then retire to bed.
Exciting life huh.
Where the hell did it all go.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, so the computer has now been completely reinstalled. So all my stuff is on jumpdrives and i'll put it all back on tomorrow.
I am currently in the living room watching the big screen and Star Wars:The Legacy Revealed has been on since 10 and is over in 7 minutes. It's 11:53.

Today I got up and took my sister to school (thank god for a delay) and since it was 10 I just stayed up. I saved all my stuff to drives and ate a breakfast of a bowl of cocoa pebbles and a chicken fingers tv dinner. Hey, it's half healthy. I had a small hour nap and then got up and got ready to go to work an hour from then. I moved my sisters car out of the driveway for my mom and then ate a chicken pattie (patty?) while watching King of Queens. I then go to work and the first hour i talk with Sean and Sue and some with Monica off and on about how my life isn't what I want and i'm very unhappy and things suck and nothing is working and it's like I am just not allowed to have anything i want to be happy..nothing ever works out for me and I haven't been really happy in a very long time.
All Sean cares about is going out Saturday night to a bar with others and Sue said to just stop trying with Kathy and get an Art job to be happy. I dont think she understands. Monica wishes she could help.
As the day goes on i start to feel better and better because it's in my nature to try to make others laugh. I tell Sue that i'm not going to give up on Kathy and that I am trying to get a better job at the same time. I think she thought i was putting Kathy first and just focusing on that and not doing anything because all i wanted was Kathy. So I was right in her not understanding. I told her that my objectives list is Job, Life, Kathy. So she can rest assured I'm not putting everything on the line.

Okay, side note here....
Star Wars Legacy is over and now Spider-Man Tech is on. I may never sleep tonight. Looks to be quite and amazing show. I'm gonna text Joe about it, doubt he will be up to watch it though. I just checked the guide and once this is over Batman Tech is on. wow. What a night to be in the big screen room.
Oh, they just showed that scene in Spider-Man 2 when he is standing on the crane at the end and looks all retarted.
Anyways, sorry, back to today. Well I was on break today and I went over to Target and HOLY GOD. I was in the action figure aisle and found that it is the Ninja Turtles' 25th Anniversary and for that they are re-releasing the orignal 1988 figures. Like, the SAME EXACT ones. The orignal figures with the brown weapons and the same exact packaging. I picked up my fave Raphael and am gonna get the rest gradually. It is so cool.
Here is a pic of the one i got to show ya:
It started to snow a lot around 7 and I got to see it really start to build up as less and less people came into Petco. The night ended and i got my paycheck and dusted off my car and came home. That would bring us up to now. I have to work tomorrow at GE from 10-330. Not very excited about that. The kitten is fast asleep and sprawled out on my lap right now. My contacts are dry and i have to get them out asap.
Watching scenes from Spider-Man 1 and I'm seeing how amazingly hot Kirsten Dunst was back then. She looked very pretty and had a big chest. For some reason as the movies went on, she got uglier and her chest went away. She went down like 2 cup sizes. I dont get it. Tobey looks so young in the first one too.
How the hell old is Stan Lee? i mean come on.
They are saying that the closest thing we have to web shooters are silly string canisters.
I miss movies like Spider-Man. The anticipation and the excitement. Now we build them up too much and are let down pretty badly. I'm lookin at you spidey 3.
This show is great. I'm gonna marry it.
How long do you think it will be before we don't need telephone poles outside anymore. I mean that would free up a lot of space and make it look a lot better around without all those wires everywhere. I mean, the way technology and digital things are going, I dont' think it's that far away.
I can't really think of anything else to talk about really. It's about bed time anyways.
Fly web!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow and god damn rebooting

