Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buffy was being Marley all day

Today I got up and was covered in cats.
Gathered up my laundry and washed it while I ate my breakfast of a bowel of reeses puffs and a chicken pattie. I then got a text from Joe sayin he'll be over in a little so I go online and look for some more jobs and boot up Mirrors Edge again. Don't really find many jobs and try to do the time trials in Mirrors Edge. Joe gets here and we play Street fighter 2 HD remix on xbox until it gets boring fast and I go on my Wii and download an old school Sega Genesis game called Gunstar Heroes. The game is still as fun as i remember it and Joe who had second thoughts at the beginning ended up liking it and having fun.
Especially the big board game and rice and curry boss.
It was almost time for him to go to work so i drive us to subway where we talk and eat and try to guess the name of the girl that somehow avoided serving me.
While we are eating Joe tells me this idea that I have actually been wanting to do for some time. Take a weekend trip to New York. Such a good idea.....except for the money part. I want to do this and I probably will but money sucks right now so we will see. I seriously want to go to new york though. I take him to work and hang around to talk to James for a little before heading home. Once home I am asked to help my sister and 2 of her friends move some boxes into their cars. I then eat some dinner while watching family guy and come back upstairs to start the job search again. During this time I talk to James and Alex online for almost 2 hours. Alex has some good advice and James and I start with some odd talk and videos and move to some serious talks and stuff that I enjoy. I like being serious with people and discussing things and planning future events and stuff. They both go to bed and I am now faced with the dilemma of what to do now. Should i get a snack and just fall asleep to talk shows? Should i actually start a movie tonight? Should i play more xbox?
I have to work 5-930 at Petco tomorrow. Also have to vacuum the house.
My eye has been twitching for like 2 weeks now, what the hell.
I think I'm gonna play marvel ultimate alliance until 1 and then retire to whatever is on tv.

Did you just say you were going to fondle your sweaters?
what? no...no i didn't....i said.......fondue with cheddar, i'm making fondue with cheddar for dinner tonigh-shut up and leave me alone!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Favorite Video Games Part Four

Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Nintendo

I remember this one because it was the only star wars game i had for the longest time. I tried to beat it so many times and ended up having fun with the force powers all the time. The levels were pretty hard to beat and whenever Luke got hurt he made a funny noise that my mom even laughed at. The bosses were huge and half of them didn't even appear in the movies. At certain points you could play as Han Solo or Chewbacca. The music was straight out of the movies and the graphics were great and I will forever remember this game for that. It also had the level were you could play the Hoth battle and try and try and try and try and try to use your tow cables to trip the At-At walkers. At the time it was the only game that let you use a lightsaber and even though Darth Vader looked like he was dancing the polka when he fought you, it was a lot of fun to lightsaber duel. Great game although very difficult.
This one is only available on the SNES so if you can find it and enjoy star wars, i say get it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Von Bondies

okay things seem a lot better today. Work was good and quick and Kathy worked!
Talking about my day has started to become monotonous i feel. So lets have some different talks.
The next two days are going to be very warm and i am going to love the heck out of it.......but.....after that it is back to 30 god damn degrees again. I have a new idea for a pic i want to make real quick, i think i'm going to take a pic of myself in the pose i need tomorrow.
I finished reading Shadows of the Empire. It was an okay read. haven't heard from Mike yet, so i'm going to assume he is done and gone.
I once again need to restart excercising. I keep missing doing it so much. yeah i could probably do it tonight but who knows. I feel tired. I applied to a few places in north carolina today.
I really dont know what to talk about, maybe i shouldn't have stricken what i did today.
so without a due haha
Got up and checked things online, talked with alex and joe for a while. Ate a few pieces of french toast and something else i can't remember. My mom is having a hard time with money this month so i loaned her $600 until the end of the month and took her deposit to the bank and then came home to go to work. A little before that i friended Sean and Sue from petco on facebook.
Work was good like i said, afterwards i talked to kathy out by her car for a tad and we hugged and i went home listening to eiffel 65. Once home I ate some chinese food while watching some episodes of King of the Hill. Then came upstairs and here i am.
Conan o brien is too hilarious. He is showing his favorite moments from the past 16 years and its great.
Well I'm out of things to say, until tomorrow.

