Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New spider-man game screens

Top pic is from the first of four dimensions that you play as a different Spider-Man in each dimension.

Top is Spider-Man Noir, which I discovered is a recent new comic series of spiderman.

Actual Comic cover:

The second dimension that was revealed is the classic Amazing Spider-man dimension with his classic red and blue outfit:

Game is going to be released this September (my bday, horray!) and the only villains so far that have been shown are Kraven the Hunter and Hammerhead.
There was also some portions shown of first person view fighting, we'll have to see more as information is released.

Amazing trailer for new spiderman game coming out!

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Twenty Two

Sleeping Beauty

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Twenty One


Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Twenty

Big Bad Wolf

Friday, March 26, 2010

ANOTHER piece of crap movie

I would give anything, ANYTHING, for these movies to stop being made. I mean, who is greenlighting these things?!?!?!

Real good artist

WHY can't I draw like this??

Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street is being remade and by the looks of the trailer, this may be one remake I may actually enjoy.
Freddy although is going to be played by a different actor now. The guy that played Rorshack in Watchmen will be donning the stripped sweater now. The makeup now resembles more of a realistic burn victim instead of the orignal makeup from the orignal film.

Guess we'll see how it turns out, I know I am gonna see it.
Above was the actual movie poster, below is a fan made poster that I like way better:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Nineteen

The Prince

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Eighteen

The Red Queen

New awesome looking movie i want to see

If you are a video game fan then you cannot say no to wanting to see this movie...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Seventeen

The Mad Hatter

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Sixteen

Snow White

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong that I find the Bride of Frankenstein very attractive?

Maybe it's the actress? cause she has a beautiful face in the beginning of the film as well.

So beautiful and yet sooooo disgusted of the monster....

Movie Review - The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying
I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais. I listen to his podcast just about everyday online. It's been over but I am starting from the beginning and working my way through each episode. I've seen his comedy special but I haven't seen the orignal Office or Extras.
Anyways, as the title suggests, this film is about a world where lying doesn't exist. People just say whatever they want and feel and life is pretty much just the same but it seems so out of place hearing everyone just say whatever. The main character is a man who is just getting more and more depressed as he is always labeled a loser and isn't fit and gets fired from his job. His rent becomes due so he goes to get all the money he has out of the bank and for some reason he gets this weird feeling and lies about how much he has in the bank. He doesn't know what he just did and is slightly confused but excited. He tries out a few more things until he finally tries to do the best he can to make everyone happy and give himself a great life with a great house and try to win a girl who didn't like him on their date because of how he looked. It soon escalates to the point where he pretty much gives a real meaning to life after death and things get slightly out of hand and he finds that power isn't everything.
This movie was fantastic from beginning to end. When I can watch a movie from start to finish and not want to look away even once, its good.
The cast is great and there are a couple cameos in there, Edward Norton being a good one. Another is Steve Merchant who is Ricky's partner in the podcasts and co-creator and producer of The Office and Extras.
There are many moments where I actually cried as well, this movie will touch you.
This is an amazing film that deserves more accolades and exposure.
+Fantastic cast and amazing acting by Ricky Gervais
+Great story wth no slow points
+Touching and thought provoking
-There aren't more movies like this

Movie Review - Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz
To start this review off, I must admit.....this was the first time seeing Oz. I know, unbelievable.
Anyways, this was as it has been known, a very good film. It has the kind of acting, Dorothy in particular, that is the essential 40s. How she and others speak and act, sort of reminisent of Snow white and the seven dwarves and how Snow White acts and speaks in that movie. I like that sortof acting.
The story if you somehow dont know, is the story of farmgirl Dorothy whose dog gets in a bit of trouble in a neighbor mean woman's yard. She complains to the parents to have the dog taken away so that it wont bother her again. She gets her way and Dorothy loses it and cries until her dog, Toto, escapes and runs back to her. Afraid that he will be taken away again, Dorothy runs away with Toto. She meets a traveling circus man who fakely tells her through his crystal ball that her mother is upset and very sick. Dorothy feels bad and runs back home encountering a tornado attacking the farm. She gets caught up in it and gets knocked out and wakes up in a colorful world she finds out is called Oz.
There she encounters a kind witch and an evil witch. The kind witch tells her that she must talk to the wizard to get back home. On her journey she runs into a scarecrow, who wants a brain, a tinman, who wants a heart, and a lion,who wants some courage. Together they go to the wizard but he wont grant their wishes until they bring back the broomstick of the wicked witch.
I'll stop there due to spoilers, unless you aren't me and have seen it.
The film is very good and keeps a good pace although the beginning and in the munchkin village is a bit slow. The colors are very bright and vibrant but there are a few things that I found slightly distracting which I can't hold against the film because at the time they had no choice and couldn't be helped.
One is the backgrounds. They are all huge paintings and you can tell. The other is that anytime the lion is on screen you can see the fishing wire holding and moving his tail. It is very obvious and sometimes when the lion was speaking i missed what he said cause i was watching the wire.
There were a couple of moments that gave me a chuckle and there were a moment or two where you really felt for Dorothy and were sad with her. This of course had to mostly go to the great acting of Judy Garland.
The makeup effects are amazing, especially on the scarecrow. Very good film.
Side note--The rumor of someone hanging themself in the background is completely untrue. I researched it and even saw the part where it was in the movie myself.....its clearly a bird.
+Great makeup and colors
+Great acting from main cast
+Mind entering songs that never seem to leave your head
+Good story with a strong ending
-Lion's tale fishing wire
-Background paintings
-Slow begining

