Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sue Storm faints again......and again

Get up and go outside and find that a crap load of snow has fallen. I take a while to clean off my car and get it all warm and go to work. I am not looking forward to 10-630. I get there and open and write a little bit more of Muse. On my first break I eat a lunchable i brought with me and go to the magazine racks and grab the new Wizard and Gamepro. I read each one and then become bored again. Later i take my meal break and eat another lunchable while sitting by the window in the cafe watching how many people just don't care how bad the roads are. I help out sorting tags and just watching the time go by and eventually it is 630. I drive home and am told to shovel the back deck. I do that and come in and eat 2 leftover Arby sandwiches from last night that i didn't get to. I sit wondering if i should go visit Kathy or not. I finally decide to just go ahead with it and i drive out there. When i am halfway out there i realize it is Sunday. Petco closes at 8 on Sunday. So it is now 8:15. I'm thinking maybe i might catch her going to her car or something. I get there and don't see her car or anyone in petco. I go into Target and text her about how stupid i feel and what i did and she said that she called off anyway and she needed to study a ton of stuff for class. So she didn't even work today anyways.
While in Target I look at the toys and wonder if i should buy another old school ninja turtle. I walk around for a while and look at the dvd players and decide to just leave. I come home and go online and find out that Circuit City is going out of business and closing for good.
I'm not bothered but i do want to see what sales come of this.
I am now feeling a sort of love for this girl i met like 3 years ago in college named Amanda. I have one of her dvds and would like to return it and hang out with her again. I cannot find her for the life of me so i took a weird approach and went on deviantart. I posted the only picture of her i have up and labeled it with every category i could with her name and art institute and who she was and my perdicament. So we'll see if that nets anyone in. doubt it.
I watch a few episodes of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and then go downstairs and eat 5 cookies and 2 pieces of KFC chicken. I'm feeling tired.
I come back upstairs and am now going to look up those dvd players from Target to see which is the best one. Fantastic Four cartoon episodes are on now. The good ones, the second season of the 90's version with the amazing artwork and animation.
Anyways, once i do that i think i'm gonna curl up with Shadows of the Empire until i fall asleep.
Tomorrow should be productive.

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