Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gettin tired

hmm, well i barely got up to take my sister to school. I was in one of those delicious super sleeps where you are the perfect comfortable, I was very warm and it was feeling so so good. Once i got back i did have a bit of trouble getting back to sleep again but i eventually did. Then I had that thing where i wake up at 1130 and fell back asleep immediately, then 1230 and immediately back to sleep and then got up at 1, i have no idea what was going on but i just kept immediately falling back asleep. I check my mail to find nothing, eat and get ready to go to work. I work and the day goes along pretty good. Nothing really happens and on my break i go to Target again and ate some pizza hut and saw that they restocked the old school ninja turtle figures so like a addict I bought Donatello bringing me up to having 2 of the 4 out so far.
I come home and there is subway left for me so i eat that while watching 2 episodes of King of the Hill. I then checked my mail again to find nothing and am now just sittin here watching some family guy.
I have no idea if Kathy works tomorrow so I don't know if i want to go out to my dvd run tomorrow after work and on the way just pass to see if she is working and if she is, visit her. The new x-men cartoon starts tomorrow and if i go out i will miss it but i have seen the first episode months ago though. I don't know, ill probably go out anyways. I decided to go ahead and go out Saturday so I am gonna go stop at petco to see whats up on saturday.
The new schedule wasn't up so i have no idea when kathy works so i either see her tomorrow or saturday or who the hell knows.
The next two days of work are going to suck major huge balls. Both days i work 10-630 at GE. There isn't going to be anything to do so i am going to be aggitated all day both days. It hurts my feet to stand there doing nothing for 8 hours and plus tomorrow julie works too so i'm gonna hear her whiny shit all day.
I'm just getting myself worked up.
No message back from Amanda yet.
Next week i should have a bunch of days off. I needed thursday off to drive my parents to cranberry for something and james will be back from vacation so my hours will be halved. So my GE is usually friday, saturday, and sunday with petco being wednesday and thursday. But since i called off thursday, i guess i'll have monday, tuesday, and thursday off.
I'm starting to get a headache.
No word from mike or adam either. I am going to guess that my website my never be made i guess. That seems like a waste of time.
Another day down and no closer to resolving all of my paths.

On down the road we go..

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  1. send me ur website stuff and i'll see what i can do for ya...