Monday, May 18, 2009

A taste of a story i'm writing

Hadn't realized that I haven't written on here in about a month, so doesn't seem that long...
but I started writing a batman story and this is what i have so far.

Silence echoed throughout the now sub-zero degree laboratory. Beakers and test tubes lined the workstations, their hollowed bodies containing a vast array of different chemicals now frozen into an impenetrable solid state. A mist hung in the air that seemed to paint a picture in the stillness. The silence was shattered from the next room by what sounded like a fire hydrant being broken open. A caped man in body armor came crashing through the ice covered wall smashing into a filing cabinet throwing sheets of paper and manilla folders everywhere. He attempted to regain his composure, moving to one knee and letting out a grunt of pain.
Nothing seemed to be broken.
Another figure emerged from the newly created hole in the wall holding a large still smoking weapon.
"You've run my tolerance into the ground, Batman."

More to come.

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