Got up this morning and watched 2 episodes of Superman the animated series. Played a little Guitar hero. It is snowing. and snowing. and snowing.
I dig out my car and slowly get to work. Work is okay, i take a trip to the vet with 2 hamsters for them. The rest of the day nothing really happens because of the snow and nobody is out at all really. On my break i go to Target and in the action figure aisle I find to my AMAZING suprise that they are re-releasing the orignal orignal teenage mutant ninja turtles action figures. The orignal ones with the orange weapons and stuff!!!!!!!!!
I get home and eat a tv dinner and some chicken while watching the making of Ghost Rider. I shovel outside a bit and come upstairs.
My computer is having trouble starting up and Disk Defragment won't run and on every time i search for anything and click on the site, nothing happens. SO, i guess i may have to reboot the laptop yet again.
What the hell is wrong with this laptop. That'll be 5 times in a month.
I'm getting sick of this. Virus scan won't find anything so i dont know what it is. I don't want to reboot because I got that new photoshop from Adam and i will lose it if i reboot because i dont have the cd. It's like the laptop is just giving up on life altogether.
Other than that...its still snowing and i'm watching THE best show ever. Kitchen Nightmares. God, that show makes my adrenaline explode. I'm surprised Gordan has any patience and just doesn't start killing people sometimes.
I don't have too much to say really because my computer has pissed me off something royally. MAYBE if things could go neat, Kathy will pick up her check tomorrow and i'll see her but she doesn't like going out in snow so it probably won't happen.
I outlined my next movie today too. Called Muse.
I'm gonna think about my computer rebooting.
Til' tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today started with a wake up call from Mike. He is out driving around trying to get people to sign up with Sam's Club and wanted to know if I wanted to tag along. I was hesitant at first but I dont' have anything to do so I went ahead and did it. So he picked me up and we go out to mcknight road. It is snowing really nice out. We stop in Petsmart and all over Northway Mall. We then leave and stop at a few places on our way down to Taco Bell. We eat there, he pays and i am very thankful, and i eat up a mexican pizza and a soft taco. We leave and stop at Blockbuster next. Nothing much there so we leave and decide to just do whatever until he has to be back. We stop at the Exchange (uh oh) and i find Ghost Rider (2 disc), I Am Legend (2 disc), and Reno 911:Miami all for the combined total of $10.
We leave and end up going up to the mall now. Ross Park Mall sucks.
It's like a ghost town up there. But then again it was around 1:30.
While lookin around at the ladies we stop in Nordstrom because Alex works there and we find him and talk for a little and then leave. On the way home we talk in serious about all things movie and our movie and our future movies. Really great talk.
He suggests we get real serious and think about forming our own company. Not just a movie company but our own company, with our individual talents helping things. He was very impressed with how I wrote our first movie. I'm really getting into this idea. It would be a dream to work with friends and not have damn bosses and shit and retail and god help us.
I get dropped off at home and go online to check things and stuff. I eat a soft taco i brought home. Look around online and save some pics and finish page one of Eternal and put it up on Deviantart.
Basically ever since then i've been doing nothing. I'm gonna check craigslist and then write to UPMC and look up royalty free music and if there are any kind of independent film........thingies.....around here or something. We are treating our first film seriously but it is kind of our test run of sorts to see what we are capable of first too.
Mike vouches out of hanging out tonight so no Kingdom Hearts 2 disc for me and no fixing of 360 and street fighter for me and no movie meeting.
So i continue online and watching Family Guy. I read a chapter of Star Wars Shadows of the Empire. So on with the night, after the online stuff i'm gonna grab a snack and hit the hay early. Gotta work the next two days 3-close at Petco. I am so not wanting to work anywhere anymore. Maybe at work i can start outlining the next movie. I've got it really in my head and think it's time to start planning it.

