Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movie Review - The United States of Leland

United States of Leland
This movie was suggested to me and I had never heard of it and had no idea what it was about or anything. But after watching it I am glad that I watched it.
The movie is about Leland who kills a mentally challenged brother of a girl that he falls in love with. While in jail, a teacher find him fascinating and wants to write a book about him. While this is going on, the girl he likes is facing drug problems and his father (a great author) seems to have zoned out during the whole mess. Leland seems a bit out of it himself, seeming very innocent and unknowing as to what he has done. You feel for him and sort of take his side and dont want to see him hurt or punished.
There isn't too much I can say without spoiling a lot of the movie but it is generally about how the murder affects and brings together a large group of people each in their own way. It is a very good thought provoking and some generally find it life changing film.
It's definately one that I will see again.
+Great acting, especially by Ryan Gosling
+Keeps you very interested and your mind really thinking
+Gives you bits of info at a time as the teacher finds out about things as if you are the teacher as well.
-Ending wasn't necessarily needed and doesn't fit perfectly but is understandable.

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