Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is it time to get with the program yet?

okay so....last night so didn't go as i thought it would have.
no, nothing crazy happened.
Instead of accomplishing anything, i ended up sittin around, watched a comedy thing with greg giraldo, dane cook, and 2 others. Then proceeded to just go to bed when i saw that a movie called Catch & Release was coming on in a little.
Well, being the kevin smith fan that i am, i read in his book that he was in this movie as just an actor.
the movie was great and kevin was funny. Definately a movie that i will be purchasing in the future.
Once that was over it was 4 am. Good job on that early to bed early to rise resolution so far. psht.
Wake up in the morning not even knowing who i am and am told that family has stopped over and to come down to say hi. Looking like i just got thrown down a hill, i cleaned myself up and went down to say hello and eat before work.
Work is boring but the 4 and a half hours go by quick due to me seperating and sorting a thousand price tags to help out the woman that puts them up all over the store. While there i also sketch out my Little Red to get that started.
I get a few texts from my ex saying that she does not have my senior sweatshirt at all and has no idea what i did with it and she looked everywhere and its just gone.


So now i'm back to being pissed. Seems as though everyday now i'm just depressed and pissed. Although it does give me a weird sort of motivation for things. Kind of a 'fuck em i'm doing shit' mood. Makes me get things done and try to become a sweet ass person just to 'show them'.
I get home at 7, eat some Doritos while watching some drew carey show and get texted down to dinner. Dinner is Mcd's. Healthy me.
The viewing for dinner tonight is america's funniest home videos. Which i think i'm on safe grounds as to saying is the best show ever.
After that i come upstairs and have yet to figure out what i want to do.
i'm gettin real lonely.
I gotta admit i have no idea how to get a damn job. Illustration is tough.

I miss the good ol' days. The past days when everyone was cool with everyone. Where money never seemed to be an object and not a night went by when someone wanted to do something. The good ol' Ponderosa crew days. Going to eat n park and wal-mart every night practically with susan, amy, gemma. The get togethers are all gone now.
I miss just getting together with dan, jeff, and mike and just sittin out on dan's front porch just talking and talking for hours. it was great.
Or movie nights with the suz and amy (sleepaway camp, wet hot american summer, emperor's new groove, LOTR, goonies). Sharing the fun of Kingdom Hearts with amy and talking forever about the most amazing movies that are out there...........sorry about I Heart Huckabees amy.
Playing UNO on the train tracks and just hanging out with susan and gemma.
Playing in a band where i had no idea how to play but winged it with the grace of god himself. I think it was just the being in a group and part of the fun that i liked.
After school going to mike's house to play tony hawk with the cheats on while we ate pizza hut (thin crust baby) and retired to watch Galaxy Quest....a good 300 times.
Going to the movies every week to see as much as i could.
Watching dvds at our houses and eatin fudge rounds and making up the most rediculous stories with joe. Also, being excited like little teenage girls on our way to the movies to watch TMNT and Dark Knight......Batman begins too.
Playing video games with mike and joe and scot (all seperately). Few stand out moments are emblazened in my mind and most are thanks to Joe.
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (dear god), Burnout 3 (homer scream), Smash Brothers (the princess and a million others), Mortal Kombat (another dear god), You dont know jack with brittany, Gears of War (gettin across that damn bridge while pushing the car and having a turret shoot the shit out of you), Scene It?, old snes games, and of course Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
I think i'll devote a whole post to games soon, i'm feelin it lately.
Now where am i.... none of that is happening.
but with this new year i am trying to change that. Nothing will happen if i just sit here and pout.
Thanks to those people though, for giving me memories that i will carry with me until i die.

I'm gonna have to mount a full out assault on everything this month. Jobs, movies, friends, games.

Finish things that i've started.......Marilyn pic, that freakin horror movie script that we WILL make (hear that mike!), games i've started, job searches, etc etc etc king and i

So, leaving you for the night now as my plans are yet again to attempt to finish Marilyn, watch a movie, and fall asleep at a decent time. I already know tomorrow will be a shitty day and probably the whole week or month but i can't let it bring me down.

Just keep smiling and the world can never bring you down.

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