Monday, February 2, 2009

Changes need to be made

Well i got up today and checked my mail, got a response from the person i had an interview with months ago saying that the position was filled and good luck with my job search. So i got up and ate some breakfast and got all ready to go. Packed up my xbox and left.
I get to the exchange and they can't get it to work so they say they can't take it. I go over to gamestop and they try it and it red lights and they say they can take it but will deduct fixing costs so they will take it for $20.
I get frustrated and just take it and leave and go to circuit city. There is only one 360 left on the shelf and they lowered the price 20 more dollars so it was only 160. To save my money i use my credit card to buy it. I then go to best buy and get a dvd player to replace my douche of one now. While there i see that Clockwork Orange 2 disc dvd is on sale for $10 so i pick up that too.
I get home and unwrap it all to not find the remote in the box. So i have to drive back out there and exchange it.
I then eat eat n park take out that the family bought and retire to my room to play some Sega Superstar Tennis on 360 and hook up my dvd player.
I then spend some time lookin up power ranger stuff on wikipedia and just being real tired.
I think i'm gonna start applying to normal places around here for work until i find the art job because hours and money are really panicking me and i need something solid until i can get the real deal job.
Not sure where to apply though. I could try borders again.....i dunno. What me end up workin at Target.
Last night i got on AIM online for the first time in like 2 years only because amanda gave me her screenname. We talked on there for a little bit.
Don't know if i said that in yesterday's blog.
probably did
Well tomorrow it's back to the job hunt and try and ebay my dieing 360.
all i can seem to think about tonight is how much i wish life could change and be different.

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