Friday, February 6, 2009

He went to Jared!!!

Today was a long and tiring day. Worked the 10-330 at the giant eagle today and it was kinda boring although we had more film today than we've had in months so the time went kinda fast. When i got up this morning i got a call from Petco wondering if i would come in and paint the windows a petco design. I leave ge and go straight to petco and spend the next 5 hours painting on the windows while the groomers watched me (hot they are) and kept trying to make me laugh. I got nonstop comments on how amazing it looked and after a while it was just gettin annoying. I finished up starving and my feet hurting bad. The cat i made came out crappy and the dog looks retarted but the bubbles i made were just amazing. So yeah, if you are ever in the Petco on mcknight road, check out the groomers windows.
i want to learn a magic trick or two.
Anyways, i came home and ate some dinner and came upstairs online to check mail and craigslist...nothing.......then watched the next episode of wolverine and the xmen. I then watched jay leno and some top tens of video games and talked to Adam online a tad and now i'm tired as hell watching craig ferguson and conan o brien. I ate a lot of pretzels and m&ms too.
Tomorrow i have to work 10-230 at giant eagle.....then home to nap and eat and whatever until around 830 when i am gonna go to petco to see whats up with funfest and stuff and then go do that.
Last night i had a really deep great conversation with joe dombrowski of all people. About religion and how its just so rediculous and the stories in the bible just cannot be real. He was talking about how when it was written they didn't use spaces in their words so it was very interesting to wonder if it really meant to say 'god is now here' or 'god is nowhere' and i really wanted to get real in depth with it. That stemmed into talking about evolution and I was wondering that since we evolved from apes, why are there still apes. He said something about being indigenous to certain areas where evolution wasn't necessary and stuff. We were really getting into the talk and then it yet again stemmed into how there is no heaven or hell and i think that when we die we are just immediately born again anew but with no memory of our other selves or anything ever and that brought me to deja vu. I think maybe somehow deja vu is part of our other selves being remembered just slightly. This took us into dreams and how deja vu is connected to our dreams and what brings about the dreams we have.
God, it was the best conversation i ever had and i wanted to keep going but it was almost 3 am and he is on a trip right now for a day or so, so i'm gonna have to wait to pick this back up. The last person i was able to get so deep with was Amanda so it was refreshing. I love getting into that stuff. It's tough to do it though because so many people get so defensive and crazy about it.
But i digress.
I am tired and need to be up in the morning so i will be off. I am very intrigued by these thoughts.
Really amazing vacuum on tv right now. The dyson ball.

over and out

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite Video Games Part Three

Jet Grind Radio for the Sega Dreamcast

In Jet Grind, you are a group of people who go around the city in various places tagging buildings and streets with your graffiti. The game uses cel shaded graphics and real music from various bands including Rob Zombie. Jet Grind was really fun and one of the first dreamcast games i owned. During the game you combatted against other gangs around the city for domination of your tags. As you went on, you unlocked more people and to spray graffiti you had to find cans of spray paint around the city which would fill up your meter. Once you found a place that was labeled for tagging, you would go to it and initiate a little inner game. Your character would stop and arrows would come up telling you how to move the directional pad to tag the place you were at. The entire game everyone is on roller blades and there are police watching the streets who will chase you down if they catch you tagging things. To round it out there are also races against others as well as boss fights. The game was very fun and even produced a sequel for the xbox called Jet Set Radio. It was one of the reasons I kept my dreamcast for so long. The game is only available for dreamcast and the only other appearance of the game and its cast is in the game Sega Superstar Tennis for the next gen systems.