Well........that's my mama

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was weird. I get up at 6 for some reason so i try to go back to sleep. I can't. I take my sister to school at 720 and come home and am feeling rediculously awake. I lay in bed and watch Evening with Kevin Smith on youtube for like almost 2 hours and nod off to sleep for like 2 hours and wake up almost at 2. So that whole sleeping at better times went all weird today. So i get up and check mail, UPMC wrote back saying that i should contact a different department that deals with recruitment. I get up and go downstairs to eat 2 bowls of cheerios before coming back upstairs. I make my bed, tidy up the room and go online again. I color some more of my Eternal comic and then start sketching designs for my website. I get the sketches done in like 2 minutes and am then called down to eat. Hamburgers. Eat those with the kitten sacked out on my lap again and then come back upstairs. While drinking a frapuccino i start to assemble my site in photoshop. While i do this i am on youtube listening to people's top choices for best video game music and the such. Provides good background stuff. The website takes a good while and i finally finish just the home page so i send it off to adam and am awaiting his take on it.
I can't believe today is already over. That was so freakin fast.
Tomorrow i have scheduled a production meeting with Mike about our movie and while i'm there i'm gonna fix the whole street fighter thing on my 360 and get my Kingdom Hearts 2 back. Tonight though I think i'm just gonna get a little snacking and then grab a smaller snacking to bring up here and pop in a movie and then go to bed at a MUCH better time than.......probably ever. Altho i should write UPMC back. The longer i wait the longer i'll be in retail.
I seem to have summer adrenaline. You know that feeling when its like perfectly warm out and you dont' have to work and when you drive around to places its like the best feeling in the world and you just want to have fun and you're happy. I dont know why but i feel that today. Like a really good feeling and i dont know why. I hope it keeps up. Maybe it's because i have some sort of progress on the job front and if i get one of these good jobs i will be so freakin happy. I need to pay school loans, pay the car off, pay down the credit card, and then my dream of having my own place with which i can decorate and paint to my liking. I think i might go with the grey and black with a few color things motif and put pics up of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, the girl in breakfast at tiffany's whose name slips me at the moment. Just live the sweet sweet as my income allows of course.
I like never play video games anymore. I gotta revisit my systems, i feel bad.
This weekend though i'm getting a new dvd player. My current half in a coma dvd player is just pissing me off continuously. Plus i have to get new shoes, some new pants, a haircut, blah blah.
I haven't heard anything from GE so everything must at least be okay there with Julie. as far as i know.
I'm writing down so many random thoughts.
Broken Flowers may be on the movie watching list tonight.
My stomach has been hurting. That can't be good. Or it could be if somehow it produces long lost treasure. Then I could sell it. Unless it's not valuable. What makes treasure treasure? Is it literally an old chest filled with coins and all that? Or does the word treasure just mean something that was buried a long time ago. Has any of it ever been under an X? i bet i could find treasure. I'm sure that's where my senior sweatshirt is.
Jeans. I need to get jeans.
Maybe some black and white or other button down work-like shirts. With a tie, a black tie. Or a white tie if i'm getting a black button down.
Sorry, back to treasure.
I wonder if food has ever been in treasure. Like in a glass jar and sealed with candle wax was like a really old smore or something. Opening it would not only disintegrate the smore but unleash some sort of virus that would wipe out the country the treasure was found in because we wouldn't know what the virus was or how to cure it or anything.
Or could treasure be everywhere? All those coins and sometimes bills you find in the street or on the sidewalk or elsewhere. Maybe that is treasure. Or it was once part of a larger grouping of such currency and resided in a chest of sorts thus making it treasure at some point. So in a way, we all have found treasure. Would this lower the value of treasure because if there is an abundance of it and it can be found everywhere then it would have less and less value and people wouldn't look for it anymore. I guess that explains why all that change is on the ground and people just leave it most of the time.
That's what we need to do, we need to collect it all up and put it in a new chest and bury that somewhere, under an X of course. Then years and years from now someone will find it and we will start a new treasure hunt around the world because people will think that there is more hidden around.
or not.
We would probably get in trouble for digging in private property or something.
Wow, do i have a life or what?
I'm outta here before i think up of some other crazy scheme.
like.........bringing disco back.

oh we could do it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much

Woke up and listened to a message on my phone from Joe seeing if i can come in to GE early because James called off. I get up and shower, then eat, then go to work. James has left a message in our little communication book about how all these petty little things aren't good for PRESENTATION and all that and writes on the dry erase board that he is a productive worker. It's like he went crazy and wrote something to get him fired.
The day goes alright and i make it through. Come home and eat some KFC, meh, and then am told to vacuum the house and then do all the garbage in the house. So i do all of that and then get my laptop and portfolio ready to take over to Adam's to show him what i've been up to. Adam has a very nice place, i like it and would like a place of my own real bad now that i've seen his. Ashley was very accomidating and funny as well. We looked at a bunch of pics and Adam let me download Photoshop CS2 off of him which was very nice and i thank him. He tells me that if i send him what i want my site to look like he can make it for me and I am very interested in this because i need one which will help the job hunt even more. I am so taking advantage of this. We watch Dane Cook's new stand up and it is decently funny. Not his best but it was good. Once it's over i come on home.
I really have to work on my sleeping and eating habits. While i'm feeling good and stuff I have to adjust the sleeping hours and eat better before something happens down the road.
So i'm home now and being off the next two days i think i'm gonna catch a quick snack and retire to watching a movie until i sleep. Gotta work on this sleep thing now.
Not much of a day to post, i'll try to post better tomorrow.
Onward to the life i dream of.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

