Monday, January 19, 2009

A day off alone and in quiet......

Slept in alright today and got up and am not really sure what I did right away. I finished designing my website today and sent that off to Adam, i'm really happy with how it turned out and hope me and Adam can get to work on it quickly so i can see it in action. I spent a good bit of the day jumping between doing the site and playing Guitar Hero online. Went on for about 3 hours. Laid down to rest for a sec and texted mike to see what was up cause he said he was going to call me today to hang out some more. Nothing.
I'm startin to get used to nobody answering me and not hanging out with anyone ever. It is starting to not even bother me at all anymore.
I applied to 2 places i found on it i said i attached my resume and sample sheet. I sent it out and then realized i did not attach them.
Damn it.
I looked around online for a bit, washed my laundry, made my bed. Nothing really happened today. I went down to eat and ended up watching 4 episodes of Powerpuff Girls. You know, that show is good and way funnier than i remember it. I ACTUALLY laughed out loud a few times. They were celebrating their 10th anniversary. really??? it's already been 10 years since they came out? wow.
So i came back upstairs and watched a little of Star Wars Clone Wars and looked to see which star wars figures were coming out soon. Some really good ones. Then I watched Be Kind Rewind. That is a really good movie and the ideas and ways that they make these movies are so unique and clever and just genious. Really good movie.
Then i watched the trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.......looks amazing......but when the hell is it coming out??
Oh, I also sent Gamepro my Fantastic Four pic and the pic of me and all the cartoon characters for their fan art section. We'll see what comes of that.
Now Jay Leno is on and he is about to do headlines.
My head really really hurts. I think i'm just going to maybe eat a bag of popcorn and just take it easy until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow is the big Obama get into office celebration and i'm going to work at GE from 330-630....woooo, such a long day.
The search for Amanda continues........the wait to hang out with Kathy continues.....I did though finish one senior hoodie has been found!! wooooo!!
God I have to find a job and fast.

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