Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kingdom Hearts Poster - Part One

Meh, i think the lines around the head and hair and face are too thick

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smash Brothers Poster Part 1

Movie Review - Diary of the Dead

Diary of the Dead is about a small group of film students who are shooting a movie with their teacher when a virus outbreak and zombie overtaking breaks out. They first here it on the radio and then see footage of it on TV. The main character is way too involved in his shooting that he takes his video camera with him through the entire movie shooting everything you see happen. During the course of the movie you see the cliche, noboby believes this is happening and they can't believe that they aren't dead dead and blah blah. It does have its moments of things that I could honestly see happening. Diary of the Dead is i think the fifth entry in George Romero's dead movies. It was an alright movie and the way they filmed it was a pretty creative idea and it worked pretty well. It is told kind of Blair Witch style as just what the students recorded but what I didn't like was that whenever one of the main characters friends was being attacked, he just stood there filming and didn't really try to help.
In the end though, it does show that we as a society spend way too much of our life on the internet and recording and all that stuff. A minor distraction was the blood that squirted and stuff, looked way too CG. It stood out way too much and looked a bit cartoonish, like it was too red or something. One of the kids, the one with the glasses, looked exactly like James Franco and I thought it was him for the first half of the movie.
+Decent story and scary moments.
+Good acting
+Didn't slow to a boring level and kept a good steady pace.
-CG was off a bit on the gore
-A few cliche eye rolling moments