Friday, January 16, 2009

Boring is not strong enough a word

Another wasted day? I think so.
Went to work blah 10-330. Days go forever long at GE. Come home and deposit both checks in the bank and then watch a little King of Queens. Look at my mail. be lazy. I watch Broken Flowers which stars Bill Murray. Very good film. Was so not expecting a fully naked my age girl to be in it. Very attractive and saw every part of her. That's besides the point. The movie was very good but has one of those endings that kinda makes you angry. After i watched that i came back upstairs and looked up ninja turtles stuff for a while.
I'm tired. I think i might just type up what I have so far for my Muse script while the tv plays and then just go to bed early. I dunno. I want to text Kathy to say that i'm available tomorrow and sunday night and monday or whenever the hell and if she wants we can hang any of those times. I'm getting uncaring though and don't have the strength to do it though. I dont know whats wrong with me. I'm gettin sick of businesses not responding back to me.
Oh and today was god forsakingly cold. I think it was like 7 today.
I think i may have given up on drawing my Marilyn Monroe drawing. I can't seem to stay on anything anymore. You know what, screw it, i'm gonna text Kathy now.
There, done and done.
I need to finish designing my website. I haven't heard back from Adam, I guess i'll just finish it all and send it him and then via phone, let him know i sent it and see what he thinks and how we can go ahead with it. Maybe i'll do that tonight instead of writing. Job is more important.
My room is a mess. Guess i could tidy it up tonight too.
Well, i guess i'm gonna go install photoshop and clean and make some more website and then retire to bed.
Exciting life huh.
Where the hell did it all go.

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