God I hate Julie

Barely get up today. So tired when you have to get up early. Feeling cramped as i'm sharing my bed with a cat and a kitten. I keep having really vivid dreams every night. Last night i dont recall what it was i dreamt but i know i saw brittany mitchell and amanda mcneal in it.
I go to work and see that Julie wrote a big note for me, yipee. I read it and she writes that i am not to move anything unless i ask her first and gives a list of things that me and james have to do. So since i have 4 hours to kill and i am prohibited from bringing anything to do anymore. I decide to do the things on the list. First i clean the floor of the dark room. So, i take the mat out of there and splash a bunch of bleach on the floor and dump a lot of water on it, i let it sit for a sec and then swish it around and mop a bit. I then get down there Cinderella style and scrub the floor with a brillo pad. I then clean it all and dry it up with paper towels. The floor is amazing. I clean the chemical jug out too so it looks brand new. Well the bleach is gettin to me now and i feel sick so i get out of there and sit down for a bit. I call the orders that need called and check another 60 gift cards to see if money is on any of them. I dust all the frames and things and then dust all the filters out from all the photo machines. There is a shit load of dust in there and that gets all in my head and makes me feel weird too. These things are never dusted and god forbid Julie does it. christ.
After that I tidy up and finish any film people have dropped off. I then go to our computer there and do a disk defragmentation and punch up the resolution of the screen from medium to high. I switch the look of the menu bar and change the wallpaper to a better looking image. yeah baby.
I take a break and eat a lunchable in the closed in silence of the dark room. I still have a little over an hour to kill before i'm done. damn it.
So i sit around. Stand there. Look around.
I somehow make it to 2 and James comes in. He tells me that Julie was SUPER pissed off at me and he thought she was going to flip and fire me. Apparently me tidying up yesterday made her mad and she put everything back and someone took out calculator and she got mad cause she thought i did. She then searched for my phone number to call me and bitch at me but i dont' have it listed on our board for many reasons, this one being added to the list.
He said she was really pissed and said i was childish and apparently our main person Roxanne was around and heard so she probably thinks i suck at my job and am being an asshole about things. wonderful.
So i write a note back to Julie in our little comment book. I say that i was just trying to clean up and why i did things and what i think we should change with the photo lab and maybe even try to do a monthly photo contest to get more customers so that more drop off pics and submit some to the contest and at the end of each month the winner gets like a free roll developed or something. My note of course has a slight douchebag attitude to it but she is being a jerk so oh well. She can't bring me down, if she was better than me then maybe but she sucks. She has been out of college for 4 years now and is the manager of the photo lab in a giant eagle. She doesn't live completely alone, she has a roommate and she is married and pregnant. Her life is shitty to say the least. So the feeling of power she has at GE i guess gets her this high feeling of God like power. When she can't control me she gets real mad because her power isn't working.
Well if she wants me to be super serious man then i will. She won't enjoy it i bet but that is what i'm going to be from now on. i'm going back to being serious and not funny and quiet.
In other news....
I e-mailed UPMC about their art advertising department and hope that they respond to me about it. I didn't really do much today. Kathy texted me saying "Tonight i have to babysit :( "
So no Kathy hangout tonight. It's okay. Giant Eagle really has been pissing me off. I have to get out of there and fast.
I watched the Clerks commentary, this one was unique as you could watch the entire thing as just watching them in the room. You dont' see the movie just them. So you see them and they were eating and talking and stuff. Neat.
I scanned a few pages of my comic Eternal to be colored in photoshop as soon as i get to it.
Drank a milkshake.
Went downstairs to watch 3 stooges and eat eat n park with the rents. Burger was good, fries were fat and soggy. The kitten slept on my lap all meal. I came upstairs and took a small emergency vacation to the bathroom.
Back onto the laptop i went and looked up how Region 2 (which is the dvd code for England) is getting my favorite cartoons on dvd but the US isn't.
I have to work tomorrow once again at Giant Eagle from 2-630. After that i'm gonna call Adam and make due on my work about watchin Dane Cook later that night.
I'm off Monday and Tuesday so who the hell knows what i'm gonna do. I'll try Kathy again. Talk to Mike about fixing my xbox mess so i can play Street Fighter. See if Joe would like to join me in some Street Fighter, if i dont have it by then.....Smash Brothers baby!
The Empire Strikes Back is on right now. I'm kinda hungry again, or maybe just thirsty. I'm gonna finish out today coloring some of Eternal and then maybe doing some more of Marilyn. Gotta pick a movie to watch tonight too.
So, until tomorrow fellow readers.......if there are any.

