Wednesday, January 7, 2009

windy day

Last night had me finally tackle a bit of my Marilyn drawing. I erased one of her eyes and then slightly shaded some of her hair. Once conan 0 brien started i watched a little and then went downstairs and made a bag of popcorn. Brought it back upstairs and watched I Am Legend.
The movie was pretty good but i have read the book and no matter how many times this movie is made (pretty sure this is the third time) they just can't seem to get the vampires right. But what book has been made into movie form without changing a ton of stuff.
Anyways, went to sleep and woke up ready to tackle my laptop.
Once i ate a breakfast of chicken noodle soup and cocoa pebbles, i came up and began bringing my laptop back to its good ol' sexy self.
I went through a few random cds that i had found and threw most of them away. Found a dvd of some commercials and a very short movie i made. Does not hold up well.
"i knew i'd find you here"
I think Joe's performance was the only saving grace of that thing......altho the grainy black and white look really made me happy.

Then i proceeded to enlist in a bunch of art sites. I signed up so i could post on the superherohype boards and created my own art thread there for people to see and comment on it. Then i signed up for devianart and put a bunch of stuff on there.....which within not even 4 minutes began getting comments and people favored 9 of my pics....happened almost instantly.
Made plans to hang out with mike later to check out the game Left 4 dead and stuff. So when that time rolled around i snatched up my xbox360 hard drive and left for his house.
Got there and we played L4D for a good bit. very fun game. The undead are relentless.
We checked out 2 videos from SNL skits that are hilarious and then we switched out hard drives so that i could download (me not having wireless internet access on my 360) the new updates and get the new Street fighter 2 turbo hd remix.

Well all that went well and we played a few rounds. Game looks dazzling. Then i went home.
Got home and uploaded some more art and went to play SF2 and booted up the 360 to see my old dashboard and my SF2 game wouldn't play.
So i signed up to GameFAQs and posted my question as to what was happening. Within i'd say a half an hour, i got answers. Turns out even if you save everything to your hard drive which you have to to save any single thing, the downloads are still registered to the console that the hard drive is attached to. So my info is on his 360 but all the memory and saves are on my hard drive. So they suggest that i hook MY 360 up at his house and go to to do a licence transfer to move my info off of his and onto mine. Sheesh!

Other than that i just spent the next few hours postin pics and seein people respond to them. There is an AMAZING pencil drawing that i found on deviantart. I thought i was getting really great at portraits but this one decimated me.

This isn't mine but lord, it is just jaw dropping....

Well now i have to step it up....way to f'ing Pluto.
I am just astounded by it.
But i digress.
Now it's 2 a.m. Don't judge my post times on here as they are not correct and i dont know how to fix them. I think its time for bed. I have a crappy day of Petco tomorrow. 3-930. blah.
I wish i could just come up with an idea that i could sell and make like a million dollars and then pay everything off and relax for once.
like how they have those digital picture frames. except, big ones and instead of your pictures it is fine art and paintings. They could revolve between a few or stay on one and have it sort of animate somehow.
That's a good idea.
in fact...
Pretend you didn't hear that.

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