Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yeah so didn't blog yesterday.
Nothing really big happened anyway. I basically spent the whole day inside with nothing to do and nobody to talk to. I checked for jobs, played some StarFox in my sisters room, went outside and took some nice black and white photos of some things.
I later watched the new Get Smart movie with steve carell online. It was alright. I finished the pic of me with the wings.
Ate some dinner of Mcd's which was awful tasting and I bit my tongue so hard that I heard a crack and it still hurts today. Not as bad but still.
Later that night Dan and Jeff wanted me to come over to watch the Dark Knight so i did, not as amazing as the first time I saw it but still a good flick.
Today I have to drive my parents out to Cranberry of which i will have like 3 hours to kill so i have no idea what i'm gonna do.
I am almost done inking my Little Red picture.
I am being pestered continuously this morning about shit by the parents and it's starting to really aggitate me now. Real bad.
So i guess this post is done.

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