Well today i did absolutely nothing. Last night I was invited to go out saturday night to fun fest with the petco crew. I went home and texted Kathy to see what she was doing friday or saturday. She said she works saturday night and that John wanted to do something probably friday or saturday.
John is still around?
Damn it!
I said that i wanted to see her and that if she did happen to have any time free she could let me know and if anything i could take her saturday night to fun fest to hang with the petco crew. She said that would be good.
Today I did nothing. I watched like 5 episodes of power rangers, vacuumed the house, and honestly nothing else really. I have a headache right now and it doesn't feel good at all.
Apparently the economy is getting so bad that one woman that works in congress said that if the bills that are out now don't get passed it will be armageddon. holy hell.
So yeah. Nothing was accomplished today at all. I hate that so much. Tomorrow i work 10-330 at giant eagle and i sooooooooooo don't want to anymore. I hate it there, i hate standing around, i hate julie, i hate her telling me to do anything, i hate that when she is there i can't read or stand or anything.
bah, at least a new episode of xmen is on tomorrow and i'm paid. We'll see how tomorrow ends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Favorite Video Games Part Two

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for the Sega Genesis

I consider this one to be the best out of all the sonic games for the Genesis. It was fun and took sonic all over the world into so many different locales. Plus this was the first appearance of Knuckles who in this is a villain who steals the chaos emeralds from sonic. The game featured special stages that were 3D having you collect blue spheres but not touching the red ones and at the end gave you a chaos emerald. Once you collected all of the emeralds you could become Super Sonic. The later levels got tough but the music was some of the best especially the snow level which had the best song ever featured in a sonic game. Still fun to play even today. The game is currently available in a compilation disc available on PS2 and Gamecube as well as for download on the Wii's Virtual Console.

I kissed a girl and i liked it

Feelin a bit cheerier this morning.
Side note right away......a really good song is Soul Meets Body by Death Cab for Cutie

anyways. Last night I had a great laugh fest at Eat N Park with Joe where we discussed a lot of things and had some great laughs.......More speed jumping to dive off of a cliff.
Today if my parents get up at some point i'm gonna vacuum the house. Adam just about has my website ready to go....right now its just a coming soon page.
It's snowing...not much, bunch of crazy flurries. No job responses from anyone today.....no message from Amanda....no word from Mike...
I guess i'm just going to have to accept that everyday now is just going to be me and music and games alone...constantly.
I have to start eating better and sleeping at better times. I keep saying that and i was actually starting to do it a week ago but i fell off that.
I work 5-930 today at Petco. I dont even care anymore. I mean really.
I can never think of what to write in here anymore.
I wonder where life is going to take me. I really would like to get a decent job and just work until I have a steady enough money intake to start paying things back and move into my own place and if possible.....just go away. Move away from here altogether and just start a new life. Just start everything all over and begin from scratch. New places, new discoveries, new people, new job, new surroundings, new home. My heart yearns for more and I am just stuck here because I am not able to do the things i want to do or accomplish things i've wanted to accomplish.
I've said before that my dream is to move away somewhere city-like that is beautiful and friendly and decorate my apartment in the theme of marilyn monroe, james dean, humphrey bogart, and have somebody there to share it with. Someone to fall asleep in my arms on the couch while we watch late night talk shows and someone to have playful video game matches and to go shopping with who when i'm not around knows what I want and can suprise me with something she found and bought because she knew i was looking for it. I want to take road trips with friends and travel the states and take pictures along the way. Go to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, and even Canada. I would also like to visit Rome, Germany, Italy, and even Japan and Australia. To be able to work at home would be great as well. Although i'd still like to go the office every once in a while to get out of the house and feel more important to the job. I've always loved waking up in the morning and seeing your other sleeping next to you all cute and innocent. Then they wake up and smile and roll over and make that little noise like they are trying to wake up but really dont' want to. This is all possible but the first thing that needs to be fixed is the money problem. I have to start off slow and build it up but i dont' have the patience. I want a job now and I want to be paid well now and i want to pay off my loans and my car now but it just isn't instant like that.
I miss the old days because every single day someone called to do something. Hell they used to just show up. Now it is so quiet. So i call and text but never get responses.
I'm really hoping that this website attracts more attention for jobs because once it is done i'm going to put myself up on craigslist with my website and then people can find me while i am looking as well.
I am not happy at all. I hate both of my jobs. I dont even like the employees anymore. Petco was okay but now i just don't care for them anymore. Nobody except like 2 people are my age and it is just becoming annoying, especially with the Kathy thing. Giant Eagle is worse. I dont want to talk to anyone there and i dont want anyone to even look at me. The manager is just pushing me closer and closer to just up and quitting and it is just way too boring there. I need work to do, and not busy work, actually work to the effect that i'm accomplishing something and it in turn is making money.
Just keeps reminding me of a phrase that Stewie in Family Guy once used.
The winter of your discontent.
I feel that way. To be honest, a girl would not make me feel any better or fix the situation. Yeah, i'd feel better and be happy but the money and loan and job situation is just a bigger problem to me that is much more important. I can't be confident and feel better until I feel safe and secure in the financial department.

