Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Review - Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz
To start this review off, I must admit.....this was the first time seeing Oz. I know, unbelievable.
Anyways, this was as it has been known, a very good film. It has the kind of acting, Dorothy in particular, that is the essential 40s. How she and others speak and act, sort of reminisent of Snow white and the seven dwarves and how Snow White acts and speaks in that movie. I like that sortof acting.
The story if you somehow dont know, is the story of farmgirl Dorothy whose dog gets in a bit of trouble in a neighbor mean woman's yard. She complains to the parents to have the dog taken away so that it wont bother her again. She gets her way and Dorothy loses it and cries until her dog, Toto, escapes and runs back to her. Afraid that he will be taken away again, Dorothy runs away with Toto. She meets a traveling circus man who fakely tells her through his crystal ball that her mother is upset and very sick. Dorothy feels bad and runs back home encountering a tornado attacking the farm. She gets caught up in it and gets knocked out and wakes up in a colorful world she finds out is called Oz.
There she encounters a kind witch and an evil witch. The kind witch tells her that she must talk to the wizard to get back home. On her journey she runs into a scarecrow, who wants a brain, a tinman, who wants a heart, and a lion,who wants some courage. Together they go to the wizard but he wont grant their wishes until they bring back the broomstick of the wicked witch.
I'll stop there due to spoilers, unless you aren't me and have seen it.
The film is very good and keeps a good pace although the beginning and in the munchkin village is a bit slow. The colors are very bright and vibrant but there are a few things that I found slightly distracting which I can't hold against the film because at the time they had no choice and couldn't be helped.
One is the backgrounds. They are all huge paintings and you can tell. The other is that anytime the lion is on screen you can see the fishing wire holding and moving his tail. It is very obvious and sometimes when the lion was speaking i missed what he said cause i was watching the wire.
There were a couple of moments that gave me a chuckle and there were a moment or two where you really felt for Dorothy and were sad with her. This of course had to mostly go to the great acting of Judy Garland.
The makeup effects are amazing, especially on the scarecrow. Very good film.
Side note--The rumor of someone hanging themself in the background is completely untrue. I researched it and even saw the part where it was in the movie myself.....its clearly a bird.
+Great makeup and colors
+Great acting from main cast
+Mind entering songs that never seem to leave your head
+Good story with a strong ending
-Lion's tale fishing wire
-Background paintings
-Slow begining

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