Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So did not know of this Winter Storm

Get up today and check my mail. Nothing from anyone. I go to craigslist and see a listing for a graphic artist job for a graphic novel company so i send them an email about the position. Hope to hear from them.
I then get all ready for the day and eat a breakfast of ramen noodles, two pieces of cinnamon toast waffles, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while i watch some more of the bonus features on my Lord of the rings Fellowship of the ring extended edition dvd.
long name.
Joe says that he will be coming over around 3 so i go upstairs and to kill time i do a quick pic of me with angel wings:
It has a little bit more work to be done on it, mainly making the part where the wings attach to my back a bit more believeable but it is a good start and i'm happy with it.
I then start up a little game of Super Mario Galaxy and play a little when Joe shows up and we talk for a little bit and then head straight into a almost 3 hour gaming session of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. There are some amazing laughs and it has been the best time i've had with that game yet. I am so not as good as i used to be in that game.
Once we finish that up we talk about what to do next and decide to head off to Target, a place to eat, and the Exchange.
Side note, I get a paper in the mail today from the Andy Warhol museum about a Star Wars exhibit they are having and that they are showing all 6 movies there for just a fee of $20. It is on February 28 and I am soooooooo going. I can't wait.
Anyways, we leave and begin our drive and talk movies and stuff along the way and check out the Target and don't find anything really interesting. So upon leaving it is really snowing now and we make it down to what we've decided to eat at...Wendy's. My car gets pelted by snow salt and I slip a tad on the way but we make it and eat our food having a good time. It is snowing a lot now and we walk across the parking lot to Circuit City. They are going out of business and I wanted to see what it was like. Nothing amazing yet as the sales have just started but their xbox360's are now $180 and I am very interested in this and make a note. We watch the Dark Knight on one of their HD tv's for a couple minutes before leaving and driving to Kohls. Joe buys a few things and I once again cannot find the shoes I want. We leave seeing the parking lot near empty and that the snow just keeps piling on. We drive past the exchange seeing that it is closed and wonder where to go next. I think of Borders and we brave the snow and make it there in one piece.
A woman at Borders won't quit pestering us while we look at the comics section about if we are excited for the Watchmen movie and that the Batman books are really good. We check a few other books and then hear that they are closing so we leave.
More snow.
Well now it is time to pretty much go home and on the way home we stop at Mcdonalds in west view and eat hot fudge sundaes and apple pies while talking about how much we hate Julie and Giant Eagle and movies we've seen and have to see and what not. Conversation is real good.
We leave and it is ice raining so we take it easy driving joe back to one of his houses.
After this i drive home carefully and get inside and check my mail once again.
I look around online at some news and my mom wants me to shovel and salt the front walk so I risk my life in the rain and ice and shit falling from the sky and shovel the heaviest ice covered snow ever and salt it all. My arms hurt and i am sweating.
Now I am going to get a nice cold glass of ice water, get in my pjs and curl up with anything that is on tv until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow I will repeat the job search, possibly finish my angel self and ink my new drawing of a grown up sexy little red riding hood.
I realized I skipped yesterday's blog i think but nothing amazing happened anyways. I mostly just sat around waiting for Mike to be alive and seeing if anyone was available. The whole day went by and i watched a lot of tv including a ton of Inside the Actors Studio. I finally got a hold of jeff and dan and we ended up watching Saw 5. A good movie.
Well it is one a.m. so its off i go.
Umbrella Band = Banana Peel

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