Friday, January 9, 2009

lord giveth me the power to annihilate GE

Okay, so, i get up and go to work today. I get there and things seem to be going in the okay zone. Julie (douchefuck for short), seems fine and tells me to read a safety thing and then she does her daily disappear for 5 hours thing. So i do that and call all the late orders and then call all the orders that were delivered today and then do all the orders that people bring in. Then i scan check about 100 gift cards and with about oh i'd say less than 2 hours left of my 51/2 hour day i get out a piece of paper to sketch out some storyboards because i'd rather do that than stand there and stare at the floor. I get maybe 3 quick couple second drawings in and let it go to do more orders that come in and be a good worker bee. Learning my new lesson i have been helping answer the phone as well. As i'm sitting there doing work julie comes back, sees my paper and holds it up shaking her head no angrily at me. I look at her and show no emotion and then look right back at the computer. Once i'm done, she of course went somewhere, i'm just sittin up there doing nothing as i've put my paper in the back room. She comes from somewhere and says 'at least dust or something! this place needs dusted bad and when was the last time these cupboards were cleaned?' and i'm like 'lets see, um, the last time was ME. The last time this place was dusted I did it. The only person that sweeps is ME.' and she gets mad and says 'well i'm getting yelled at because of you so no more drawing or reading, in fact just dont bring anything here ever again. no papers, folders, books, nothing.' and so i said 'who is yelling at you and why and why aren't they coming to me' and she gets even more mad and says something in the vain of 'I'm getting yelled at because of it and blah blah something about cleaning' and then she 'hands' me the schedule and says 'here, it's before you left this time' and storms away.
Even the person that works behind me, jeannie, said to me 'what is wrong with that? it's not like your hurting anyone. doesn't make any sense.' and she sees me later staring at the register and she says 'better not let her catch you doing that or she'll make you clean it'
So at least its not just me.
I dont know what happens to a person to make them a bitch but jesus it's becoming an epidemic lately.
So in secrecy while pretending to dust i text kathy to see if she wants to do anything tonight or tomorrow, i'm hoping she says no to tonight because i now so suprisingly have a headache and am not in the mood to do anything. James comes in and i tell him about it and he is confused too. The Julie hatred is shared at GE with a many a people. Joe as well. Petco calls me to tell me that i now work wednesday and thursday instead of just thursday. I like this news. Kathy says she can't tonight because her dad is picking her up from work and she'll let me know tomorrow about....tomorrow.
okay. i go home and check online things. no response back from my craigslist email. Go up to the bank. it is now snowing and laying pretty well. It looks beautiful out, just stunning. The kind of snow that is very soft and there is a lot of it and the ground literally glitters. Deposit my check and get a printout to see what all came out and how much i have in there. Well all my bills have come out so far and i have way more in there than i thought. NICE.
So in a bit better spirits i go home. Well the headache has mutated into a hellish awful pounding jerk of a beast so i lay down and take almost an hour and a half nap. Wake up and the headache is still there but slightly subdued. I decide its a good time to take my weekly dvd trip.
I drive out to the exchange listening to Hellogoodbye.
Get there and spend 40 minutes paroozing around and pick up Clerks (10th anniversary 3 disc set), Catch & Release, and Broken Flowers all for $22.
Leave there and head to Half Price Books. Spend about a half hour in there and go to the clearance and pick up an x-men hardcover book for $2 and a star wars hardcover Shadows of the Empire for $2. I've always wanted to read the star wars one because i've played the N64 game of the same name and enjoyed it. Has a great sentimental memory value to it thanks to Joe. i dont know what it is about Dash Rendar.
After that i head for home stopping at McD's to get a double cheesburger, 2 apple pies, and a hot fudge sundae. It takes FOREVER to get all that and i take it all home to find out i got 3 apple pies by accident.
That is what we call a good accident.
I watch the 1 1/2 hour making of clerks while eating and then watch some of their Q&A session. I am told i have to shovel some snow by the rents so i do that. I rearrange my dvd shelves to accomidate the past few weeks of purchases. I am now totally full and need more shelves. I have a dvd addiction.
It is now 1:30 am and i have to work GE again tomorrow 10-2 so i gotta be up again. Good thing Julie doesn't work weekends tho.
We shall see what tomorrow brings. I am feeling a bit better than i was yesterday which is good. My mom said UPMC is looking for art department people so tomorrow i'll e-mail them a resume and some samples of my work and see where that gets me.
I just realized I don't think anyone in the world knows about this blog so i need to get people reading and commenting. I'm still flabbergasted by that pencil drawing i posted the other day. That is just crazy.
Well i'm tired so until tomorrow.

I'm so bringing something to work tomorrow to keep me busy when i'm bored. MWAHAHAHA

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

windy day

Last night had me finally tackle a bit of my Marilyn drawing. I erased one of her eyes and then slightly shaded some of her hair. Once conan 0 brien started i watched a little and then went downstairs and made a bag of popcorn. Brought it back upstairs and watched I Am Legend.
The movie was pretty good but i have read the book and no matter how many times this movie is made (pretty sure this is the third time) they just can't seem to get the vampires right. But what book has been made into movie form without changing a ton of stuff.
Anyways, went to sleep and woke up ready to tackle my laptop.
Once i ate a breakfast of chicken noodle soup and cocoa pebbles, i came up and began bringing my laptop back to its good ol' sexy self.
I went through a few random cds that i had found and threw most of them away. Found a dvd of some commercials and a very short movie i made. Does not hold up well.
"i knew i'd find you here"
I think Joe's performance was the only saving grace of that thing......altho the grainy black and white look really made me happy.

Then i proceeded to enlist in a bunch of art sites. I signed up so i could post on the superherohype boards and created my own art thread there for people to see and comment on it. Then i signed up for devianart and put a bunch of stuff on there.....which within not even 4 minutes began getting comments and people favored 9 of my pics....happened almost instantly.
Made plans to hang out with mike later to check out the game Left 4 dead and stuff. So when that time rolled around i snatched up my xbox360 hard drive and left for his house.
Got there and we played L4D for a good bit. very fun game. The undead are relentless.
We checked out 2 videos from SNL skits that are hilarious and then we switched out hard drives so that i could download (me not having wireless internet access on my 360) the new updates and get the new Street fighter 2 turbo hd remix.

