Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Review - Rob Zombie's Halloween

Being a fan of the orignal made me go into this movie expecting it to be very bad and totally disregard everything from the orignal. Well I was mostly right.....
This version spends a lot more time with Michael as a youth and how he became what he is..a murderer. His family is crazy rediculously over the top awful. I can't believe that there are actually families like this out in the world and if there is, well then that is truly human life's low point. Throughout the movie there are nods and actual scenes recreated from the orignal for fans and as to not stray super far from the orignal story and events. The music i'm happy to say is the same, Zombie used the same soundtrack and it still works to this day. The young Michael part of the story goes on a bit too long and kind of forces it into your face that he is an evil child, evil child, evil child, just constantly so even if you are a rock or a blade of grass you will understand the damn message. There are some little missing parts that leave small holes and questions with the plot like how and why and when did Michael bury his knife and mask under the floor boards of his old house? Why is Michael stronger than Superman and the Hulk combined? as well as many others.
I wasn't too happy with this film, yes it had some good ideas and there are a ton of camera angles and scenes that I really enjoyed but all in all....it really was an unncessary remake. There is by far waaaaay too much swearing and if you know me, if there is an oversaturation of swearing in a movie then I become aggitated and turned off and dont want to continue the movie. It's not necessary. Some of the things the younger kids say is just jaw dropping too.
I like Rob Zombie, he's a really cool nice guy and a very good artist. I enjoy his music as well. I haven't seen House of a 1000 Corpses or the Devils Rejects so I can't really judge him on his film making. He's not bad, its just that the story was a bit off.
And of course for some unknown reason you can't have a horror movie without nudity......grrr.
The orignal had a real quick shot of boobs and one topless girl get killed. To add, the orignal had NO blood....none.
This version, boobs from just about every main character as well as an ass or two and more blood than I can believe to come out of a person.
This just goes to show you how we've changed as a society and how film has evolved. Back when John Carpenters orignal came out it was extremely popular and stands as one of his best films. It is still considered popular today and all without swearing, blood, excessive nudity, and crazy camera work. The college students actually look like college students and we never see Michael Myers face which added to the scariness of it.
Now we need nudity and sex and squirting pools of blood with an unstoppable juggernaut of a psycho kid who for no reason really explained, wants to kill his family. When he finally does catch up to his sister, he takes her to their old basement where he has the tombstone of their mother and the (of course nude) friend of the main character. Here Michael shows Lorie (main) a picture of him as a child holding her as an infant, he then takes his mask off and just sits there as if he is ashamed of what he has done and is looking for peace.
S0....why did he go and kill everyone in the neighborhood that she knew?
A lot of this movie didnt' make sense to me but it is a movie I would watch again. In fact, Zombie is working on Halloween 2 as we speak so, we'll see where it goes since he killed off the doctor in this one and has Michael shot in the face. None of which happened in the orignal.
I wonder what Jamie Lee Curtis thinks of this version.
Great camera angles
Great music
Some of the younger stuff was interesting
Nice to see orignal moments again
Spends way too much time in youth timeline
Students are way too young
Excessive amout of swearing and nudity and blood
Takes a bit too many liberties
Michael Myers is invincible
A few plotholes
Altogether unnecessary remake
Final Grade = C+

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  1. Don't even give House of 1000 Corpses a watch because it is really not worth it. It's soooo stupid.