Saturday, January 10, 2009

God I hate Julie

Barely get up today. So tired when you have to get up early. Feeling cramped as i'm sharing my bed with a cat and a kitten. I keep having really vivid dreams every night. Last night i dont recall what it was i dreamt but i know i saw brittany mitchell and amanda mcneal in it.
I go to work and see that Julie wrote a big note for me, yipee. I read it and she writes that i am not to move anything unless i ask her first and gives a list of things that me and james have to do. So since i have 4 hours to kill and i am prohibited from bringing anything to do anymore. I decide to do the things on the list. First i clean the floor of the dark room. So, i take the mat out of there and splash a bunch of bleach on the floor and dump a lot of water on it, i let it sit for a sec and then swish it around and mop a bit. I then get down there Cinderella style and scrub the floor with a brillo pad. I then clean it all and dry it up with paper towels. The floor is amazing. I clean the chemical jug out too so it looks brand new. Well the bleach is gettin to me now and i feel sick so i get out of there and sit down for a bit. I call the orders that need called and check another 60 gift cards to see if money is on any of them. I dust all the frames and things and then dust all the filters out from all the photo machines. There is a shit load of dust in there and that gets all in my head and makes me feel weird too. These things are never dusted and god forbid Julie does it. christ.
After that I tidy up and finish any film people have dropped off. I then go to our computer there and do a disk defragmentation and punch up the resolution of the screen from medium to high. I switch the look of the menu bar and change the wallpaper to a better looking image. yeah baby.
I take a break and eat a lunchable in the closed in silence of the dark room. I still have a little over an hour to kill before i'm done. damn it.
So i sit around. Stand there. Look around.
I somehow make it to 2 and James comes in. He tells me that Julie was SUPER pissed off at me and he thought she was going to flip and fire me. Apparently me tidying up yesterday made her mad and she put everything back and someone took out calculator and she got mad cause she thought i did. She then searched for my phone number to call me and bitch at me but i dont' have it listed on our board for many reasons, this one being added to the list.
He said she was really pissed and said i was childish and apparently our main person Roxanne was around and heard so she probably thinks i suck at my job and am being an asshole about things. wonderful.
So i write a note back to Julie in our little comment book. I say that i was just trying to clean up and why i did things and what i think we should change with the photo lab and maybe even try to do a monthly photo contest to get more customers so that more drop off pics and submit some to the contest and at the end of each month the winner gets like a free roll developed or something. My note of course has a slight douchebag attitude to it but she is being a jerk so oh well. She can't bring me down, if she was better than me then maybe but she sucks. She has been out of college for 4 years now and is the manager of the photo lab in a giant eagle. She doesn't live completely alone, she has a roommate and she is married and pregnant. Her life is shitty to say the least. So the feeling of power she has at GE i guess gets her this high feeling of God like power. When she can't control me she gets real mad because her power isn't working.
Well if she wants me to be super serious man then i will. She won't enjoy it i bet but that is what i'm going to be from now on. i'm going back to being serious and not funny and quiet.
In other news....
I e-mailed UPMC about their art advertising department and hope that they respond to me about it. I didn't really do much today. Kathy texted me saying "Tonight i have to babysit :( "
So no Kathy hangout tonight. It's okay. Giant Eagle really has been pissing me off. I have to get out of there and fast.
I watched the Clerks commentary, this one was unique as you could watch the entire thing as just watching them in the room. You dont' see the movie just them. So you see them and they were eating and talking and stuff. Neat.
I scanned a few pages of my comic Eternal to be colored in photoshop as soon as i get to it.
Drank a milkshake.
Went downstairs to watch 3 stooges and eat eat n park with the rents. Burger was good, fries were fat and soggy. The kitten slept on my lap all meal. I came upstairs and took a small emergency vacation to the bathroom.
Back onto the laptop i went and looked up how Region 2 (which is the dvd code for England) is getting my favorite cartoons on dvd but the US isn't.
I have to work tomorrow once again at Giant Eagle from 2-630. After that i'm gonna call Adam and make due on my work about watchin Dane Cook later that night.
I'm off Monday and Tuesday so who the hell knows what i'm gonna do. I'll try Kathy again. Talk to Mike about fixing my xbox mess so i can play Street Fighter. See if Joe would like to join me in some Street Fighter, if i dont have it by then.....Smash Brothers baby!
The Empire Strikes Back is on right now. I'm kinda hungry again, or maybe just thirsty. I'm gonna finish out today coloring some of Eternal and then maybe doing some more of Marilyn. Gotta pick a movie to watch tonight too.
So, until tomorrow fellow readers.......if there are any.

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