Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Review - The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying
I am a huge fan of Ricky Gervais. I listen to his podcast just about everyday online. It's been over but I am starting from the beginning and working my way through each episode. I've seen his comedy special but I haven't seen the orignal Office or Extras.
Anyways, as the title suggests, this film is about a world where lying doesn't exist. People just say whatever they want and feel and life is pretty much just the same but it seems so out of place hearing everyone just say whatever. The main character is a man who is just getting more and more depressed as he is always labeled a loser and isn't fit and gets fired from his job. His rent becomes due so he goes to get all the money he has out of the bank and for some reason he gets this weird feeling and lies about how much he has in the bank. He doesn't know what he just did and is slightly confused but excited. He tries out a few more things until he finally tries to do the best he can to make everyone happy and give himself a great life with a great house and try to win a girl who didn't like him on their date because of how he looked. It soon escalates to the point where he pretty much gives a real meaning to life after death and things get slightly out of hand and he finds that power isn't everything.
This movie was fantastic from beginning to end. When I can watch a movie from start to finish and not want to look away even once, its good.
The cast is great and there are a couple cameos in there, Edward Norton being a good one. Another is Steve Merchant who is Ricky's partner in the podcasts and co-creator and producer of The Office and Extras.
There are many moments where I actually cried as well, this movie will touch you.
This is an amazing film that deserves more accolades and exposure.
+Fantastic cast and amazing acting by Ricky Gervais
+Great story wth no slow points
+Touching and thought provoking
-There aren't more movies like this

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