Sunday, February 21, 2010

Movie Review - S.Darko

This is the direct to DVD sequel to the amazingly great movie, Donnie Darko.
This movie, I can honestly say is one of, if not THE, worst movie I have ever seen.
Donnie Darko was a great movie that needed to be watched multiple times to even understand the many many layers and meanings that the film held. S. Darko has just about nothing to do with the first movie at all. It is about Donnie's sister who is on a road trip to wherever with her friend. There really is no plot at all and not a damn thing keeps you interested or wanting to watch any of it at all. Even Frank the bunny doesn't appear at all, sure a makeshift kind of looks like bunny mask is shown later but it is the ONLY thing that is continued from the first film.
I actually at one point turned it off halfway through and didn't want to even watch the rest of it. But I did. And I wish I didn't.
Final Grade = F
+You can turn it off and not watch it
-Nothing to do with Donnie Darko
-No plot or story or anything interesting
-Not good at all

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  1. Any sequel that goes straight to dvd is not one to watch.. its a good moto to go by.. honestly