Friday, February 6, 2009

He went to Jared!!!

Today was a long and tiring day. Worked the 10-330 at the giant eagle today and it was kinda boring although we had more film today than we've had in months so the time went kinda fast. When i got up this morning i got a call from Petco wondering if i would come in and paint the windows a petco design. I leave ge and go straight to petco and spend the next 5 hours painting on the windows while the groomers watched me (hot they are) and kept trying to make me laugh. I got nonstop comments on how amazing it looked and after a while it was just gettin annoying. I finished up starving and my feet hurting bad. The cat i made came out crappy and the dog looks retarted but the bubbles i made were just amazing. So yeah, if you are ever in the Petco on mcknight road, check out the groomers windows.
i want to learn a magic trick or two.
Anyways, i came home and ate some dinner and came upstairs online to check mail and craigslist...nothing.......then watched the next episode of wolverine and the xmen. I then watched jay leno and some top tens of video games and talked to Adam online a tad and now i'm tired as hell watching craig ferguson and conan o brien. I ate a lot of pretzels and m&ms too.
Tomorrow i have to work 10-230 at giant eagle.....then home to nap and eat and whatever until around 830 when i am gonna go to petco to see whats up with funfest and stuff and then go do that.
Last night i had a really deep great conversation with joe dombrowski of all people. About religion and how its just so rediculous and the stories in the bible just cannot be real. He was talking about how when it was written they didn't use spaces in their words so it was very interesting to wonder if it really meant to say 'god is now here' or 'god is nowhere' and i really wanted to get real in depth with it. That stemmed into talking about evolution and I was wondering that since we evolved from apes, why are there still apes. He said something about being indigenous to certain areas where evolution wasn't necessary and stuff. We were really getting into the talk and then it yet again stemmed into how there is no heaven or hell and i think that when we die we are just immediately born again anew but with no memory of our other selves or anything ever and that brought me to deja vu. I think maybe somehow deja vu is part of our other selves being remembered just slightly. This took us into dreams and how deja vu is connected to our dreams and what brings about the dreams we have.
God, it was the best conversation i ever had and i wanted to keep going but it was almost 3 am and he is on a trip right now for a day or so, so i'm gonna have to wait to pick this back up. The last person i was able to get so deep with was Amanda so it was refreshing. I love getting into that stuff. It's tough to do it though because so many people get so defensive and crazy about it.
But i digress.
I am tired and need to be up in the morning so i will be off. I am very intrigued by these thoughts.
Really amazing vacuum on tv right now. The dyson ball.

over and out

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