I just don't think I have any idea what I'm doing anymore.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Video Games Part One

I'm gonna start a little series inside this blog to give it a little more juice and help me think of things to write. I'll post video games that I've played in my lifetime that I've personally loved, provided memories, and that others should look into.
So without further ado...let's get this series started with our first game in the series...
Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES
This is without a doubt definately one of the top 5 games that I have ever played in my life, if not the best. It is my personal favorite and I still play it to this day.
DKC2 picks up after the first one obviously where Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by King K Rool so it is up to Diddy and Dixie to find him and rescue him. The game is very similar in design as the first one but the graphics are just gorgeous, especially for a super nintendo game.
The true credit goes to the music. This game has the best music I have ever heard in a game and that statement holds true to this day.
There are beautiful environments, fun levels, frustrating levels, and secrets abound. The number of different locations is extremely varied and each one looks amazing. You are tested in all sorts of different ways from climbing to dodging, swimming, seeing in the dark, flying, and more. If you have never played this game then do yourself a favor and find it. It is currently available on the Wii's virtual console.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Changes need to be made

Well i got up today and checked my mail, got a response from the person i had an interview with months ago saying that the position was filled and good luck with my job search. So i got up and ate some breakfast and got all ready to go. Packed up my xbox and left.
I get to the exchange and they can't get it to work so they say they can't take it. I go over to gamestop and they try it and it red lights and they say they can take it but will deduct fixing costs so they will take it for $20.
I get frustrated and just take it and leave and go to circuit city. There is only one 360 left on the shelf and they lowered the price 20 more dollars so it was only 160. To save my money i use my credit card to buy it. I then go to best buy and get a dvd player to replace my douche of one now. While there i see that Clockwork Orange 2 disc dvd is on sale for $10 so i pick up that too.
I get home and unwrap it all to not find the remote in the box. So i have to drive back out there and exchange it.
I then eat eat n park take out that the family bought and retire to my room to play some Sega Superstar Tennis on 360 and hook up my dvd player.
I then spend some time lookin up power ranger stuff on wikipedia and just being real tired.
I think i'm gonna start applying to normal places around here for work until i find the art job because hours and money are really panicking me and i need something solid until i can get the real deal job.
Not sure where to apply though. I could try borders again.....i dunno. What me end up workin at Target.
Last night i got on AIM online for the first time in like 2 years only because amanda gave me her screenname. We talked on there for a little bit.
Don't know if i said that in yesterday's blog.
probably did
Well tomorrow it's back to the job hunt and try and ebay my dieing 360.
all i can seem to think about tonight is how much i wish life could change and be different.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Kinda tired so don't expect a huge detailed day. I worked today and during work I finished my Little Red drawing and read 3 chapters of Shadows of the Empire. I also read 3 video game magazines and just became super bored. After work I came home and had some pizza and played Lego Star Wars and Super Mario RPG from like 9-1230. I wrote amanda again to see what was up and that i was not a fan of football and hoped today was over and she wrote back agreeing and saying everything i said was cute and that she was writing back to my previous mail she just has been busy.
I'm off tomorrow and I am gonna call Scot to see if he wants to hang out. I plan on going to the exchange and trading in my 360 for whatever cash they give me and takin that cash over to circuit city and using it towards their discounted brand new 360's.
I am tired and have to get up to drive my sister to school so there really isnt anything to really talk about.

Jenkins has taken my spot at the top of the bed on my pillow.