Sunday, February 1, 2009


Kinda tired so don't expect a huge detailed day. I worked today and during work I finished my Little Red drawing and read 3 chapters of Shadows of the Empire. I also read 3 video game magazines and just became super bored. After work I came home and had some pizza and played Lego Star Wars and Super Mario RPG from like 9-1230. I wrote amanda again to see what was up and that i was not a fan of football and hoped today was over and she wrote back agreeing and saying everything i said was cute and that she was writing back to my previous mail she just has been busy.
I'm off tomorrow and I am gonna call Scot to see if he wants to hang out. I plan on going to the exchange and trading in my 360 for whatever cash they give me and takin that cash over to circuit city and using it towards their discounted brand new 360's.
I am tired and have to get up to drive my sister to school so there really isnt anything to really talk about.

Jenkins has taken my spot at the top of the bed on my pillow.

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