Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buffy was being Marley all day

Today I got up and was covered in cats.
Gathered up my laundry and washed it while I ate my breakfast of a bowel of reeses puffs and a chicken pattie. I then got a text from Joe sayin he'll be over in a little so I go online and look for some more jobs and boot up Mirrors Edge again. Don't really find many jobs and try to do the time trials in Mirrors Edge. Joe gets here and we play Street fighter 2 HD remix on xbox until it gets boring fast and I go on my Wii and download an old school Sega Genesis game called Gunstar Heroes. The game is still as fun as i remember it and Joe who had second thoughts at the beginning ended up liking it and having fun.
Especially the big board game and rice and curry boss.
It was almost time for him to go to work so i drive us to subway where we talk and eat and try to guess the name of the girl that somehow avoided serving me.
While we are eating Joe tells me this idea that I have actually been wanting to do for some time. Take a weekend trip to New York. Such a good idea.....except for the money part. I want to do this and I probably will but money sucks right now so we will see. I seriously want to go to new york though. I take him to work and hang around to talk to James for a little before heading home. Once home I am asked to help my sister and 2 of her friends move some boxes into their cars. I then eat some dinner while watching family guy and come back upstairs to start the job search again. During this time I talk to James and Alex online for almost 2 hours. Alex has some good advice and James and I start with some odd talk and videos and move to some serious talks and stuff that I enjoy. I like being serious with people and discussing things and planning future events and stuff. They both go to bed and I am now faced with the dilemma of what to do now. Should i get a snack and just fall asleep to talk shows? Should i actually start a movie tonight? Should i play more xbox?
I have to work 5-930 at Petco tomorrow. Also have to vacuum the house.
My eye has been twitching for like 2 weeks now, what the hell.
I think I'm gonna play marvel ultimate alliance until 1 and then retire to whatever is on tv.

Did you just say you were going to fondle your sweaters?
what? no...no i didn't....i said.......fondue with cheddar, i'm making fondue with cheddar for dinner tonigh-shut up and leave me alone!

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