Movie Review - It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

What a crazy film.
Mad World is about a group of people who encounter a dieing man who tells them that 350,000 dollars is hidden, where i can't remember, under a giant W. The man dies and the only people who know about the money are the people who were with him when he died. These people think he may be telling the truth and go on a miles wide race to see who can get to the money first. It starts with 4 cars and 8 people but soon escalates to 13 and more when they travel by cars, planes, bikes, taxis, and more just to get to the money fastest. It is a fun silly crazy film that has so many zany crazy moments. The craziest is the complete destruction of a gas station by one man throwing 2 others around in a fight.
There are tons of cameos in this movie from stars of the time, my favorite being Don Knots because he is so funny and one of my favorite funniest people in film. The oddest and most useless cameo were the 3 stooges. Nice to see them but they did nothing but stand there for 2 seconds exactly.
This is a fun film to get a nice laugh and just see some crazy shenanigans.


+Great comedic cast
+Hilarious antics and crazy moments
+Good cameos
-Just a couple slow parts

Final company logo animation

This will be in front of every movie I make.
I present my finished company logo:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DC Comics next direct to DVD movie

Looks to be another amazing movie. Cannot wait.
Release date = July 27

Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Review - UP

Another big hit from the company Pixar. This film has a few scenes in it that i'm not sure kids will get but are no doubt very mature and deal with very adult issues. Without spoiling any of them, the story deals a lot with loss and how people choose to cope and move on.
A boy friends a girl at a young age and the girl dreams of moving to a place called Paradise Falls and to live there and become a great explorer. They grow up together and become married and try their whole lives to save up and move to the Falls. Various things happen during their marriage that require money so they never get to actually save up for the move. The couple age and the man eventually loses his wife. He now lives in the house alone and just lives it day to day. The city is building all around his house and want to buy his property and he refuses because everything from the mailbox to the lawn reminds him of his wife and he can't bear to lose it. He gets in a bit of trouble by accident over his mailbox and harms a worker and the state steps in to move him to an old folks home. In order to save his house and not leave his memories behind, he ties millions of balloons to the house and floats off to make due on his promise to his wife to live at Paradise Falls. There is a small round boy scout who was pestering him and who accidentally got stuck on the old man's front porch and is now with the old man no matter what now. They eventually make it to the Falls and run into all sorts of trouble involving exotic birds, talking dogs, and a historical celebrity explorer who is still living there and wants to capture the exotic bird.
The film really does a nice job exploring the human emotion and acceptance and caring. Even though the boy scout is annoying, there are many scenes that show how hurt he is over his father and how much boy scouting means to him. The old man learns to let go of certain things and instead live life to the fullest knowing that that is what his wife would have wanted.
Up had more funny parts in it than Pixar's last few films which is nice because I was wondering if Pixar still had it in them without having to rely on Toy Story.
The computer generated art goes without saying with Pixar, so you can expect the very best images.
Music was very well done and there are many heart pulling moments where I dare many people to not get misty eyed.
Overall a very good film and worthy of being nominated this past year for best picture of the year at the academy awards.
+Great visuals and emotional score
+Tackles serious emotions in amazing and well executed ways
+Genuinely funny
-Nothing really negative exept for maybe being able to guess what was going to happen next few times but that can't really be considered a negative, just me being smart :)

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Fifteen


Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Fourteen

Peter Pan

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Thirteen

The Little Mermaid

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Much clearer test

Much clearer video on this test, had to change a setting. The file is huge at 93 MB right now for that 3 seconds so more tests are still needed to be done.
Plus I have no idea how to use this program....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Animation Test

First test using this new animation program I bought.
No experience with this program and winging it, just to try it out and I drew something up to use as a logo for my production company and animated a part of it.
Remember, this is just a test with no knowledge of the program.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Movie Review - Saw VI

