Friday, January 23, 2009

Wolverine and the X-Men.........SEE IT

okay, I just watched the first two episodes of the new series, Wolverine and the X-Men and good god almighty. This is the best show i have seen in a while. Then they showed a trailer for what the stories coming up were and i practically screamed out loud like a girl. I am pretty convinced and just about to claim it as better than the 90's x-men cartoon. Yeah i said it. This is lookin that good.
I could go on and on, I was so gripped and so excited and into these episodes. This is definately something that i am watching every single friday every single episode.
I dont even want to talk about what happened today but i will just to get away from my teenage girl crush on my new BFF show.
I got up and went to work and barely barely made it through the 8 and a half hour day. Joe helped it along a bit which was nice. I then went home and put my contacts in and went out for my weekly dvd run. I get to the exchange and after about i'd say 20 minutes I leave with SNL 25th anniversary show, Lord of the rings the two towers 4 disc extended edition, and conan the barbarian 1&2 set all for the grand total of $15.
I take a quick look in Toys R Us and find that they have NO star wars toys at all. wtf.
So i leave and go to the K-mart out there and find that i just don't enjoy being in k-marts. So i leave and then just come home. I eat some chinese food and watch my SNL 25th until just about time for x-men to come on and then go upstairs to watch it. See above to hear how i felt about x-men.
Tomorrow is another 10-630 at GE and i am not looking forward to it at all so we'll see if i make it. After that me and some petco crew are going out somewhere and we'll see how that goes too. I just want to take a long sleep.
No response from Amanda yet and haven't heard from Kathy either. hmmm...
Time to get my contacts out and snuggle up with nobody and get at least some sleep before the long long day of tomorrow.

I still need a new dvd player and a new xbox360 and new pants and shoes and and.........

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