Well all that went well and we played a few rounds. Game looks dazzling. Then i went home.
Got home and uploaded some more art and went to play SF2 and booted up the 360 to see my old dashboard and my SF2 game wouldn't play.
So i signed up to GameFAQs and posted my question as to what was happening. Within i'd say a half an hour, i got answers. Turns out even if you save everything to your hard drive which you have to to save any single thing, the downloads are still registered to the console that the hard drive is attached to. So my info is on his 360 but all the memory and saves are on my hard drive. So they suggest that i hook MY 360 up at his house and go to to do a licence transfer to move my info off of his and onto mine. Sheesh!

Other than that i just spent the next few hours postin pics and seein people respond to them. There is an AMAZING pencil drawing that i found on deviantart. I thought i was getting really great at portraits but this one decimated me.

This isn't mine but lord, it is just jaw dropping....

Well now i have to step it up....way to f'ing Pluto.
I am just astounded by it.
But i digress.
Now it's 2 a.m. Don't judge my post times on here as they are not correct and i dont know how to fix them. I think its time for bed. I have a crappy day of Petco tomorrow. 3-930. blah.
I wish i could just come up with an idea that i could sell and make like a million dollars and then pay everything off and relax for once.
like how they have those digital picture frames. except, big ones and instead of your pictures it is fine art and paintings. They could revolve between a few or stay on one and have it sort of animate somehow.
That's a good idea.
in fact...
Pretend you didn't hear that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It continues....

Well, i didn't post yesterday because my laptop had some sort of stroke and i had to save all of my work to jumpdrives and then reboot my entire laptop to its orignal out of box state. Erasing and wiping out every single thing on it back to square one.
Needless to say, its all better now.
Yesterday i wake up to a call from a number i dont know and it leaves a message saying that my car has been impounded and i owe 126 dollars. I look outside and there sits my car where i left it yesterday.
I get a call from my friend Mike later and as i'm telling him about it, he reveals that it was him prank calling me. So my day is off to a crap start.
On a side note, the night before i watched the movie The Darjeeling Limited. It was good and kept me wondering what was going to become of the 3 brothers.
Anyways, back to yesterday. Picked up and dropped off my mom and sister to the doctors and then ate and left to work at petco from 3-close.
It is boring and long and I have started to become depressed and annoyed again. So it was a quiet day at work and i think i am starting to really show the sadness now cause some noticed.
I dont know. There are a few things in my life that i feel like i'm trying to accomplish but am getting nowhere.
I have no idea what the hell is going on with Kathy. She never called to hang out so i don't know, i guess i'll just go back to being lonely and going day to day.
I'm not gettin my senior sweatshirt back ever again. The job hunt is tough as well.
So i'm down in the dumps just about constantly.
After work I finish writing the script for the movie i'm going to be filming later and print that out and send it to Mike.
As i'm about to check some other things online, my computer has that stroke i was talking about. So i try to fix it and end up just saving everything and rebooting it.
While this is going on i eat and then start up the movie 1408 while i wait for my computer to reboot itself.
The movie was good and tricked me once. I enjoyed it.

Now we are on to today. I got up and ate a tv dinner and then proceeded to get ready for work. Giant Eagle 1230-330. On my way to my car it is freeze raining and my car is encased in ice. So i have to get out my scraper and de-encase my car. annoying. Once i reach work i sort cds with the manager, develop some film and just sit. day ends.
Come home and eat some doritos as i finish off fixing my laptop. Simpsons and Family Guy play in the background.
Now i'm about to go downstairs and eat some dinner (hopefully) and then come back up here to send my art to a few websites and see what i get back and then since i'm off tomorrow i have no idea how i want the end of this day to go.
I really hope things start lookin up for me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is it time to get with the program yet?

okay so....last night so didn't go as i thought it would have.
no, nothing crazy happened.
Instead of accomplishing anything, i ended up sittin around, watched a comedy thing with greg giraldo, dane cook, and 2 others. Then proceeded to just go to bed when i saw that a movie called Catch & Release was coming on in a little.
Well, being the kevin smith fan that i am, i read in his book that he was in this movie as just an actor.
the movie was great and kevin was funny. Definately a movie that i will be purchasing in the future.
Once that was over it was 4 am. Good job on that early to bed early to rise resolution so far. psht.
Wake up in the morning not even knowing who i am and am told that family has stopped over and to come down to say hi. Looking like i just got thrown down a hill, i cleaned myself up and went down to say hello and eat before work.
Work is boring but the 4 and a half hours go by quick due to me seperating and sorting a thousand price tags to help out the woman that puts them up all over the store. While there i also sketch out my Little Red to get that started.
I get a few texts from my ex saying that she does not have my senior sweatshirt at all and has no idea what i did with it and she looked everywhere and its just gone.


