Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Review - Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans
Hmmm, where to start here....
This movie is of course a remake of the orignal COT which sported monsters stop motion animated by the legend Ray Harryhousen.
The movie is about Persius who loses his family in the ocean due to Hades punishing humans for tearing down a statue of Zeus as to start a war between man and god. Persius is rescued by the humans and vows to defeat the gods to avenge his family. The king and queen challenge the gods and Hades comes down and instantly kills their army. He gives them a certain amount of time to pray again to Zeus or sacrifice their young queen to the gods so that the rest of the humans may live. Of course they aren't going to do this so they venture out with Persius to find a way to stop the gods and their almighty weapon the Kraken. Persius is spared and put with the team because he is revealed to be the son of zeus. Zeus apparently when pissed, goes around raping people.
So they travel the land getting certain items that are needed to stop the Kraken.
The movie has a bit of a weird flow to it and things seem to happen for no reason. A woman follows with the group who explains who certain people are and where they are going, almost as if they didn't want to film those parts or flashback to them so they just have this girl explain it all. A bit of the CGI was a little shoddy as well, especially with Pegasus.
It also picks up a bit quickly and ends real fast and easy at the end like they saw they didn't want a long movie and just cut it all short.
Great great music though.
+Great music
+Decent cast
+Medusa and Zeus
-Woman used to explain things that should have been filmed
-Some slight shoddy CGI
-Too quick cut short ending
-Slow begining and some scenes seemed cut
and look at the movie poster.....thats the ending......way to go movie....

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