Well, they are still going with these and I have to be honest with you....I'm still enjoying them. Yeah, I said it. If you watch them all consecutively and within a close time period, like not one a year, it is a very enjoyable time jumping puzzle piece of a series. Which is a very creative way of doing this series. The main villain's name is Jigsaw and cuts out puzzle pieces from his victims.
This entry like the others, picks up after Saw 5 and through flashbacks during the film revisits many instances, characters, and more from Saws 1-5.
It is tough to provide a summary to this film as it would give away spoilers to Saws 3,4, and 5.
So in a nutshell, people are still being trapped because of how they take their lives for granted and treat others. One in particular is being punished in this film, he is the head of an insurance company that deals with granting people health care......sound familiar? Very nice touch to have that be the story in the times we live in now.
The film was very good and the murders and games almost sit in the backseat to the rest of the film which is nice because as each film goes you learn more and more about Jigsaw himself and his life and why he did what he did.
It was very engrossing and enjoyable and had the most perfect ending to the series.....if they stop here. Which I doubt. Which is a shame because this ended it pretty well.
+Another good entry in the series
+More in depth backstory to Jigsaw
+Topical and enjoyable
+Not overly bloody and very little swearing
-Guessed a few things before they happened
+/- Although a perfect ending to the Saw series....i dont see them leaving it be.

Freakin Unbelievable

That damn kid on the couch is getting more action than I have in the past 2 years......GRRR

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Twelve

The Woodsman

A new Spider-Man game?!?!

This is a preview of the cover of next month's Gamepro magazine. As you can see above, in the previews blurb, there is a listing for Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.
I really love spider-man games and cannot wait to see what this next one is.

Johnny Bravo on DVD!

Comes out on June 15
Very funny cartoon that finally gets a DVD that it deserves.
What you may not know is that Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane worked on this show and did drawings and writings for Johnny Bravo. Listed in the special features, Seth lends audio commentaries as well as an entire feature about his part on the show.
I personally didn't know Seth was involved in this cartoon but its amazing to see where people got their start.
Here is the full rundown of episodes and special features:

Movie Review - The United States of Leland

United States of Leland
This movie was suggested to me and I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was about or anything. But after watching it I am glad that I watched it.
The movie is about Leland who kills a mentally challenged brother of a girl that he falls in love with. While in jail, a teacher find him fascinating and wants to write a book about him. While this is going on, the girl he likes is facing drug problems and his father (a great author) seems to have zoned out during the whole mess. Leland seems a bit out of it himself, seeming very innocent and unknowing as to what he has done. You feel for him and sort of take his side and dont want to see him hurt or punished.
There isn't too much I can say without spoiling a lot of the movie but it is generally about how the murder affects and brings together a large group of people each in their own way. It is a very good thought provoking and some generally find it life changing film.
It's definately one that I will see again.
+Great acting, especially by Ryan Gosling
+Keeps you very interested and your mind really thinking
+Gives you bits of info at a time as the teacher finds out about things as if you are the teacher as well.
-Ending wasn't necessarily needed and doesn't fit perfectly but is understandable.

Cool Metal Gear Cosplay

Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaakkkeee!!!

All 4 Cats!

The Video Game Collection

As of now....yes there are more to come
Click to view bigger, you can see the titles of most except the PS1 and Dreamcast games.

Best Coffee Sign Ever

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie Review - 9

This movie I of course had to see because anything with Tim Burton attached is sure to make me happy. Although he only produced this, the actual creator and director gives off his own sense of a sort of Tim Burton Jr. feel to this film. This started as a short that he did for college and it garnered enough attention to be picked up and produced into a feature length movie.
9 is about a scientist who invents the world's first actual thinking brain. It is a machine that looks like a big sphere and can grow and use large robotic limbs to do whatever functions. The machine is bought and used to create mass productions of other robots to do work. The USA gets involved in a war with another country and the machines are used for the wrong reasons and eventually turn and completely eradicate all life on earth. Right before this happens, the scientist, feeling bad for creating the brain machine,makes 9 small dolls out of types of cloth in hopes that they can turn this all around and save whats left. The movie starts out as number 9 is finished and the scientist dies. 9 goes out into the world and discovers the other dolls and they have to try and stop the large brain.
It is a very good film with amazing sound effects. You quickly take the side of 9 and feel for him and want him to succeed. There weren't many times where I could look away or even feel bored at all. The number 1 doll is a real jerk and feels that hiding is the best course of action to stay alive and you really grow to hate him.
The film also kind of puts you in the shoes of 9 as well, giving you information and explaining what happened slowly so you learn what went on as 9 finds out what happened. As if you are learning together and experiencing the film together.
Very good film and one of the better unique and creative films to come out.
+Good computer generation and sound design
+Talented cast of characters and voice actors
+Engaging story that keeps your attention throughout
-Slightly odd ending

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Seven


Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Six

Little Red Riding Hood

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Five


Amanda's Tale - Part Four

Professor Aesop

Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Three


Amanda's Tale Cast - Part Two

Amanda Goose