Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Review - Snow White

Sadly, I haven't seen this movie until now. This was Walt Disney's very first animated feature film. Debuting in 1937, this classic film still holds up today as sporting some amazing animation. One of the many films animated by Disney's 9 old men, the animation of human characters such as Snow White and her stepmother are very realistic almost as if you are actually watching a real person. The movie starts out well and flows smoothly until the dwarves discover White at their cottage. Here the movie starts to lag a bit and you feel like you are watching them at their cottage forever not really accomplishing anything. I was also surprised to see how much Disney got away with back then.
The stepmother literally calls one of her servants to take White into a forest, kill her, rip her heart out, put it into a box and bring it back to her. Plus, they say the word kill a few times.
All in all the film is still good even though it drags near the middle and then ending feels a bit rushed.
Good luck finding the DVD now since it's been in the vault for a while but it will be coming out of the vault this year around christmas time in a new DVD.


+Amazing animation for the time
+Great art and characters
-slightly slow middle and abrupt ending

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  1. If you think that this movie is a little violent, you should read the actual fairy tales where the disney movies came from. You'd be shocked at how much Disney cleaned them up.