So now i'm back to being pissed. Seems as though everyday now i'm just depressed and pissed. Although it does give me a weird sort of motivation for things. Kind of a 'fuck em i'm doing shit' mood. Makes me get things done and try to become a sweet ass person just to 'show them'.
I get home at 7, eat some Doritos while watching some drew carey show and get texted down to dinner. Dinner is Mcd's. Healthy me.
The viewing for dinner tonight is america's funniest home videos. Which i think i'm on safe grounds as to saying is the best show ever.
After that i come upstairs and have yet to figure out what i want to do.
i'm gettin real lonely.
I gotta admit i have no idea how to get a damn job. Illustration is tough.

I miss the good ol' days. The past days when everyone was cool with everyone. Where money never seemed to be an object and not a night went by when someone wanted to do something. The good ol' Ponderosa crew days. Going to eat n park and wal-mart every night practically with susan, amy, gemma. The get togethers are all gone now.
I miss just getting together with dan, jeff, and mike and just sittin out on dan's front porch just talking and talking for hours. it was great.
Or movie nights with the suz and amy (sleepaway camp, wet hot american summer, emperor's new groove, LOTR, goonies). Sharing the fun of Kingdom Hearts with amy and talking forever about the most amazing movies that are out there...........sorry about I Heart Huckabees amy.
Playing UNO on the train tracks and just hanging out with susan and gemma.
Playing in a band where i had no idea how to play but winged it with the grace of god himself. I think it was just the being in a group and part of the fun that i liked.
After school going to mike's house to play tony hawk with the cheats on while we ate pizza hut (thin crust baby) and retired to watch Galaxy Quest....a good 300 times.
Going to the movies every week to see as much as i could.
Watching dvds at our houses and eatin fudge rounds and making up the most rediculous stories with joe. Also, being excited like little teenage girls on our way to the movies to watch TMNT and Dark Knight......Batman begins too.
Playing video games with mike and joe and scot (all seperately). Few stand out moments are emblazened in my mind and most are thanks to Joe.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (dear god), Burnout 3 (homer scream), Smash Brothers (the princess and a million others), Mortal Kombat (another dear god), You dont know jack with brittany, Gears of War (gettin across that damn bridge while pushing the car and having a turret shoot the shit out of you), Scene It?, old snes games, and of course Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
I think i'll devote a whole post to games soon, i'm feelin it lately.
Now where am i.... none of that is happening.
but with this new year i am trying to change that. Nothing will happen if i just sit here and pout.
Thanks to those people though, for giving me memories that i will carry with me until i die.

I'm gonna have to mount a full out assault on everything this month. Jobs, movies, friends, games.

Finish things that i've started.......Marilyn pic, that freakin horror movie script that we WILL make (hear that mike!), games i've started, job searches, etc etc etc king and i

So, leaving you for the night now as my plans are yet again to attempt to finish Marilyn, watch a movie, and fall asleep at a decent time. I already know tomorrow will be a shitty day and probably the whole week or month but i can't let it bring me down.

Just keep smiling and the world can never bring you down.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wasted Day

Totally wasted today.
Got up, did the work thing at the GE from 10-230. Bought a bag of Doritos, some candy, 2 milkshakes and then on my way home stopped at the Mcd's to get some lunch.
Brought it all home and ate the Mcd's while watching the rest of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back that i didn't finshing watching yesterday. Funny movie.
After that i battled a virus on my computer and got rid of about 90 percent of it. There is still an annoying ass pop up that keeps slowing my internet down but other than that my laptop is good. I have no idea how to fix this problem, virus scan and searching isn't working.
So i took a small nap while Office Space played in the background.
No word from Kathy about anything so i'm assuming she either forgot, is busy, or/and we aren't doing anything tonight or tomorrow.
She like everyone who hasn't graduated yet is going back to classes on Monday. I'm glad a little because my little sister will be gone throughout the day meaning that her evil friends will be out of the house and i can have quiet again.
But that is about it for today. Like i said, wasted a day.
Tonight, depending on the details, i may actually finish my Marilyn Monroe drawing. Once that is done i've already sketched out plans to do a new series of pictures.
What i have in mind is taking a mature crack at certain fairy tales, i.e. Little red riding hood, alice in wonderland, etc..
But i want to draw them in the style of the mature adult 50's pin-up girl style. I'm thinking of doing them in ink and marker and then on a seperate art board, painting a background for them in acrylic paint. Then spray mounting the characters on some cardboard and then attaching that to the background giving it a semi-3d look.
I've already sketched out little red riding hood (named Little Red) and Alice in wonderland (named Alice's Wonderland).
I'm not sure if i want to do more but if i do i am thinking of maybe snow white, cinderella, and who knows what else.

