Thursday, March 18, 2010

Movie Review - Saw VI

Well, they are still going with these and I have to be honest with you....I'm still enjoying them. Yeah, I said it. If you watch them all consecutively and within a close time period, like not one a year, it is a very enjoyable time jumping puzzle piece of a series. Which is a very creative way of doing this series. The main villain's name is Jigsaw and cuts out puzzle pieces from his victims.
This entry like the others, picks up after Saw 5 and through flashbacks during the film revisits many instances, characters, and more from Saws 1-5.
It is tough to provide a summary to this film as it would give away spoilers to Saws 3,4, and 5.
So in a nutshell, people are still being trapped because of how they take their lives for granted and treat others. One in particular is being punished in this film, he is the head of an insurance company that deals with granting people health care......sound familiar? Very nice touch to have that be the story in the times we live in now.
The film was very good and the murders and games almost sit in the backseat to the rest of the film which is nice because as each film goes you learn more and more about Jigsaw himself and his life and why he did what he did.
It was very engrossing and enjoyable and had the most perfect ending to the series.....if they stop here. Which I doubt. Which is a shame because this ended it pretty well.
+Another good entry in the series
+More in depth backstory to Jigsaw
+Topical and enjoyable
+Not overly bloody and very little swearing
-Guessed a few things before they happened
+/- Although a perfect ending to the Saw series....i dont see them leaving it be.

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