Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay, so the computer has now been completely reinstalled. So all my stuff is on jumpdrives and i'll put it all back on tomorrow.
I am currently in the living room watching the big screen and Star Wars:The Legacy Revealed has been on since 10 and is over in 7 minutes. It's 11:53.

Today I got up and took my sister to school (thank god for a delay) and since it was 10 I just stayed up. I saved all my stuff to drives and ate a breakfast of a bowl of cocoa pebbles and a chicken fingers tv dinner. Hey, it's half healthy. I had a small hour nap and then got up and got ready to go to work an hour from then. I moved my sisters car out of the driveway for my mom and then ate a chicken pattie (patty?) while watching King of Queens. I then go to work and the first hour i talk with Sean and Sue and some with Monica off and on about how my life isn't what I want and i'm very unhappy and things suck and nothing is working and it's like I am just not allowed to have anything i want to be happy..nothing ever works out for me and I haven't been really happy in a very long time.
All Sean cares about is going out Saturday night to a bar with others and Sue said to just stop trying with Kathy and get an Art job to be happy. I dont think she understands. Monica wishes she could help.
As the day goes on i start to feel better and better because it's in my nature to try to make others laugh. I tell Sue that i'm not going to give up on Kathy and that I am trying to get a better job at the same time. I think she thought i was putting Kathy first and just focusing on that and not doing anything because all i wanted was Kathy. So I was right in her not understanding. I told her that my objectives list is Job, Life, Kathy. So she can rest assured I'm not putting everything on the line.

Okay, side note here....
Star Wars Legacy is over and now Spider-Man Tech is on. I may never sleep tonight. Looks to be quite and amazing show. I'm gonna text Joe about it, doubt he will be up to watch it though. I just checked the guide and once this is over Batman Tech is on. wow. What a night to be in the big screen room.
Oh, they just showed that scene in Spider-Man 2 when he is standing on the crane at the end and looks all retarted.
Anyways, sorry, back to today. Well I was on break today and I went over to Target and HOLY GOD. I was in the action figure aisle and found that it is the Ninja Turtles' 25th Anniversary and for that they are re-releasing the orignal 1988 figures. Like, the SAME EXACT ones. The orignal figures with the brown weapons and the same exact packaging. I picked up my fave Raphael and am gonna get the rest gradually. It is so cool.
Here is a pic of the one i got to show ya:
It started to snow a lot around 7 and I got to see it really start to build up as less and less people came into Petco. The night ended and i got my paycheck and dusted off my car and came home. That would bring us up to now. I have to work tomorrow at GE from 10-330. Not very excited about that. The kitten is fast asleep and sprawled out on my lap right now. My contacts are dry and i have to get them out asap.
Watching scenes from Spider-Man 1 and I'm seeing how amazingly hot Kirsten Dunst was back then. She looked very pretty and had a big chest. For some reason as the movies went on, she got uglier and her chest went away. She went down like 2 cup sizes. I dont get it. Tobey looks so young in the first one too.
How the hell old is Stan Lee? i mean come on.
They are saying that the closest thing we have to web shooters are silly string canisters.
I miss movies like Spider-Man. The anticipation and the excitement. Now we build them up too much and are let down pretty badly. I'm lookin at you spidey 3.
This show is great. I'm gonna marry it.
How long do you think it will be before we don't need telephone poles outside anymore. I mean that would free up a lot of space and make it look a lot better around without all those wires everywhere. I mean, the way technology and digital things are going, I dont' think it's that far away.
I can't really think of anything else to talk about really. It's about bed time anyways.
Fly web!

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