Saturday, June 27, 2009

Movie Review: Drag Me to Hell

This was a great movie. Director Sam Raimi who has made all 3 Evil Dead movies and all 3 Spider-Man films, continues his work with his newest horror movie. It is about a girl who works for a banking and loan agency and one day a woman comes in to ask for an extension for her home but in order to get a better foot in the door for a promotion, the girl denies her an extension which supremely upsets the old woman. The woman attacks her in the parking garage and puts a curse on the girl and from that moment on the girl is haunted with all sorts of scary and horrifying images, sounds, and more.
This movie was great, Sam Raimi should stick with doing horror films as he is best there. There is the right amount of scares and two scenes that actually really upset me and stuck in my mind days afterwards still bothering me. The actors are very good and the movie stays its course until near the end when classic Sam Raimi evil dead type humor begins to crop up. I do not know the running time of the movie but I didn't even notice because i was so engrossed in it and wished that it would keep on going. Some of the scares are the jump scares with loud noises and quick images but a lot of it is either gross or just creepy and unsettling. It does a good job of telling the story and the various ways that she tries to rid herself of the curse and has a great ending that I personally wish was different.
You really begin to care about the girl and want her to rid herself of the curse and as things get worse you start to worry for her safety.
This is a really good film and has been the best movie i have seen so far this year. I haven't seen a lot this year so don't quote me on that.
+Great story and storytelling
+Really well put together scares and sounds
+Decent cast and great older woman
+Couple scenes genuinely really upset me
+Keeps you interested and entertained the entire time
-Ending could have gone a few different ways
-Silly Evil Dead type humor (goat)

Movie Review : Paul Blart Mall Cop

I am a huge fan of Kevin James. I have his comedy stand up dvd and watch him almost every day on King of Queens, so needless to say I had huge hopes for this movie. The movie starts off good and is funny and seeing how kevin handles that ....can't remember the name of it.... just amazing. Kevin has his usual great delivery of lines and falls for a new employee of a wig kiosk in the mall. He starts to get somewhere until one night he goes out with her and other employees to a bar and gets far too drunk and really makes a fool out of himself. The next day, the woman is very uncomfortable around him and Paul is feeling really down for the rest of the day. Later in the day he helps a fellow employee by closing up the arcade for him and ends up getting caught up in a hurdles game as well as Rock Band. During this time the mall is taken over by very athletic robbers and take the bank employees and some of Paul's friends hostage. It is up to Paul to save the day.
This is a fairly good movie, if it weren't for Kevin James i dont think it would have done well at all, he really carries this movie. You really root for him the whole time. The movie is really good for about the first half and then it gets a bit serious and the laughs almost completely stop for the second half as you are concentrated on how the events will play out. With the exception of a hilarious hot sauce to the eye scene, nothing really funny happens during the second half.
The movie is good and I could see myself eventually buying it and it does deserve a viewing, even more so with friends around.
+Kevin James is funny as always
+Good cast
+Great funny moments
+Decent story
-Second half isn't really funny
-The mall cop idea is quickly lost
-Not a lot of material to work with
-Short running time

HOORAY! I love it

The next two volumes baby!
Release date : September 15th

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

very sad day, i liked him, he got too much shit and was an amazing icon in our history.

Back to my blogging

holy crap its been a while, well i'm back baby and boy did I have a great time last night!

Aerosmith was amazing. I'm so glad I went to see them. Steven's dancing was hilarious and great and Joe Perry's guitar playing was just beyond masterful. The show was amazing and something I would do day after day.