Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Review - Garden State

Not since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has a movie made me actually rethink my life and want to change every aspect of it. Written and directed and starring one of my favorite actors Zach Braff, it is about a guy who was in some minor movie roles and upon hearing about his mothers death returns home to attend the funeral and spend the week at home. He doesn't really talk much to his father and has been on medication since he could remember. While at home he revisits a bunch of old friends but feels like he isn't really there most of the time. While at the doctor to see why he keeps getting headaches he meets a girl that starts a conversation with him and eventually gets him to ride her home and a small relationship starts from there. The characters are well developed and feel like people that you actually would meet in real life. The many different things that Braff's character goes through have hidden meanings and begin to shape his personality and mind as to what exactly he has been missing and also what he is looking for in life.
The stand out performance is without a doubt Natalie Portman. She is great in this role and is the best cry-er, i've ever seen. The ending set up one way and had me almost in tears and wanting it not to be but it delivers just what you want.
This movie doesn't get the exposure or praise that it deserves. An amazing film.


+Great cast
+Real thought provoking and touching, really gets you thinking about your own life
-One scene involving a peep show wasn't really necessary

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