Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today started with a wake up call from Mike. He is out driving around trying to get people to sign up with Sam's Club and wanted to know if I wanted to tag along. I was hesitant at first but I dont' have anything to do so I went ahead and did it. So he picked me up and we go out to mcknight road. It is snowing really nice out. We stop in Petsmart and all over Northway Mall. We then leave and stop at a few places on our way down to Taco Bell. We eat there, he pays and i am very thankful, and i eat up a mexican pizza and a soft taco. We leave and stop at Blockbuster next. Nothing much there so we leave and decide to just do whatever until he has to be back. We stop at the Exchange (uh oh) and i find Ghost Rider (2 disc), I Am Legend (2 disc), and Reno 911:Miami all for the combined total of $10.
We leave and end up going up to the mall now. Ross Park Mall sucks.
It's like a ghost town up there. But then again it was around 1:30.
While lookin around at the ladies we stop in Nordstrom because Alex works there and we find him and talk for a little and then leave. On the way home we talk in serious about all things movie and our movie and our future movies. Really great talk.
He suggests we get real serious and think about forming our own company. Not just a movie company but our own company, with our individual talents helping things. He was very impressed with how I wrote our first movie. I'm really getting into this idea. It would be a dream to work with friends and not have damn bosses and shit and retail and god help us.
I get dropped off at home and go online to check things and stuff. I eat a soft taco i brought home. Look around online and save some pics and finish page one of Eternal and put it up on Deviantart.
Basically ever since then i've been doing nothing. I'm gonna check craigslist and then write to UPMC and look up royalty free music and if there are any kind of independent film........thingies.....around here or something. We are treating our first film seriously but it is kind of our test run of sorts to see what we are capable of first too.
Mike vouches out of hanging out tonight so no Kingdom Hearts 2 disc for me and no fixing of 360 and street fighter for me and no movie meeting.
So i continue online and watching Family Guy. I read a chapter of Star Wars Shadows of the Empire. So on with the night, after the online stuff i'm gonna grab a snack and hit the hay early. Gotta work the next two days 3-close at Petco. I am so not wanting to work anywhere anymore. Maybe at work i can start outlining the next movie. I've got it really in my head and think it's time to start planning it.

Well........that's my mama

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