Saturday, January 31, 2009


man, i gotta keep with this.
Okay, so not much happened friday that i can recall. I know I worked 10-330 and then went to get my check at Petco and saw that i only work 5-930 on wednesday.....that's it.
So upset I come home and re-email the 13 places that i emailed before to see what the status of the jobs and things are.
I get a call from Jeff and end up going over dan's to watch The Incredible Hulk, great movie, and we talk and make fun of things until 2 and i come home and pass out.
Wake up this morning and work 10-2. At work i read a couple chapters of shadows of the empire. I then come home, eat a tv dinner, look around online. One person responded back to me saying that the job had been filled because my style of work was not what i he was looking for. So i search youtube because i want to start watching the orignal power rangers episodes from episode 1 until the point where they change to Zeo. Well i find someone that uploaded the first two seasons which i think Zeo started in season 4 so i got half........i think..
So i watched the first 3 episodes and holy crap they are cheesy. Still get you pumped though but wow.
that's the link to the seasons if you would like to join me in my viewing.
OH, almost forgot that i watched the next episode of wolverine and the xmen yesterday. This show is just going to keep getting better and better.
Anyways, I eat some tacos and a subway sandwich and then watch some interviews online with a few celebs. I hang out on superherohype for a while talkin and postin crap.
Took a 2 hour nap during some of this.
I sent Adam my web site designs again and saw what the problem was. When i orignally emailed them i forgot to put the number 1 in his address so who knows where my mail went. But he got them now and now i can get moving.
Now i'm tired and i think i'm gonna eat a snack and put something on until i fall asleep. maybe read some more. I have to start excercising again.
I wonder what i'm gonna do tomorrow.
It sure as hell isn't going to be watching the damn game.

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