Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much

Woke up and listened to a message on my phone from Joe seeing if i can come in to GE early because James called off. I get up and shower, then eat, then go to work. James has left a message in our little communication book about how all these petty little things aren't good for PRESENTATION and all that and writes on the dry erase board that he is a productive worker. It's like he went crazy and wrote something to get him fired.
The day goes alright and i make it through. Come home and eat some KFC, meh, and then am told to vacuum the house and then do all the garbage in the house. So i do all of that and then get my laptop and portfolio ready to take over to Adam's to show him what i've been up to. Adam has a very nice place, i like it and would like a place of my own real bad now that i've seen his. Ashley was very accomidating and funny as well. We looked at a bunch of pics and Adam let me download Photoshop CS2 off of him which was very nice and i thank him. He tells me that if i send him what i want my site to look like he can make it for me and I am very interested in this because i need one which will help the job hunt even more. I am so taking advantage of this. We watch Dane Cook's new stand up and it is decently funny. Not his best but it was good. Once it's over i come on home.
I really have to work on my sleeping and eating habits. While i'm feeling good and stuff I have to adjust the sleeping hours and eat better before something happens down the road.
So i'm home now and being off the next two days i think i'm gonna catch a quick snack and retire to watching a movie until i sleep. Gotta work on this sleep thing now.
Not much of a day to post, i'll try to post better tomorrow.
Onward to the life i dream of.

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