Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute Cashier

I almost forgot to write here tonight. I shut down the laptop and was gettin ready for bed. So let us recap the events of today.
Get up and go to work. The 10-2 day goes pretty quickly because I start writing a first draft of a movie i want to make next called Muse. I get a text around 1:30 from Joe asking if i was working and we decide to go to Wendy's once he gets to GE around 2 and since he starts at 3 and i'm off at 2, we go to the eatery that is Wendy's. Snow is beginning to fall.
We get to Wendy's and just that short ride over i am reminded of why me and joe are still friends and how much fun we have together. We get to wendy's and there is a cute cashier whom i flirt with a little and me and joe proceed to eat. Amy joins us near the end and it is a good time.
Quick side note....why do female fire power superheroes all have red hair?
Jean Grey = red hair + fire power = Phoenix
Firestar = fire power = red hair
Nova = red hair = Nova
just some examples
Anyways, i come home and i go on the laptop for a little bit and text mike to see if he wants to get together to discuss movie stuff. I take a shower and then go to his house. We go through the first few pages of the script making changes and talking about things. A really great productive time. I read the new game informer and he has to go pick up sarah and stuff so i go outside to leave and it has snowed like 2 inches. I carefully drive to mcdonalds and wait in line.
and wait in line
and wait in line
and wait in line
and wait in line
and leave mcdonalds.
Go home and eat a tv dinner and a chicken patty and then turn on the laptop and start to play guitar hero world tour online. I end up playing for an hour and a half playing with others in a online band through a bunch of songs. Then i go downstairs to help my dad bring things in from the car and then put on Saturday Night Live and when that is on commercial i watch Fantastic Four cartoons.
I still haven't gotten anywhere with jobs and i am starting to panic. I need to find one and fast.
Tomorrow i work GE 10-630. NOT going to be fun.
I'm tired. I guess i'm just going to go to bed now. tomorrow i'm going to finish making up my website on photoshop and send that to adam and clean up my room. The website will be a great help as i can put that up and people can actually see my work and stuff all in one place. Hopefully that will be a nice stepping stone for me finding a place to work.
OH, i have to pay my phone bill
Do i have socks for tomorrow?

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