Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Tiger Power

Okay so it turns out it wasn't that bad.
I took them to the hospital and dropped them off and went over to Walmart. I looked around there for a while and looked at some shoes and pants and other things. I picked up a new brand of deodorant because I sweat more than any human should and no matter how much deodorant or anything i use i still have sweat on the pits of all my shirts when i wear them. I sweat like a psycho.
So i buy deodorant and a pair of jeans and I go to the clearance aisle and I find some Power Ranger toys. I spot a new White Ranger figure that was made recently with a bunch of articulation and it is really nice and it is only 5 bucks.
So i get all that stuff and make my way over to toys r us. There isn't anything good there. What a suprise.
I keep going over to BestBuy and don't really see anything that catches my fancy either. Continue on to Barnes & Noble and look at a few books there and decide that i am really bored.
I drive over to Gamestop and am in there for like one minute when the hospital calls for me to pick up my parents.
I get there and my mom is out and they wheel my dad in who is soooooo out from the drugs. I don't like being in hospitals, i feel weird and uncomfortable and a little panicked.
I take them home and we decide upon Taco Bell for dinner, I order it from the drive thru which if you know me is something i never do. We get home and eat while watching Family Guy and Mike texts me to come over and once i'm done i do just that.
I also get a text from Adam saying that he never did get my site so i have to re-send it to him. Wish he would have told me sooner.
I get to Mike's and we play Left 4 Dead for a while and Sarah comes home and lays on the couch for a little before going up to bed. Me and mike then finish completely going over the script and then just watch tv and talk about Dan and friends and past and everything until he gets tired and I come home.
I once again forgot to get my Kingdom Hearts 2 disc back from him. Damn it.
Now I think i'm just going to maybe get a small snack and get ready and just go to bed. I have to work 10-330 at the GE tomorrow and afterwards get my check from there and Petco and come home, deposit them both and then i'm guessing from.....5 or so on, i think i'm free. Although Jeff did say he wanted to hang out again at night, probably another movie night.
Thats all i can think of right now.

January is over and i still haven't found a job yet. I am really getting worried.

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