Friday, January 9, 2009

lord giveth me the power to annihilate GE

Okay, so, i get up and go to work today. I get there and things seem to be going in the okay zone. Julie (douchefuck for short), seems fine and tells me to read a safety thing and then she does her daily disappear for 5 hours thing. So i do that and call all the late orders and then call all the orders that were delivered today and then do all the orders that people bring in. Then i scan check about 100 gift cards and with about oh i'd say less than 2 hours left of my 51/2 hour day i get out a piece of paper to sketch out some storyboards because i'd rather do that than stand there and stare at the floor. I get maybe 3 quick couple second drawings in and let it go to do more orders that come in and be a good worker bee. Learning my new lesson i have been helping answer the phone as well. As i'm sitting there doing work julie comes back, sees my paper and holds it up shaking her head no angrily at me. I look at her and show no emotion and then look right back at the computer. Once i'm done, she of course went somewhere, i'm just sittin up there doing nothing as i've put my paper in the back room. She comes from somewhere and says 'at least dust or something! this place needs dusted bad and when was the last time these cupboards were cleaned?' and i'm like 'lets see, um, the last time was ME. The last time this place was dusted I did it. The only person that sweeps is ME.' and she gets mad and says 'well i'm getting yelled at because of you so no more drawing or reading, in fact just dont bring anything here ever again. no papers, folders, books, nothing.' and so i said 'who is yelling at you and why and why aren't they coming to me' and she gets even more mad and says something in the vain of 'I'm getting yelled at because of it and blah blah something about cleaning' and then she 'hands' me the schedule and says 'here, it's before you left this time' and storms away.
Even the person that works behind me, jeannie, said to me 'what is wrong with that? it's not like your hurting anyone. doesn't make any sense.' and she sees me later staring at the register and she says 'better not let her catch you doing that or she'll make you clean it'
So at least its not just me.
I dont know what happens to a person to make them a bitch but jesus it's becoming an epidemic lately.
So in secrecy while pretending to dust i text kathy to see if she wants to do anything tonight or tomorrow, i'm hoping she says no to tonight because i now so suprisingly have a headache and am not in the mood to do anything. James comes in and i tell him about it and he is confused too. The Julie hatred is shared at GE with a many a people. Joe as well. Petco calls me to tell me that i now work wednesday and thursday instead of just thursday. I like this news. Kathy says she can't tonight because her dad is picking her up from work and she'll let me know tomorrow about....tomorrow.
okay. i go home and check online things. no response back from my craigslist email. Go up to the bank. it is now snowing and laying pretty well. It looks beautiful out, just stunning. The kind of snow that is very soft and there is a lot of it and the ground literally glitters. Deposit my check and get a printout to see what all came out and how much i have in there. Well all my bills have come out so far and i have way more in there than i thought. NICE.
So in a bit better spirits i go home. Well the headache has mutated into a hellish awful pounding jerk of a beast so i lay down and take almost an hour and a half nap. Wake up and the headache is still there but slightly subdued. I decide its a good time to take my weekly dvd trip.
I drive out to the exchange listening to Hellogoodbye.
Get there and spend 40 minutes paroozing around and pick up Clerks (10th anniversary 3 disc set), Catch & Release, and Broken Flowers all for $22.
Leave there and head to Half Price Books. Spend about a half hour in there and go to the clearance and pick up an x-men hardcover book for $2 and a star wars hardcover Shadows of the Empire for $2. I've always wanted to read the star wars one because i've played the N64 game of the same name and enjoyed it. Has a great sentimental memory value to it thanks to Joe. i dont know what it is about Dash Rendar.
After that i head for home stopping at McD's to get a double cheesburger, 2 apple pies, and a hot fudge sundae. It takes FOREVER to get all that and i take it all home to find out i got 3 apple pies by accident.
That is what we call a good accident.
I watch the 1 1/2 hour making of clerks while eating and then watch some of their Q&A session. I am told i have to shovel some snow by the rents so i do that. I rearrange my dvd shelves to accomidate the past few weeks of purchases. I am now totally full and need more shelves. I have a dvd addiction.
It is now 1:30 am and i have to work GE again tomorrow 10-2 so i gotta be up again. Good thing Julie doesn't work weekends tho.
We shall see what tomorrow brings. I am feeling a bit better than i was yesterday which is good. My mom said UPMC is looking for art department people so tomorrow i'll e-mail them a resume and some samples of my work and see where that gets me.
I just realized I don't think anyone in the world knows about this blog so i need to get people reading and commenting. I'm still flabbergasted by that pencil drawing i posted the other day. That is just crazy.
Well i'm tired so until tomorrow.

I'm so bringing something to work tomorrow to keep me busy when i'm bored. MWAHAHAHA

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