Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Review - It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

What a crazy film.
Mad World is about a group of people who encounter a dieing man who tells them that 350,000 dollars is hidden, where i can't remember, under a giant W. The man dies and the only people who know about the money are the people who were with him when he died. These people think he may be telling the truth and go on a miles wide race to see who can get to the money first. It starts with 4 cars and 8 people but soon escalates to 13 and more when they travel by cars, planes, bikes, taxis, and more just to get to the money fastest. It is a fun silly crazy film that has so many zany crazy moments. The craziest is the complete destruction of a gas station by one man throwing 2 others around in a fight.
There are tons of cameos in this movie from stars of the time, my favorite being Don Knots because he is so funny and one of my favorite funniest people in film. The oddest and most useless cameo were the 3 stooges. Nice to see them but they did nothing but stand there for 2 seconds exactly.
This is a fun film to get a nice laugh and just see some crazy shenanigans.


+Great comedic cast
+Hilarious antics and crazy moments
+Good cameos
-Just a couple slow parts

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