Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow and god damn rebooting

Got up this morning and watched 2 episodes of Superman the animated series. Played a little Guitar hero. It is snowing. and snowing. and snowing.
I dig out my car and slowly get to work. Work is okay, i take a trip to the vet with 2 hamsters for them. The rest of the day nothing really happens because of the snow and nobody is out at all really. On my break i go to Target and in the action figure aisle I find to my AMAZING suprise that they are re-releasing the orignal orignal teenage mutant ninja turtles action figures. The orignal ones with the orange weapons and stuff!!!!!!!!!
I get home and eat a tv dinner and some chicken while watching the making of Ghost Rider. I shovel outside a bit and come upstairs.
My computer is having trouble starting up and Disk Defragment won't run and on every time i search for anything and click on the site, nothing happens. SO, i guess i may have to reboot the laptop yet again.
What the hell is wrong with this laptop. That'll be 5 times in a month.
I'm getting sick of this. Virus scan won't find anything so i dont know what it is. I don't want to reboot because I got that new photoshop from Adam and i will lose it if i reboot because i dont have the cd. It's like the laptop is just giving up on life altogether.
Other than that...its still snowing and i'm watching THE best show ever. Kitchen Nightmares. God, that show makes my adrenaline explode. I'm surprised Gordan has any patience and just doesn't start killing people sometimes.
I don't have too much to say really because my computer has pissed me off something royally. MAYBE if things could go neat, Kathy will pick up her check tomorrow and i'll see her but she doesn't like going out in snow so it probably won't happen.
I outlined my next movie today too. Called Muse.
I'm gonna think about my computer rebooting.
Til' tomorrow.

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