Monday, February 9, 2009

The Von Bondies

okay things seem a lot better today. Work was good and quick and Kathy worked!
Talking about my day has started to become monotonous i feel. So lets have some different talks.
The next two days are going to be very warm and i am going to love the heck out of it.......but.....after that it is back to 30 god damn degrees again. I have a new idea for a pic i want to make real quick, i think i'm going to take a pic of myself in the pose i need tomorrow.
I finished reading Shadows of the Empire. It was an okay read. haven't heard from Mike yet, so i'm going to assume he is done and gone.
I once again need to restart excercising. I keep missing doing it so much. yeah i could probably do it tonight but who knows. I feel tired. I applied to a few places in north carolina today.
I really dont know what to talk about, maybe i shouldn't have stricken what i did today.
so without a due haha
Got up and checked things online, talked with alex and joe for a while. Ate a few pieces of french toast and something else i can't remember. My mom is having a hard time with money this month so i loaned her $600 until the end of the month and took her deposit to the bank and then came home to go to work. A little before that i friended Sean and Sue from petco on facebook.
Work was good like i said, afterwards i talked to kathy out by her car for a tad and we hugged and i went home listening to eiffel 65. Once home I ate some chinese food while watching some episodes of King of the Hill. Then came upstairs and here i am.
Conan o brien is too hilarious. He is showing his favorite moments from the past 16 years and its great.
Well I'm out of things to say, until tomorrow.

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  1. well today when you blog you'll have a good time telling me about the good time that we are going to have today.. lol. i'm bored.. waiting for bryan to eat so we can go walk around macy's a bit before i head into bellevue for my meeting with my sister's husband about a website and then going to visit my mom for a bit and then going to come and see you and we are going to have that good time i'm talking about. i could use it.. and i know you can.. i like this tuesday thing we are sharing lately.. lol :D well i'm going to go as i'll see you in about 3 hours or so...