Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Review - Speed Racer

Speed Racer which is based upon the orignal Japanese cartoon by the name of Mach go go go, is a very visually stunning movie by the directors of the Matrix films. The cartoon was about a boy who participated in high speed races in his custom car named the Mach 5. The car was outfitted with various things like springs underneath to jump with, a bulletproof shield, saws in front of the car, and many others. The boys name in the orignal japanese cartoon was named Go Mifune, hence the big M on the front of his car. That also explains why in the cartoon, he has a G on his shirt. The title Mach go go go was a play on words. The Mach part was obviously because of the car and the first Go was for the main characters name, the second Go was for go as in going fast, and the third Go meaning something i can't remember at the moment haha.
Go Mifune was joined by his girlfriend Trixie, his little brother Spridle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, his mom and dad aptly named Mom and Pops Mifune, and his mechanic Sparky. Go also had an older brother who supposedly died in a car race but is secretly the racer with the mask named Racer X that helps out Go when he is in trouble. I dont see how Go never put two and two together especially since Racer X has the M from the Mifune family name on his suit.
The cartoon was brought overseas and we redubbed it and renamed the show Speed Racer and named Go Mifune, Speed Racer.
The movie is just like the cartoon with all the little nuiances and everything from the show. It is a pretty good story and manages to put in all of the characters. There is tons of movement in the movie and lots of bright lights and racing.....probably not good for someone who gets motion sickness. I could've seen less of his annoying little brother but the races were very exciting. It is a treat to see childhood cartoons come back and give you a great walk down memory lane.
Speed Racer is a good movie but I dont see a lot of people liking it especially if they either haven't seen or didn't like the cartoon.
Christina Ricci is in it too! That should be enough to watch it.
All in all....
+great effects
+very faithful to source material
+good cast and easy to follow, enjoyable story
-unless you've seen the cartoon,you wont get a lot of things
-overly cheesy in a few parts

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