Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wasted Day

Totally wasted today.
Got up, did the work thing at the GE from 10-230. Bought a bag of Doritos, some candy, 2 milkshakes and then on my way home stopped at the Mcd's to get some lunch.
Brought it all home and ate the Mcd's while watching the rest of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back that i didn't finshing watching yesterday. Funny movie.
After that i battled a virus on my computer and got rid of about 90 percent of it. There is still an annoying ass pop up that keeps slowing my internet down but other than that my laptop is good. I have no idea how to fix this problem, virus scan and searching isn't working.
So i took a small nap while Office Space played in the background.
No word from Kathy about anything so i'm assuming she either forgot, is busy, or/and we aren't doing anything tonight or tomorrow.
She like everyone who hasn't graduated yet is going back to classes on Monday. I'm glad a little because my little sister will be gone throughout the day meaning that her evil friends will be out of the house and i can have quiet again.
But that is about it for today. Like i said, wasted a day.
Tonight, depending on the details, i may actually finish my Marilyn Monroe drawing. Once that is done i've already sketched out plans to do a new series of pictures.
What i have in mind is taking a mature crack at certain fairy tales, i.e. Little red riding hood, alice in wonderland, etc..
But i want to draw them in the style of the mature adult 50's pin-up girl style. I'm thinking of doing them in ink and marker and then on a seperate art board, painting a background for them in acrylic paint. Then spray mounting the characters on some cardboard and then attaching that to the background giving it a semi-3d look.
I've already sketched out little red riding hood (named Little Red) and Alice in wonderland (named Alice's Wonderland).
I'm not sure if i want to do more but if i do i am thinking of maybe snow white, cinderella, and who knows what else.

I feel lonely and crappy. It's very boring here and i barely have any contact with people at all unless i'm at work. Starting to remind me of......all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
i'm not gonna go crazy, i just miss great conversations. plus i've been in a bad mood lately.
I think i'm just going to grab some grub, pop in a movie and see how far i get with my Marilyn pic before i just hit the hay.
The crappy days continue.....

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