Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year New Life

so i decided to start off the new year by starting my own online diary of sorts. i'm just gonna go ahead and jump right into it.
2008 was mostly horrible. i'm real glad it's over.
Let's get the bad things out of the way first shall we?
1)Haven't found an art job yet and looking for one is getting real frustrating.
2)Had to pick up a second job for money because i was getting real close to being for real broke and had some important bills to pay.
3)Became single. It's not bad bad because I think it's what i needed. It wasn't working for me and i was very unhappy and angry inside and from all the shit that happened during it, i was just being destroyed from the heart out. So the only reason its in the bad column is because i dont enjoy being single, it's lonely and i would love to have my someone.
4)My grandmother died. She was awesome and fun and one of those things you see coming but you don't. Took a week to compose myself and it still seemed surreal.
5)Lost some good friends. They aren't dead but it sucks how certain events or feelings just screw everything up forever and destroy what you thought was an amazing thing because others are still not mature.
6)Lost the ownership of my one of a kind, personally designed, senior sweatshirt as part of number 3.
7)My dvd player kicked the bucket. If you know me and my love for movies and my current library of about 370 dvds then you will realize the need to put this in the bad column.
8)My xbox360 is beginning to show signs of this bucket kicking past time as well.
9)Parents are having money troubles as well and have brought up the idea of me paying room and board to live here in the house. Me barely having money as it is only makes things get ugly and everyone pissed including me. so we'll see how that goes.
10)Became extremely alone. Seems i've hit that time where everyone i know got themselves lives and now i'm here everyday all day in silence in my room with noone to talk to or anything to do.
That about does it for the bad. Now the good:
1)Graduated college. woohoo
2)Finally found the one James Bond dvd i was missing to complete my collection of every james bond movie on dvd......i know, its sad but its a celebatory occasion for me.
3)Became single......yeah i detail this above.
4)As a result of eating better and keeping up a daily routine of excercise and working out, i've gained 20 pounds.....and not fat weight either. thankfully. altho i could use some.
5)The Dark Knight was released.....amazing movie.
6)Got an xbox360.
7)My drawing skills really improved.
8)Met Kathy. whom of which i will be detailing later.
9)Finally got a digital camera.
10)After a 3 year dry spell, i'm picking back up on my movie watching, lots of catching up to do.

and there you have it. 10 of the best and worst of 2008.

For new years i didn't do anything. I woke up and had to work 1-730 so i drive to work in snowy conditions which made getting there no easy task. Once there (Petco on Mcknight Road) i stacked and straightened cat food cans and put a bunch of stock away. Nothing much happened, so i go on break and go over to Target to see if they have any good dvds on sale. nah. I say hello to Jordan who works over there who i used to work at the Pondo with. Buy myself some pizza from their indoor pizza hut and scarf that down. Since Kathy (who also works at Petco) is working today as well i get the idea to buy a hot chocolate from their starbucks and bring it to her. she loves it and the day of 'work' continues. Later on almost at closing time i spend some more time chattin with the Kathy and loving it. We close and i walk her to her car. We talk a little cause its god damn freezing out and then just like we do everytime we see each other now, we hug for a good i'd say 5 or 6 minutes straight. Feels good not only because i like her but because she is warm. We are trying to set up a day to go ice skating downtown. I make her laugh a little and then she says that she isn't going out anywhere tonight because of the snow and the roads and the drunk people so she is just going home.
It's cool with me because i was tired anyways, although i would have liked to spend new years with her. She leaves and i go back into target since they close at 10 and its 8 now. I talk to Jordan and hang with him for half of his break then i go home.
Upon arriving home i see that the fam has decorated the dinner table with a matter of all things food. I eat all i can and want while Elf plays on the tv. It's now 11 and i'm pooped and honestly don't care about new years at all. So i go upstairs and pick up reading Kevin Smith's book My Boring Ass Life. An amazing read. I read the chapters about Jason Mewes's battle with heroin and crack and other such drugs. Very good and emotional ride. Turn the tv on at 11:59, watch the ball drop and see everyone who isn't me kissing a loved one. Turn the tv off at 12:01. Tired as hell now for some reason so i get all ready for bed. I was going to watch a movie but i have to start working on changing my sleep time so its earlier. Early to bed early to rise.
I spend some time lookin up comic book pics online and paying my car payment. Close up the laptop, put the tv to something while i fall asleep.

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