Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It continues....

Well, i didn't post yesterday because my laptop had some sort of stroke and i had to save all of my work to jumpdrives and then reboot my entire laptop to its orignal out of box state. Erasing and wiping out every single thing on it back to square one.
Needless to say, its all better now.
Yesterday i wake up to a call from a number i dont know and it leaves a message saying that my car has been impounded and i owe 126 dollars. I look outside and there sits my car where i left it yesterday.
I get a call from my friend Mike later and as i'm telling him about it, he reveals that it was him prank calling me. So my day is off to a crap start.
On a side note, the night before i watched the movie The Darjeeling Limited. It was good and kept me wondering what was going to become of the 3 brothers.
Anyways, back to yesterday. Picked up and dropped off my mom and sister to the doctors and then ate and left to work at petco from 3-close.
It is boring and long and I have started to become depressed and annoyed again. So it was a quiet day at work and i think i am starting to really show the sadness now cause some noticed.
I dont know. There are a few things in my life that i feel like i'm trying to accomplish but am getting nowhere.
I have no idea what the hell is going on with Kathy. She never called to hang out so i don't know, i guess i'll just go back to being lonely and going day to day.
I'm not gettin my senior sweatshirt back ever again. The job hunt is tough as well.
So i'm down in the dumps just about constantly.
After work I finish writing the script for the movie i'm going to be filming later and print that out and send it to Mike.
As i'm about to check some other things online, my computer has that stroke i was talking about. So i try to fix it and end up just saving everything and rebooting it.
While this is going on i eat and then start up the movie 1408 while i wait for my computer to reboot itself.
The movie was good and tricked me once. I enjoyed it.

Now we are on to today. I got up and ate a tv dinner and then proceeded to get ready for work. Giant Eagle 1230-330. On my way to my car it is freeze raining and my car is encased in ice. So i have to get out my scraper and de-encase my car. annoying. Once i reach work i sort cds with the manager, develop some film and just sit. day ends.
Come home and eat some doritos as i finish off fixing my laptop. Simpsons and Family Guy play in the background.
Now i'm about to go downstairs and eat some dinner (hopefully) and then come back up here to send my art to a few websites and see what i get back and then since i'm off tomorrow i have no idea how i want the end of this day to go.
I really hope things start lookin up for me.

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