Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite Video Games Part Three

Jet Grind Radio for the Sega Dreamcast

In Jet Grind, you are a group of people who go around the city in various places tagging buildings and streets with your graffiti. The game uses cel shaded graphics and real music from various bands including Rob Zombie. Jet Grind was really fun and one of the first dreamcast games i owned. During the game you combatted against other gangs around the city for domination of your tags. As you went on, you unlocked more people and to spray graffiti you had to find cans of spray paint around the city which would fill up your meter. Once you found a place that was labeled for tagging, you would go to it and initiate a little inner game. Your character would stop and arrows would come up telling you how to move the directional pad to tag the place you were at. The entire game everyone is on roller blades and there are police watching the streets who will chase you down if they catch you tagging things. To round it out there are also races against others as well as boss fights. The game was very fun and even produced a sequel for the xbox called Jet Set Radio. It was one of the reasons I kept my dreamcast for so long. The game is only available for dreamcast and the only other appearance of the game and its cast is in the game Sega Superstar Tennis for the next gen systems.

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