Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movie Review - 9

This movie I of course had to see because anything with Tim Burton attached is sure to make me happy. Although he only produced this, the actual creator and director gives off his own sense of a sort of Tim Burton Jr. feel to this film. This started as a short that he did for college and it garnered enough attention to be picked up and produced into a feature length movie.
9 is about a scientist who invents the world's first actual thinking brain. It is a machine that looks like a big sphere and can grow and use large robotic limbs to do whatever functions. The machine is bought and used to create mass productions of other robots to do work. The USA gets involved in a war with another country and the machines are used for the wrong reasons and eventually turn and completely eradicate all life on earth. Right before this happens, the scientist, feeling bad for creating the brain machine,makes 9 small dolls out of types of cloth in hopes that they can turn this all around and save whats left. The movie starts out as number 9 is finished and the scientist dies. 9 goes out into the world and discovers the other dolls and they have to try and stop the large brain.
It is a very good film with amazing sound effects. You quickly take the side of 9 and feel for him and want him to succeed. There weren't many times where I could look away or even feel bored at all. The number 1 doll is a real jerk and feels that hiding is the best course of action to stay alive and you really grow to hate him.
The film also kind of puts you in the shoes of 9 as well, giving you information and explaining what happened slowly so you learn what went on as 9 finds out what happened. As if you are learning together and experiencing the film together.
Very good film and one of the better unique and creative films to come out.
+Good computer generation and sound design
+Talented cast of characters and voice actors
+Engaging story that keeps your attention throughout
-Slightly odd ending

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