Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was weird. I get up at 6 for some reason so i try to go back to sleep. I can't. I take my sister to school at 720 and come home and am feeling rediculously awake. I lay in bed and watch Evening with Kevin Smith on youtube for like almost 2 hours and nod off to sleep for like 2 hours and wake up almost at 2. So that whole sleeping at better times went all weird today. So i get up and check mail, UPMC wrote back saying that i should contact a different department that deals with recruitment. I get up and go downstairs to eat 2 bowls of cheerios before coming back upstairs. I make my bed, tidy up the room and go online again. I color some more of my Eternal comic and then start sketching designs for my website. I get the sketches done in like 2 minutes and am then called down to eat. Hamburgers. Eat those with the kitten sacked out on my lap again and then come back upstairs. While drinking a frapuccino i start to assemble my site in photoshop. While i do this i am on youtube listening to people's top choices for best video game music and the such. Provides good background stuff. The website takes a good while and i finally finish just the home page so i send it off to adam and am awaiting his take on it.
I can't believe today is already over. That was so freakin fast.
Tomorrow i have scheduled a production meeting with Mike about our movie and while i'm there i'm gonna fix the whole street fighter thing on my 360 and get my Kingdom Hearts 2 back. Tonight though I think i'm just gonna get a little snacking and then grab a smaller snacking to bring up here and pop in a movie and then go to bed at a MUCH better time than.......probably ever. Altho i should write UPMC back. The longer i wait the longer i'll be in retail.
I seem to have summer adrenaline. You know that feeling when its like perfectly warm out and you dont' have to work and when you drive around to places its like the best feeling in the world and you just want to have fun and you're happy. I dont know why but i feel that today. Like a really good feeling and i dont know why. I hope it keeps up. Maybe it's because i have some sort of progress on the job front and if i get one of these good jobs i will be so freakin happy. I need to pay school loans, pay the car off, pay down the credit card, and then my dream of having my own place with which i can decorate and paint to my liking. I think i might go with the grey and black with a few color things motif and put pics up of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, the girl in breakfast at tiffany's whose name slips me at the moment. Just live the sweet sweet as my income allows of course.
I like never play video games anymore. I gotta revisit my systems, i feel bad.
This weekend though i'm getting a new dvd player. My current half in a coma dvd player is just pissing me off continuously. Plus i have to get new shoes, some new pants, a haircut, blah blah.
I haven't heard anything from GE so everything must at least be okay there with Julie. as far as i know.
I'm writing down so many random thoughts.
Broken Flowers may be on the movie watching list tonight.
My stomach has been hurting. That can't be good. Or it could be if somehow it produces long lost treasure. Then I could sell it. Unless it's not valuable. What makes treasure treasure? Is it literally an old chest filled with coins and all that? Or does the word treasure just mean something that was buried a long time ago. Has any of it ever been under an X? i bet i could find treasure. I'm sure that's where my senior sweatshirt is.
Jeans. I need to get jeans.
Maybe some black and white or other button down work-like shirts. With a tie, a black tie. Or a white tie if i'm getting a black button down.
Sorry, back to treasure.
I wonder if food has ever been in treasure. Like in a glass jar and sealed with candle wax was like a really old smore or something. Opening it would not only disintegrate the smore but unleash some sort of virus that would wipe out the country the treasure was found in because we wouldn't know what the virus was or how to cure it or anything.
Or could treasure be everywhere? All those coins and sometimes bills you find in the street or on the sidewalk or elsewhere. Maybe that is treasure. Or it was once part of a larger grouping of such currency and resided in a chest of sorts thus making it treasure at some point. So in a way, we all have found treasure. Would this lower the value of treasure because if there is an abundance of it and it can be found everywhere then it would have less and less value and people wouldn't look for it anymore. I guess that explains why all that change is on the ground and people just leave it most of the time.
That's what we need to do, we need to collect it all up and put it in a new chest and bury that somewhere, under an X of course. Then years and years from now someone will find it and we will start a new treasure hunt around the world because people will think that there is more hidden around.
or not.
We would probably get in trouble for digging in private property or something.
Wow, do i have a life or what?
I'm outta here before i think up of some other crazy scheme.
like.........bringing disco back.

oh we could do it.

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