Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well today i did absolutely nothing. Last night I was invited to go out saturday night to fun fest with the petco crew. I went home and texted Kathy to see what she was doing friday or saturday. She said she works saturday night and that John wanted to do something probably friday or saturday.
John is still around?
Damn it!
I said that i wanted to see her and that if she did happen to have any time free she could let me know and if anything i could take her saturday night to fun fest to hang with the petco crew. She said that would be good.
Today I did nothing. I watched like 5 episodes of power rangers, vacuumed the house, and honestly nothing else really. I have a headache right now and it doesn't feel good at all.
Apparently the economy is getting so bad that one woman that works in congress said that if the bills that are out now don't get passed it will be armageddon. holy hell.
So yeah. Nothing was accomplished today at all. I hate that so much. Tomorrow i work 10-330 at giant eagle and i sooooooooooo don't want to anymore. I hate it there, i hate standing around, i hate julie, i hate her telling me to do anything, i hate that when she is there i can't read or stand or anything.
bah, at least a new episode of xmen is on tomorrow and i'm paid. We'll see how tomorrow ends.

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