Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Review - UP

Another big hit from the company Pixar. This film has a few scenes in it that i'm not sure kids will get but are no doubt very mature and deal with very adult issues. Without spoiling any of them, the story deals a lot with loss and how people choose to cope and move on.
A boy friends a girl at a young age and the girl dreams of moving to a place called Paradise Falls and to live there and become a great explorer. They grow up together and become married and try their whole lives to save up and move to the Falls. Various things happen during their marriage that require money so they never get to actually save up for the move. The couple age and the man eventually loses his wife. He now lives in the house alone and just lives it day to day. The city is building all around his house and want to buy his property and he refuses because everything from the mailbox to the lawn reminds him of his wife and he can't bear to lose it. He gets in a bit of trouble by accident over his mailbox and harms a worker and the state steps in to move him to an old folks home. In order to save his house and not leave his memories behind, he ties millions of balloons to the house and floats off to make due on his promise to his wife to live at Paradise Falls. There is a small round boy scout who was pestering him and who accidentally got stuck on the old man's front porch and is now with the old man no matter what now. They eventually make it to the Falls and run into all sorts of trouble involving exotic birds, talking dogs, and a historical celebrity explorer who is still living there and wants to capture the exotic bird.
The film really does a nice job exploring the human emotion and acceptance and caring. Even though the boy scout is annoying, there are many scenes that show how hurt he is over his father and how much boy scouting means to him. The old man learns to let go of certain things and instead live life to the fullest knowing that that is what his wife would have wanted.
Up had more funny parts in it than Pixar's last few films which is nice because I was wondering if Pixar still had it in them without having to rely on Toy Story.
The computer generated art goes without saying with Pixar, so you can expect the very best images.
Music was very well done and there are many heart pulling moments where I dare many people to not get misty eyed.
Overall a very good film and worthy of being nominated this past year for best picture of the year at the academy awards.
+Great visuals and emotional score
+Tackles serious emotions in amazing and well executed ways
+Genuinely funny
-Nothing really negative exept for maybe being able to guess what was going to happen next few times but that can't really be considered a negative, just me being smart :)

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