I feel lonely and crappy. It's very boring here and i barely have any contact with people at all unless i'm at work. Starting to remind me of......all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
i'm not gonna go crazy, i just miss great conversations. plus i've been in a bad mood lately.
I think i'm just going to grab some grub, pop in a movie and see how far i get with my Marilyn pic before i just hit the hay.
The crappy days continue.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year New Life

so i decided to start off the new year by starting my own online diary of sorts. i'm just gonna go ahead and jump right into it.
2008 was mostly horrible. i'm real glad it's over.
Let's get the bad things out of the way first shall we?
1)Haven't found an art job yet and looking for one is getting real frustrating.
2)Had to pick up a second job for money because i was getting real close to being for real broke and had some important bills to pay.
3)Became single. It's not bad bad because I think it's what i needed. It wasn't working for me and i was very unhappy and angry inside and from all the shit that happened during it, i was just being destroyed from the heart out. So the only reason its in the bad column is because i dont enjoy being single, it's lonely and i would love to have my someone.
4)My grandmother died. She was awesome and fun and one of those things you see coming but you don't. Took a week to compose myself and it still seemed surreal.
5)Lost some good friends. They aren't dead but it sucks how certain events or feelings just screw everything up forever and destroy what you thought was an amazing thing because others are still not mature.
6)Lost the ownership of my one of a kind, personally designed, senior sweatshirt as part of number 3.
7)My dvd player kicked the bucket. If you know me and my love for movies and my current library of about 370 dvds then you will realize the need to put this in the bad column.
8)My xbox360 is beginning to show signs of this bucket kicking past time as well.
9)Parents are having money troubles as well and have brought up the idea of me paying room and board to live here in the house. Me barely having money as it is only makes things get ugly and everyone pissed including me. so we'll see how that goes.
10)Became extremely alone. Seems i've hit that time where everyone i know got themselves lives and now i'm here everyday all day in silence in my room with noone to talk to or anything to do.
That about does it for the bad. Now the good:
1)Graduated college. woohoo
2)Finally found the one James Bond dvd i was missing to complete my collection of every james bond movie on dvd......i know, its sad but its a celebatory occasion for me.
3)Became single......yeah i detail this above.
4)As a result of eating better and keeping up a daily routine of excercise and working out, i've gained 20 pounds.....and not fat weight either. thankfully. altho i could use some.
5)The Dark Knight was released.....amazing movie.
6)Got an xbox360.
7)My drawing skills really improved.
8)Met Kathy. whom of which i will be detailing later.
9)Finally got a digital camera.
10)After a 3 year dry spell, i'm picking back up on my movie watching, lots of catching up to do.

and there you have it. 10 of the best and worst of 2008.

For new years i didn't do anything. I woke up and had to work 1-730 so i drive to work in snowy conditions which made getting there no easy task. Once there (Petco on Mcknight Road) i stacked and straightened cat food cans and put a bunch of stock away. Nothing much happened, so i go on break and go over to Target to see if they have any good dvds on sale. nah. I say hello to Jordan who works over there who i used to work at the Pondo with. Buy myself some pizza from their indoor pizza hut and scarf that down. Since Kathy (who also works at Petco) is working today as well i get the idea to buy a hot chocolate from their starbucks and bring it to her. she loves it and the day of 'work' continues. Later on almost at closing time i spend some more time chattin with the Kathy and loving it. We close and i walk her to her car. We talk a little cause its god damn freezing out and then just like we do everytime we see each other now, we hug for a good i'd say 5 or 6 minutes straight. Feels good not only because i like her but because she is warm. We are trying to set up a day to go ice skating downtown. I make her laugh a little and then she says that she isn't going out anywhere tonight because of the snow and the roads and the drunk people so she is just going home.
It's cool with me because i was tired anyways, although i would have liked to spend new years with her. She leaves and i go back into target since they close at 10 and its 8 now. I talk to Jordan and hang with him for half of his break then i go home.
Upon arriving home i see that the fam has decorated the dinner table with a matter of all things food. I eat all i can and want while Elf plays on the tv. It's now 11 and i'm pooped and honestly don't care about new years at all. So i go upstairs and pick up reading Kevin Smith's book My Boring Ass Life. An amazing read. I read the chapters about Jason Mewes's battle with heroin and crack and other such drugs. Very good and emotional ride. Turn the tv on at 11:59, watch the ball drop and see everyone who isn't me kissing a loved one. Turn the tv off at 12:01. Tired as hell now for some reason so i get all ready for bed. I was going to watch a movie but i have to start working on changing my sleep time so its earlier. Early to bed early to rise.
I spend some time lookin up comic book pics online and paying my car payment. Close up the laptop, put the tv to something while i fall asleep.